Eidok: The Compass of Four Winds Playable Demo

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Eidok: The Compass of Four Winds Playable Demo

Post  Altairis-Makai on Wed Sep 23, 2009 12:10 am

After 3 excruciating days of bug testing, coding, and altering graphics, I've finally managed to produce the first playable demo (the second released demo) of my game.

The demo takes place at the very start of the game, when our hero, Altairis Akaria, has just turned 17 and is about to get a job as an Adventurer, which is someone who fulfills requests called "Bounties" and also acts as a courier to other cities between the Kingdoms of Relusia and Caedoria, the two main civilizations of Eidok.

Meanwhile, a mysterious figure from the past, a Knight named Kalian, has appeared, and suddenly, old enemies surface, and the curtain is pulled on the main quest: To defeat the Four Guardian Beasts and re-energize the ancient "Compass of Four Winds", an artifact said to open the very gates of oblivion, leading to the realm of Gyalheim, a realm feared by even the gods themselves.

Give it a whirl.

Download here

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