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Fiery-Eyed Jimmy

Post  Celica on Fri Feb 05, 2010 2:35 am

So in the (somewhat) dead of Tuesday night, a random sylph that I was acquainted with asked me if I wanted to go on a challenging quest. I wasn't sure about going at first, but he said it wouldn't take long, and so I agreed, not knowing what I was getting into.

When I teleported to the rest of the party, I realized we were in Grizzly Garrison, at the crystal heading into Fiery-Eyed Jimmy's lair. *DUNDUNDUUUNNN*

So, with a team of 5 of us (all guild members of Lab Coat Mafia) we headed into the lair.

This is my report on the very first raid run of Fiery-Eyed Jimmy's lair.

The whole place is just like going through the prison level of Grizzly Garrison. You can get the mini quest from NPC Lang Long to get some prints, but we were there mostly to take down big Jimmy.

We were doing fine for a while, though the monsters were a bit tough. Thugs, Ghosts, Spooks and Bandit Chefs.

Once you get to the 2nd hallway leading to the main prison cell, we were ambushed by Senior Spookizen. He's a mid boss that we had to kill before Jimmy would get angry and show up. It's just like with Black Widow raid, where you have to kill Octavius before Black Widow appears.

At the point where we were trying to kill Senior Spookizen, members of Fierce made their way in. We assumed they were plotting to take Jimmy from us, but they stayed out of the main lair as one of their people tanked the rest of the monsters as soon as our team killed Senior Spookizen.

We all managed to safely get into Jimmy's lair, where he was awaiting us. Boy was he angry. We tried all our best attacks, but it seemed we were barely making a dent. A few minutes in, Fierce asked if they could join us. Realizing that our team alone couldn't kill Jimmy, we let them join in.

The whole thing was just TOTAL INSANITY. Jimmy raid is similar to Black Widow in the fact that he summons rounds of monsters as his health goes down, but they are stronger with each summon and not the same kind of spiders like with Black Widow.

Seemed like Jimmy summoned more monsters each time he dropped 1/4th in health. TheScarecrow was tanking, and his armor was starting to break while we got Jimmy down to 1/4th health, but lo and behold, he summoned 4 big fat Bandit Chef bosses.

Soon enough, with the power of LCM and Fierce combined (AMAZINGLY??) we took down Jimmy like David took down Goliath.

So here he is:
*click for full image*

Fierce split the prints for us and took nothing else. What did I get? 1 Guild rep scroll. That's it. I didn't stay for loot. << I didn't even expect to be given a rep scroll since I was the only CD member... ^.^;;;

Also, here's a mini-video I took during the fight...I only started recording just in case Fierce decided to KS us...


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