AION!! Closed Beta Preview

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AION!! Closed Beta Preview

Post  Celica on Mon Aug 17, 2009 8:25 pm

Haaaaayyy guys! So some of you may have noticed me talking about this game...and well...I managed to try it out during their LAST closed beta event! Which ended today, sadly.... Q________Q

First I have to say, this is an AWESOME game. However, it is P2P (pay to play) WoW... << and usually I dislike P2P games but Aion really got me interested.

The only few things that irked me was that there was some bad lag, especially in areas with lots of NPCs and other players but I guess that's to be expected of a new MMO and I'm sure they will fix that by the time it officially launches.

So first off, after you make your char you watch this epic intro movie where there's this huge battle. You are apparently part of this battle watching everything going on and then something happens to you where you pass out and someone tells you to wake up. You wake up in a place where you first start your journey.

You start off with small quests, do some killing or collecting...which are fairly short and not too hard to do. Eventually you will get clues to who you are, because from when you first wake up you have no memory of who you were before waking up.

Your story differs with which race you choose (Elyos or Asmodian), and a certain NPC will show you some short movies of who you really were...blah blah blah not gonna put too much spoilers/detail into this.

Anyway, here are some screenies I took during my play time....

My first Elyos char, Aerwyn...why the leaf over her head? Well she randomly does that when it's "raining" XD

My 2nd char Kisani, during one of the cutscenes...going back into the "past" to show what happened before my awakening.

Aerwyn playing a flute to awaken a Sleeping Elder (tree) in Daminu forest as part of a quest.

Hard to see, but Aerwyn's cutscene into her past, wearing high lvl mage armor.

Aerwyn flying

Aerwyn flying 2...heh..i like when they call me "lord" XD

Karamatis, where Aerwyn's epic battle begins

Flight travel between places on the same map. Pretty bird *.*

Daminu, lord of Daminu forest

Aerwyn's epic faaaaaiiillll!!! XD

Elyos Daeva ceremony part 1

Elyos Daeva ceremony part 2

Elyos Daeva ceremony part 3

Elyos Daeva ceremony part 4

Elyos Daeva ceremony part 5

Elyos Daeva ceremony part 6

Elyos Daeva ceremony part 7

Aerwyn's wings

Aerwyn's wings...close up

My 2nd char Kisani....talking to NPC

One of the NPC's does that sound familiar...there's an old lady NPC named Urd as well. XD

Skuld screen 2

Portal to the Abyss

NPC Munin, an imprisioned Daeva reading Kisani's cards of fate received from NPCs Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld.

Close-up of Munin.....he's hawt. o.o

Kisani cutscene 1

Kisani cutscene 2

Close-up of Kisani's high lvl Scout armor

Kisani flying to Narsass

Kisani fighting the Elyos commander Hellion. Kisani is an Asmodian...and Asmodian's eyes always glow red when they fight..which is cool. XD Being a Scout, she can double-wield...sword in left hand, dagger in the right.

Kisani's epic fail..... <<;

Kisani preparing for her uber attack!!

Kisani forming a sword

Kisani....dead....?? ;_;

Munin mai savior!!! He's so hawt.... <<;

Asmodae's capital: Pandaemonium

Asmodian Daeva ceremony part 1

Asmodian Daeva ceremony part 2

Asmodian Daeva ceremony part 3

Asmodian Daeva ceremony part 4

Asmodian Daeva ceremony part 5

Asmodian Daeva ceremony part 6

Asmodian Daeva ceremony part 7

Asmodian Daeva ceremony part 8

Asmodian Daeva ceremony part 9

Asmodian Daeva ceremony part 10

Asmodian Daeva ceremony part 11

Asmodian Daeva ceremony part 12

Last scene in Asmodian Daeva ceremony...the group of raiders Kisani worked for before becoming a Daeva.

Kisani after the Daeva ceremony

Kisani shows off her wings

Kisani's wings part 2

Kisani's wings close-up

Phew! I know that was a lot but that's all! XD


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Re: AION!! Closed Beta Preview

Post  Celica on Thu Aug 27, 2009 2:02 am

Sooo yeah I know I didn't post a lot of detail about Aion...(mostly screenshots of my CB travels from lvl 1-10 XD) but after my short time playing it I'm still hyped up and waiting for it to release so in the meantime I've been watching Aion vids on youtube and I found a few that are just AMAZING.

To sum up the world of Aion, here's some vids for you to enjoy.

Aion Vid 1

Aion Classes


"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." ~ Dr. Seuss

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