Black Widow Raid

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Black Widow Raid

Post  Celica on Sun Nov 22, 2009 2:10 am

So...I got invited to join a team for Black Widow raid, and being that this is the first time I've done Black Widow, figure I'd share what happened.

I did this raid with members of Crystal Society, and a couple of Gene members....notably, Lys and Aiko. I was the only CD member.

Black Widow truly differs from either Tigerman or Turtle raid. In the case of DPS, AoE jobs are highly favored. Wizard/Fencer/Shaman most notably.

First, we only had about 2-3 teams. DPS & Tank as usual.

Second, tank team goes in first to kinda clear the mobs away from the inner crystal, just like with Turtle raid.

Third, everyone else on DPS teams run all the way through into the 2nd crystal, Black Widow's lair.

Fourth, tank team holds off the other mobs as DPS teams fight Black Widow in her first form. Once she's killed, she transforms into her true, larger spidery form.

Fifth, Everyone on DPS teams must gather UNDER Black Widow, because she will summon several spider mobs in waves. This is where the job of Aoer's is important as they have to spam AoE's in order to clear off the spider mobs. She will keep summoning the spider mobs which will grow substantially in number until she is killed.

And that's it! She's dead! Very Happy

Some important notes:

1) Detox seems to be needed for this raid.
2) Everyone gathers under Black Widow so all the spider mobs can gather in one spot and it is easier for the Aoer's to get them all.
3) Black Widow has a nasty AoE, Docs/support must keep on their toes.

To me, this raid seemed pretty easy, maybe because most of the people during the raid were 68, or lvl 65+

Crystal Society has a good number of high lvled players. After the raid they defeated Malachite in 6 minutes. I suggest we keep them in good relationship.


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Re: Black Widow Raid

Post  Mjrn on Sun Nov 22, 2009 6:39 pm

Hm it looks like a cool raid, but I'm not going to lie.

I think you might have to count me out for this raid.
I'm seirously an arachnophobic, I saw some sceenies and totally freaked.

Fml ~_~"


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