Chaotic Dragon Kingdom

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Chaotic Dragon Kingdom

Post  Lucxene on Tue Aug 18, 2009 10:25 pm


There was a Kingdom long long ago,that knights and soldiers would ride dragons into the battlefields and wartimes.In this Kingdom were two women who were eligible to rule once King Slog and Queen Slog passed on and gave up they're titles.The two women were Silver Maiden Mjrn and Golden Diva Misfitz Ayame.

Both women were preparing as Misfitz Ayame rushed out ahead of time so that she may plant kisses on Slog's rearend to get the title over Mjrn.Mjrn took her time,putting on her silver light armor,tying her hair back in double french braid style.Her her,was as silver and shimmering as her armor.She glanced a moment at the mirror eyes of two different colors.Left of azure and right of jade.Her hair,was kept neatly though tightly in a shorter style,incase she has to do battle.Her large Claymore sheathed behind her back,attached around one shoulder and a side of her waist to keep it steady.

Once the two women made they're way up the steps they both kneeled before King Slog and Queen Slog.

Misfitz Ayame wear nothing but gold armor all over even a gold helmet to cover up fully minus her face.It was light and loose,much like her brain but that's besides the point.Slog then took the speechful moment.

King Slog:o.o Wow,you're boobs are big.
Queen Slog:*Slams his head with a rolling pin.*...What was that?
King Slog:>_<...Okay,so I wont be around for a while and I need a ruler to take in my place.I believe Mjrn has done more so to achieve this title...Sorry Ayame. ^_^;
Mjrn:*About to speak.*
Ayame:WTF?! It's bad enough she rules CD GUILD! Now She's gonna RULE CD KINGDOM?!?!??!?!?!?!?! I mean GAWD! I am way better then her!And...My breasts outdoes hers anyday!
Queen Slog:....*Eye roll.*
Mjrn:....Well,I just celebrated my 300 day there Ayame...Where have you been?
Ayame:You know what Mjrn? @!#@!$#@!~@!@#@$#%%$^%$#@$!@#@$$#^^%%$#@@!#@%$^%$ And....##@!$@#%$#$%^%$&#@$@#$#$%&^%&$%@#@@#@##@#@!#@ Oh yeah and you can take this and shove it up your @@!#@!$#%$%@~!@@$#&^$%$#$#@#@!@#!~#%#$%#$
Mjrn:Oh here we go again...
Ayame:Fine you know what?! She wont rule this Kingdom! Cause I'll put a end to that!

With that Ayame ran down the steps took her mighty weapon...A paintbrush...Drew a hole in the ground making a portal and run right up the steps pick up Mjrn ran right down and tossed her down that hole.

Mjrn:>_> What the?! AYAME!!!!!
Ayame:*Laughs like a psycho,with lightning bolts hitting the background.*I WIN! I have successfully beaten Mjrn! Hah hah hah!...Wait...*Pauses.*........................................................She's not dead...........................She's just down the hole and elsewhere...That wont do.She needs to die!*Jumps into the hole.*

With that the hole sealed up and the two girls vanished meanwhile the King and Queen just looked at one another and the King spoke first.

King Slog:Great...Now I have no one...Say let's have 20 kids and will make one of them rule.
Queen Slog:>_> You have a uterus?
King Slog: -_-;

In the magical world of the fanfic.Mjrn would wake up in a nice comfy cabin as Liah was there putting a cold rag on her face.Liah was just as beautiful as she was in DOMO.She wears full leather in black.Black shorts,black sneakers,black sleeveless shirt,black gloves with metal knuckle prints.Hair long and shade of garnet,which layer each inch down silk and straight.Eyes shade of ambers.She wonder if her dear friend will wake up any...Unfortunately for her...Mjrn was having a nightmare...This nightmare was as followed.

Nightmare King Slog:MJRN! My have you GROWN!*Runs over and grabs her breasts and SQUEEZE.*
Nightmare Mjrn:O.O Keep your hands to yourself!

Mjrn would then wake up and slap Liah right across the face away from her as she sat up,covering her chest.

Mjrn:Off the rack buster!
Liah: @_@...I was trying to get you to wake up,and I didn't touch your chest...Yet.
Mjrn:Oh Liah!>_> You look smexy.
Liah:^_^ You too! Now...How'd we get here?
Mjrn:o.o...Right...That part...Remember I told you Ayame was coming back down the block...
Liah:>_>; Yes...
Mjrn:Well...She's here,and tossed me into this...Place.What is this place?
Liah:o.o I dunno a forest,Apparently,I live in one.Exploreness time.
Mjrn:O.o I dun get smex?!
Liah:>_> If Ayame is here,be bad to have smex and her crash through the roof or something.
Mjrn:-_-....She ruins my life even in a fanfic...That Bish.

So the two left the cabin and worked they're way down the yellow brick road.Which appear out of of no where.So Mjrn and Liah just looked at one another and gave it a go skipping and holding hands all merrily.Till the sky went black and the wicked witch of the west Ayame appear out of no where.

Ayame:There you are!*Insert evil laugh.*I'll get you my Mjrn...And you're little Liah too!
Mjrn:>_> Why the F you put us in here?
Ayame:Because it's time you realize I should rule CD and you should die!
Liah:....Uh how about no?
Ayame:Oh Liah,stop staring at Mjrn's butt.
Liah:o.O WHOA THERE,you are not Aiko so you can't use that line!
Mjrn:>_> You're just jealous Ayame cause people like to look at my butt and not yours!
Ayame:That's it i'm killing you both now!

With that Ayame raised her hands into the air and lightning blasted through the sky while Mjrn pulled out a giant bladed Claymore and Liah went into a martial arts fighting stance.Holding both fists into the air.Though before any real fights could happen.Celica hopped down a cliff off the side and jump infront of Mjrn and Liah waving.Completely unaware Ayame is behind her...Since Celica pretty much just didn't give a rats butt about Ayame to even notice she's there.

Celica:Hi! Aren't I cute! OMG you both are hawt!*Drools.*Let's sing?*She held up her Sitar.*

Celica was quite as lovely as her two friends.Eyes of light violet,hair long straight and a softer shade of pink.She had a hair band pushing her hair behind her shoulders.Wearing a shirt of red,with a black short dress.The shirt attached around the front and back of her neck.Leaving the shoulders expose.Wearing red dancer sleeves elbow to sleeve and a sash of red with black lines around the waist.Her footwear was black heeled boots.Her hairband has a soft peach flower off on the side.She would twirl infront of her friends.

Mjrn:Oh yes,very nice.
Liah:^_~ Yes nice indeed.
Celica:Thank koo! ^_^ You two look so good too.
Mjrn: :3 thanks.

Ayame:*Taps a foot inpatiently here.*Shut the #@$@~!@#$$#%$@!~!##$%%$^$#%#@!@@!@##@%$# God! I am standing like right infront of you and you 3 little !!@#@#%@!#!~#@%$%^%$@#~!#$%$^%^&$%%#$#@%%$^$%%@@#!@ Stupid pieces of @!!#$@#$%%$^%$@!#!@##%^&%^#@@!#!@##@%$#^%$#@@!

Celica:Oh...Her...Leave it to me!*Playing her sitar she make musical notes float around her and slam all onto Ayame.Screaming into the mic at the end of the neck of the sitar.* HERE AYAME! I GOT A SONG FOR YOU AND IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT! I'M GONNA SING IT ANYWAY!!!!

These musical notes would blow up all over Ayame dropping gallons of paint different colors all on her.Pop pop pop all the notes went as paint paint paint fell all over Ayame.Like waterballoons effect.

Ayame:What the F?! My hair!!!!!!!!!!

Mjrn:.....You have golden helmet Ayame and a witch pointed hat...Bad impression might I add...And you are worried about you're hair?

Ayame:I'll get you!!!!!! @!#$#@$!@#@!#@!#*Disappears and teleports away with her magical paint brush.*

Celica:>_> Guess,she didn't like my song.
Liah:Or just doesn't know good music when she sees it.
Mjrn:Or singing.
Celica:o.o Sandry I think is here,but I lost track of her so I found you guys.^_^
Liah:>_> Where is she?
Celica:o.o Saw her go to the Water Lilly Valley. It's like a nice place with water all over and lilly pads and grassy green fields.
Mjrn:>_> Let's find her.And get out of here.o.O Where ever out is.

The three left though Sandry wasn't so fortunate cause Ayame found her ahead of time.Sandry looked at Ayame her former mentor while Ayame was trying to give her a poisonous apple like Snow White...So she would die.Though Sandry wasn't stupid,she knows her fairy tales.

Ayame:I'm you're teacher now take the damn apple and eat it.
Sandry:....No,are you insane?o.O
Ayame:.......Eat it....Now....
Sandry:>_> I rather not...

Sandry held onto her magical holy wand of healing.It was like a long stafflike wand of light blue and crystal oranaments on the top.Her hair in pigtails of gold color,long and soft light waves.Eyes deepest of Sapphire shade...Her outfit however was rather unique...She wear a pink one piece bathing suit of leather,with the zipper in the front half way up,so we can see the sides of her breasts in the center.The behind of it had a pink cat tail.While her legs had long black hooker boots high heels.Hands softly gloves in black with nail small claws at the end of each nail.Fluffy pink fluff around the wrists.On her head,she had cat ears in pink.

Ayame:Listen you little ungrateful piece of !!$$#!@@#$#@$#@!#@!#@$#^%$%#@$@#$#@%@$@!##@!#$#%$%#@!!@#$@$$# EAT THE DAMN APPLE OR I WILL @##@#$$#%#!@$#@$^%^&#$#@$$@#$$#^%@#$@!$!@@!%#
Sandry:....-_- I'm not eating that apple so no is no...Now go away.>_>
Ayame:*Pulls her one pig tail with her hand.*NEVER YOU SHALL EAT IT NOW!

Liah would find Sandry and tap Ayame's shoulder's when Ayame turned around she complained.

Ayame:What can't you see i'm busy?!
Liah:*Swings a good right hook across Ayame's face.*
Ayame:Gah*Stumbles over to Mjrn.*
Mjrn:.....*Holds the guard of her Claymore and backhands Ayame away from her with it.*Don't touch me.
Ayame:*Runs over and falls against Celica in complete dizzyness.*
Celica:OMG! Don't touch me! Ew!*Slaps her across the face and kicks her over the bridge as she rolled down the hill and into the lagoon with the lillypads going downstream.*

Sandry:Yay! I'm not alone! Where are we?
Liah:I dunno...Nice outfit.
Sandry:o.o....Thanks blame it on the writer of the fanfic world.
Mjrn:You okay though?
Mjrn:Good...Now uh,let's find a way out. o.o;
Celica:Hey wait look Ayame went down the river and fell down the waterfall.She's dead! She's dead!*Celica would watch the woman go down and scream as she disappeared into the deep water below.
Sandry:>_> You know dreams don't come true.
Mjrn:-_-Yeah,death is too good for her.
Celica:Let's just go go go before she comes back.

With that the 4 ladies left and went into the unknown.What awaits them next?Who knows,I haven't written it yet.So tune in for the next saga on how will Mjrn get home to be Queen of Chaotic Dragons Kingdom! Find out next time in ACT 2 until then! To Be Continued!

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Re: Chaotic Dragon Kingdom

Post  Lucxene on Thu Aug 20, 2009 6:32 pm


We last left off with the 4 girls traveling together down the yellow brick road.Though suddenly they wandered into a dark spooky Halloweenish forest.

Mjrn:...So what everything just changes like that?
Celica:It's like DOMO!
Liah:Yeah,but not really...
Sandry: x.x Why does it have to be scary looking.
Mjrn:Well,whatever it'll probably change in a few minutes so we walk and get out and.*CRASH.*

Mjrn just slammed into a figure infront of her and she fell on her toosh.She rubbed her tooshy and looked up at the person.Seeing Emily_Ann dressed like a victorian princess.

Emily_Ann:*Looks down at Mjrn.*Betch.

Mjrn:o.O JAROD SCREW YOU!*Stands up and rips the discuise off as it shows Jarod under there.Wearing a gray and white kimono japanese style outfit.With socks and sandles.Hair silver and eyes blue,his hair was tied tightly back in a low ponytail hanging behind his back.

Jarod:>_> Please do.
Sandry:-_- Okay...I'm sick and tired of walking in this outfit! I demand a change of clothes.I can't walk in these boots.>_>

Suddenly a giant hand with a pencil appeared and erased Sandry then redrew her and colored her as she's wearing a pink japanese robe with lighter pink flower designs and a gold bow around the waist.With wooden heel shoes.

Liah:o.O How is that possible?
Celica:o.o Wow so this is a world where anything is possible.
Jarod:And why I look like the hottest man here...Correction.>_> I am the only man here.
Mjrn:o.o*She would look around and heard a evil laugh as she just frowned and rolled her eyes.*

Ayame:*Drops from the sky and land on her feet this time dressed as some ninja as she pulls Jarod to her now.*I get him...You have you're Liah Mjrn! You don't need two! Stop being a greedy little @#@!#$#@~@~!@@!$#$@!#!@$#@$!@#@!# You stupid son of a @!!#$#%#@!@$$^#$@!#@!#$%$#@!@! Mine mine mine! You have the dark redheaded @!@!@#$!~@#@$#$%$@!@#@$%@$!@#!~#@$@#@!#!~#@#@#!!@@#$

Jarod:o.O I don't want you Ayame.

Mjrn:>_> Get yours hands off of him Ayame,and go get your words uncensored cause when you speak all we hear is repeated beeps.
Celica:o.O Didn't she die down the waterfall?
Sandry:>_> Ayame will never die...
Liah:-_- Sadly...

Ayame:You know what Mjrn @!#@@#!@#@$#@!~@!#$@##!~@!#@#$#@%$@!#!@#@ I can say whatever I want whenever I want you piece of !@!@#$#@!~@@#@#$#@!##@$#@@##@$#@@!#@$#$@#$% When I want something it's all mine! Dumb @!!$#@!@@#

Kooh:Boo! Boo! I am the ghost of everything rawr! rawr!*Kooh's voice would just echo all over the woods.

Ayame:What the?

Sandry:o.o I know that voice.
Liah:Where is she?
Mjrn:o.O It's not Halloween.
Celica:<_< >_>

Kooh:>_> It is if I say it is!*She would hop down behind Ayame,wearing large bat wings on her back,vampire teeth and huge horns coming off her head.From her pink long straight flat hair and bright glowing gold eyes.As she would wear army pants and a black trench coat with black commando boots and a smokey gray fluffed vampiric shirt.She would hold up her weapon.Being a candle as the flame burned a black flame.*Boo!

Ayame:-_- *Turns around and looks at Kooh.*What the @!@##$@!##$%#@#@#@$%$##@@ is this little piece of @@$#$%#@!#@!#$%$%$!@#@$%$%$# Go run off and play in school or whatever @##$#!@#@%$^#$!@#@$%$#$%#@$@#$#@% You do.

Kooh:-_-'...You know what.Here!*Her candle fire turned into a shape of a fish,as suddenly numerous fishes just flew at Ayame slapping her across the face,the body all over knocking her everywhere.Till she is buried under a pile of fish.*

Liah:o.o LOL.
Celica:o.o Least we wont have a hunger for sea food.
Jarod:*Side steps from the pile of fish.*I always said Ayame smelled worse then tuna...

Kooh:*Skips down the woods and makes her candle flame turn to a skull shape as a giant skull bowling ball appeared and she rolled it down the woods slamming into Ayame and pile of fishes as she went flat like a pancake and rolled off.*STRIKE!

Liah:Tired from walking...>_> Least she left.
Mjrn:Let's get out of the woods first before she learns to roll back...Again.

Kooh and Jarod tagged along with the 4 girls as they made they're way into the country farm lands.Were does was nothing to be seen but grass and cows.That's right cows.

Mjrn:...Cattle and tired...All we do is walk to weird places. o.o;
Celica:o.o I can play a song.
Liah:Doesn't heal tiredness.
Sandry:I would heal,but I need to get my strength first.
Kooh:I can HEAL! I'm a doc! *GRINS.As she holds up the candle.*
Jarod:I'll do it...*Jarod took out a wakizashi from his sleeve cut his arm as blood poured in his hand and he smacked it all on the woman as all they're eyes widen in horror.*

Mjrn:What the F?!
Celica:o.o;;;;; Ew.
Kooh:Blood. o.o
Sandry:....I got a new outfit and now in blood...>_>

Jarod:>_>*His blood on them would heal the fatigue and tiredness as the blood spatter and stain glow and vaporize as if it wasn't there before.Leaving everyone fully healed.*You were saying?

Mjrn:>_> Our doctors are weird in this fic.
Sandry:>_> I'll heal next time...I don't use blood.
Kooh:Should of let me heal.

Mjrn:o.o*Wrist watch would beep on Mjrn's wrist as she clicked it on saw a visual screen on it.

Vamp:*Sits on his chair by a fireplace,surrounded by his beautiful servant women all in bikini.Dressed in a tux and has his spear resting on the table.Along with his feet,one foot over the other.*Hello,Mjrn.

Celica:o.O Why does he look hawt.Not Shuraish.
Sandry:Yeah really.>_>
Kooh:o.o Lots of boobs.
Jarod:Who are those women?o.o

Vamp:My servants.
Liah:Where are you?
Vamp:My mansion?
Mjrn:How the Hell you get a mansion?!
Vamp:I just asked thin air and boom I'm a lucky man.
Celica:o.O Are you coming to help us?
Vamp:I'll just help you on communication through watch.I like my mansion and women.
Mjrn:What the F?! You are a ELDER!
Vamp:Oh well,you have a "guest" near you...And suffer bish.*He shut the watch visual off.*


Stubbs:*Runs to Sandry dressed as Prince Charming and dips her in a hold,holding her with his arms.*My Sandry...Hey wait a second...Where is that sexy outfit you started out the fic with?

Sandry:....One let me go,and two how'd you know about that?o.O You been stalking us?!
Liah:-_- Stubbs...
Stubbs:>_> Maybe,anyway I am here to take you back and you will break up with Kazaa for me!
Sandry:>_> Uh Hell no!*Takes her foot and steps on his head anime like.*I'm not going with you!And ditch Kazaa no!

Stubbs:x.x*He would smack her foot away and stand up holding his fists up to fight Sandry off and Celica.*Okay,I take the two beautiful ones...Or I'll make you come with me! Yeah Yeah! So shut up and come with me,you know one women is not enough for me!

Sandry:-_- That's exactly why I'd never go with you!
Celica:Uh...Thanks for calling me pretty...Wait in your sick twisted mind no thanks...And I would never touch you.>_>

Jarod:*Holds his Wakizashi out as Kooh holds the candle stick up.*Get lost or I'll show you where this blade can go.
Kooh:>_> I'll make my candle eat joo.

Stubbs:>_> I'm not afraid of you two.

Mjrn:*Holds up giant claymore while Liah cracks her knuckles.*

Stubbs:>_> You two...I am a little afraid of.

And ACT 2 suddenly becomes a bitter end for now.As the screen turns black and all you can hear is Stubbs horrible screams as everyone severly beat him up.And he screamed at the top of his lungs like a little girl.What will happen next?Stay tune for ACT 3 to see where they go and how things will unfold and if Stubbs survived the beating of his life.And not the pleasuring beating might I add.

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Re: Chaotic Dragon Kingdom

Post  Lucxene on Mon Aug 24, 2009 1:18 pm


When we last left them,Stubbs got the beating of his life! Not the pleasuring type either,but oh well it'll serve him right...Maybe.As the story progressed they seem to now currently exit the spooky forest and now into a crossway path.Sadly...It's time to split up!One group to the Sand Dome and one group to the Area of Rain.

Sandry:-_- Oh goody...Split up time.
Kooh:Oh boo.
Jarod:Yay,I mean nay...
Celica:o.o...So who goes where?
Mjrn:*Looks at the sign and shrugs looking to Liah.*As Co-Chairs...You'll lead a group and I'll take a group.So who wants to go with who?
Liah:o.o Okay.
Sandry:I go with Liah!Kooh you come too.
Jarod:I go with Belle.
Celica:Eh,I'll go with Mjrn evens the split up.

Vamp:I can go with both.

Mjrn:-_-*Looks at her wrist watch visual.*How...You wont leave your mansion.What the Hell are you doing.o.O

Vamp:*Getting a massage from all his beautiful servant ladies in bikinis.*A massage,what does it look like.

Sandry:Aren't you going to help us?o.o;

Vamp:Yes,by the watch silly.

Liah:>_> Figures.
Mjrn:Of corse...How?

Vamp:Alchemy it,duh.So Liah can have one too.Now,if you don't mind this is a private massage.*Shuts it off.*

Mjrn:O.O What the?! HE CALLED US!
Jarod:o.O Why can't all the women I'm with have bikinis too.

Mjrn,Liah,Sandry,Kooh,Celica: >_>*Stares at Jarod.*


Mjrn:Anywho,*Alchemy her wrist watch making a copy.*Nice to know alchemy pays off in this fanfic.*Gives the spare to Liah.*o.o Keep in contact or I'll cry.

Liah:;_; I will.You too.
Mjrn: I will. :3 Now Rain for us!
Liah:Okay Sand here.

The split up then occured from now on will have Mjrn's Side and Liah's Side.


Liah lead with Sandry and Kooh following into the Sand Dome area.Where the place is easy,breezy,beautiful...Cover girl...Yeah right,they wish.It was breezy though,and sandy...And hot.Not the sexy kind either.

Liah:x.x So Sandy...
Liah:Sandy not Sandry.
Sandry:o.o; It's too darn hot.
Kooh:o.o It's almost as hot here as when I go to see my grandparents.

Stubbs:*Slams a giant cage right on Liah and Kooh turning on the electrical beams.*Hah! I win! I am the number one hottest man in the world!

Liah:...........-_- Get this stupid cage off now.
Kooh:>_< I need to take out the bowling ball again.

Stubbs:You two pretty stay there.I'll marry you both later.

Kooh and Liah:HELL NO!

Sandry:....-_-*Crosses her arms and looks at Stubbs.*Didn't you learn your lesson the last time?

Stubbs:>_> Sandry,this time you are mine.ALL MINE! And there is nothing you women can do about it.

Sandry:.....Yah,I maybe a doctor but I can still blast you with a holy beam from my wand.

Stubbs:o.o; Right,so...*Throws a lace rope around Sandry so she can't hold her wand and ties her up with it.*Yay! I'll take her now...Liah and Kooh can stay here in the desert.

Kooh:...Why am I not surprised.
Liah:;_; Sandry!

Sandry:o.o;;; If you think I'm gonna give you any Stubbs,it'll be over my dead body.

Suddenly there was a kicking of sand in the far side,like a stampede or someone running incredibly fast.Making sand kick into the air like smoke.In the distance they could see a tall male,approaching with red beaming ruby eyes once close.Hair straight,short and white,with Chinese robes in black,with red dragons running across it.Throwing a dirty brown torn cape over Stubbs face it was Kazaa!

Kazaa:Die Stubbs...DIE!A slow painful,horrible death!

Stubbs:Oh it's just you.-_-*He scold and took off the brown dirty cloth from his head and cough.*Loser.

Kazaa:*Glares and holds his hands up,rolling up the sleeves.Having dark indigo arm wrist-bands from his knuckles pass the wrist and up his forearm.Each side having 3 different slots of glowing orbs.His silence said it all,cause once Kazaa opened his hands infront of Stubbs a blast of flames and fired ignited in the desert as Kazaa made a pillar of fire blazing all on Stubbs.*Kentucky Fried Stubbs!

Sandry:*Heart shape eyes.*Look! Look! Kazaa is in the fanfic too! Yay!

Liah:Mm hmm...Now can he set us free though?
Kooh:Yeah.>_> Free ish good.

Kazaa:*He pointed a ringer at Sandry and shot small static beams at the ropes cutting it off her.As he hugged her and she returned the hug.*o.o You okay?

Sandry:Yup yup!*Kisses kisses.*
Kazaa:*Kisses kisses back.*

Liah:Yo,love birds.Today?
Kooh:>_> Kiss and smex later,out of the fanfic first!

Sandry:>_>Let me...

Sandry:*She spinned her wand-staff around in circle and made a holy rays shine on the cage as it glowed and vaporized.Then she stopped the minor dancing of her hand,footsteps and wand.*x.x Okay.Done.

Liah:*Claps.*Now let's go before Stubbs come back.
Sandry:o.O He's burned alive.
Kazaa:Yeah.>_> He isn't coming back.
Liah:Pff! If he's anything like Ayame he will come back! Let's move! Move! Move!
Kooh:*Scoots ahead.*
Liah:*Follows then sees the blazing fire so pause and picks up a huge rock over her head and slams it on the fire squashing Stubbs with the flames.She dusted her hands.*Pays off to be a MA.


Mjrn:Rain here,empty city.So...-_- We find a city only for it to be empty.
Jarod:<_< >_>
Celica:Whoo...Party....Wait...Wait,we aren't alone.
Mjrn:>_> What Ayame?
Celica:Don't know...Who...Or what is that?*Points.*

Aiko:Well Well Well...If it isn't Mjrn...That betch.

Mjrn:>_> Aiko...? Oh yeah that's Aiko...

They can see that Aiko clearly was a man,but looked like a woman.With long hair,fake chest,too much make up.You can clearly see it was a man gone all wrong.

Jarod:o.O That is the ugliest woman I ever seen.


Celica:Jarod it's a man...It's Aiko...>_>


Mjrn:Oh yeah,the freak who wouldn't stop being a spoiled little brat.

Aiko:-_-''' THAT'S IT! I WAS GONNA TAKE IT EASY ON YOU! But now!*Takes out a giant razor boomerang.*Someone's gonna get hurt!

Celica:o.O; Muse time?
Mjrn:-_-...Why must I be tormented with LOSERS and WHINERS!

Aiko:THE HELL?! I AM NOT A LOSER AND I AM NOT A WHINER!...I am curvy and mirror of perfect complextion and way hotter then you!

Jarod:I beg to differ...

Suddenly on the tall high building to figure stood back to back arms crossed and acting heroicly.Was Kao Kao and Brawl!Kao Kao dressed in a deep blue school uniform,with silver eyes and mettalic blue hair covered by his kitty hat.While Brawl had purple short hair,dark brown eyes and wear a dark blue tux with dark blue wings and a opera mask hanging off the side of his face.

Brawl:o.o We are the defenders of justice and evil!
Kao Kao:We protect the good! And kill the bad! o.o
Brawl:We are hawt!
Kao Kao:We are smexy!
Kao Kao and Brawl:*Poses with anime stars shining in the background.*We are Team Kao Kao and Brawl!

Celica:*Claps and eats pop corns.*

Aiko:Oh them...-_- Bunch of little brats.Go play in a airlock or something.I'm busy.

Kao Kao:>_>;;;;;
Brawl:-_-.....*Jumps down and slaps Aiko with his double knumchakus over and over.Making her/him/it whatever it is...Cover it's face to block it's "precious face."

Aiko:Ow Ow! You little brats! GET OFF!*Kicks Brawl away.*GAWD! Such brats.

Mjrn:Don't hit my family members.>_>*Takes out Claymore.*

Kao Kao:Me handle it!*Kao Kao jumped infront of Brawl and holds out two tambourines as he danced with it and shook them around then posed.*Kitty Pow-Wah! Rainbow Attack! RE-Ow! Re-Ow! Re-Ow! Re-Ow! Re-Ow!

Suddenly sparking musical rainbow notes came from his tambourines and they turned into rainbow cats.As they all ran at Aiko and SCRATCH SCRATCH SCRATCH EVERYWHERE!

Aiko:x.x No my face! My beautiful face!

Brawl:Ugly face.*Covers his face,with his opera mask.*Yuck...

Aiko:*Holds face in pain and in sorrow.*I can't look at myself in the mirror! Curse you Kao Kao!
Kao Kao:>_>*He paused as the music stopped.*

Mjrn:Oh screw this!*Runs over.*Home Run Punt Swing!*Slams her Claymore blunt side into Aiko slamming her into the sky as she was home run hit out of the city by Mjrn.

Jarod:o.o Looks like Team Rockets Blasting off again.

Celica:Yay! Muse for the win.*Dances with Kao Kao as she plays her sitar-mic and he plays the Tambourine.*



Mjrn:*Shrugs and dances with them.*Break time!o.o Jarod get us food.

Jarod:>_> why did I see that one coming.

This concludes Act 3!Enjoy,love and adore! As Aiko may never be the same again!What will happen next now that the team is in division with Mjrn and Liah.You'll just have to wait till I feel like posting another up so there.Enjoy!Tune to next time for ACT 4!

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Re: Chaotic Dragon Kingdom

Post  Lucxene on Wed Aug 26, 2009 3:26 pm



It was a while as they sat under a old cottage.Waiting for Jarod to return with the food...And he never did.So search party time!

Celica:Did he get lost finding food?
Mjrn:>_> I think anyone can get lost in this world.
Brawl:I want food!
Kao Kao:o.o; We look?
Mjrn:Obviously we look.Ish go now!

They left the rainy abandoned run down city and proceeded forward.As they travel they walked along a beach now a island out of nowhere and volcanos everywhere.

Kao Kao:o.O Is this Hawaii Celica?
Celica:>_>;;; Hawaii doesn't have this much volcanos!
Mjrn:o.O I'd like to know how we went from one town and into a island and didn't see a drop of river,lake or ocean.

Ayame:Hah hah hah! Surrender now Mjrn...Or Jarod falls into the Volcano!>_> And there is nothing you and your shiny silver butt can do about it!

Ayame stood on the top of the highest volcano having Jarod tied up,with special wired ropes.While he sat there unamused and in a very unmoving,bored and unphased voice Jarod would reply.

Jarod:Oh geez...Save me Mjrn...Whatever shall I do...I am nothing...And helpless...I need saving...Oh boo hoo...Boo hoo...Oh poor poor me...Blah blah blah...

Mjrn:-_-' You know Jarod some motivation would be nice you know?
Celica:o.O Ayame apparently can just be anywhere.
Kao Kao:>_> Let's save Jarod?
Brawl:Ayame is a crazy betch.

Jarod:You want some motivation?GET YOUR BUTTS UP HERE AND UNTIE ME NOW! Oh and please do so quickly.


Ayame:Lava creatures!Go! Burn Mjrn's pretty little face and make her all ugly so I'll win Ms.Canada model of the year award and not her.

Mjrn:What the F?o.O

Suddenly lava creature would hop out of the volcano and run down after Mjrn's group below.

As the monsters came Mjrn slammed alot into the ocean by swinging her Claymore at them.While Brawl went to get Jarod with Celica.Kao Kao just waved his tambourines and rainbow notes flew out and slash the volcanos around more.Though wasn't doing much since Celica and Brawl only made it half way and surrounded by lava creatures.While Mjrn and Kao Kao were back to back below surrounded suddenly a cry of "I'll save you!" Was heard.

As on a molded surfboard.Seph came sliding down the side of the volcano.His hair short spiked tipped and blonde waving in the wind,while his hazel eyes beamed in the sunlight.He was wearing a black and white elegant suit that was coated with armor parts along the clothes.Holding his large Guan Dao he slid and swung his weapon around circling the creature cutting them down more as he met Mjrn below and the three.Seph,Kao Kao and Mjrn took the advantage and cut them apart.While Seph spun his Guan Dao it created a whirlwind shove as they fell into the ocean and died off.

Meanwhile Celica and Brawl made it to the top as Brawl went to untie Jarod.Though he was tapped on the shoulders by Ayame.

Ayame:What the Hell do you think you are doing?
Celica:Yo Ayame.
Ayame:What the heck you wa-

Celica wasted no time to hear her caca mouth and slapped her so hard across the face you could hear it echoe as Ayame lost her balence and fell into the volcano.You could hear Ayame scream loudly like a wild banshee.

Celica:Hah hah oh well...
Jarod:The volcano don't like her though.>_> It's gonna explode now.
Brawl:o.o Run run!

Mjrn:Hi Seph,what you doing here?o.O How you get here is more like it.
Kao Kao:Uh...Volcano.
Seph:O.O Let's run and we talk later!

The 6 of them then ran off and got the heck off that island by finding Seph's boat and they left as the island was in ruins.



Liah would yell as they went to a building,once leaving the Sand region.The building was quite organized and well made.Though they're faces fell flat when they saw a giant picture of Aiko on the wall being the president of it.While Liah's eyes widen.

Liah:Oh Hell...She owns this building!
Sandry:>_> Let's go.
Kooh:*Pulls door.*o.o...It's locked.
Kazaa:Blast it?
Sandry:x.x Then Aiko will know we are here.
Liah:o.o Keep quiet and let's find another way out.

The 4 tip toed around and then spotted Aiko...>_> In the lab with a captured Swift inside a testing tube glass cell.They stayed quiet and listen for a while.

Aiko:Hah hah ha...My experiment is almost complete.I will turn you into a woman! Then you will fit so much better in this world as a woman.
Swift:>_> I don't wanna be a girl! I like being a boy!
Swift:How the Hell would you know?! Get me out of here now!
Aiko:Not until you are female.
Swift:I like having a thingy not a hole thingy.
Aiko:Well,you will look much hotter as a woman then a man!
Aiko:Says who?

Sandry:Hey Aiko...Yoo hoo you crossdressing freak!
Aiko:What did you call me?!
Sandry:*Blast a holy beam from her wand at Aiko shoving her away.
Kazaa:Me next!*Kazaa runs after Aiko.*
Aiko:o.O*Fights off Kazaa as they roll on the ground trying to pin the other.Now and then punching each other in the face.*
Kooh:*Runs over and puts on cheerleader outfit and cheers for Kazaa out of no where.*

Liah went to check on Swift.

Liah:Hey you okay?
Swift:-_- Fine...Get me out of here,Aiko is a sick twisted witch.
Liah:*Gets in a fighting stance punching and kicking the door a few times as it break off and shatters.*

Swift would then jump out more visible now as he has black hair extending to the bottom of his neck level.Hazle eyes,as he wears a long blue trench coat.With black and blue bounty attires underneath.

Swift:Cool,thanks so how we get out?

Aiko:Oh that's it,you little creep!*Slaps Kazaa off and runs off.*I don't need you ruining my gorgeous face!

Kazaa:*Stands up and spits some blood off to the side.* You'll never be gorgeous you freak!

Suddenly a large crash was heard from high in the air as a window glass shatter and a loud motorcycle was heard as a loud yell follow.


Zion roared as he soared in the air on a motor cycle and landed,he had messy spikey hair in a dark shade of deep purple,deep brown dark eyes.While he held a stick after hitting a button it extended to a large metal staff.He wears a black leather biker suit.With angel white wings on the back of his motor attire leather jacket.

Zion:Liah...o.O Swift your free? What is Kazaa and Sandry doing here and Kooh too.
Swift:....Your late.
Liah:I'm sorry? o.o;
Swift:Weapon please.
Zion:*Tosses Swift his katana over from the back of his bike.*
Swift:*Catches it and puts it on his side.*Let's get out...-_- Been in this building long enough.
Zion:o.o Your pick up truck is still here.Liah get on the bike will bust out and go.
Liah::3 Yay!*Hops on the back of Zion's bike.*
Zion:*Rides ahead,with Liah to the entrance.*

Swift:Pick up truck this way then.

Swift,Kazaa,Sandry and Kooh followed finding his pick up truck on display since Aiko was trying to sell it to get some more gold.

Swift:-_- Let's go so we can drive out.
Kooh:I'm driving!*Runs into the driver's seat.*
Swift:O.O You?!
Kooh:Yes get in!
Swift:o.o....It's my truck!

A large army of trannies came out to chase after them now.

Kazaa:Oh Gawd...
Sandry:Let's just go Swift!*Gets into the passanger seat.*
Kazaa:*Hops onto the back.*
Swift:....*Hops onto the back now.*


Kooh would drive like a speed demon as Kazaa and Swift held on for dear life to not fly off as Kooh broke the speed limit and bust through walls after doors and walls meeting Zion and Liah busting right through the front door.As Sandry's eyes widen and her back slammed into the passanger seat.

Kazaa:AHH!!! Drive slower! SLOWER!
Swift:*Puts his katana into the floor and holds onto it,so he doesn't fly off.*O.O
Kooh:*Laughs insanely and giggles as they drive off.*

Liah:o.o Follow them!
Zion:*Nods and drives fast to keep up with them.

THE END.Not really...Just for now.Stay tune for ACT 5 to see where things go from there.Enjoy!

Jarod came running down with Celica and Brawl as the 6 of them ran off

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Re: Chaotic Dragon Kingdom

Post  Lucxene on Mon Aug 31, 2009 3:13 pm


Liah and Mjrn's party remet at this point and entered the Candy Amusement Park! Where everything is made of CANDY! The rides,the food,the hotels,etc,etc think of Willy Wonka land.

The party rejoined in the candy hotel! Where all the workers dressed in candy clothes and everything there is made out of some kind of sweet.

Kooh:....o.o I'm getting hungry being here.
Seph:Yo,Zion and Swift are here.So Swift heard Aiko almost turned you to a girl.
Swift:Shut up,let see you go through it and enjoy it.
Zion:-_-...Well,I would of been the savior but Liah had other intentions.
Liah:>_> I said,I was sorry.
Zion:Bah! But it ruined my big entrance.
Brawl:I wanna eat this place. o.o
Kao Kao:Me too.
Sandry:Uh,let's wait till Mjrn talks about a meeting then will speak on it.
Kazaa:x.x This place is torture though.I want to eat everything in this fanfic.
Sandry:>_> Aren't I enough Kazaa?
Celica:Lol,I like to know how everywhere we goes just magically turns into something interesting...In this case,food land.
Jarod:More like junk food land.
Mjrn:x.x You guys can rot your teeth later.

Mjrn:Now! We are all stuck in this weird fanfic.So...The idea is,try to endure with it till we get out.>_> And we seem to have enemies like...Aiko,Stubbs and...That thing Ayame.Just try to not let them get to you or hurt you people and move along.o.o The sooner we get out of here the better.Though this is the first time we been in the hotel out of the whole fanfic.Let's stay here for the night and will discuss team stuff tomorrow before we seperate.I might alchemy another watch to keep us in contact at some point.Okay,so...With that said have fun!*Runs off to her room to nap.*

Brawl:*grabs Kao Kao and goes off to check out the amusement park and eat.*Later!
Kao Kao:o.o;

Sandry:Let's go out on a date here!
Kazaa:o.o Sure,that sounds fun.*Kazaa and Sandry left together.*

Kooh:Gonna go look around and eat.>_>*Hops off.*

Zion:....There isn't anything heroic or stuff to do here.
Celica:Yes there is.
Swift and Seph:?
Celica:Me kick your ass at the video games and games here.Beat that loser.
Zion:>_> You wish!
Celica:o.o Is that a challenge?
Celica:>_>....Fine.Serve it up chickage...Oops your a boy...I think.*Runs off.*

Swift:You just got owned.
Seph:Zion the female biker.
Zion:-_-...*Goes after Celica.*

Swift:My money is on Celica.
Seph:Fine,I'll go on Swift's side,someone has to.*The two follow Zion and Celica.*

Jarod:>_> I'm taking Mjrn on a date.
Liah:o.o; But she's resting.
Jarod:So...She can rest later,should have some fun while stuck in la la land.

*The two go upstairs as Mjrn yells she wants to nap and they yell back no.More noises of yelling and fustration as Liah comes out opening the door.While Jarod,has Mjrn over one shoulder,while she's beating his back with her fists to put her down.*

Liah:Operation capture Mjrn! Success! Now party! Party!
Jarod:Yay,let's go Belle!*The two drag Mjrn off to a date...Without letting her have a say in the matter.*


Kooh:*Skips down the main park walk way eating a giant swirl rainbow lolli pop.Then she slammed into a woman or so it seemed in a candy dress outfit.*
Sylpha:Whoops,sorry.*Helps her up.*Hi Kooh.
Kooh:O.O Sylpha?
Sylpha:o.o Yes?
Kooh:o.O Your a girl?
Sylpha:Er...Not really,the workers thought I'd be better working as a girl then a boy.Let me change.
Kooh:Wait. o.o Why you working here?
Sylpha:o.o For gold and trying to catch some spies.
Kooh:O.O SPIES?!
Sylpha:Shhh...Yes,I think a Aiko is around here somewhere,let me change first.*He walk off in his dress,high heels and candy girl attire and all then came back in his normal outfit.*

Sylpha's style of clothes is shoulder length bright pink straight hair.Hazle eyes,as he was wearing a rock n roller style of clothes.Primarily two piece leather and a undershirt,with a guitar symbal on the back of his jacket covered in fire.On one of his wrist he had a flower bracelet which stuck out quite well.

Kooh:o.o You look like Gravitation.
Sylpha:o.o Why thank you.
Kooh:What's that flower for?
Sylpha:Oh my weapon,it's clear cause it's off.But whenever,I want to use magic,the color is turns.It's the kind of magic spell,I cast out.

Aiko:-_-...Stop being all lovey dovey and go away Sylpha.I'm suppose to be the prettiest here.Not you!

Sylpha:>_> Don't be jealous...Betch.
Kooh:o.o GET HIM!HER! I mean...IT! WHATEVER!*Holds up candle and runs after Aiko.

Aiko:Oh GAWD! I am being chased by her!*Runs around a table,all three of them circle and circle and circle.Okay,bring in that chopper!*He yelled as he ran from Sylpha and Kooh.*


The two came back from watching a play,and talking.Now eating some candy cane and walking.They suddenly pause hearing a guy yell and beat up a vending machine.Cause it ate it's gold and wont give it back!

Sandry and Kazaa:o.o;;;;

Zymes:*Kicks and punches it alot.*Stupid soda! GIVE ME SODA OR GOLD!*Kicks.*-_- Oh what a cruel candy land world.

Sandry:o.o ZYMES
Kazaa:ZYMES! You been here?!

Zymes:*Blinks and looks over at them.* o.o; Yeah,figure I stay in one place long enough someone will find me.

Sandry and Kazaa:o.o;;;;;
Sandry:Why are you kicking that vending machine...
Kazaa:Wont you get in trouble for that?
Zymes:-_- It ate my gold and didn't give me my soda.

Sandry:Will get you one,somewhere else.o.o Mjrn and a few others are here too.So let's go.
Kazaa:Yeah.>_> Don't think you want to stay here forever.
Zymes:o.o Sure.

Zymes had ocean blue eyes,Red radiant short hair.While he wears a cowboy attire with a black hat,and the cowboy outfit also in black.Aside of his bandanna around his neck which was red as his hair.

Kazaa and Sandry:Hm?
Zymes:*Holds up a red flamed ruby gemed bow and holds a arrow onto it having a red tip points.He aimed it directly at Sandry and Kazaa.*
Sandry:What the heck you doing?! o.o;
Kazaa:>_> Zymes.
Zymes:Behind you two...
Sandry and Kazaa:....*Slowly turn they're heads and look behind them.*

Stubbs:CURSE YOU BOYS! GEt out of the way so I can have my Sandry!

Sandry:Oh geezes not you again!? Why must I be tortured by you in this fic...EVERYWHERE NO LESS!

Stubbs:Because we are meant to be! FOREVER


Kazaa:-_- Okay he's dead.*Runs after him.*
Zymes:>_>Kill him!*Runs after him.*
Sandry:Oh with pleasure! Come here Stubbs...I'll show you a good PAINFUL time!*Runs after him.*
Stubbs:O.O...*Runs away from them as they chase him around the park.*


Jarod and Liah dragged Mjrn to play some games and all over many amusement park rides.Till she finally got tired of it and just said.Let's just eat together!>_> And that is just what they did.

Jarod:*Brings the food and sits down and eat with Liah and Mjrn.*Having fun?
Mjrn:o.o...I wanted to nap,but fine.It's fun,but let's eat.x.x That spinning top ride made my stomach growl.
Liah:Say who's gonna get the next wrist watch communication.That means we are deviding in threes?
Mjrn:Probably,I'll give it to Celica...>_> Don't need the whole guild marching around everywhere with us.x.x Too hectic even for me.
Jarod:>_> I go with Mjrn then.

Naru:*Whistles and passes them,holding a halberd over his shoulder.*

Liah:>_> Naru...

Naru:*Blinks and looks at them.*Oh...>_> Yo.

Naru had dark brown eyes,black short spikey hair.He was dressed more like a military security guard.

Mjrn:Yay!*Huggles Naru running over.*
Liah:o.o*Runs over and huggles both Mjrn and Naru tightly as they hear bones cracking.*

Naru:GAH! o.o Ow!
Mjrn:X.X Oh geezes Liah!
Liah:^_^; Ooops.*Drops them.*
Mjrn:*Falls on her butt.*x.x Oh like this is any better.
Naru:*Falls on his back and sits up.*-_- Thanks Liah.
Jarod:>_> So Liah,forget you have power as a MA here or something?
Liah:x.x I'm not as strong as Mjrn.
Mjrn:>_> Oh your strong enough.
Jarod:o.O Wait Naru,why you here?
Naru:o.o Working.
Mjrn:>_> You work here?
Naru:>_> well,that and waiting for you guys to find me.Trying to capture suspicious people.
Liah:Like who?o.o

Ayame:Like me.

Mjrn:>_> Boy this is one of those de-ja-vu things.
Liah:-_-... Ayame how do you come back?
Jarod:o.O Without a single scratch I might add.

Ayame:Cause,I am perfect Jarod and Liah.Unlike Mjrn.

Naru:Here is perfect time! >:p *Holds up halberd and runs after her.*C'mere!
Liah:*Runs after her.*
Jarod:Let's go Mjrn.
Mjrn:...Oh what the Hell.*Runs after her with the claymore.*
Jarod:*Follows taking out a few wakizashis.*

Outside where the chopper is.

Cloaked Figured:*Holds down the ladder rope.*

Aiko:o.o *Runs over and grabs the ropes and climbs up.*

Kooh: >_< It's getting away.
Sylpha:...We finally found what Aiko is good at.
Kooh:o.o what?
Sylpha:-_- Running.

Stubbs:*Runs over pushing Sylpha and Kooh out of the way and jumps onto the ropes.*

Kazaa and Sandry:*Runs over and crashes into Sylpha and Kooh.*
Zymes:*Runs over and trips over the pile of Sandry,Kazaa,Kooh and Sylpha and falls on them.*Ack!

Kooh:X.X Can I like not be on the bottom.
Sylpha:x.x Can you get off my leg.
Kazaa:I would but Sandry's on my back. x.x
Sandry:x.x I can't move Zymes fell on my arms!

Mjrn:Oh look chopper.

Ayame:*Throws a smoke bomb at Mjrn and her group as they pause coughing.While she jumps onto the ladder lastly and the chopper flies off now.While they retreated and went on ahead.*

Liah:Why was she here?
Jarod:Hell if I know.
Mjrn:*Coughs and waves the smoke off with the Claymore.*-_-
Naru:o.o Maybe they needed something or someone?I don't know.

Mjrn:-_-...Hotel people! We are getting out of here.Too many psychos.

Meanwhile Kao Kao and Brawl heard Mjrn not being too far off so they went to get Celica,Zion,Seph and Swift.

Kao Kao:Need to go to the hotel.
Brawl:Mjrn orders!

Celica:*slams Zion's hand down and beats him at arm wrestling since he was distracted.*I WIN! You lose!*Dances.*
Seph:-_- Geez Zion.
Swift:Hah hah hah...

Zion:>_< DAMN IT!

The end...Not really,just...Funny pause for now.Let's find out where things go from here in ACT 6.

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Re: Chaotic Dragon Kingdom

Post  Lucxene on Mon Sep 07, 2009 9:31 pm

ACT 6(Part 1)

Currently far off in the deep cold of a cave lurked 3 cloaked figures.

Cloaked Figure 1:We got a CD member!
Cloaked Figure:2:Couldn't we get a better one?This one isn't so important to them as others...Basically could be unimportant.
Cloaked Figure 3:A member is a member.They'll have to head by sooner or later anyway.Follow orders.
Cloaked Figure 1:Yeah,what you think Lucxene.Happy in that magic shield?
Cloaked Figure 2:Oh yeah...So much for your happy ending huh?
Cloaked Figure 3:Lol,he's EPIC fail.

Lucxene is currently a prisoner in a magic sphere like sheild.His hair straight and short of pearl blonde.The lightest and palest shade of blonde,eyes of ice blue,skin as snow and covered in a white uniform.Cloaked over by a white silk cape with a white diamond holding it together upon his chest.A hood layed over his head covered in white fur,showing vaguely a silver circlet around his forehead.A small white diamond in the center of the headpiece.

Meanwhile,back in Candy World.

Mjrn:Okay,3 portals magically open up out of no where.Fortunately for us we can divide into groups of 3! Hurray!So it's my group.Liah's and Celica's
Liah:Okay. <3
Celica:o.o Yes! My team!
Mjrn:Liah pick and go with them through a portal.
Liah:Sure.o.o Um...Sandry,Kazaa,Brawl and Kao Kao.

Sandry:Yay okay.
Kazaa:<3 Me go with Sandry whoo.
Brawl:o.o Okay.
Kao Kao:Yay let's go Liah.

With that made Liah would take her team and vanish into one portal.

Mjrn:Okay Celica take your pick and I'll take the others.
Celica:Kooh,Sylpha,Naru and Zymes.

Kooh:o.o Yay.
Sylpha:^_^ Okay.
Naru:o.o Fun.
Zymes:I go with Celi then.

Celica's team would then take a different portal and will appear elsewhere.

Mjrn:o.o So I get Jarod,Seph,Swift and Zion.
Jarod:I feel special.
Seph:Oh yay.
Zion:>_> Our team is the best.

Mjrn would then take her team and take the last portal.


Liah's group would appear in the snowy mountains.Where it's freezing cold and blizzard of storms and wind everywhere!

Liah:o.o; Wow...Cold...Very cold.
Sandry:;_; Too cold*Clings to Kazaa.*
Kazaa:*Clings to Sandry.*>_> Blame it on Liah she picked this portal.
Kao Kao:o.o...I like snow!*Throws a snowball at Brawl.*
Brawl:>_>*Throws one back at him.*
Liah:o.o; We wanna get warm you two not freeze to death.
Sandry:Then we should move.>_>

As they travel they would see a black cloaked figure in the blizzard of snow as a long hook chain zoomed at them all from that very figure.

Kazaa:o.o Down!*Grabs Sandry and dives to the side.*
Brawl:o.o*Ducks down.*
Kao Kao:*Moves to the floor laying down as it zooms pass the four heading for Liah.
Liah:*Looks at it and wheels a fist back then punches it back as it flies back and away from them.*...Metal...Ow...

Cloak Figured 2:>_> Can't you people die correctly.

Kazaa:You want death here!*Stands up and rolls up his sleeves then runs over and makes his hands glow green then jumps high above the figure as the cloaked figure tossed the chain hook again.Kazaa made a bunch of acid rain slam onto the cloaked one jumping off to the side.

Vehcardi:*Throws the cloak from the pain.*OW!

Brawl:Who's that?
Kao Kao:>_> I have idea.

Suddenly a holy beam shot from Sandry's wand slammed Vehcardi to onto his face into the snowed floor.


Brawl:*Runs ahead making shadow images of himself behind him and runs circles Vehcardi slapping him all over with both his knumchakus.*

Stubbs:*Hits a button and makes a giant explosion by them all as it knocks Liah's whole group into the air and slam hard into the snow floor.*

Brawl:x.x Ow...
Kao Kao:It hurts...

Vehcardi:Thanks alot STUBBS!
Stubbs:Well,be better then let them beat the snot out of you.>_> You can kill them,but I want Sandry.

Kazaa:>_< Keep your hands away from her.
Kao Kao:x.x I am too cute to die.
Brawl:Me too.

Suddenly high up on the snow mountain cliff.Stood a female figure in a punk leather attire with demoic wings on the back of her leather jacket.Hair in a high pony tail shining in the sky lights of silver.Amber eyes would glance down as she seems to be holding a weapon of some sorts.

Binks:I promise you,this will be quick.^_~

Liah:o.o Binks.

Vehcardi:o.o It's just another girl.
Stubbs:>_> That's no girl.

Binks:-_-... You know what...*Hops down and lands on her feet holding up her keytair and plays it as demonic music notes fly from it slamming near the two Vehcardi and Stubbs exploding into varies explosions of flames as if they were grenades.

Vehcardi:O.O Holy Crap!

Both would fly into the air from the impact trying to not be too badly hurt from it.

Vehcardi:*Lands on his feet and runs at Binks.*Oh she's just a muse...She can't do much hand to hand...Stupid muses.

Binks:>_> Oh really...Come here big boy...Mama's got a present for you.*She held her keytair like a baseball bat and when Vehcardi got close...BOOM! Binks hit him so hard he went flying into the sky and onto the snow up ahead.*

Sandry:*Shrugs and stands up holding her staff-wand up and prays as it glows and holy light heals everyone now.*

Liah:>_>*Dashes over to Stubbs grabs his ankle and runs right over to where Vehcardi is laying slamming him down hard onto him.The impact was so loud it created a crator.

Brawl and Kao Kao:*Sits up watching and eating pop corn.*

Kazaa:*Rolls up his sleeve to burn the crator but feels the place shake alot.*...?

They all look and notice all that fighting caused a avalanche.

Liah:o.o...Run RUN!

They would run off leaving the two losers knocked out to handle the snow as Liah and party ran off in time to not get caughed in the avalanche.


The group would appear in the land of cherry blossoms! Where there is no other trees but cherry blossoms EVERYWHERE.

Celica:o.o Pretty!
Sylpha:Oooo nice.
Kooh:o.o *Nods.*
Zymes:>_> I think it's pretty.
Celica:I like it.XD Let's take a walk and see what's up.

With that Celica's group would travel off along the pretty land of cherry blossoms.Till Kooh spotted a cave.

Kooh:>_> Let's look.
Celica:o.o Sure why not.
Naru:>_> Is it safe?
Kooh:I dunno.*Pushes Naru in.Following after.*Let's go!
Celica:*Heads in with Sylpha and Zymes.*

Cloaked Figured 3:Oh geez...Them.Out of all the team...The losers come here.

Kooh:I see Luc.o.o
Celica:Hey...Let him out of there...You...You...?
Naru:Yeah,who the Hell are you? o.O

Kitty:*Takes off the cloak.*I am the beautiful and the pleasuable Kitty!Panic!



Celica:No thank you.>_>

Kitty:Here!*Throws a bunch of daggers at all of them.*

Celica:*Plays her sitar making a musical shield around people to block the daggers.*-_- That's a bad move.

Aiko:*Drops down and kicks Celica to the side.*No cute girls allowed.Don't you know,I'm suppose to be the hot one?

Celica:x.x Hot?Oh yeah sure...Cosmetic surgury wouldn't even help you Aiko.

Aiko:WHAT YOU SAY!*Holds up her sword over Celica.*

Zymes:*Holds a arrow into his bow as his bow heats up in fire along with the arrow.*FLAME SNIPER!

Aiko:?*Looks to Zymes.*

Zymes:*Shoots out a red arrow that grew twice the size at Aiko*

Aiko:O.O*Tries to run away from it*

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Re: Chaotic Dragon Kingdom

Post  Lucxene on Mon Sep 07, 2009 9:33 pm

ACT 6 (Part 2)

Kooh:*Shrugs and cast prolong and frog forcefield on people...Though it's alot odd cause using candle wax that's burning throwing it at her team mates as they wince and then get the boost.*

Celica:Wow this is a weird fic.
Zymes:x.x Ouch.

Kooh:o.o Well it worked.

Kitty:Kill leh Kooh!*Throws Holds up alot of daggers at Kooh.*

Sylpha:*Eyes narrowed as his iris and pupil takes a butterfly shape.As the clear flower on his wrist glows pink.Making cherry blossom petals fall around him glowing bright pink.Then static builds up as Sylpha twirls and a large pink lightning bolt slams at Kitty.*

Celica:*Shrugs and plays a few notes breaking the magic shield over Luc.*o.o You okay.

Luc:...Better now.

Zymes:*Shoots more arrows at Aiko running after her making fire all over till she's surrounded with Kitty in a ring of fire.*>_> idiot.

Aiko:o.o You ugly thing you!
Kitty:Whoa!*Waves a hand as the fire gets put out in water.*Hah!

Naru:*Runs over and makes razor leaves from his halberd cut at Aiko and Kitty alot,slamming the tip into the ground making the ring of fire appear again.*

Aiko:Ow! Pointy leaves!

Luc:*Holds up a light blue crystal scythe then holds it to the side blowing onto the handle like a flute as music played.He narrowed his eyes as snowflakes and gathered around.*

Kitty:>_> *Throws daggers at Luc.*

Luc:*Makes the snow coat his skin as it covers his skin and Celica's team turning it to diamond.As the dagger bounces off.Makes a few more snowflakes and blizzard of diamond razor snowflakes cut at Aiko and Kitty.*

Naru:YEAH!*Waves his halberd around.*Wicked Windmill!*Makes more razor leaves hit them too chopping them up alot.*

Zymes:Ignite!*Flame around the ring turn into a dome fire pillar.*


Celica:Um guys...

Sylpha:*Shoots more pink lightning bolts on them.*

Celica:Guys the cave is gonna collasps!!!
Kooh:*Moves but entrance gets blocked with rocks.*o.o We gonna die.

Luc:*Looks at his wrist watch.*Emma...Teleportation.
Emma:*Appears on his visual watch,wearing a angel white attire with angel wings.Holding a chain whip in her hand.The background looking all heavenly.*Where the Hell you been?
Kooh:8D Emma!Come to save us?
Emma:Me help the dragonites?Oh please not in this life time.I'm not going in your crazy little fanfic world.
Luc:...Um,teleport us out of here or will be crushed.You can use teleportation now,that I'm not in a magic field shield.
Kooh:Angels and stuff...
Luc:Isn't that a little out of your character?
Emma:No,it fits me perfectly dears,now shut up.*She shut it off as they were teleported outside.*

Celica:o.o Wow.
Zymes:Yay we out.
Sylpha:Oh good,I hated being in there with those roaches.
Kooh:Big ugly roaches.
Celica:They don't get any uglier then Aiko.Luc you okay now?
Luc:Fine...I suppose,let's just get out of here.

Celica's team would move on to get away now.


Mjrn's team would appear in a very oriental town as it looked like a city of Chinatown!

Seph:Wow..Just wow...
Swift:Isn't this a bit racial?
Zion:>_> Yeah really.
Seph:Oh please you bother aren't Chinese.You are that little tiny tiny country that no one even knows what it is.
Swift and Zion:>_>*Slaps Seph.*
Jarod:Either way let's move.

Mjrn would lead the team ahead to what seems to be a large temple in the heart of the city.

Cloaked Figure 1:Oh...The leader of CD.

Jarod:Who are you?
Cloaked Figure 1:You don't remember me?
Cloaked Figure 1:Are you serious?
Cloaked Figure 1:Really?!
Swift:-_- Yeah...We said so already.
Cloaked Figure 1:MJRN!?
Mjrn:I don't know who the flying crap are you?

Dj:*Takes off the cloak.*ME! ME!!!! And now you guys will die for treating me badly!

Jarod:Oh geez...

Dj:now die!*Makes a bunch of donuts and throws giant size at them.*

Mjrn:o.o...*Chops some in half with her claymore.*
Jarod:.....*Frog forcefields and prolong people moving away from the donuts.*
Seph:Ew blood...x.x*tries to eat a donut but it's so big so falls over.*Ow.
Zion:o.o*Hops over some donut and ducks over another then rolls to the side pulling out his staff.*x.x Blood...Nice Jarod.
Swift:*Slashes a few donuts with his katana and looks at Jarod weirdly.*x.x I been gone from DOMO too long.

Mjrn:-_- Someone stop the Donut tossing idiot.
Zion:Got it boss!*Runs over and hops over a few donuts and ducks a few then runs up to Dj and slaps him wit the staff across the face.Then kicks his stomach,and spins the staff circular over his own head as it repeatedly slaps dj across the face.Then he made his staff glow and side slam dj across the side as it shocks him and explodes sending him flying through a wall into the yard.*DONE!*Spins around a poses.*I rock!

Swift:....Show off...
Seph:-_- Yeah Zion...Do you want a prize?
Zion:>_< The Hell! I just saved you all from flying donuts!
Swift:....Oh wow,like it was the worse thing in the world.
Zion:You didn't stop them!
Seph:We could of ate our way through...
Zion:Oh yeah,I'm sure your stomachs can eat giant size donuts!

The three of them would now argue.

Mjrn:-_- I think,I'm gonna get a headache.

Ayame:Oh good Mjrn,that's just what you are...A head ache!*She would swing from the ceiling on a rope and kick Mjrn,Jarod,Zion,Swift and Seph all out into the backyard as they all dog pile on Mjrn.Making sure Mjrn is on the bottom.*

Mjrn:x.x Get...Off...
Jarod:I would but they are on top of me.x.x
Zion:Get off Swift!
Swift:Seph's ontop of me!
Seph:Are you calling me fat?!>_>

Ayame would throw a electrical grid square around the pile as she smirked and landed by Dj who was so dizzy and bruised and hurt.

Ayame:Oh geez...Anyway,Mjrn say I'm the prettiest and damn better leader then you'll ever be.

Mjrn:>_> How about no!

A gun shot was heard as a bullet flew right at Ayame's forehead.She ducked just in time but it scar up her forehead as she cursed alot.While off on the side a gunblade was pointed from the bushes of the gardens.As Ita walked out,having red eyes and black spikey hair similar to that of Cloud Strife.His clothes was light armoed,as he had a cape of wolf fur,along with armguards as wolf fur and furry wolf boots.

Ita:Go away dj and Ayame...Do everyone a favor and just die and turn to ash and blow away into the wind.Till you are virtually nothing.

Ita:*Runs ahead and shoots at the two as they ducked under a tree,avoiding the bullets from his gunblade.While he slice the corners of the grid lazer beams holding Mjrn and the boys in.*

Mjrn:Okay,you don't want to get off then...I'll do it myself!*She punched off Jarod,Zion,Swift and Seph as they flew off her and she stood up holding her sword.*Come here Ayame.

Mjrn would run at her making two copies of her,one in black of shadows and one in the brightness of light as they all repeatedly slash Ayame.Leaving nothing but flashes of each blade swinging.

Dj:*makes a giant donut come out to throw again.*

Seph:Oh Hell no! No more donuts!*Slams his guan dao onto the ground as it makes the ground shake alot under dj so he loses his balence.*

Swift:*Runs pass dj alot throwing powder smoke bags at him alot.Then makes a trail of the powder stop at his own feet.As he take his katana and spark it with a match across the ground at the powder.As it blazed over to dj and ignite him in fire.*


Jarod:*Takes some of his blood and draws with a finger some japanese symbols on his arm.Then takes out three wakizashis and throws them into 3 vital spots at dj so he is paralyzed from movement.*Zantetsuken.

Mjrn:*Drags Ayame by the hair pissed off and throws her body onto dj as they fall over onto each other.She place a foot on them both and swinged her Claymore like a golf club into the sky.*FORE!

With that Mjrn smack them so hard they flew into the sky together and a small sparkle star was all that was seen.

Jarod:Looks like team rockets blasting off again...

Mjrn:Oh shut the Hell up.I'm tired of dealing with Ayame and I don't need no smart comment.

Jarod:o.o; Okay.

Mjrn:And you three stop acting like whiney little brats! I'm going to take a shower and nap.Dinner better be set when I'm done.*She march away annoyed.*

Seph:This is your fault.
Swift:Oh don't start...

Jarod:-_- Just shut up...

This concludes ACT 6.Stay tune for ACT 7 in the future!Enjoy.

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Re: Chaotic Dragon Kingdom

Post  Lucxene on Wed Sep 23, 2009 12:49 am



During the long travels,Naru recieved a letter from Bella.Saying she was being held captive and was in trouble.No further much details were given except locations on possibly finding her.Seph being a loyal friend decided to go on and help him.Half way the trip Mjrn understood and let the two go on the road solo to find Bella.(From this point until...>_> Yeah later.These two may return in the future.)

Mjrn would sleep in the back resting her head on Jarod's lap.While he leaned on the wall of carriage.Swift watched the rear end of things.That Zion was riding up front with some horses pulling it along.While Ita went to pester Zion.

Ita:>_> Why you get to lead and ride.
Zion:o.o Cause i'm the respectful,loyal,trust worthy and reliable one.>_> And I got good hair.
Ita:-_- My hair is better then yours...AND MORE SPIKIER!
Zion:>_> Well,I need my moment of fame,and I want my pretty boy handsome scene.
Ita:o.O What?

Zion would then pose like those classical stereotype anime of guys in good looks,hair moving in the wind nice bright handsome eyes,and a smile showing some teeth which see a sparkle.

Ita:...Move over I'm riding!*Pushes him and sits up front as well.*
Zion:-_- You will just ruin my good looking moment.
Ita:>_> I'm much more smexy then you.
Zion:....*Blinks and hears gunfire.*

Swift:Um yo...Problems...
Mjrn:*Opens eyes and blinks alot puzzle.*What?What now?

Zion:Uh...*Looks behind them as suddenly he spotted the whole army of Fierce! And boy did they wanna squash Mjrn and her party horribly.*...We flee!
Swift:Duh move! Move!Move!!
Zion:I'm movin!

With that Zion smacked the ropes he held onto the horses back as they ran like Hell from the gunfiring Fierce as they pursued to chase them.

Mjrn:Oh crap...Let's get out of here.>_> Zion's motorcycle!
Jarod:>_> You want it to be shot and blow up?
Jarod:*Lift the bike up and puts on the helmet.*Okay Mjrn on we go! <3
Mjrn:>_> Uh who said you were driving it.
Jarod:o.o....*Gives Mjrn helmet then.*

Suddenly Mjrn would bust right out on the bike with Jarod sitting behind her as they high tailed out of there to lose Fierce while Zion tried to lead them away but that wasn't working since they shot the wheels right off causing the horses to go frantic and the carriage seeming to crash near a cliff.

Suddenly a masked caped man with a very familiar deep voice snagged Ita and Zion before the carriage busted and laughed as he held them flying on a glider heading away from Fierce by air.

Masked Zuzu:I the Masked Zuzu have saved you both!

The masked Zuzu as he put it is in nothing but a black cloak with a masquerade mask on.

Ita:Yay uh thanks Zuzu.
Masked Zuzu:o.o; I do not know of this Zuzu...I am the MASKED ZUZU!
Zion:-_- Uh huh...Okay thanks...Masked Zuzu.
Ita:o.O Wtf?
Masked Zuzu:*Puts them on a high cliff side near the woods far off from Fierce monsters as he posed and grabbed his glider.*Happy to be of service now stay out of trouble!

Zion:Zuzu what's with the alter ego?
Ita:o.o Yeah,why you look weird?
Masked Zuzu:>_>; I am not Zuzu! I am the MASKED ZUZU!*Poses and flies off.*

Zion:.....I better get a better role in this fanfic.
Ita:o.o Why am i with the weird people!
Zion:>_> Oh thanks!Wait...Where's Swift?!

Mjrn on the other hand drive the motorcycle with Jarod keeping far away from the Fierce member while she proceeded to make her way to remeet with Zion and Ita,they eventually stopped at the magical world of Burger King! Yes in the middle of no where!Where Swift got away from it all ordering some fries,burgers,shakes,and then resume the chases as they drove off and ate!Along with Mjrn and Jarod who got some of they're own stuff.Mjrn on the bike and Swift in his truck.


After the snow adventures they made the way to the mall in the mountains.While Liah and Sandry looked at some stuff.As Kazaa played on a hand held video game following them.While Binks order food to eat with Kao Kao and Brawl waiting for the others to finish.

Sandry:o.o Kazaa what you think of this skirt.
Kazaa:o.o Go Final Fantasy go!
Sandry:*Slaps his hands.*D< The Hell Kazaa!
Kazaa:Ow! What?!
Sandry:I am asking for your opinion!
Kazaa:>_> Oh...It's nice.*Goes back to playing.*
Sandry:-_- What the Hell Kazaa...
Kazaa:>_> What?
Sandry:I'd like some attention!You and your stupid games!*Takes his video game away and runs off.*There!
Kazaa:NO!*Runs after her.*

Liah:*Blinks and looks at some accessories and see them running circles around her.While she shrugged and looks at more stuff.*Oh well...Least he's chasing her now.

Brawl:o.o Binks.
Binks:*Sits down playing with a yoyo.*Hm?
Kao Kao:>_> When you get boobs?
Binks:o.O Since I decided to be female for once and not male.

Suddenly the food court turned into a gameshow as Liah popped up with cue cards.

Liah:Welcome to Wheel of Fortune! Tah Dah! Guess the sentence!

Kao Kao:o.o I wanna spin the wheel!


Kao Kao:;_;

Brawl:o.o How we get on the game show?



Binks:Kazaa is addicted to video games!

Liah:We have a winner! Go Vanna Sandry White!

Sandry:*Runs over and turns the lighted squares over and claps smiling.Then sees Kazaa running at her to get the game so runs off.*Bye!

Kazaa:>_> Give it back!*Pauses and looks at the wall.*-_- Very funny Liah.

Liah:>_> We need something to do to pass the fanfic down.*Snaps a finger and back in the food court.*

Kazaa:Sandry my game!;_; *Runs after her.*

Sandry:Not till you pay more attention to me!*Runs away from him.*

Liah:>_> Let's just end our journey here for now.o.o Come on end it end it!Fin! Finished for now! Return later! Curtain close!

Suddenly curtains cover the screen and falls on everyone.

Kazaa:Ack!*Falls in a pire of curtain.*

Sandry:Whoa!*Slides into a group of curtains.*

Kao Kao and Brawl:*Falls down as the curtain falls on them.*Gah!

Liah:x.x*Sees the curtain on her saying the end.*

Binks:-_-*Laying on the floor tapping a finger on it with curtains all over her.*Thanks Liah...Way to wrap up our section.


Celica:o.o Okay it's morphin time!

Zymes:Mastadon! o.o
Sylpha:^_~ Pteridactyle!
Kooh:o.o... Triceratops.
Luc:...>_> Saber-Tooth Tiger?

We are the weirdo rangers!

Celica:Okay no but serious.*Takes the eraser and erases the screen.*I send Naru off to meet up with Seph.Think he'll be okay?
Kooh:o.o Hopefully.
Sylpha:Yeah,he's a big boy.
Zymes:Mm hmm.
Luc:Why do you look so cheerful...?
Celica:Cause I got mail!
Kooh:o.o...In the fanfic?
Celica:Yes!One moment!*Runs off screen.*

Zymes:o.o So Sylpha you pass Romance school?
Sylpha:o.o I figure just follow Ouran High School Host Club.
Luc:o.O Why are we in a Vamp Hotel.
Zymes:I like to know why he gets away with living the easy life.
Kooh:And women in bikini...-_-
Sylpha:Who cares, check out the pool!*Lays on a chair putting sunglasses and under the umbrella sipping a fruit drink.*
Kooh:o.o I want Dunkin Donuts.*Goes over to the side Dunkin Donuts.*
Zymes:How is this possible in a hotel by the pool...Not to mention OUTSIDE?!
Luc:...*Shrugs.*Fanfic power?I'm going to the Pizza Hut on this side so me and Kooh can split.*Goes over.*

Zymes:o.o....Fine!Then I want hawt men in speedos waving giang huge fan leaf around me and pampering me! >_> Let see em do that! <_<

Suddenly a heard of wild craze fan boys ran after Zymes out of no where as Zymes eyes widen and ran away from them.As they all screamed crazy fan boy stuff at him.

Kooh:o.o Ooo look Zymes is the hawt boy of the fanfic.
Kooh:Mm hmm!
Sylpha:That's fine as long as I get hot chick.
Luc:But you are a boy in the fanfic.
Sylpha:I can still pass for female.

Zymes:Celica! Celica!! Get them away from me!!!

Celica:*Comes back holding a letter and blinks at the mob of fan boys.Puts out a giant cardboard picture of Karasukira as the boys eyes widen and the fanboys ran off crying in fear.*There.

Luc:>_> How clever.
Kooh:o.o...Throwing fishes would of been better.

Celica:Speaking of I got a letter! From Kara!*Grins and opens it up reading it.*

Zymes,Luc,Sylpha and Kooh:*Says it so without energy.*Oh joy...Kara...Whoo hoo...

Celica:>_> It's a map! A map to find Kara! Yay!*Claps.*

Luc:Do we have to?
Kooh:o.o Can I put him in the pink power ranger outfit?
Sylpha:Yes,let me sew the skirt on him in it.
Celica:Lol...Good luck with that.XD
Zymes:>_> Do we got the food?
Kooh:Yes!*Stuffs it all in her purse magically somehow that itty bitty purse of her fits like way too much food that in real life that can't happen.*Done!

Celica:All right off we go to find Kara!

The party would then leave the fancy hotel of Vamp seeing a giant picture of Vamp a giant picture sign on his hotel of Vamp,having one arm around two beautiful women in bikini of corse.Now and then one of his eyes move in a winking manner.

Tah Dah! Done stay tune for ACT 8

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Re: Chaotic Dragon Kingdom

Post  Lucxene on Sat Oct 03, 2009 3:56 am



Mjrn is seen sitting down near Zion's motorcycle by Jarod speaking on the wrist watch to Liah.

Mjrn:So you found a way out of this fanfic yet?
Liah:Not yet,kinda hard cause everything changes.
Mjrn:-_-...Well,how about Celica can't reach her with interferences.
Liah:Nope,no luck yet.
Mjrn:Some elder you are Liah.Sheesh!
Liah:Hey I'm trying!
Mjrn:Well,why don't you try a little faster huh?Or are you guys just slacking off with your party??
Liah:>_> We are not slacking off.We are just enjoying ourselves while getting ourselves out.
Mjrn:Oh that's the same as slacking off!
Liah:No it's not!
Mjrn:Whatever Liah!*Shuts it off.*Blah!

Jarod:>_> I can comfort you.
Mjrn:-_- Not now...Maybe later.
Mjrn:<_< Uh huh.
Swift:*Sits in the truck and yawns a bit glancing out the window.*So...Where to now?
Mjrn:well be nice if Zion and Itachi showed up.They couldn't of gone that far.
Swift:>_>I don't know it is Zion.
Jarod:Really?I figure Itachi be more of a worry.
Mjrn:Who cares! This is all Ayame's fault for throwing me down that stupid hole!

Zion:*Runs over and points a finger at them.*There you guys are!*Runs over and clings to his motorcycle.*My poor bike!
Itachi:>_>*Just walks over looking at Zion oddly.*Um here.

Swift:Why you didn't get lost?
Zion:Hey! I was trying to catch up,it's kinda HARD when you guys have the moving vehicles!
Jarod:Anyway,where we going now Belle?
Mjrn:Um...>_> Good question.Well refueled the rides.Let's get in em and drive ahead.Might find a way out.

With that Zion reclaimed his motorcycle with Itachi riding with him now.While Mjrn sat in the passenger seat letting Swift ride his truck.While Jarod layed in the back of the pick up truck resting as they drove ahead.They would ride near a swampy are now.Ooooo ahhhh....Not really since it's a swamp.

Mjrn:A swamp...>_> Lovely.
Swift:....Have you guys notice each time we leave somewhere it's just a random area.
Zion:Oh duh Swift,no it just something recent.
Swift:>_> I got a big truck,you got a wussy motorcycle.
Zion::p You'd have to catch me though.
Itachi:>_> Your both giving me a headache.

Ayame:Precisly my point!

Mjrn:Oh no...-_- This is my curse.

Ayame:Your curse hah!*Waves a hand and Zion's bike pause as he goes flying off it with Itachi as she made Jarod,Mjrn and Swift fly right out of the truck window and into the ground.While she hover in the air.*Yes! I can do magic now hah hah hah!

Mjrn:-_-...Baseball time.

Ayame:Oh no no no...Think again you piece of #@%@#$#@!#@#%#$$@$#$%#!@#$#%#@$@$@##%$#%@#$#@$#%#@$@%# Look down.

Jarod:Ah damn...
Swift:She through us in quick sand...
Mjrn:-_-'........................Ayame how is it you appear EVERYWHERE I AM!?

Ayame:Because,I am the hot silver fox and not you.

Jarod:>_> Oh please.

Ayame:It's true Jarod! If I made Mjrn disappear I'd be the only woman you ever touch!

Jarod:I rather kiss a toilet seat.Then kiss you if that was the case.

Ayame:HOW DARE YOU! @!@#@#!@#!@$$%!@#!#@%$$^$#$@##!@#@$#%$^#$@#$#%#^@#$@!

Mjrn:Hurray Jarod!Now...About the quicksand...

Zion:Yeah...! I can't fight if I'm singing!
Itachi:>_> Like you think we can.

Suddenly a man in a biker like attire would run over,as his back glowed with a lightning bolt gem on his back.Hair swaying in a black pretty boy cut hair style.With red eyes hidden beneath black sunglasses.Once in view it was Chigetsu!

Chi:So Ayame...You done?
Ayame:>_> What the Hell?

Chi:Yeah,you are huh...So here.*He open up his side pocket having varies form of daggers,knives,and small blades hidden in it.Taking out the right one he chuck it into the air as it cut down many vines all over the swamp now.*

Ayame:Oh really...That's your marvelous gift?So stupid.

Chi:No,I wasn't trying to impress you with that.

Ayame:Oh then just what were you trying to do exa-*Suddenly a giant hippo falls from the sky and slams into Ayame squashing her like a pancake.*!

Chi:That.Yo you guys get the vines hanging near you and pull yourself out.

Mjrn:*Pulls herself out grabbing a vine as does Jarod,Itachi,Zion and Swift.*So now your here huh?
Chi:Yeah,don't I look great?
Zion:-_- Another pretty boy?Aren't I enough,bad enough Ita looks like one.
Ita:>_> Jealous huh?
Chi:Of course cause i'm that darn good looking.Anyway,I'll try not to steal the girls from you...That's if they want you.>_>
Zion:And he's a smart ass too!
Mjrn:Great! Now who cares! Off we go! Geez.*Pushes them into the truck and goes in.*
Swift:Should say thank you cause he saved our butts.*Goes into the driver seat.*
Zion:-_- Meh...Thanks.*Gets on motorcycle while Ita hops in the back.*
Jarod:*Hops into the back of the truck as Chi hops in the back too.*

They would then drive off ahead,exiting out of the Swamp area and heading into a Fairy Tale LAND!


Liah:*Glares that Mjrn hang up and just hands up annoyed.*Gawd!
Liah:-_- Yah...
Kao Kao and Brawl:*Points to Kazaa and Sandry.*You mean like them?
Sandry:>_>...We don't argue...Much...
Binks:I don't wanna know...
Sandry:It's true!
Liah:Anyway...Let's go! Mustn't make Mjrn pissed!*marches off angry as each step she takes makes the ground shake anime like.*

They would walk in a farm area seeing various farm animals all of sudden now.

Kao Kao:Wow...Say I wanted to play more wheel of fortune.
Brawl:But we failed.
Kao Kao:>_> I can do better!
Binks:....Why are we wondering in a farm location?
Sandry:Cows just like Kao...Kao Cows.
Kao Kao:Mooooo.
Kazaa:o.o I prefer wolves.
Sandry:>_> Well too darn bad! No wolves on a farm!
Kazaa:>_> They can eat farm animals.
Sandry:Pff as if they are just going to come out of no where?! Like if I just yell ole big bad wolves boom they gonna run over and chase us like a bat out of Hell.
Liah:>_>*Runs away.*
Kao Kao:>_>*Runs off.*
Brawl:*Runs away.*
Sandry:Hey hey! What?!
Binks:You jinx us.*Runs off.*
Kazaa:Let's go Sandry!*Pulls her and runs as they are chased by a pack of wild wolves running after them savagely.*

Liah:-_- Sandry why you have to do that?!
Sandry:Hey I didn't think they just poof out of no where!
Binks:Haven't you learn here seems like anything goes?!o.o
Kazaa:Yeah...You were saying?
Sandry:Shut up Kazaa or you will be couched!
Kazaa:>_> Fine! I'll couch with my Gravitation!
Sandry:>_> I'm gonna keel you.
Liah:Oh shut up and run!

The Masked Zuzu Zuzu:No worries I shall save you!*Dives down covered in a cloak and a maquerade mask on his face.*

Liah:>_> Zuzu.
Kao Kao:o.o Why is he like that?
Brawl:-_- Why is my brother here?
Sandry:Zuzu what's with the outfit?
Kazaa:and the Mask?
Binks:Um...who cares?

The Masked Zuzu:>_> I do not know of this Zuzu...I am The Masked Zuzu!


The Masked Zuzu:*suddenly like the crazed savage BM he is he started to slay and fight all the wolves.*Now run! Run! I shall handle them!

Sandry:Um...Do we run?
Kazaa:Poor wolves...
Kao Kao:I know...>_>
Sandry:-_- Thanks for not worring about me.
Binks:Uh if he's going to take care of it to by us time let's go!*Runs off with Liah.*
Kao Kao:*Follows with Brawl.*
Sandry:*Follows them as does Kazaa as the flee out of the wild farm infested wolf land.*

After a good run from there they pause and pant alot catching some air now.

Liah:Good we out,he look a sign.
Binks:*Looks at it.*Up ahead to Fairy Tale Land....>_> I don't wanna know.
Kao Kao:Well....It's either there or...
Brawl:The wolves!
Sandry:I say leave Kazaa with the wolves he obviously loves them more then me.

Liah:-_-...Shut your mouth and let's go.Or Liah SMASH!

They would all blink and just go ahead as Liah followed last.


Celica:Well,ever since we wondered into Electro town no signal.-_-Who the Hell makes a entire town of lightning?Can't reach Mjrn or Liah.Luc can you reach Emma?
Luc:I use my ring to contact her.Nothing...By the way...Is this place on Kara's map?
Celica:-_- Sadly...
Luc:Oh he just can't make it simple to find him huh?
Celica:>_> *Holds necktie.*I'm gonna strangle him to death...
Zymes:Stop this isn't some horror manga!
Sylpha:Well let see...-_- Kara took us to shark town...Almost got eaten!*Mental image of Kooh having to slap them all away with fishes.*
Kooh:>_>Evil giant fishy!
Sylpha:100 degrees town.......-_-
Zymes:>_> Oi,luckly found that shade or we turn to those skeleton people in the sand...
Luc:Don't forget Sky Drop.
Sylpha:-_- Yeah he made us fall from the sky!
Luc:Be thankful,I was there to turn it into a diamond slide ride down then a face plant.
Zymes:>_> I could of help.
Luc:....Well,you didn't so there.
Kooh:Crazy penguin town!
Celica:>_> Oh yeah...I never met a town of ice where penguins chased us and tried to eat us.

Kitty:And now.I'll fry you in Electro Town!

Luc:Oh joy...I am jumping with such glee and fun...You can just hear the excitement just oozing out of my voice.*Says it so boring and annoyed and unmoved tone.*
Celica:>_> Luc you have too many enemies.
Luc:...I'm beginning to think it's what I do best.
Kooh:Well,he can kiss a fish!*Throws a fish as it slaps Kitty across the face.*

Kitty:Pit-Pah! What the Hell!? I hate fish!

Sylpha:*Flower arcs aqua blue as water droplets appear around him and eyes shift to butterfly effect shooting water pump beams at Kitty to try and smack him into lightning waves.*

Kitty:*Jumps away from each one.*Hah! I'm onto you people!

Zymes:*Shoots a sparkling invisible arrow at Kitty's toosh.*

Kitty:Yeow my butt!!!!

Celica:-_-*Plays her sitar as it makes a shockwave vibration throw kitty into electricity.*
Luc:*Plays his Scythe stall side like a flute as it makes snowflake diamonds together to make a shield trapping Kitty in a diamond ball.*

Celica:Whoo!*Runs over and jumps up slamming Kitty into the electricity generator as it blows up.Making the impact throw Celica and her party out of Electro Town!

Celica:Meh...*Sits up annoyed.*Come on...
Luc:*Sits up annoyed.*...Vamp is calling you.
Zymes:*Stands up and dust himself off.*Bah...Karasukira where are you already...-_-
Kooh:>_> When I find him...I'll kill him.*Stands up.*
Sylpha:Aw come on...My shoes have mud on them...*Stands up.*Bah.
Vamp:Celica,having fun playing around?*speaking from the mansion while a maid in her bikini is dusting the place in the background.*

Celica:>_> Why you get the easy life?

Vamp:Cause,I'm special.

Celica:Is Kara close?

Vamp:Fairy Tale Land.

Celica:Where is that?

Vamp:-_- Infront of your face...Gawd.*Shuts off communication.*
Celica and her party look ahead seeing the giant sign pointing ahead to Fairy Tale Land.

Kooh:-_- He's dead...
Sylpha:...Wow,I feel...Stupid.
Luc:This is just so sad...
Celica:Well when I find him...I'll simply do two things.Hug him and kiss him...then...SLAP HIM!

They would go ahead now this concludes ACT 8.Stay tune for the future of ACT 9! Whoo Whoo!

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Re: Chaotic Dragon Kingdom

Post  Lucxene on Wed Oct 14, 2009 4:16 pm


Welcome to the Land of Fairy Tales...In this ACT Kazaa and Sandry decide to do things solo for a while.So they took a departure.


Liah,Brawl,Kao Kao and Binks would enter Traverse Town.The large wouldn't door would open and they gawk around seeing it's a town all right.>_> Disney style.

Liah:o.o...Wow,each world we go there is just something fun at every corner...
Kao Kao:*_* I think it's pretty...I wanna look around.
Binks:>_> I'd like to just find a place to relax for a bit.We been walking forever.
Brawl:o.o Liah can we take 5 here?
Liah:Well...>_> I suppose,but not too long or Mjrn will keel me. x.x

They would walk down into the main plaza area till a bunch of heartless popped up and ran after them.

Liah:O.O...Blach shadows...
Binks:>_> Heartless...
Kao Kao:I wanna keep one!
Brawl:>_> Um no...

Liah:-_-...*Wheels her foot back and soccer kicks one hard into a group of other heartless as it shatters apart and flies off.*

Binks:Oh screw this.*Slams her keytair down on a few squashing them like bugs.*

Kao Kao:*Waves his tambourine and holds them foward as a bunch of slashing music notes fly around in rainbow colors slashing the heartless then buffs the others with songs,rainbow notes bouncing around his team members.*

Brawl:*Kicks one and slaps alot back now with his knumchakus alot as they fly off from each strike or shatter apart.*

Liah:x.x They keep multiplying let's move.
Brawl:o.o We need a keyblade.
Binks:-_- Screw that,let's get out of here.Leave that to Sora.
Kao Kao:>_>*Runs up the stairs as the others follow and goes into the side house seeing Seph inside,wait till they all go in and shut the door.*

Seph:o.o Well,fancy meeting you here.
Liah:o.o Hi! Didn't you go to help Naru?
Seph:>_> I did,but I'm done so came back.He still gonna take time a bit.
Liah:All right.
Kao Kao:>_> Lots of heartless out there.
Seph:-_- Yeah,I stay in here fought them for hours then said screw it.
Binks:Is it safe in here?
Seph:Yeah,they don't come in here for some reason.
Brawl:Let's take 5?
Liah:Yeah,a break seems good.I'll try and contact Mjrn see how she's doing then see where to go from here.

Meanwhile...At the Castle That Never Was.

Ayame:So what base is this?
Kitty:Use to be the Organizations now it's ours...And the boss?
Vehcardi:He's in the main room.Hasn't made a appearance yet.
Stubbs:Easier on me,now that Sandry and Kazaa went solo.It's just that much easier for me to go get them now.
Aiko:Who gives a hoot...I want em all dead after they got rid of me.
Ayame:Whatever,who is the master.Never met him or her?

Vehcardi:Hah...It's Enforcer.


Meanwhile,in Twilight Town,Mjrn would stand on the high clock tower.Where Roxas commonly was seen.Her hair was loose this time,as she stared at the sunset.With her silver straight,lightly wave silver hair blowing in the wind.She remained in deep thought.

Jarod:*Walks over to the clock tower making his way to the top where Mjrn is and glances over.*Hey Bella.What's on your mind?The others are looking for a place to relax for a while.
Mjrn:Oh hey Beau...Thinking,think I can be queen of CD Kingdom when we are out of here?I mean think will all get out of here?I don't think,I can live with myself at the thought of not everyone being there in the end.
Jarod:*Walks over and hugs her from behind.*^_^ You'll be fine,you are doing great so far.
Mjrn:...Not really,alot has been happening you know.
Jarod:Hm...It's best to not think about every bad step that goes on.Try to work with what's infront of you.
Mjrn:Hm...I guess so.Thanks.

Meanwhile in the woods of Twilight Town,near the "Haunted House."

Zion:All right,simple mission guys.We need a place to crash till we get in contact and see how the others are.It's been 3 days since no contact.So...Let's check that house if it's good will crash there.
Swift:Your just taking charge cause you got promoted.
Zion:Shut up! You are just jealous!>_>
Swift:>_>...I know where you live.
Ita:Uh...Yeah,well let's go fight later.
Chi:Yeah,don't make me put you two in dresses.
Zion and Swift:>_<

The four would enter the haunted house seeing some heartless roaming around.
Ita:...Fight time.
Swift:Just clear them so Mjrn and Jarod can come here and not get attack.
Zion:Isn't that my line?
Chi:Just fight!*Runs over and throws alot of knives at a few and takes out a assassin dagger and slices one alot.*

Ita:*Stands in the back and uses his gunblade shooting down a few heartless.Then slashes down a few away that jump at him with a few swings.*

Swift:*Runs over and slashes a few with his katana.*

Zion:*Jumps by a few and spins his staff around circular slapping a crowd of them around him away.*Heh heh...

Ita:There is that fat heartless over there...

Chi:Gang up on it.*Runs over and slashes it alot jumping around it taking out two daggers.Steals some gold off of it too.*
Ita:*Follows up with Chi slashing it around with his gunblade then both him and Chi kick it over to Swift.*

Swift:*Slashes it into the air with his katana then jumps up slashing at it alot and somersaults over it kicking it to the floor.*

Zion:*Runs over and baseball smacks it into the wall with his staff then runs up it and kicks it's head alot,slamming down the staff on it's head as it shatters.*Done!

Chi:Um no...*Points to the hundred more that came.*



Mjrn and Jarod would walk along the town talking and eating sea-salt ice cream bars.Then work their way to the woods.Finding the haunted house.Zion told Jarod about as they walk inside.They see Chi,Ita,Zion and Swift laying on the floor panting and tired.The place doesn't seem to have any single heartless or bad guys.*

Zion:Meh..Beh...All done boss...x.x

Mjrn:That's good.o.o Gonna take a break and freshen up.*Walks off.*

Zion:x.x*Passes out.*


Celica:*Walks ahead into the stone tile floor with.Zymes,Kooh,Sylpha and Luc.*...Hollow Bastion or rather...Radiant Garden.
Kooh:O.O...KH world.
Sylpha:Hm...Kara is here?
Celica:I think so...This is the last stop on his map note.
Luc:How lovely it's here...Suitable for him.
Zymes:Hm...Let's try Merlin's house.>_>

They would enter inside seeing the place a bit messed up and sees the old computer so goes to inspect it.

Celica:He's not in here.
Kooh:>_> What if the heartless comes?No keyblade.
Sylpha:o.o Well,we just fight em off.All they want is our heart.>_> Make sure they don't get it.
Luc:I think they just come back at some point if no keyblade.
Zymes:You know a Sora then?o.o
Celica:AH HAH!
Luc:Zymes is a dork?
Celica:Uh no...Message from Kara look!

Computer:*Static transmission.*

Celica:Stupid computer!*Kicks.*WORK!

Computer:*Blows up in smoke and dies.*


Sylpha:Well...Castle right?
Kooh:Mm hmm...*Eats a cookie.*
Luc:*points out the window.*That Castle up ahead.
Sylpha:Right,we go there.
Celica:Okay,once we find Kara gonna try and get in contact with the others.Been a few days now we haven't heard a thing.So a bit worried.
Luc:Do we have to find him?

Zymes:........*Stares at Luc.*
Luc:*Rolls his eyes and goes ahead.*Fine fine...

They would exit Merlin's house and run up to the dark castle ahead.Making their way into the secret tunnel.But of course heartless comes to say hello.

Luc:*Slashes one away with his scythe as snow flakes shine off freezing one.*...Careful.
Kooh:>D DIE!!!!*Makes a big skull bowling ball bounce all over squashing the heartless,running a hand over her candle flame.Controlling where the giant bowling ball slams around.*
Zymes:Say Celica,go ahead.Find Kara will take care of it.*Holds a bow up and aims three arrows glowing shooting a light energy shock arrow at three heartless.*
Celica:You sure?
Sylpha:Yeah,go for it.*Makes his eyes turn to a butterfly effect and his wrist flower glows different colors.Casting,Fire,Ice,Wind,Earth andLightning all on many heartless.*

Celica:*Runs ahead into the secret panel room and thinks a bit.*Wait...If I remember there is a secret door...*Checks the walls and makes the door open in time then goes ahead and sees Kara at the control panel.*

Kara:*Stands watching the others eyes staring at the computer screen.Hair Axel like,black with silver streaks through it.Wearing a completely black attire,with gothic symbols.Long trench coat in black,with demon black wings imprinted on the back.His large masamune blade tied at his waist off on the side.Same length as Sephiroth but has a dragon head on the handle.*

Celica:Hi!!*Runs over and hugs him.*What are you doing?-_- You have any idea how long it took me to find you?!

Kara:Oh hey.^_^...

Celica:-_- Smiling isn't gonna get joo anywhere.>_>

Kara:Well,watching your friends outside finding.I could lock the doors and leave them with the heartless...
Kara:I wont,tell them to enter the room you were in.I can shut the door from here and they'll be fine for now anyway. Smile

Celica:x.x Some things never change.*Hops off and notifies the others as they go inside panting tired.While Kara hits the button and keeps the heartless outside.*

Kooh:x.x Did you find him?
Sylpha:-_- Those things gave me a head ache...Almost broke a sweat too...Ew!
Luc:*Scolds and glares at Zymes.*...
Zymes:...What I shot the arrow near you to hit the one behind you?!
Luc:...*Sighs and looks to Celica.*
Celica:Yeah,he's safe...I'll try and contact Mjrn.Obviously,it's dangerous to go outside now.

To be continued...

The end of ACT 9...Stay tune for ACT 10.

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Re: Chaotic Dragon Kingdom

Post  Lucxene on Mon Oct 26, 2009 4:14 am

ACT 10

Cloaked figure:*Nods.*
dj:All right get the job done.

With that the cloaked figured would disappear and vanish off now,returning to the heroes after Celica,Liah and Mjrn discussed with one another via wrist watch communication.The teams would decide to reunite on Destiny Islands.


Liah:All right ready to go!...Where is Seph?o.o
Kao Kao:>_> He left a note saying he ran off to help Naru again,to find Bella.
Liah:-_- Oh...I see...Be nice if he told me.
Brawl:o.o Where to?
Liah:Destiny Island.
Liah:Let's head to the main square to that big door...Should take us there.

They would exit and head over to the main square hearing a clash of blades hitting one another.

Binks:What's the racket here?More squishy cute heartless?!
Kao Kao: ^_^ I hope so...I want one!
Brawl:>_> You both are nuts.
Liah:Wait a second...*Stares closely up ahead.*

Drag:*Slashes his two long swords at the cloaked figured jumping around from each strike.*

Liah:O.O DRAG!

They all looked seeing a young man eyes black as night,hair short shiny and black.With cute little red devil horns on his head.His outfit consisted of red and black gothic attire.With small bat wings on the back of his coat.Needless to say drag was looking cute as always!

Drag:o.o...>_> x.x Liah...Keep away from this person!
Cloaked Figure:Oh...So it's them!
Drag:*Swings both of his long swords down at the cloaked figured as it jumps back and kicks drag into Liah.*

Liah:Got you!*Jumps up and grabs Drag.While the others get into a stance.*

Cloaked Figure:Oh Liah...Don't you remember me...I'm the beautiful the ravashing...*Pulls off the as they saw Sun-Ce.*Sun-Ce!

Liah:-_-....Well...Do you want a cookie.Get lost.

Sun-Ce:Hah hah hah...Not without my mission first Liah.

Liah:Really...Do tell what that is?

Sun-Ce:Here say hi to lord Enforcer!*She opened a portal as this very fat HUGE man came out and looked at the people.*

Binks:Oh geez...Diet please.
Kao Kao:Gosh your...Fat...
Brawl:He's huge!O.O

Enforcer:Oh...I'll handle them.

Sun-Ce:Prism Cell.*Makes a giant pyramid go over Liah with her cane and she is paralyzed inside it then pulls her into the portal.*Later losers! This is the team winners!

Drag:O.O LIAH!
Kao Kao: O.O Nuuu!!!
Binks:.....Let's smack this fat thing away and go!
Brawl:Yeah give Liah back! >_<

Enforcer:Oh excuse me...But I think you have a date with me.

*With that Enforcer fell foward squashing the floor below as all of Traverse Town got a huge Earthquake from his FATNESS! And BOOM! a giant black hole pit was formed as Brawl,Kao Kao,Binks and Drag all fell into the black void!*


Celica:All right people we are ditching Radiant Garden and heading to Destiny Island! Whoo! Beach time!
Kooh:o.o Yay.Fish.
Sylpha:o.o The sun.
Zymes:o.o The sea!
Luc:I hate breaking a sweat...
Luc:Oh...I'm so mortally wounded.
Kara:Can arrange it you know.
Celica:-_- All right none of that let's move move move!
Sylpha:o.o Which is the way out?
Kara:Tron's Computer here.
Zymes:>_> Wont we get sucked in there.
Luc:Well,you can test it Zymes.
Zymes:<_< You test it.
Luc:I don't want to break a nail.
Sylpha:Yeah same,my nails are too good for that computer.
Kooh and Zymes:>_>;
Celica:*Presses a few buttons.*Can just teleport out make it easier...Now let see...

Inside the Computer Screen:*Sun-Ce appears as a digital version of herself.*

Computer Sun-Ce:Hi Celica...Where is your loser brother?You know...Oh no,not that idiot Zymes over there...And I know Kooh is manly enough to be a boy so not that thing either.

Zymes:>_>*Holds a bow and arrows at the screen.*
Luc:*Pulls it down.*Stop that Zymes!

Kooh:....*Holds up Candle.*
Sylpha:>_> Kooh don't...

Kara:...Sun,why don't you take that cane your holding and shove it up your non virginal V-spot...We all know that's your best shot at any harmony of life.

Computer Sun-Ce:That's it! You know! I was going to take it easy on you Celica but SCREW IT!

With that Celica was digitally zapped from the computer as she was sucked into the computer world and taken by Sun-Ce.

Kara:*Holds the handle to his masamune weapon and blinks for a second.*....Something is coming through....
Sylpha:o.o What about Celica?
Kara:I'm not sure,but it's not her...That's coming here...
Luc:Whatever it is...It's big...
Zymes:A Giant Tron?
Sylpha:....A giant computer chip?
Kooh:A giant pizza!!

Enforcer:Close Kooh it's sexy me!
Kooh:You aren't sexy...You are fugly...

*Once Enforcer fully materialize he level the place with his large fatness as he plunged into the computer and the main floor.His big fatness destroying the castle pillars as it all crashed.Making everyone and scraps and rubble of the castle fall into a giant black hole pit.As Zymes,Luc,Kara,Kooh,And Sylpha all fell deep into the dark pit.*


Mjrn:*Sits on the destiny island sands watching the waves.*Where are they?They aren't responding and taking a long long time!
Jarod:...They got lost?
Zion:I don't know...We got here like...2 minutes of leaving cause the train portal and all.
Ita:They might be...Eating?I dunno.
Chi:For 4 hours?
Swift:If it helps Mjrn can just blame it all on Zion.So someone takes the blame.
Zion:>_> I know where you live.
Swift:<_< So do I...

Sun-Ce:Hi! Remember me losers! Oh ho ho...Speaking of losers.We have the biggest one of them all!

Mjrn:.....-_- Luc is right Zion,you release bad phermones.
Zion:>_>...Sun...What do you want and why are you here?
Jarod:Yeah,shouldn't you be off sucking up someone else's attention,like people who can breath the same air as you?

Sun-Ce:-_-...Oh that's how it is...Oh well,I'll just do it my way.*Holds her cane and sucks Mjrn into the glass zip of it.*Got you Mjrn.I'll teach you to make a fool of me!

Zion:Hey you left on your own! Now give back the boss!
Swift:....Yeah,you have any idea who you are messing with?
Ita:Can I just cut her in half?! o.o
Chi:I would say throw her in the ocean but the fishes might jump out...

Sun-Ce:No way Zion.but here is a present from me to you! Enforcer!*Waves and disappears leaving the island.*

Enforcer:*Walks over making the ground shake alot going near them with his huge fat self.*

Zion:x.x Geez...
Swift:Come on dude...Slim Fast does wonders...
Chi:....I think he needs a full vacuuming...
Jarod:MJRN!Screw his fat rear! Mjrn got taken!
Ita:Well,we can't move without falling he's shaking the place.

Enforcer:Here go into oblivion people!*Runs off and dives into the center of the island causing a black vortex hole sucking destiny island.Making a black pit,as Jarod,Zion,Swift,Chi and Ita all get sucked away into darkness and disappear into the unknown.*

What will happen now that the leaders Mjrn,Celica and Liah been captured.Leaving the team behind...And what became of the team now that Enforcer's blubber made them fall into a pit blackhole pit...Find out next time in....ACT 11!

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Re: Chaotic Dragon Kingdom

Post  Lucxene on Tue Oct 27, 2009 5:45 pm

ACT 11

Vamp:Yo,people wake up.Since you got your leaders kidnapped.You need to lead...*Sighs.*-_-...They are still knocked out...Girls.*He snapped a finger.*

Women in bikini:*Hits a button as Sylpha,Zion,Zymes all get their wrist watch to give em a shocking electro wake up call.As the trio woke up and flinched a bit in pain.*


Zymes:Ouch!*Sits up and holds his wrist,checking the rubbles around.*
Vamp:Finally Zymes.
Zymes:-_- Vamp...What was that for?!
Vamp:Well,someone needs to lead since your former leader was captured.
Zymes:o.o; Me...Lead?
Vamp:No,your pet dog,yes.
Zymes:>_> You know where they were taken?
Vamp:No,that's your job.*Signs off.*
Zymes:-_-...*Glances around.*Uh guys?

Kara:*Stands there annoyed,with his arms crossed.*...Yeah...What?
Zymes:Anyone else here and what is this place?
Drag:*Sits up rubbing his head a bit.*You two are here now?
Chi:*Pushes some rocks off and stands up dusting himself off.*Oh Kara,yo Zymes.
Binks:*Sits up and blows her hair out of her face,standing up and ties it in a pony tail.*Yay...Halloween town....By the way Enfo must die.

Zymes:o.o Guess we got more members from the fall.
Kara:And lost some.
Drag:o.o Liah got taken...;_;
Kara:And Celica.
Zymes:Vamp said the leaders so Mjrn probably too.
Binks:Well,lets find them and get them back.
Chi:Go where though?
Zymes:o.o Um...We look for clues.

*Sees a walking bathtub with a note inside it.*

Chi:o.o...A tub...
Kara:...Wait...There is a note in there.
Zymes:after that bathtub!...Wow it sounds so stupid saying that.
Binks:Just get it!

*They would run after the bathtub all throughout Halloween Town.Though the heartless would try to stop them from reaching it.*

Binks:>_>*Slaps them away with her keytair and plays it a bit making small explosions knock a few back.*-_- Crap...Bathtub ahead get it!
Drag:*Runs on the fences and slashes a few of the heartless diving at the bathtub but it moves away instead sees a heartless and slashes it with his swords.*Bah! Get it!
Chi:*Throws a few knives at a couple of heartless,then takes out a dagger trying to aim for the note.*Okay...-_-...*Sees the heartless block the way.*Some one else get it.*Throws more blades at the heartless.*
Zymes:*Shoots a few arrows and aims carefully hitting the note off of the tub as it flies in the air.*Okay!It's in the air now to catch it.*Goes to run but more heartless block the way.*....>_<*Shoots them with alot of arrows move.*MOVE!
Kara:*Unsheathes the masamune and slashes all the heartless around him once as they are destroyed then grabs the note and reads it.*....Celica's in Castle Oblivion.

Zymes:Then let's get out of here!*Runs ahead shooting a few more off to find the exit.*
*The rest of Zymes party would follow after covering his back.*


Sylpha:Ouch my wrist!
Vamp:>_> Rise and shine...Get to work.*Signs off.*
Sylpha:>_> Wha?
Kooh:*Kicks alot of rocks off and pulls herself out of the rubble.*-_- Fat man needs to be spork! HARD!
Sylpha:o.o Kooh.We lived! Though where are we?
Kao Kao:*Sits up rubbing the side of his head.*Geez Enfo is too big...Size of the NYM...Oh hi you two.
Kooh:o.o; Hi Kao Kao...
Sylpha:o.o How you get here?
Kao Kao:o.o I dunno....
Ita:*Sits up and sighs blowing some of the spikey bangs of his away from his eyes.*Meh...o.o Wonderland?
Kao Kao:Mm hmm!
Swift:MY TRUCK!?*Pulls the rubble off his truck to see if it still works.*Not my truck!
Sylpha:>_> Gee...Thanks for our safty.
Swift:>_> You'll live...Now my truck! ;_;

Kao Kao:o.o What now?
Ita:How we get here though?
Sylpha:So,where is Mjrn if your here?I don't see Liah anywhere either.
Kooh:;_; They all got kidnapped.
Swift:*Drives his truck out of the rubble.*Whoo!...Ugh...But it needs fixing it looks horrible now...
Kao Kao:>_> Feel lucky Enforcer didn't eat it.
Swift:-_- fat swine.
Sylpha:Well wait any clue how to find them?

Doorknob:Oh you must mean that envelope up there.

Kao Kao:>_> It's the doorknob!
Swift:*Look up seeing the high table,the envelope on it and two bottles.*...Wait...We are...Tiny!
Ita:o.o...Wait then how do we get up there?

Doorknob:*Fell a sleep.*

Sylpha:Well...Swift you know if we get big your truck is going to be the size of a mini action figure car.
Kao Kao:o.o We need that envelope!
Ita:>_> And just how are we going to get up there?
Kooh:>_> We all throw Kao Kao up there!
Kao Kao:O.O WHAT?!
Kooh:Your the lightest.
Kao Kao:I'm no sprite!
Sylpha:I don't think we can throw him that high...

Swift:*Pulls out some rope from the truck.*Got this!
Ita:Throw it up there.
Swift:*Throws the rope up as it latches around the big bottle.*So who's going first?

Sylpha:Um you...Your idea,so you go up there and get big....Wow that sounded so wrong.
Kooh:And don't fall or you'll die.
Swift:Geez thanks.*Climbs up once at the top checks the bottle then drinks the big one and grows to normal size now.*Wow you guys are tiny.
Sylpha:Read the note then give us the bottle!
Swift:*Puts down the bottle by them as he takes the note then reads it.*This one says Liah is in Castle Oblivion.

*As they all grew to normal height they notice Swift's truck was now itty bitty.*

Kao Kao:Put it your pocket for now?
Swift:Joy...*Lift up his tiny truck now and puts it away.*
Sylpha:Okay,let's head out of the room and try to find this Castle Oblivion place.

The five of them would then run along and work their way out of Wonderland.


Zion:My motorcycle! Not my baby! ;_;*Runs over and hugs it,seeing it's covered in dust dirt and some rocks fell on it.*
Jarod:Thanks...We are doing just fine,none of us are hurt or anything.*Says it sarcastic as he stands up now dusting off.*
Zion:Oh...You guys are okay right?Right...*Looks back at his motorcycle.*My baby! ;_; *Hugs it and sobs over it.*
Luc:*Sits up and rolls his eyes.*...Oh stop it.
Brawl:*Pops head up and looks around seeing it's dark and spooky.*Castle!
Jarod:*Studies it a bit*...Beast's Castle.
Zion:Yeow!!!*Winces holding his wrist.*
Vamp:Hi Zion,lead now.Since you let the boss get captured.You lead.
Zion:>_>! I didn't let the boss get captured!*Shakes wrists.*
Vamp:Well,get her back.*Signs off.*
Luc:Serves you right for whining over your bike.
Zion:>_> Well the bike is important...
Brawl:What now?
Jarod:Find a way to get Mjrn...What about the others?
Luc:Celica got captured too.
Brawl:And Liah.
Zion:o.O Who got them?
Brawl and Luc:Sun-Ce
Jarod:And Enfo gave us that fantastic black hole of his.*Goes ahead into the castle.*
Zion:*Follows with the others.*

Brawl:I got a question?
Brawl:What if the Beast finds us?
Zion:>_> Let's try and avoid the Beast.
Luc:You even think Mjrn is here?What if she isn't?
Jarod:We can look for clues...Split up?
Brawl:>_> Alone in this dark castle?! No!

Cloaked Figured:*Waves a hand and makes the knights in Beast's Castle charge after them.*

Jarod:What keep it down or the Beast will come.
Zion:Uh guys...
Zion:GUYS!Those knights are coming after us!
Jarod:Lucky do something then.>_>
Luc:*Raises a eye brow.*Well...What do you want me to do about that?Run!*Runs away from them to the west wing.*
Brawl:*Follows after him,with Jarod and Zion covering the rear.*

Luc:*Gets into the room with the rose and waits till they get inside then slams the door shut.*
Zion:I don't think that will hold them off long...
Luc:Duh...Block the door till we find a solution.
Brawl:*Pushes a few of the boxes and stuff on the door.*
Jarod:*Walks to the rose in the glass cover and sees a note by the table so opens it and reads it.*Dear...Fools...You ever want to see Mjrn or should I say your precious "Belle!" Jarod! Come to Castle Oblivion...Or I'll kill her myself,love ya mean it.Kiss Kiss.-_-....Wench.

Zion:Castle Oblivion is not this castle...
Luc:*Hears the banging outside the door.*...How we get out?
Zion:Leave it to me!Hah hah!*Runs to the window and takes out a mini joystick controller and makes his motorcycle come alive making noises outside the castle as he gets it inside making the knights run to see what's up.*Now move!

Thus begins the journey to Castle Oblivion for everyone.

Stay tune for ACT 12.

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Re: Chaotic Dragon Kingdom

Post  Lucxene on Thu Nov 19, 2009 8:12 pm

ACT 12

They got there as Kara stood infront the whole party now as a whole.

Kara:All right,I believe it's time for me to exit now.

Sylpha:>_> Come again?

Kara:I mean you all are a bunch of morons the reasons everyone knew where you were cause I lead them there.Then again doesn't surprise me since you all are a bunch of idiots.

Zion:What about Celica?
Kara:Who cares.
Zymes:-_-*Holds bow up and points a arrow at him.*So this is your fault.

Jarod:Oh finally we get to kill you.
Luc:Oh naturally,I knew he pull something like this.

Naru:Hi guys!*Runs over seeing them ahead as they turn seeing him coming then blinks seeing Kara run inside.*Um...Kara ran ahead and Jarod followed him.

Zion:Oh crap! Where is Seph and Bella?>_>
Naru:She's a sleep in a spell he's watching her.o.o We don't know how to get her up yet.
Luc:I bet Kara might know.
Swift:Long story.
Chi:>_> I should of expected him to do that.
Ita:Should we go in now?
Zion:Sure...Naru your helping?
Naru:Sure,I came cause Vamp told me.

Zymes:Let's organize a team.Also hope Jarod is okay alone in there.

Once they organized a team Vanp got in contact with Zion.

Vamp:Yo,I have a spy in there,but switching weapons so she can work with it better.

*As Zion held out his hand his staff disappeared as he got a crossbow now in it's place.*

Zymes:Boy,we really are siblings...Welcome to the arrow shooters.
Luc:Don't encourage him.

Zion:Okay let's go! I'll save Celica.
Zymes:Will get Mjrn.
Sylpha:So will get Liah.

With that the party entered Castle Oblivion as a flash of light was all that was left and boom they were seperated onto different floors.


Zymes walked in with Binks,Chi,and Ita as they saw Jarod ahead looking around.

Zymes:Hi Jarod!*Runs over.*Where is Kara?
Jarod:*Glares and grumbles.*...Darn roach ran off.
Binks:Think Mjrn is near?
Jarod:Well...I did hear a...

They would suddenly hear a loud laughster as it made the room they are in shake and almost lose balence.

Ita:What the <censor> is that?!
Chi:....It sounds big,and that was annoying.
Zymes:>_> We have to fight that....Blah!*Runs ahead to go look with his party.*

Enforcer:Now Mjrn...This is simple,you become my wife and together...We rule the world.

Mjrn:*Inside a laser grid cage crossing her arms with her face unamused at this at all.*Do you really think I would marry you?

Enforcer:Why not!? I am great in bed!

Mjrn:>_>....Oh my God...Just kill me now,if this is my punishment.

Enforcer:You shall grow to love me!

Zymes:Stop right there Enforcer!*Holds the bow and arrows and whispers to his team.*I always wanted to say that.
Chi:>_> Fun,now we need to get her down he has her hanging on the ceiling.


Suddenly a swarm of fat fierce members came after them all.

Binks:Oh geez...Call Jenny Craig please....!*Plays her music as it makes a explosion knocking the fat men away.Then rolls away from one trying to belly flop her as she lift up her Keytair and slams it down on the fat guy as he explodes from being too fat.*Ew.

Chi:*Ducks alot from the fat people throwing spears at him then rolls away and jumps onto the wall using a blade as a hook so slide on a chain as he slide down to one side of the area.Away from the fat guards.*

Jarod:*Buffs everyone using his blood then throws some wakizashis at the guards as they explode and he moves away from the guts.*...Trim-Spa or Slimfast would help.

Ita:*Runs up to a group of fat guys,slicing them around with his gunblade.Then notice they try to dogpile him.So runs away from them,turning his sword at a angle.Pulling the trigger as he shoots at them blowing up some of them.*

Zymes:Yay!*Holds up a rpg magical potion as everyone shrinks to the sizes of metal slug characters shooting and cutting and beating people up.While he pulled his bow back and shoot multiple arrows at alot of the fatties as they blow up.*

After a few moments they return to normal as Enforcer stood up and went to bellyflop them.

Enforcer:I shall crush you all!

Mjrn:OMG jump! Jump!

Jarod and the rest blinked as Zymes gave the cue they moved to the side and waited to Enforcer fall flat on the ground on his stomach making the whole castle shake since he's bigger then a Blue Whale.

Zymes:Okay now!
Chi:*Throws a dagger up at Mjrn's lock as it knocks it off.*
Ita:*Shoots a bullet at the door as it opens.*
Binks:*Buffs people with muse songs and Mjrn.*
Jarod:*Does the same as a doctor using some of his blood by cutting his arm with the wakizashi.*
Zymes:*Shoots a arrow with a rope to Mjrn as she grabbed it and used her gloves moving down.*

Mjrn:*Lands on Enforcer's back and rolls her eyes.*Oh shut up!*Grabs her claymore from his thrown and jumps up somersaulting then comes down with her sword.*

Phoenix Fox CUTTER!

Mjrn's blade would slam down into Enforcer's back making heated light and flames gush into the fat man's body as he roared in pain.While Zymes and everyone else helped by shooting arrows,Chi throwing assassin blades at it.And Ita cutting it,while Jarod and Binks buff and powerboost people.Suddenly a big explosion as they all flew out of the thrown room and into the hallway.

They rolled on the ground and stood up slowly.

Jarod:x.x...*Stands up and raises a eye brow.*I never wanna hit another fat man again.
Chi:Seriously my clothes is dry clean only.
Binks:>_>...This is scary.Is he like dead now?
Mjrn:>_> He is so dead.He blew up.I made sure he's dead.
Zymes:-_- Those fat guys eat up alot of my arrows so big!
Ita:*rubs his head.*Ow my head...
Mjrn:Well,thanks for saving me! ^_^...But um...>_> I know they took Liah and Celica,I can't get in contact with them.

Jarod:Well,we can go out backwards...But we are on the lower floors...My guess is the way to them is to go up.Also probably the way out.

Zymes:We can't go back?o.o
Jarod:No Kara seals the door once people enter.
Mjrn:>_> Excuse me?
Binks:Kara told us to F off basically.
Mjrn:-_-....Okay...Let's head up.
Zymes:Yay,no more leading! I need to restock on arrows too.>_>
Jarod:It was worse docing.>_> Needing to move or get squish.
Binks:>_> Musing is far worse!
Chi:Look they need lypo but let's go!
Ita:Hah hah hah...

With that Mjrn resume leadership and lead the party up the stairs into the next door as a shine of light was seen and they vanished.

What will happen to Celica and Liah?Find out next time in ACT 13!

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Re: Chaotic Dragon Kingdom

Post  Lucxene on Wed Nov 25, 2009 6:19 pm

ACT 13

A flash of light is shine as the doors open to the middle platform of the Castle.Walking inside is Sylpha's party.


Sylpha:Well...It's empty.Very white this castle needs more color.
Kooh:o.o It looks as white as a bathroom.
Kao Kao:I don't see anyone.>_>
Brawl:Um,probably upahead the stairways to the next room?

Xasora:*Opens a portal and walks out of it.She held the staff once Zion had,but modified it by adding a part to the tip.She was dressed in a chinese red dress with horns on her blonde short shoulder length hair.Having two pink streeks on the sides.Her face hidden under a fox mask with eyes blue looking around.*

Brawl:Bad guy!
Kao Kao:Let's get her!

Xasora:o.O Um no,it's me Xasora.*Pulls the mask up over her head a bit.*I snuck in with Vamp's directions.

Sylpha:o.o Oh...Well,up ahead is the next place.

Meanwhile up ahead...

LadyDarkNight:Um,dj you handle Liah since.I have to check things with Ayame.Have fun being dj's bride Liah.Stupid little wench.*As she slapped Liah across the face.Who was stapped to a lab bed,with her wrists and ankles cuff to it.She weared a horrible gown as her hair was styled like the bride of frankenstein.Shortly after she leave and vanish into a portal leaving Liah and dj there.*

Liah glared and rolled her eyes.

Liah:Get me out of here dj,I am not marrying you.-_-

dj:yes you are! If I marry you! Mjrn will let me back in CD! all I need to do is push this lever so you go up into the sky to get hit by lightning and then I'll pour this toxic chemical on you!

Liah:>_> Are you nuts,you'll never go back to CD and if I get hit by lightning...-_- I wont be alive you idiot.

dj:o.o...Well,I'll just put a fake brain in your head and you can be my corpse bride.

Liah:...-_-...Stupid twisted little <censor,censor.>

dj:>_> I don't know what that means but you shall be my bride!

Sylpha:*His eyes would shine like butterflies as he entered the room and his rose glowed a soft green making a wind gust slam dj to the wall away.*Okay,Liah.>_> Will get you out and ew...What he do to your hair?

Liah:-_-I know...You know how long it'll take me to fix this?
Kooh:Looks like Marge Simpson. o.o

Liah:>_> It's not blue though.

dj:Multiply!*dj clapped his hands as many clones of himself appeared and they ran after Sylpha's party holding large mallets to whack em with it.*

Sylpha:>_>Um...Kooh work on getting her out.

Kooh:o.o Mmm kay.

Kao Kao:*buffs and plays a few songs making rainbow cats pop out and slashes alot of the clone djs as they yell in pain.Then makes a large panther in rainbow and rides on it.As it pounces and dismembers alot of the clones.*Whoo!

Brawl:*Waves his knumchakus around and slap alot of the clones away.Then kicks one to the side,jumping back from a mallet swing from the other.Then wraps the knumchakus around that arm spinning him around by it knocking alot of the clones away from him then slams him into a group of others.*

Xasora:*Holds her staff out as it floats and hovers in the air then closes her eyes holding her hands out.While shining bright lights beam on her team mate buffing them then.Takes her staff back and shoots a photon beam at a few djs getting close as they fly into the wall imbedding it.*

Kooh:Um...*Makes her candle wax into a lock pick and picks the cuff with it.Freeing Liah's hands and feet so she can stand up.*o.o Where is your normal clothes?

Liah:Thanks.*Sits up and rubs her wrists and kicks a dj clone away from Kooh as he flies into the wall.*...-_- Under my dress.*She ripes the fake gown and throws it over a dj clone.While Kooh makes a giant fish appear and backhands the fake with it to the side as he falls.*

Sylpha:*Jumps onto the table and hits the lever as he sees the storm coming.His eyes shine like butterflies as his rose glows gold on his wrist.Being hit by lightning he channels it and shoots all the lightning at all the clones and dj himself making them all disappear minus the real one who crashed into the control getting shocked more.*

Liah:*Glares and cracks her knuckles then swings her arm back and decks dj right into the sternum bone as everyone heard bone crack sounds.While dj bust right through the wall as he falls from Castle Oblivion yelling and screaming,only to be impaled on a spike on the fall down.*FIST OF FURY!There!Done!

Sylpha:*Hops off the table once it's lowered and flinches.*Ouch...I guess that's why many should mess with Liah.

Liah:Yeah...>_> Well everyone okay?
Kooh:o.o Yup.
Kao Kao:*Hops around on the rainbow panther.*
Sylpha:o.o You can stop now...
Kao Kao:Aw....*Makes it disappear by stop playing his tambourines and hops onto his feet.*

Liah:....Wonder how you get out of here.

Xasora:We can't go back,Kara can seal the door once we enter a room so I guess it's straight up.
Liah:>_> Kara?
Sylpha:Yeah...He backstabbed us.
Kao Kao:x.x Mm hmm.
Kooh:>_> I'll smack him with a fish.
Brawl:So how we open the door...

The Masked Zuzu:Fear not! The Masked Zuzu shall help you to open the door ahead!*Swings on a rope down and hops infront of the door leading up as he claps his hands as they glow putting his hands on the door as it fades away and zaps disappears in a puff of smoke.*

Liah:Yay Zuzu...>_> How you get in here?

The Masked Zuzu:<_< I am not Zuzu.

Brawl:-_-...Yes you are!
Kao Kao:Zuzu likes to wear a cape and a funny opera mask.

The Masked Zuzu:I am not Zuzu! I am The Masked ZUZU!

Sylpha:Right...>_> Well...Thanks for the door.*He blinked as Zuzu nodded and swinged away on the rope leaving then poof he was gone.*

Liah:XD...Let's get out of here and go ahead.

As the group left,Liah took over as leader and entered ahead.A shining light was beaming as they vanished and poof they were gone.

What will happen now that Liah and Mjrn been saved?What will also happen to Castle Oblivion and the last team to save Celica.Stay tune next time for ACT 14. ^_~

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Re: Chaotic Dragon Kingdom

Post  Lucxene on Mon Nov 30, 2009 4:58 am

ACT 14


The doors near the top area of Castle Oblivion opened as Zion walked in with his team.

Drag:o.o Is it clear?
Naru:>_>...Do you see anyone?
Swift:Oh go in!*Walks inside and sees a empty hallway.*...-_- Nothing.
Zion:Shush they might be hiding!
Naru:Hm...*Hears a beeping on his ear codec.*What?*Clicks the button.*

Seph:Yo...What the Heck's going on?

Zion:Hey we get wristwatch why you get a ear piece?!
Naru:>_> Cause I wear the army look...Now Seph what's up?
Seph:Monsters so,I bought Bella who's still out cold...I can't get inside the castle you all there?

Naru:o.o Yeah,we are trying to get Celica then get out.

Zion:>_> I can't believe he gets a codec.
Swift:I can't believe my truck is still tiny...
Luc:....Seriously,I hear Celica ahead...Can we move along?

Naru:o.o Later Seph.*Shuts it off.*

Drag:*Sneaks over and takes a peak into the next room.*

Vehcardi and Kitty:*Has Celica inside a sphere like contraction while chained to the bars of the sphere in the center of this machine.*Whoo almost done!

Celica:-_- I want out...Wait till I get out...What the Hell is this piece of garbage suppose to do anyway?

Sun-Ce:Simple you idiot.>_> We think you have too much good looks.So when we hit this button.It'll make you age and ugly until you are nothing but dust.Cool huh?Zion turned his back on me so now I'll take it on his sis!

Vehcardi and Kitty:Yup girls sucks anyway.

Celica:.......-_- Uh you little wench.YOU walked out on him,get the story right.


Zion:-_-....I want my sis out of there right now.Get lost Sun-Ce.


Drag:>_> Yeah,go away we want Celica and you can all go in piece.
Naru:Mm hmm.
Swift:I wonder if I can use that device to make my truck big again...
Swift:Well...It was a good question.

Sun-Ce:Screw that,get them! I'll start the machine!*Runs to the machine.*

Zion:Oh Hell no!*Pulls out a shiny bright glowing crossbow and shoots lazer arrows at Sun-Ce to stop her.*

Sun-Ce:>_> You would hurt your own ex-girlfriend what kind of nice man are you?!

Celica:>_> Who said you are a woman.

Sun-Ce:THAT'S IT!*Runs at the machine,and reaches for the lever.*

Zion:NO!*Tackles Sun-Ce and rolls on the floor with her trying to restrain her from the machine.*

Celica:*Sighs.*....Get me out.-_-...

Vehcardi and Kitty:*Puts their guantlets together and shoots lazers at Luc alot.*Die idiot!

Luc:*Glares and turns his scythe sideways playing the staff part like a flute as snowflakes fall around him,coating and soliding his body like diamond as the party all on his team is coated in diamond as a echo effect.Making the lazers bounce off.*

Naru:*Runs over and spins his halberd in his hand then harpoons it to Kitty as once it hits the floor it sends a electro field shocking Kitty and Vehcardi.*Hah!

Kitty and Vehcardi:Yeowch!!!!

Drag:*Runs over to Celica and slashes the machine with a fencer beam waves.Sending flares of fire,ice and lightning leaving Celica in just the sphere.*Got the machine busted.

Celica:Yay! ^_^....>_> Now get me out of this chain stupid giant catball.I'm not a bell.

Swift:*Blinks and whistles lightly tinkering with the machine to see if he can make his truck big.*

Sun-Ce:NUUU!!!*Tries to reach for Celica but Zion and his weight is holding her down.Glares and bites Zion's hand hard.*

Zion:OW!!*Let's go and glares taking a bow.*Fine,i'm not going to be nice to you.Witch!

Sun-Ce:*Stands up and glares.*Portal!

A portal opened as a gorgeous woman in a gown came through as it was LadyDarkNight.


Sun-Ce:-_- You don't look like that you using witchcraft to make yourself look like a playmate?
LDN:Oh be silent!*Makes a Phoenix flare bomb and chucks it at Celica as Zion is shooting the chains with his arrows,nearly freeing her.Getting to the final parts holding her arm.*

Celica:Zion look out!!


Luc:....*Runs into the blast and flinches as the flare disappears into my own body.*

Sun-Ce:Let's go!*Pushes LDN into the portal and disappears just in time before Swift got his truck back to normal size and drove it to run over Sun-Ce and LDN but they vanished.*


Luc:*Flinches and shakes a bit then blinks seeing his diamond self crack as the flare explodes into the ceiling.Breaking a hole into the top of the castle making a exit.While only thing that was left of Luc was small pieces of raining diamonds all over.*

Swift:Ah crap...

Vehcardi and Kitty:*Laughs histerically.*Hah hah Luc,I guess you were gonna shatter to pieces.
Vehcardi:He always was a mess.
Kitty:Yeah and now we can say he fell apart...

The two laughed as Naru and Swift glared.Swift turned the truck around.While Zion and Drag got Celica free now.As the truck was in full blast 100MPH driving at Vehcardi and Kitty.

Vehcardi:Uh oh...

*CRASH! AS Once Swift ram the two silly with the car a loud boom and some bones could be heard shatter on impact as the two's body flew at Naru.While Naru held his halberd and glare taking one good swipe with the blade end.As suddenly...They saw a dead beheaded Vehcardi and Kitty on the floor while the bodies slam into the far back room wall.*

Meanwhile Mjrn and Liah would run up with their team seeing the hole and exit up top.

Celica:Uh hi...

Mjrn:Hi...That the exit?Everyone cool?
Liah:Where is Luc?

Zion:....*Points to the diamond pieces all on the floor.*


*Xasora,Kooh and Jarod ran to collect the diamond pieces using medical palm magnets making a circle once gathering the pieces.*

Mjrn:*Jumps up to the ceiling and climbs up seeing a portal.*...Found our exit...Let's move.Get the Hell out of this white indoor building.

Kao Kao:*Plays the Tambouring making a rainbow musical note slide up ramp to the ceiling in a circular pattern like a twister.*Going up.

Naru:Say...Seph is down outside below with Bella...

Mjrn:Ugh...Livane!*a shiny bright light and smoke poof from Mjrn's hands.*

Livane:*Appears with large wings and a demonic yet beautiful cat.Then flies down and scoops up Seph and Bella flying back up as it flew into the portal.*

In a matter a few moments,everyone left Castle Oblivion and into the portal they all went to Balamb Garden.Out of nowhere they appear as students everywhere freaked out and thought they were being invaded.The sounding of alarms was heard as a giant riot started from the freaky appearance out of no where.

Now that the teams are trully stuck in a "Final Fantasy" world what shall happen to them next?Will they be safe?Will they be in more trouble...Who knows cause this fanfic isn't suppose to make sense....>_> So enjoy and wait for ACT 15

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Re: Chaotic Dragon Kingdom

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