Raids with Genesis (Tigerman raid screenies inside!)

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Raids with Genesis (Tigerman raid screenies inside!)

Post  Celica on Sun Mar 22, 2009 1:49 am all know as we had discussed in our last guild meeting, that we agreed to do Lair raids with Genesis.

Not sure how many of you have already done a raid with Genesis members, but I will consider this our "first official" raid.

This was about two weeks ago, this is how it went down:

Who: Celica, Kazaa, Genesis members (some of whom included GheyMang and Asthian), and 1 member from Night Riders. For most part it was mostly comprised of Gene members.

Where: Tigerman's Lair: Eversun City Town Hall Basement

What: To raid the lair, kill Tigerman, loot his treasures.

There were 3 teams:

Team 1: DPS - Kazaa, Angelus, other Gene members.

Team 2: Tank team - Celica, Asthian, Sir-Kevin, Whispersilk, Silentlette, secretlove

Team 3: DPS? - Mythyc, GheyMang, etc...

Everyone buffed before going in. I was support, subbing my 62 muse on my 63 doc. On my team, there were 4 high-lvl docs; Asthian and Sir-Kevin were 60+ mercs; the tanks. There were also several 60+ docs on Kazaa's team.

First we took the hallway. Easy enough. Then the 2nd hallway took a little more time to get past, but still pretty easy. The system announced Tigerman's appearance and we rushed into the main room.

All of a sudden, my tank team started to fail hard. Asthian and Sir-Kevin were loosing scapes left and right. Even with 4 60+ docs on the team, we were unable to heal them both fast enough, even with regen 11. I had ctrl-p on most of the time, but the moment I took it off there were WAVES of tigers chasing me and the rest of my team members.

Choking climber was especially needed to use against the tigerman sentrys...these guys are vicious and relentless...their "roar" skill slows you down real bad...

Poor Kaz died a few times too.... T.T

Finally the DPS team managed to kill Tigerman!

Mythyc's team defeated Tigerman! Your applause, please! blah blah...

Any moment longer I would have been dead meat too. x_x Last I checked I had like 57 scapegoat dolls and after that whole chaotic fiasco I just had 5 left.


Dividing the Loot!

There were 423 Tigerman rubbings, where were all divided equally between 18 people.

Me and Kaz both both got 23.

Then we moved on to the real loot. Each item in the chest was announced; anyone who wanted that specific item would roll a dice, using the function "/roll 4"

The person with the highest outcome wins the item.

Kaz won a helmet (I forgot what XD)

I won a 45-55 Onyx of Obedience Slot 1, Max MP 20%.

One of the other prizes was a lvl 58 double-slotted Ironwood Lute.... (so bummed I didn't get that one XD)

After that, there were also 5 Guild Reputation scrolls. 3 were given to Chaotic, the other 2 went to Hon_Trinny from Night Riders.


Tigerman appears!

d00d he's huge...

Up close... O_O;;

Tigerman's behind...

Tigerman Trooper: *breathes down Celi's neck* Hellooooo Clarese...

Ahh they're coming after meee!!!

Dividing teh loot...

Guild fame!! YAY!

Me & Kaz posing with dead Tigerman XD

Yeah he's really dead.......or is he...?? o.o;;

Tigerman: I'LL BE BACK.


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Re: Raids with Genesis (Tigerman raid screenies inside!)

Post  Binks on Sun Mar 22, 2009 10:45 pm

Whooooot! Grats to ya both!

I'm still no where near ready to raid on DoMO


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