Endless Love and Eternal Life

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Endless Love and Eternal Life

Post  Liah on Tue Aug 18, 2009 7:25 pm

Sounds of crashing glass and faint yelling are heard throughout the entire Guild Castle. Papers were thrown all over the floor of Mjrn’s office. In the center of the room stood two Shura women, screaming their lungs out at each other. The silver-haired Shura squeezed her fists tightly causing her knuckles to whiten. Holding her fierce gaze she tried her best to hold back the tears she felt would soon come. The black-haired Shura crossed her arms and stared back into the eyes of her lover. Tears streaming down her face unable to hold any back.

“I just don’t see why you’re so upset about it. Mjrn, it was no big deal I handled it just fine.” The black-haired Shura said.

“Liah, what you don’t understand was that I told you to wait for me. With good reason and you deliberately disobeyed me!” Mjrn yelled.

Liah threw her hands up in the air in frustration.

“Oh God it was NOT A BIG DEAL! I took Kaz and San with me, I knew we would have been fine.” Liah said.

Frustrated, Mjrn lifts up Liah’s right arm in front of her face. Showing Liah the huge deep gash she had running from her forearm to her elbow.

“And this is no big deal?! Liah, look at your arm. Do you have any idea how much worse that could have been? Are you that blind to think that nothing can hurt you just because you are able to withstand more damage than the rest of us?”

Liah snatched back her arm and held it up against her body with her other arm covering her shirt in blood. “Okay fine, I got a little careless and a bear got a good shot at my arm. But other than that I’m fine. Lets just be honest, this isn’t about me leading a mission without your presence. This is about you not trusting me. If you don’t trust me then you shouldn’t have made me second in command.”

Mjrn slammed her fist on the table in anger causing it to shake as an empty cup falls to the floor and breaks.

“Don’t you go and twist my words. I trust you completely. But you were in no condition to lead a mission and you did it anyway. And what’s worse is you dragged Kazaa and Sandry along. You didn’t plan anything out, you winged it like you always do and as second in command that was very careless and irresponsible of you.” Mjrn replied.

Choosing her words carefully, Liah turned her head down to stare at the floor in thought. Her hair fell over her eyes covering them as fresh tears welled up in her eyes. She closed them for a second to let them fall down on her soft tanned cheeks. Mjrn’s expression grew softer as she looked at Liah. Just as she was advancing to take Liah into her arms, she softly spoke.

“Fine. I get it. I was irresponsible and unfit to lead that mission. But whether you were there or not you wouldn’t have let me go. You have excluded me from doing any type of missions for weeks now. I have done nothing wrong, it’s simply because you cannot trust me. And…..I just don’t know how to deal with that...”Liah said.

“Liah…” Mjrn began to cry.

“….just forget it.”

Without another word, Liah turned and ran out of Mjrn’s office as Mjrn fell to her knees and began sobbing.


A blonde-haired Human was busy getting new missions from the Darkdale Elder when she saw Liah run down the stairs past her.

“Hey Liah!” The blond-haired Human yelled.

Liah didn’t stop or even look back. Instead she ran faster, running until she was out of sight leaving the blonde-haired Human a bit confused.

I know she heard me…why didn’t she look back? The blond-haired Human thought to herself.

“Sandry!” Her name echoed throughout the town of Darkdale as she turned around to see a silver-haired Sprite running up to meet her.

“Sorry I’m late, I was collecting materials needed for our Guild Castle and I lost track of time.” The silver-haired Sprite said.

“Its okay Kaz, did you see Liah run past here or was it my imagination?” Sandry said.

Kazaa shook his head and spoke, “Nah it was her alright. Just something seemed wrong with her. I called for her but she didn’t even look at me. I think she was hiding her face or something…she may have been crying.”

“Yeah…I thought so too. I wonder if Mjrn knows anything”

Kazaa shrugged his shoulders, “Well…wouldn’t hurt to ask, let’s go.”


Near the arms dealer of Eversun City, three boys were laughing and playing. The two bigger humans were throwing around a camouflage cap that belonged to the brown-haired Sprite boy trying to get it back. The purple haired Human put the cap on the top of his platinum staff and held it high in the sky.

“Aw come on Zi, that’s not fair you know I can’t reach that high,” Grumbled the brown-haired Sprite.

Zion laughed as he threw the cap at the silver-haired Human, “Its alright Uber, someday you’ll be as tall as the rest of us and then you can actually be able to look Seph in the eyes eh Seph?”

Seph nudges Uber and winks, “Yeah he’s right you know, then when I take you to my room you can actually grab the doorknob without having to tiptoe.”

Uber rolled his eyes and playfully punched Seph in the stomach, “Puuulease, I already know you’re going to carry me in so why bother.”

Zion laughed and lowered his staff teasing Uber into trying to grab it. Just as Uber was about to reach out for it something, caught his attention.

“How many have been declared missing this month?”

Curious, Uber quickly ran around back to try and climbed some boxes to peek into the high windows. Seph and Zion ran behind Uber and climbed the boxes as well. As tall as they were the window was still too high. The boys put their faces close to the wall and listened at the voices.

“We just got word of the 3rd one this morning”

“3 Martial Artists are you serious? Do you think someone is kidnapping them?”

“I’m not sure but I heard its being investigated”

“Do you guys hear that? Someone is kidnapping MA’s” Seph said.

“Yeah I know…we have to tell G-Ma and warn the others especially Auntie Liah” Zion replied.

“Umm...Zi…you’re an MA too” Uber said.

“Yeah but I mean if the kidnappers take a good look at both of us who do you think they’re going to take first? Scrawny ol’ me or an even-if-I-don’t-see-her-that-way-and-would-very-much-not-want-to-repeat-this-sentence, hot Shura female.”

Seph looks at Zion and smirks, “Well it all depends on their taste Zi.”

Uber rolled his eyes and grabbed both boys by their arms, “Let’s just get to the Guild Castle.


A silver-haired Sylph floated hurriedly to Mjrn’s office. He had heard the sound of crashing glass and was worried as to what was going on. He walked inside to see Mjrn sitting on the floor with her hands covering her face and crying uncontrollably. He floated next to her and tried to lift her from the floor but she wouldn’t move. He sat down beside her as she turned to him and threw herself in his arms.

“Oh Jarod…I may have been too hard on her. And now she’s gone…” Mjrn cried.

Jarod wrapped his arms around Mjrn and kissed the top of her head. He slowly rocked her back and forth and tried to stop her crying.

“Belle…its okay. Talk to me please, I want to help.”

“Liah and I had a fight. She went out on a mission and she got hurt. She’s still sick from that poison she inhaled from that Steel Scorpion during our mission at Blakatoa Peaks. She think just because she’s a Martial Artist she can just meditate and everything will be fine. She didn’t give herself enough time to heal…”

Jarod nodded his head and spoke, “Mm…I understand. But you also have to remember, her spirit is as strong as yours. When you were ill with a high fever nothing and no one could stop you from chasing after Tigerman.”

“I know…but it was my fault she got poisoned in the first place. I...I nearly lost her that day. If I had…I don’t know what I would have done. I…only wanted to protect her.”

“I know you did. And deep down she knows it too. Just give Liah some time to cool off and get a clear head. She’ll be back before you know it.”

Jarod wiped Mjrn’s tears away with the sleeve of his shirt. Mjrn nodded, smiled softly and laid her head on his chest. Jarod ran his fingers through her hair and Mjrn closed her eyes.

I hope you’re right She thought.


“Okay Brawl, now step back and watch the master.” The dark-haired Human stood battle ready with his Nine Rings held high over his head ready to strike at the quickly advancing Minotaur.

“Uhh…well then maybe we should wait until he gets here Zuzu. Isn’t that right Kao?”

Brawl glanced behind him to look at another dark-haired Human who was busy stringing his harp surrounding himself and the other two boys with a blue light.

Kao looked up and smiled wide, trying to hold back laughter. With one swipe, Zuzu took down the Minotaur. He walked over to Kao and Brawl with a wide grin, very proud of his killing.

“Now watch again only this time I will do it even sexier than the first time.”

Kao smiled and rolled his eyes as he strung his bright blue harp sending out waves of pinkish light to surround the boys and giving Zuzu the strength he needed to take down another monster. Brawl looked over at a blonde-haired Sylph, sleeping soundly underneath a tree. He walked over and cuddled next to his mother as a gentle summer breeze blew.

With his eyes closed, Brawl heard a faint sound of something rustling in the forest behind him. He quietly tried to wake his sleeping mother with no result. Afraid to call out to Kao or Zuzu, Brawl tried to reach for his blue boxing gloves that were inches away from his feet. Without warning Brawl felt a cold, grey, wrinkled hand over his mouth as the figure pulled him away from where he lay. Brawl struggled to scream and break free with no result. Another Man-Eating Zombie came and lifted Brawl’s flailing legs as they hurried and dragged him deep into the forest.

The ground shakes as another Minotaur falls down hard. Zuzu swung his mighty Nine Rings over his shoulder and turned to face the tree where Brawl was laying.

“There you see Brawl? Now that’s how you take down a monster. Just stick with Zuzu and he’ll show you how to be sexy.”

“…umm where is Brawl?” Kao said.

“He was lying there with Kooh, I wonder if he wandered off somewhere.”

Zuzu walked over and shook Kooh awake. She opened her big golden eyes and gently rubbed them.

“What’s going on Zu?” Kooh asked.

“Have you seen Brawl he was just here.”

“No I haven’t. But his gloves are here which is weird. He never goes anywhere without them.”

Kao looked out into the forest as if searching for something.

“I don’t know…something’s wrong.”


Walking in complete silence Liah was trudging along Giantwood forest trying to reach Collington by sundown. Her golden bear Snuffy was running close behind her trying to keep up the pace. They ended up at a fork in the road where Liah stopped and patted Snuffy’s head.

“We’ll just continue down this path and we’ll reach Collington before it gets dark. We can rest there for the night…then work on just how I am going to apologize to Mjrn…I acted way out of line…”

Snuffy let out a very soft growl and nuzzled Liah’s leg in reassurance. Liah softly smiled and scratched Snuffy behind his ears. They continued walking when they heard a branch snap somewhere in the forest behind them. Liah turned around and put on her huge red boxing gloves readying herself for battle with Snuffy right beside her. Walking out of the forest were two Man-Eating Zombies carrying something that seemed to look like a small boy. Liah hid behind a tree pulling Snuffy to her by his tiny jetpack. She watched as the two zombies carried the boy off heading towards Placid Plains.

“Wait a second, that’s Brawl!” Liah whispered.

Liah ran after the two Zombies with Snuffy close behind. Just as Liah began to take aim to throw one of her fists at the Zombies, Snuffy tripped on a vine sticking out from the floor causing him to crash to the floor with a loud metal thud.

“Well…so much for the element of surprise.” Liah rolled her eyes.

The Zombies looked behind them and tried to run as Liah threw her fist at one of the Zombies causing them to drop Brawl to the ground. The other Zombie ran into the forest leaving a foul stench that began to attract the many monsters surrounding the area. In the blink of an eye they formed a tight circle around Liah and Snuffy.


With all her might, Liah smashed her fists hard on the ground causing it to shudder and knocking down all surrounding monsters. The more she smashed the ground, the more monsters came. Soon Liah began to feel her mana slipping away from her, she knew she could not hold on much longer. A tree fell to the left of where Liah was and out from the forest emerged a Beastly Hellkeeper. Snuffy rushed over to try and take it down but with one foul swoop, it sent Snuffy flying into a nearby tree knocking him unconscious. Liah used the last of her mana in one final shudder and then charged for the Hellkeeper. She swung wildly at it slowly taking it down by bashing it with her mighty fists. Enraged, the Hellkeeper grew more and more furious with each punch. It let out an echoing growl that radiated the forest. The ground began to shake as another Hellkeeper charged at Liah from behind. She turned around to try and block the attack but with all its might, it punched Liah in her abdomen causing her to cough and gasp for air. Her legs buckled and she fell onto her knees with her arms wrapped around her stomach. She looked up just as the Hellkeeper threw his fist down on her knocking her to the floor unconscious. It threw Liah over his right shoulder and Brawl over his left and continued on the walk towards Placid Plains.

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Re: Endless Love and Eternal Life

Post  Liah on Wed Aug 19, 2009 4:35 pm

Sandry and Kazaa walked to Mjrn’s office. The door was slightly cracked so they both tried to peer inside. Though the crack did not give much to see, they noticed Mjrn at her desk with her head over her hands taking a nap. Suddenly their view was blocked by a long white robe. San and Kaz looked up to see Jarod blocking their way.

“Now you two know better than that. Mjrn’s had a long day, she needs her rest. You two can pester her when she’s awake.”

“Aw, well we kind of just wanted to ask her something really quick is all.” Sandry said.

“When she wakes up you can ask her anything you want. But for now let her get some sleep.”

Sandry nodded her head, “Alright. But before we go can you just—“

Before Sandry could say another word, she and Kazaa were both knocked down by Uber, Zion, and Seph who rushed into the office. They made a loud crash as they fell and toppled one on top of the other, leaving poor Kaz squashed at the very bottom. Mjrn arose her head, rubbed her tired blue and amber eyes as she walked over to stand next to Jarod. The boys began screaming all once, with Jarod unable to make sense of anything said. Patienly, Jarod waited for the boys to finish their rant as Mjrn grew more and more impatient by the second. She crossed her arms took a deep breath and yelled out.

"ALRIGHT! Now...lets try this one at a time please"

"ummm...first...can you guys like...get off me?" Kaz managed to say.

Jarod and Mjrn helped up the pile of dragons lying before them. Uber dusted himself off and explained about the kidnappings. Mjrn's annoyed expression changed as she listened. Her eyes grew wider, her breathing slightly faster. Jarod glanced at her and noticed her fear. He turned to her and hugged her tightly.

"We have to find her Jarod..."


The sun began to set behind the mountains of Copperhorn. The sky was empty, cloudless. Red, orange and purple colors illuminated the sky. A very tired pink-haired Sylph looked up in the sky and felt her lip tremble. She tried to fight back her tears as she felt a tap on her shoulder. She looked to her left and saw another Sylph softly smiling at her. His black cowboy hat shaded his eyes and all that she could see was his smile.

"It'll be okay Celi. We'll find her. We just have to come back tomorrow. There's nothing more we could do today. Mjrn will understand"

"I know...but Zy its been two days. It shouldn't be taking this long. This isn't like Liah at all. No matter how much Mjrn and her fight she would never worry her like this. Or us for that matter. I don't know...something is wrong"

Celica looked out into the distance and saw a Shura walking towards them. Her mighty platinum spear hung over her shoulder and her plum colored hair flew with the breeze. Celica and Zymes waved over to their friend, who was wishing she had better news.

"I'm sure you both have heard by now" The Shura spoke.

"Heard? Tika..I'm not sure what you're talking about" Celica replied.

"Word is spreading like wildfire. Martial Artists are going missing all over the mirror world"

"Oh my God..do they know who's behind this?"

"Not from what I've heard. Apparently they're being picked off one by one. Everyone is to be on full alert. They're announcing it all over Eversun. I'm sure Darkdale and Big Beam as well by now"

Zymes expression grew more serious as he spoke, "We have to get to the Guild Castle. Liah is missing and we have to warn Mjrn now"


Walking around stalls for a little bit of light shopping, Sun-Ce picked up a necklace and tried it on. She glanced at herself in the mirror looking to see if it suited her. Through the mirror she noticed Kao, Zuzu and Kooh walking behind her heading towards the Guild Castle. She put the necklace back and ran over to greet them.

"Hey you guys"

"Hi Sun, umm question but...have you seen Brawl at all recently?" Zuzu asked her.

Sun shook her head causing her ponytail to flail around wildly, "No I haven't seen him since this morning I'm sorry"

Kooh's head dropped as she covered her mouth with her hand. Kao turned to her and hugged her.

"Is something wrong?" Sun asked.

"We were hanging out and Brawl just disappeared. We searched everywhere for hours and no sign of him" Kao answered.

"Hmm..that's strange. Its so unlike him. Maybe he got tired and went back to the Guild Castle"

Zuzu nodded his head, "We were thinking that. On our way there now and hoping he's there waiting"

"Alright, I'll go with you guys then"


As the chatter about missing people seemed to much for Zion, he left the Guild Castle and went for a walk. Every step he took, he heard three more behind him. Zion grew nervous and headed for the center of Darkdale. There were people all over, he would be safe there. As soon as he turned the corner he ran into a pack of war wolves blocking his path. Bearing teeth and growling loudly. Zion gripped his staff and slowly backed away. He bumped into something large, covered in black fur and breathing heavily. Slowly, he turned around and looked up, staring at a Wild Monkey Leader holding a very long saber. Before Zion could act the war wolves charged at him from behind.

"Toppling Temor!"

The ground began to shake and the advancing war wolves lost their balance and fell to the ground. Zion noticed two humans running towards him to help. Just as the Monkey Leader was about to swing its mighty saber at Zion, one of the humans shot out a burst of arrows at it. Zion rolled out of the way and waved his staff at the human.

"Thanks Alli!"

The wolves regained their balanced and split up, charging at all three boys at once.

"Raf heads up. Behind you" Alli called out

Raf turned around and began to chant to himself. Scrolls began to circle around him as he called out, "Acid Rain Scroll!"

All at once, the wolves began to howl. A screeching howl that made the ears ring of anyone that was near. Unable to move, the boys fell to their knees in pain covering their ears. Enraged the Monkey Leader charged at Alli and Raf and slammed them into the building behind them knocking them unconcious. Zion managed to pick up his staff swinging it side to side in a sort of dance motion. He slammed it into the ground causing shockwaves to errupt and hit all within distance. The Monkey Leader recoiled at the attack but regained and ran straight for Zion. It picked him up and squeezed him tightly pinning his arms down and causing him to drop his staff. It squeezed harder and harder until slowly Zion lost conciousness. He fell limp in the monkey's arms as it carried him away. Through the ally and out of Darkdale.

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Re: Endless Love and Eternal Life

Post  Liah on Tue Aug 25, 2009 5:45 pm

Echo's were faintly heard and drops of water falling onto chains, forming little puddles on the stone floor. Liah slowly opened her eyes, sitting up slowly and groaning as she rubbed the back of her head. She looked around her dark room and noticed bars in front of her, and to the left and right of her. To her left lied a small boy laying on his stomach. To her right, an older boy laying on his back, his purple hair covering his face.

"Oh my God Brawl! Zion!"

Liah screamed but they both seemed unresponsive. She looked around and grabbed a small rock in the corner of her cell. She threw it, hitting Zion's side getting no response.

Liah rolled her eyes, "Lazy boy, always asleep"

She picked up a small cup that was next to a dirty plate of food near to her left. She picked up the cup and filled it up with the water dripping from the ceiling. She stuck her arm through the cell bars and spilled it on Zion's face as he sat straight up in shock.

Zion coughed and wiped his face and then looked at Liah in fear and annoyance, "What the?...oh thanks a lot auntie Liah....wait a second..auntie Liah!"

Liah softly smiled and raised the cup at Zion, "Finally sleepyhead. Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine, no idea where I'm at, but as fine as I could be"

Brawl slowly stirred as he stood up to look at Zion and Liah from inside his cell

"...hi guys"

"Brawl!" Liah and Zion said together

"How are you feeling?" Liah asked Brawl

"I'm alright, a little dizzy"

Liah nodded and just as she was about to speak footsteps were heard echoing from a hallway not far off. They saw a large shadow on the ceiling as a figure walked to their cells. Sounds of clanking chains were also heard as the figure drew nearer.

Liah tensed up and looked at Zion and Brawl, "Be ready guys. Whatever is heading this way, it sounds big".


Zymes, Celica and Tika entered Darkdale and walked to the Guild Castle. As they were about to enter they bumped into Zuzu, Kao, Kooh and Sun.

"What are you guys doing standing out here?" Celica asked.

"We were looking for Brawl, but he's not inside the Guild Castle. No one has seen him all day" Zuzu explained.

"Wait..did he run off? Or did he go missing?"

"I'm not sure..he was sleeping right beside Kooh, next thing I knew he was gone."

Before Celica could respond, she heard groans not far off from where they were standing. Hearing the same, Kooh ran off in the direction of the sound as everyone followed. They found Raf and Alli hurt and limping trying to reach the Guild Castle. Raf was leaning on Alli, as Alli was clutching his arm unable to move it. Celica tended to Raf's wounds as Kooh took care of Alli.

"What happened to you two?" Kao asked.

"We saw monsters attacking Zion, so we ran to help. There were too many and they ended up taking Zion" Alli replied.

"Did you see where they were taken?" Sun asked.

Raf slowly shook his head, "No...we were thrown to a far wall and I guess the blow knocked us both out. All I remember was getting rammed by King Kong then..nothing"

Zymes looked down at the ground in thought, "Brawl is missing and something kidnapped Zion"

Celica's eyes widened as she spoke, "Double the search parties! We have to find Liah and the boys now!"


Mjrn called for all available dragons to meet in the Guild Hall. All were sitting at the long rectangle table in the center, waiting for their leader to come out of her office. Sensing the tension in the room, a golden haired human began to string his Lute, as beautiful music came from it causing a smoother atmosphere.

Sandry softly smiled, "Thanks Lucx"

Lucx smiled back, nodded his head and continued playing. Mjrn opened the door to her office and stepped out with Jarod floating by her side. She walked to the end of the table and placed both her hands on it as she leaned over the table and stared at all sitting around it. Her eyes tired and swollen, from crying and lack of sleep. She seemed frustrated as she thought about what to say. As she opened her mouth to speak, Celica rushed in with Zymes, Tika, Kooh, Sun, Zuzu and Kao right behind her. They stood by the doorway as Celica ran over to Mjrn's side and whispered in her ear. Her eyes grew wide as they grew furious immediately after.

"I want all available dragons out looking for Liah, Brawl and Zion. All three are missing and with that threat against Martial Artists, I'm not taking anything likely. I want them found. Now."

She grabbed her saber tightly in hand, her knuckles whitened as she walked towards the exit. Jarod softly grabbed her arm to stop her from walking further.

"Where are you going?" He asked.

"I can't stay here anymore. I'm going to find her."

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Re: Endless Love and Eternal Life

Post  Liah on Thu Sep 03, 2009 7:52 pm

Sitting alone in the tavern in Big Beam was a female shura. She was resting back in her chair with her feet up on the table, one foot over the other. Her golden armor glistened as the fading rays from the setting sun hit it through the window. She glanced to her left at her mighty golden wand that layed on the table next to her as she listened at an ongoing conversation.

"...what makes you so sure?"

"Because I saw him with my own eyes"

"Then how are you still living?"

"I was hiding, I thank the Elders I'm still alive."

"If you are certain, then we have to tell someone."

"I have a wife and kids. I have much to lose if I talk. You do it."

"Well my wife is pregnant and if..."

The shura had heard enough. She grabbed her wand and left the tavern. She walked over to her ruby who was laying under a tree taking a nap. His grey and red fur blew with the cool breeze. She heard something fall to the floor not too far from her but shrugged and ignored it. The Shura walked over to her pet as she gently tried to wake him.

"Come on Ryuk....oh come on sleepyhead wake up" The Shura rolled her eyes.

Ryuk slowly opened both eyes and let out a big yawn and he scratched his ear lazily.

"Lazy cat. I think I'm beginning to rub off on you"

A second later a greedy rat ran past as Ryuk jumped up and chased after it.

The Shura sighed and chased after Ryuk. She ran as fast as she could and ran past a dark alley as she heard a faint sound, maybe even the word help. She grasped her wand tightly in hand and walked towards the alley cautiously. She peeked past the corner and saw a young girl being kidnapped by a group of Caskmasters. As soon as they noticed the Shura, they cast a spell which spewed pinkish dust casuing the Shura to feel dizzy as if drunk. She tried to turn around and get away but she bumped into something large that caused her to fall to the ground. She slowly looked up and saw a Toasted Wisewood staring down at her. She tried to reach for her wand while keeping her eyes on the Wisewood. Before she could attack, Ryuk shot out a ball of flame right at the Wisewood, causing it to be set on fire. Before falling it called out for help as more Caskmasters attempted to grab the poisoned Shura. Ryuk quickly put her on his back and ran out of town as fast as he could. The further into the forest of Big Beam, the more monsters began to chase them.

"...hurry Ryuk...we have to get to Darkdale...have to...warn Mjrn...have to..."


"Ow! What the hell?! Are you crazy or something?! Put me down!"

"Not until you open that dirty little mouth of yours and tell me something useful."

"I told you I don't know anything! And unless you want 50 Bandits on you in the next 2 seconds I suggest you put me down."

"I'll gut you before they get here. How about that?"

Jarod softly placed his hand on Mjrn's shoulder trying to calm her.

"Belle, even if he does know something, we have to take a different approach or he won't speak. This isn't going to get us anywhere and we don't want to draw too much attention to ourselves."

"I don't care. He knows something and I'm not putting him down until he talks. Plus I did ask him if he wanted this done the hard way or the easy way. Livane?"

Livane walked over to the bandit thug being pressed against the wall. His feet was 5 inches off the ground from being pinned by Mjrn. Livane bared her teeth and let out a satifying growl.

"Now, I'm going to ask one more time. And if you don't speak, Livane here will have herself a nice snack."

"Okay okay! Last time I heard, Phoenix was staying somewhere near Blakatoa Peak. The word is she got hurt bad and is hiding up there trying to recover."

"That's odd. Bad Snake lives up there...why would she be near a person she despises?"

"He left there not too long ago. I have no idea why I swear."

Mjrn stared at him waiting for the bandit to flinch but he didn't. Instead he looked at Livane with fear in his eyes.

"If I find out you're lying, I'm coming back for you."

With that, Mjrn dropped the bandit to the ground and walked away. The bandit stood up and dusted himself off as he looked at Jarod and smirked. Before he could react, Jarod gave the bandit a good left hook causing him to fall back to the ground.

"That's for calling my girlfriend crazy." He turned and floated after Mjrn.


"Sandry slow down!"

Kazaa ran to try and catch up with Sandry who was walking at a speed she might as well have been running. He caught up to her and reached out to take her hand to slow her down. Sandry looked over at Kazaa, her eyes filled with worry.

"...I'm sorry Kaz. I guess I just want to hurry and get there. Maybe in Eversun we can get more answers as to where Liah and the boys are."

"I understand, but if you don't slow down you're going to burn out the sole in your shoes."

Sandry looked at Kazaa and softly smiled at him as he returned a smile.

"There, I got you to smile finally. I feel so accomplished"

Sandry smiled a bit wider and shook her head, "What would I do without you?"

Kazaa winked and shrugged his shoulders, "Probably still walking at high speed with spare shoes in your backpack."

Sandry leaned down to place a soft kiss on Kaz's lips, "I love you.....Sylpha!"

Kazaa's eyes widened and seemed confused as he tilted his head, "Sylpha?"

Sandry turned Kazaa around and pointed to an animal in the distance. Ryuk, running at high speed with Sylpha barely holding on. A hord of monsters behind them.

"San, run to town and get help."

"...what about you?"

"I'll be fine. Now go before its too late."

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Re: Endless Love and Eternal Life

Post  Liah on Fri Sep 04, 2009 9:06 pm

Sandry ran as fast as her legs could take her as she burst into Eversun yelling for anyone who would help her. She ran into a young human male dressing in camouflage knocking him to the ground as he stared up at her in annoyance.

"Ow, thanks a lot San. You messed up the whole sexy Naru walk I had going. Now I have to start all over"

Sandry grabbed Naru by his shirt and help pick him up off the ground, "Naru there's no time to explain, you have to come with me. Kaz and Sylpha are in trouble and we need your help"

"What's all this about needing help? I'm sure I could lend a hand if you need"

Sandry looked to her right and saw a very tall silver haired male shura staring at her. He dressed all in black and held his mighty spear over his shoulder as he looked down at the two.

"Oh Vamp, thank the Elders. Yes please. Sy is on his way into town and has a horde of monsters chasing him. Kaz is trying to help but I'm not sure if it'll be too much for him to handle."

Naru reached down to pick up his spear from the floor and held it next to his side as he nodded, "Alright San. Vamp and I will make sure to keep the monsters' eyes on us while you guys take them out cool?"

"Sounds like a plan but we have to hurry." With that, Sandry grabbed Naru and Vamp by their shirts and tugged them out of Eversun.


The footsteps were sounding louder as they drew nearer. Causing low echoes with each passing step. Liah, Zion and Brawl were ready for anything. Though unarmed, whatever was going to happen, they weren't going to give up without a fight.

"Whatever happens make sure you guys let me do all the talking." Liah said.

"Ahhh...so they got three more I see. Oh well, fresh meat for the grinder eh?"

Liah, Zion and Brawl were surprised at the voice they heard coming from the cell across from them. The lights were dim on their sides and the cells across had no light at all. Nothing could be seen but a figure in the shadows.

"...who are you?" Liah asked.

"One of you."

"And I am....?"

"Martial Artists of course. For weeks Martial Artists from all over the Mirror World have been going missing. Whoever is behind it all is bringing them here. We all await to be taken upstairs. Once someone is taken upstairs, they never come back."

Zion and Brawl looked at one another in fear, then at Liah. Her eyes were fierce, if she was scared she wasn't revealing it.

"Mm..step into the light"

The figure walked into the light revealing a dark haired human male. He was young, around Liah's age. His clothes were dirty and torn and he had a small scar just under his left eye.

"What's your name?" Liah asked.

"Not really important, they're coming for me soon. I'll be nothing but a distant memory. At least your face reminded me of her. Its been so long since I've seen her, and you look so much like her. You have that same look she always had. The look of someone in love."

Liah's expression grew soft and somewhat confused as she stared at the human and nodded, "Yes but...who do I remind you of?"

The echoing footsteps stopped as a large metal door opened at the end of the long room. Silence as a Chimera Turtle walked into the cell room and began to point a finger at each cell as if counting.


It walked over the the cell across from Liah and grinned as he opened the cell to the human they barely knew. It walked inside the cell, putting shackles on his hands and feet and shoving him out of the cell. It pushed the human so hard he fell against Liah's cell. He stared into her eyes as he reached his hands into her cell and hugged her through the bars. Liah felt something slip into the back of her shirt before the turtle pulled the human away. The human smiled sadly and slowly walked to the exit of the cell room. Discreetly, Liah reached under her shirt and pulled out a small key.

She called out to him, "...why?"

He stopped walking and looked back, "Because one person is already losing who they love today. Lets not make it two."


"Oh my God, this is worse than that time Liah decided to mock all those monsters during our mission to Blakatoa Peak and brought them all to us." Sandry wiped the sweat off her forehead and continued to cast healing spells on her guildmates.

"Yeah, lets just hope we get out of this alive and get to see her do it again" Kaz said as he held out scrolls and began chanting spells causing the advancing army to fall slowly.

"Well whatever happens, remind me to bring more armor. This stuff is beginning to crack, I forgot to get it repaired after my last mission" Vamp said as the monsters continued to bash Naru and himself.

"Oh man..that can't be good can it?" Naru said.

"We'll be fine. We're Chaotic remember?" Sandry said as she tried to hide her worried expression. She felt her mana slowly slipping away from her, she knew she wouldn't be able to keep healing her guildmates for much longer. The army was massive. It surrounded Sandry, Kazaa, Vamp, Naru and Sylpha whom was slowly regaining conciousness. The army seemed endless, the more monsters they killed, the less it seemed to make a difference.

"Acid Rain Scroll!"

Suddenly, a big chunk of the army fell from being hit from such a strong attack. San, Kaz, Vamp and Naru was confused as to where it came from. One by one, they turned to look at Sylpha who was sitting on top of Ryuk smiling and holding her wand.

"Told ya it pays to train until your legs hurt and you feel like you're going to pass out"

"Yeah well, don't get too happy yet. We're still in this, and by the looks of things, I'm going to run out of mana in the next few seconds. I won't be able to heal you guys" Sandry said.

Suddenly blue waves began to surround them. Everyone felt their mana slowly returning to their bodies as Vamp and Naru also felt stronger as they began to feel extra healing spells.

"Oh look. I came to find hawt guys and look who I find."

Lucx began to play music, stringing his mighty lute and adding strength to all surrounding him. Kooh was right beside him, a syringe floating by her side as she helped Sandry to heal the boys.

"I'm glad you guys could make it. Now how about we roast the rest of these losers so I can go home because Naru is too cool for these guys" Naru smirked.

Everyone rolled their eyes but nodded in agreement at getting rid of the army. Kaz and Sylpha continued to cast spells at the army. With the extra help, they were taking down the monsters without breaking a sweat. After a tiring battle, Sandry and Kooh fell to their feet and rolled their eyes and Sylpha and the boys who were boasting about who killed the most.

Sylpha grew quiet as she slowly came to her senses, "Oh right, where is Mjrn?"

"I'm not sure, she sent out everyone to look for Liah, Brawl and Zion. She's out searching herself too." Kooh said.

"Well then, lets get to town so I can use the Public Adress System. I'm afraid I have bad news for her."

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Re: Endless Love and Eternal Life

Post  Liah on Sun Sep 20, 2009 9:24 pm

"Belle, wait up!"

Jarod called out to Mjrn as he tried to float as fast as he could after her. She had heard Sylpha needed to speak to him urgently. She could only hope it was news on Liah and the boys. She rushed to meet Sylpha, Sandry, Kaz, Lucx, Vamp, Naru and Kooh in the Guild Castle in Eversun. They were standing around the rectangular table in the Guild Hall as Mjrn burst in.

"Sorry I took so long, but I'm here now. You have news for me?" Mjrn asked.

Sylpha nodded as her bangs slowly fell over her eyes. She brushed them back behind her ear as she spoke, "Word is spreading around that Bad Snake left Blackatoa Peaks. He got into a terrible fight with Phoenix and is supposed to be badly injured. Not sure if that's why he left, but he was seen close to Placid Plains. He hasn't been seen since, but ever since his sighting, a lot of mysterious things have been happening".

Lucx looked kind of confused as he slightly tilted his head, "What kind of mysterious things?"

Mjrn looked down at her saber as she clenched it tightly in her hand. Her knuckles began to whiten as she gripped it even tighter, "Like MA's going missing".

"Can we be certain? I mean I'm not defending the guy, but if he's hurt, its possible he's not even the threat behind this situation at all. I mean, what could he...what could anyone want with a bunch of Martial Artists?" Jarod asked.

"I'm not sure. But obviously someone has a motive. We have to find them before anything happens. First things first, you said around Placid Plains right?" Mjrn asked.

"Yeah, that's right. It's been months since he was seen but yup. The last time he was spotted was around that area" Sylpha replied.

"Then that's where we're going. Kaz, call Celi and the others. Tell them to direct the search parties around the areas that surround Placid Plains. I'm taking no chances, I want them found".


A cage opened roughly, the metal hinges caused an awful ear shattering sound that echoed throughout the cell block. Liah, Zion and Brawl watched as yet another Martial Artist was taken upstairs.

"I can't take this anymore. Sit here and do nothing" Liah said.

"What do you propose we do? Bust out of here and take out God knows how many monsters are out there?" Zion asked.

"Its a start. I have this key, might as well use it. Plus, I'm not just going to sit here and let my fate be decided for me. Let more innocent people be taken without fighting back. I'm also not going to let any harm come to either of you. I need to get you both out to safety".


"...I promised my sisters. I made a promise to San and Kooh I would take care of you both when they weren't around. So far I've been doing a lousy job. I'm getting you both out of here".

The boys understood nothing they could say would change Liah's mind. They nodded in agreement and both looked at her.

"Do you have a plan?" Brawl asked.

"Well.....not necessarily. But, from what I've been seeing, people are taken out of here usually if they're causing trouble as a way to shut them up or if they look increasingly strong. I would propose we do both. Cause a distraction, then Channel Energy for strength. The guards will come in here to remove us and we'll break out".

"Does your plan include all of us?"

Liah, Zion, and Brawl looked at the woman sitting to the right of them. She and the rest of their cellmates had been listening to Liah's conversation with the boys.

Liah smiled softly and nodded, "I have this key. It looks as though it should be able to fit inside each of the keyholes on your cells. Every so often when no one is around, unlock your cell and pass off the key. Once they're all unlocked is when we'll strike".

Liah looked around as everyone slowly nodded. She looked down at the key in her hand and thought to herself.

I hope this works.


"Wonderful. So this has been the beautiful creature I've been waiting so long for. Wasting my time with these pathetic excuses for Martial Artists when the one I've been searching for has been here all along"

A figure sitting in the shadows looked at a glowing cystal ball that floated in front of it. Blurry figures could be seen in it. The crystal showed the cell block but mostly focused on Liah. The figure turned to a very large white bear standing to the right awaiting orders. The only thing that could be seen of the figure were its teeth as it looked at the bear and grinned wide.

"Bring her to me"


Jarod floated across from Mjrn looking down at a map of Placid Plains laid out on the grass. Around them were the Elders and Branch Heads of the Guild. The map was old, taken from one of the old books in the Guild Castle. Mjrn was pointing down to different areas of the map and sending a select amount of her guild members to each area.

"Okay, now the last two teams will be lead by me and Celica. Celi, you take Raf, San, Kaz, Zy, and Vamp. I'll take Jarod, Lucx, Kooh, Sylpha, and Kao. We're going to work our way to the center. Celi, take your team and investigate the North tower while my team will check out the east" Mjrn said.

"Are you sure there will be anything in them? Those towers have been closed off for years. I think the only thing that goes inside are stray monsters every now and then" Celica said.

"Yes but, I'm not taking any chances. For all we know, that could be the perfect place to hide anything. Its better to be safe than sorry, if we're wrong the worst thing that can happen is we'll be right back were we started".

"Agreed. Well, you be careful out there. You and your team. I wish you luck".

"Same goes to yours. May the Elders be with you".

As Mjrn lead her team through the high grass and forest of Placid Plains, she looked up at the tower that seemed to reach into the heavens. She took a deep breath and looked down at her saber in hand. It glowed a beautiful golden color. She clenched it tightly and closed her eyes for a second. She pictured Liah's face, softly smiling at her.

I'm coming for you Liah, just hold on a little while longer.

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Re: Endless Love and Eternal Life

Post  Liah on Thu Oct 22, 2009 7:32 pm

Brawl looked over at Zion, fear in his eyes but he kept his chin up. Zion softly smiled at Brawl in reassurance as they both turned to Liah who was staring at the wall, deep in thought. He opened his mouth to speak to her, but before any words came out, the cellar door opened.

Liah tensed up and grew very serious, "Alright, its time everyone. Zi, Brawl? Start Channeling. Be ready and whatever happens, don't look back."

Everyone in the cell block grew quiet as two Chimera Turtles entered. They looked around as if searching for someone specific. They walked past Zion's cell and stopped in front of Liah's. They both turned to her and grinned wide, their teeth exposed, broken and rotten, missing a few in the front. Liah held her head up high and waited for the turtles to open the door.

Oh no, this wasn't part of the plan. I hope Auntie Liah can still make her plan happen Zion thought to himself.

The cellar door opened and one of the turtles curled a single finger at her, signaling her to come forth. Liah smiled and shook her head, her hands behind her back. The second turtle grew angry and shoved the other inside the cellar to retrieve Liah. As it entered and approached her, Liah slowly stepped backwards luring it all the way inside the cellar. The other became irritated and followed after the first, one on the left and the other on the right.


The turtles glanced back for a second then back at Liah, her hands came from behind her back and with full force she threw two large rocks at the turtles.

At that moment everyone sprung from their cellars and filled the pathway.

"Out into the hallway! Don't waste any time, start running and don't stop for anything!" Liah shouted.

Liah hopped over the two turtles locking them inside the cellar as she joined Brawl and Zion helping to make sure everyone got out of the cell block. As they ran out into the first hallway, they heard grunts coming up the stairs. Along the walls shadows of all shapes could be seen, a mob was making its way up the stairs.

"Find another way. Use another stairwell. Keep moving!"

The mass group of Martial Artists filled the hallways as monsters flooded the area as well trying to catch every one they could. Trying to cut off all their exits and calling for reinforcements.

"Split up! Stay in small tight groups and fight your way out! Confuse them as best you can and get out now!"

Liah grabbed Brawl and Zion and led them up a spiral staircase as a handful of Martial Artists followed.

"Auntie?...aren't we supposed to be going down and not up? Zion asked.

"Yes, but they'll be expecting that. We need to work our way up and then back down somehow"

They climbed until they passed a window to the left side. Liah stopped and looked out of it. There was a narrow path now far below. It connected to another window at the far end.

"This is our way, walk the path and continue down those stairs. Doesn't look like any monsters have touched that stairwell yet so keep quiet"

One by one, the Martial Artists crossed the path with Zion, Brawl and Liah at the very end. They stretched out their arms to try and balance themselves as much as possible. Avoiding looking down for the ground was very far away. They found their way into the main hall. It was quiet, no monsters around whatsoever. Nothing but the heavy beathing of the tired bunch.

"I don't like the way this looks.....its too easy" Liah said.

Without any concern as to what she said, the Martial Artists began cheering as they ran straight for the door.


As soon as they got close to the door, three Grizzly Bears emerged from the far hallway and charged straight for them, knocking a few into the far walls and tables. Without a word, Liah ran straight for the bears and smacked into one with all her might. As large as it was, the full force of Liah's charge caused it to lose its balance and knock against the bear beside it.


The Martial Artists helped one another up and quickly exited the tower. Brawl and Zion hesitated as they saw Liah do what she could to keep the bears' attention.



Liah jumped back and gained distance from the bears and looked at Zion.

"Zion. Take Brawl and get out. I'm not speaking as your Aunt. I'm speaking as your leader. Get. Out. Now."

Before Zion could say anything, he looked up to see a bear charging for Liah. She turned around just in time to see the bear ram her at her side. She slid across the marble floor and fell to her knees in pain. The bear looked over at Zion and was about to swing a paw at him as Liah grabbed a nearby chair and flung it at the bear's face, screaming out in pain afterwards. Angry it called for the other two and their attention was once more on Liah.

"...Zi...get out...I can't hold them here for much longer..."

"Liah..." Brawl started to cry


Zion held back his tears as he picked up the crying Brawl and ran out of the tower. The three bears towered over Liah as she looked up and smiled wide at them.

"..I'm not..finished yet...come on big boys...show me what you got"


"..Shhh stay down. Something is definately going on over there" Mjrn whispered as she signaled her team to stick low to the ground.

They were using the tall grass to hide as they watched the commotion coming from one of the towers. The tower reached up high, the very tip of it had the shape of a dragon's head. Soon after, they saw people spilling out from the tower, running and screaming with monsters chasing after them.

"Either we found what we were looking for or we're about to get wrapped up in something entirely different" Jarod said.

"No matter what, we can't just sit here. Come on we have to help them" Mjrn said.

As Mjrn and her team rushed to help, Jarod and Kooh immediately began casting healing spells on everyone. One of the Martial Artists fell to the ground in pain, his leg was badly wounded. Jarod began to cast a healing spell on him as Mjrn crouched down to quickly ask what happened.

"...she..saved us all"

Mjrn's eyes grew wide as she looked at the wounded man on the floor, "Who did..?"

"The two boys called her..Liah"

Mjrn's heart dropped, she quickly rose from the ground unable to move as she was a bit stunned. Jarod softly placed his hand on her shoulder as Mjrn turned to say something to him. Before she could speak there was a loud roar coming from around the tower. Everyone turned to look as they saw two boys running from a group of Statue Lions that were chasing them.

"Brawl! Zion!" Mjrn called as she and the others ran straight for them.

Brawl and Zion turned and ran for Mjrn as she and Sylpha quickly dispersed the lions. Mjrn turned to the boys and stared at them for a minute. She dropped to her knees and pulled them close. Tears filled her eyes, they ran down her face as she hugged them both tightly.

"We're...glad to see you too Boss.." Zion said sadly

Instantly Mjrn broke from the hug as she realized something "Liah...where's Liah?"

Brawl began to cry once more as Zion looked at Mjrn in sadness "She's..."

Mjrn felt a knot in her throat. Her stomach turned as she felt more tears coming. Her eyes darted everywhere, scanning the area looking for Liah "..she's what? Where is she?"

"..she told us to get out..I didn't want to...but she forced us.."

"Is she still inside?" Jarod asked.

Zion nodded, "Yes, and she was badly hurt...she made us leave...I swear she did.."

Mjrn softly kissed Zion's forehead "You did well Zi. Stay hidden in the tall grass there. Don't move, wait for us"

"Where are you going?"

"We have to save her"


Each with a small ticket attached to their legs, Celica and her team ran as fast as they could to the Dragon Tower. They searched the towers on their end with no luck but heard word that something was brewing over at the East Tower. The closer they got, the more they noticed something was wrong. They had to hurry.

"Once we get to the tower, be ready for anything. If anyone needs help we do what we can. Stick together" Celi called out to her team running behind her.

They approached the tower from the back end and they quickly scanned the area. Monsters were scattered and dead and there was broken wood, clothes, and even traces of blood all over.

"..I hope we're not too late"

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Re: Endless Love and Eternal Life

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