Ingergalatical Species Preservation Chronicles: 360 Chapter Seven is up!

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Ingergalatical Species Preservation Chronicles: 360 Chapter Seven is up!

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**Author's Notes**

I may want to write a few sequels or add more detail to this piece.

Please PLEASE comment on this story, I would really appreciate reviews since this is worth a good chunk of my final grade.

Some of the characters names have been altered just to flow with the Sci-Fi theme, along with some personalities. I had to make each character some what distinct. I'm also lacking some details, since I had to keep it to a certain word length [under 10,000...I'm at 9,944 so I'm good >.>] I had to leave out some details and people.

If you're not in this story I apologize, depending on the reviews I may write a sequel.

This piece is rated PG-13 for some language and graphicness.

Also I know you guys are ok on this, but please do not reprint or use this material for any reason, it is for a professional insitute therefore:



Marks where the alternate ending will take place

P.P.S changed a year in paragraph 10 from the bottom, also added paragraph 9 from the bottom

March 9th 2010,

Edited the first four chapters, cleared up some spelling and grammar errors also spaced out the paragrahs and added a few things.

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Chapter One

In the year 2745 A.D the duties of the Intergalatical Species Preservation are to prevent newly discovered Alien powers from over throwing other species in the galaxy by studying them and creating specific laws to prevent any abuse of their power. The ISP was formed close to three hundred years ago with the discovery of the Var’rinah planet where the local indigenous had the ability to detach their atoms and enter another living organism’s body, taking full control.

Since then over 1,100 new races were discovered, 452 of those races have moderate abilities that are considered harmful to the average races, and 87 have extreme abilities that are able to obliterate any average race. Average races are those whom are similar to Humans, Alarians and Melunians, since they do not portray any abilities that are considered to be harmful to other races.

The ISP also standardizes aspects of international business such as wages and basic humanoid alien rights. I joined the ISP 25 years ago when I was 35 years old, as a Shyruian I earn a different rate compared to a Human for my life span is almost eternal, we usually go insane before we die naturally and we retain our youthful appearance. Due to this the Universal Federal Standards of Humanoid Rights claims that since I can work longer than the average Humanoid I should earn less per year to prevent my race, or any race like my own from becoming a financial superpower. The UFSHR also moderates the costs of basic goods such as food and necessary utilities to suit the difference in a race’s income.

I would call it racism, but I can understand the fear the Humans and Melunians face when dealing with the Durus Humanoids (Durus being any form of alien Humanoid that is superior to the Pusill races). They do not want to lose their power of government and freedom to an Alien race that is naturally stronger than them.

“Welcome Mjrn Ashati.” The robotic voice boomed after I finished my daily routine of identification which included a retinal scan, voice and finger print identification and weekly key code. My job took plenty of pride on their security measures even though at least once a week a poor employee was left locked out due to forgetting the weekly key code. Once I was through the sound proofed door I could instantly hear the chatter of my co-workers and the smell of burnt coffee, one disadvantage of being a Shyruian my long ears and hooked nose caused my senses to be a little sharper than the average Humanoid. My race was one of the many Durus races for we lived longer and had all around better senses and reflexes making us hard to kill. Other than being taller on average and having sharper features and cat-like eyes, my race looked very similar to Humans. Although any educated Human would know that our two races were very different.

The biggest advantage to being a Shyruian, well besides living forever, was that we were double jointed in most of our major joints. This allowed us to have feline like grace and flexibility but it also made us very durable, our bones were very hard to break. We are the perfect physical warrior. Certainly there are races that are physically stronger, faster or more durable than we are, but those races begin to look more alien than humanoid. While we may look a little odd, we can still go under cover and have little to no problem. Those Shyruian who often work among humans go through a surgery to make them look human by softening their features and fixing their eyes.

I tugged my long silver hair out of its pony tail; I usually hated wearing my hair up, but it made the retinal scan a lot easier, my pace quickened as I walked through the mass of ISP employees and into the boardroom for my team. Each team was made up of six people, four field agents and two communication agents; of course there were always exceptions. I was the lead for the field which was the special cases department, my right hand woman was a Eurican named Tika Keiga. She was not the friendliest of people, but she was loyal and got the job done, exactly how I liked it, she usually could ignore my fly away mouth. Her long purple hair was layered around her strong shoulders; she looked almost Human except for the small point to her ears and her sheer size. Eurican’s were a large race, while Tika was considered to be frail at 7”1 she was still a force to be reckoned with. Her hands could easily crush a human skull before he could blink; I had never seen anyone so large be as graceful as Tika.

Tika smiled slightly as I sat down beside her, I was one of the few blessed to see the sight, but when you face life and death situations for almost 18 years together it works miracles on a partnership. “Monad is out getting coffee, and Zymes is late as usual.” Her azure eyes caught my amber and sapphire, it was not a rarity for my race to have heterochromia. I sighed inwardly, “If Zymes forgot his key code again, Director Lucxene is going to murder him.” The Director is a kind hearted man, but he has no patience for respective mistakes, I learned that very quickly in my first few days at ISP.

“Murder who now?” Came Lucxene’s smooth voice from behind me, I turned instantly and tried to put on my most professional smile. Lucxene was an Acadian; they were a beautiful race with empathic powers, which meant it was nearly impossible to lie to them, perfect for the Director of the Supernatural Criminal Investigations department at the ISP. He was lean with short platinum blond hair and piercing sea blue eyes, he has the appearance of a human, well an elite super model human.
“I think Zymes forgot his key code again.” I cringed as Lucxene’s features darkened, there was no use lying to someone who could see right through you, poor Zymes.
“I’ll go get him; he knows all the meetings begins at 9:00 sharp.” Lucxene muttered as he stormed out of the boardroom, obviously to give Zymes a ‘one on one’ talk about having a better memory. In his wake a confused Monad stood at the door holding a tray of four hot drinks.

“Zymes was forgetful again.” Tika informed Monad as he sat the drinks on the table, taking one for himself. My eyes fell on the hot coffee, oh how I loved my coffee, but I decided to try and be nice and wait for Zymes.
“Ah. Well that explains it.” He smiled as he took the seat to my left and slapped my shoulder. “Howdy partner, what’s on the docket today?” Monad was also an Acadian, while he was only a fair shot it was handy having a breathing lie-detector on site with you, he was also a B&E master who saved us plenty of department money. He could pick the lock faster than Tika and I could break the door down, which used to be our old method. Monad had the exact same appearance as the Director except his eyes were a light emerald and his hair a striking shade of cotton candy pink, which he claimed was natural to his race. I on many occasions attempted to take a vote for him to change his hair colour since it was easily recognizable on the field, but Kooh one of our communications experts said it added character to our doom and gloom department.

Apparently character is something I could do well without. “Apparently we have a top secret mission today.” I gave into my desire and reached over and grabbed my coffee, ah the life blood of the working ilk.

Tika snorted. “Hah, isn’t that what it is every day? I really wish the Communications department would just come out and tell us for once, it’s not as exciting as it sounds.” My hands gripped the metal cup tightly; plastics and styrofoam were officially banned a few hundred years ago thanks to some environmentalist nuts. I didn’t like how the Communications department always got to hear of the cases first. They were apparently “reviewing” them, and as much as I trusted Kooh and Jarod of my team, I didn’t trust the others.

The three of us drank our coffees in silence; well Monad was drinking green tea for the team deemed him too hyperactive to consume any caffeinated products. After a few minutes the door opened and Zymes walked in, his long flaming red hair was tired in a low pony tail, but his bang covered the embarrassment on his face. “Sorry guys.” He muttered as he took a seat directly across from me at the table, Monad patted him on the shoulder.

“Eh, it happens to the best of us, chill out kiddo.” Zymes was of the Latro race, they had wolf like features, mostly predominate in their ears and were excellent marksmen, Zymes was by far the best shot on the team, and he could easily get a headshot with an average pyre gun at 1500 meters.

After a few more painful minutes Lucxene walked in with Kooh and Jarod. Kooh waved happily at us, she was a Crillum, a Human like alien that looked like a child. Even though Kooh was 25 years old, I believed, she looked like a 14 year old girl, her long black hair and baby doll bangs and large chocolate brown eyes didn’t help in making her look any older. She was our language expert; her race had a fantastic memory as she could speak close to 67 of the major languages used in our solar system. Kooh grew up in the HQ colony, her mother was one of the best translators for the company, she began to work for ISP when she was 6, by the age of 12 she was working in the Communications department.

Jarod on the other had a sombre look in his violet eyes, which usually meant this mission was going to be a long and gruelling one, unlike most of our team Jarod was a realist who tended to dish out the worst case scenarios. Like Zymes, his freakish long snow white hair was tied back in a pony tail, he was a Hyanuim and it was tradition to only cut their hair once a year. Jarod also had an array of tribal markings on his body, they were of people’s full birth names, once they were tattooed onto him, Jarod could open up a mental link at will, and this provided immediate communication with that individual.

Too bad the Communication’s boardroom was sealed off with sensitive detectors that would immediately detect if Jarod was creating a link with any of us to tell us of the mission before it was cleared by the committee.

Lucxene walked to the front of the room as he faced the large screen. “Today’s mission is going to be a difficult one. Apparently there’s been notion of a planned murder that will occur in the very near future.”

Tika laughed lightly. “Isn’t that the bare bone basics of what we deal with everyday? Tell us something different Lucx.”

Lucxene pivoted and met the Eurican in the eye. “For once I’m being dead serious. Rumor has it that the duo has stolen a time-space defibrillator from the Federal Time and Space Research Facility.” Everyone in the boardroom looked slightly confused, as Monad put his hand to his chin.

“Uh Director, I’m not too sure that the universe’s balance of time-space isn’t going to be going into cardiac arrest any time soon.” Monad commented as he sipped his tea, Monad had a knack for saying interesting comments. He was a very close friend of mine, same with the rest of my team, but if you didn’t know him very well he could be hard to handle.

Lucxene let out a long sigh. “You really are mentally incapable. It’s a key device in attempting to make a time travelling machine.”

Zymes looked up from the notes he was taking. “Aren’t those highly illegal to attempt to produce, and better yet, none of them have ever worked successfully?” Lucxene nodded and he began to display a diagram of the time-space defibrillator one the screen.

“You’re right and wrong Zymes. There were only three of these objects to be made; one was destroyed in the Great Planetary War between the Federation and the Rogue Union in 2385 A.D, the other was broken when the Chief of Time-Space Affairs dropped it into a bucket of liquid nitrogen when investigating an ancient artefact that was encased in a meteorite...”

The group let out a laugh Stubmorious Twiddlefingers, better known was Stubbs Butterfingers to the team was the Chief of the TSA, he was an infamously short Human with a knack of dropping virtually important and valuable items.

“...The final one was put under intense security at the TSA for the materials used to create it cannot be found anymore. Essentially it’s the final component to creating a perfectly functioning time machine.” Everyone was in utter shock, not a sound was made as Lucxene continued. “The plan according to our investigators is that two females, one described as a rosy haired Shyibean and the other, a platinum haired Shyruian, are intending to murder the next Ziviuln Prophet. The Shyibean looked around 32 years old, the Shyruian has no recognizable age due to their racial qualities.”

Lucxene cleared his throat as he continued. “Leifeng is the next Ziviuln Prophet as he will succeed the aging Vamprio; all of you know the importance the prophet plays for he will be able to perceive any solar flares, meteorite crashes and any other natural disaster in our galaxy for he is linked to the galaxy since his birth.”

Kooh nodded as she walked up beside Lucxene. “As you all know, this would cause great chaos in our Federation system for a Ziviuln Prophet is only chose every 360 years and can only be converted with an offering of live blood from the current prophet, for all of you who are uneducated in these matters, I’m looking at you Monad.” Monad looked up from the tower he was building out of the empty drink cups and smiled innocently. “Live blood can only come from a pumping heart, so if our Prophet is dead, you can kiss any future Prophets goodbye.”

The lights suddenly dimmed as Jarod placed a Galaxy map showing the two systems on the screen. “If the Ziviuln Prophet is murdered, we’d have to rely on the Zuvuro System where the Rogue Union originated and we still believe is highly active. They have created a device that can track and predict the movements of anything in the galaxy, once again only one of these machines are in existence for it was created of materials that can no longer be obtained. What this means that if our Kzni Federation has to rely on the Zuvuro Rogues we’re going to have to make some big governmental, financial and freedom sacrifices as the two systems will finally merge, and we won’t be the ones calling the plays.”

“We can’t allow anymore intergalatical disasters to occur to our people, so we must keep the Prophet alive.” Lucxene commented as the lights came back on. “Please make the necessary preparations in your dormitories and be on call for the next 48 hours as the Communications team attempt to get you any leads. When called meet at launch gate 36, good luck.”

18 hours after the meeting.

I woke up suddenly in a cold sweat; my head was once again pounding from the effects of the constant migraines I received. I glanced at my clock that read 3:00 am on the nose, it always seemed at this time I woke up once or twice a week from this blasted pain. I swung my legs over the edge of my bed and looked at the jagged scar that ran from my knee to my waist, 25 years ago I was in a space craft accident, I hit my head hard and had a concussion and forgot all of my memories. That would have been an issue hundreds of years ago, but I was able to go see a gifted palm reader who was able to help me regain my memories. There are a few races with the ability to see into one’s past through touch and markings on your body. The very next day I joined the ISP. Both the palm reader and medical doctors said that extreme migraines would be a side effect to the crash, but I never thought they would hinder me this much.

I joined the ISP to prevent these types of crimes; apparently I was in the crash due to a criminal who was speeding away from the local police in a high speed chase. It was almost an enlightening moment, if I could put these criminals behind bars, less innocent people would have to suffer as I did.

Silently I exited my room and into the main living quarters, since I have been with ISP for a long time, I did not have to reside in the messy mass-living quarters where you have a billion roommates, instead it was just me and Tika. I crept to the sink and grabbed a glass; just as the water began to flow from the tap I heard a familiar voice. “Headaches again?” Thanks to years of training my reflexes kicked into action as I grabbed a knife from the counter and spun around to see Tika standing in the doorway from her room.

“Y-yeah.” As I placed the knife back into its holder I let out a relieved sigh, as hard as I try Tika seems to pick up on when I’m going to have a migraine. The Eurican walked up beside me and handed me two melatonin tablets to help me sleep. After taking the pills, the two of us chatted happily talking about the mishaps of our team, it was closing in on 6:00 am when I didn’t notice that I passed out in the middle of our conversation for the next morning I woke up in my bed; Tika probably carried me there after I passed out.

Chatper Two

9:00 A.M

Tika and I sat and ate our dry staple cereal in silence. Since our base had once again failed to stock up on fresh produce, we were stuck eating boxed and dried rations until we reached the next planet which we never liked to do. Sadly the General Manager of the ISP Food and Rations Supply Kaza Ookami was never on time, nor did he ever like to give up an abundance of food due to budget cuts. (I always wondered if there were any competent people besides Director Lucxene in the higher ups of any Federation Cooperation).

All of a sudden, Lucxene’s voice boomed over the intercom calling us to gate 36. Both Tika and I launched out of our seats and ran into the equipment room. Special leather outfits with a coding over top that are decently resistant to pyre gun fire were the standard for our team, not only did these outfits provide protection they were moderately light and allowed movement. Knives were strapped wherever they could be placed, I placed a taser in my belt, and they were always handy if an enemy got too close, on my other side two pyre guns with extra ammunition.

Within minutes we were at the launch, Lucxene was standing beside our ship, a clip board was pressed tightly to his chest, he looked nervous. A few minutes later Zymes and Monad came from the lower class barracks.

“According to our sources the Rogues are on Kapar the planet next to Ziviuln, they have to be preparing a launch. The security is tight on Zuviuln so they must be using the time machine to try and breech it. Kapar is a fairly hot planet; your weather appropriate suits are in the ship, please change ASAP. Once you arrive at the capital, you’ll travel to a small country town called Kasune, there you will search and capture the enemy alive so please turn your pyre guns to stun only, we have to interrogate to see if the Rogue Union is going full throttle again.”

Everyone nodded as Lucxene finished his speech. “Any questions?” He was met by silence and a few shakes of heads. “Good Luck.”


We reached the capital city and immediately caught a shuttle to Kasune. Lucxene wasn’t lying when he said the planet was hot, being a Shyruian I had lots of trouble adjusting to the heat, it snowed year round on my planet. As light as our new gear was, it still had a leather base to it causing me to feel like I had a second layer of sticky skin. I sat down in a comfy seat in the shuttle, turned to AC high and closed my eyes to rest for the remainder of the journey.


During my rest I had a dream, I was laying in who I assumed was my mother’s arms as she handed me a piece a mythril. It was smooth and cool to the touch, odd thing is that the last piece of mythril that was ever seen was 360 years ago when the reign of Prophet Sloggan ended.

The intercom suddenly woke me from my rest as the voice informed us we arrived in Kasune. The four of us hastily walked out of the shuttle and into the blazing heat, I felt a rush of nausea as Tika handed me a metal canister with water in it. I took it thankfully; quiet as she was Tika was usually very aware of her teammates, especially when they were out of their natural element. Monad was smiling from ear to ear; he relished the heat as he ran ahead of the group saying something about finding the hotel where we would reside at during our stay.

“Monad had better watch himself; Lucxene isn’t in the best of moods and might hold back a pay check.” Jarod’s voice entered my mind, the first time I every sensed the link with him I screamed, and then I almost murdered him when I learned that he had access to all my personal thoughts. He assured me of course that he would never tell anything that I would never let out in the public, that it was Hyanuim nature to be excellent secret keepers. That still didn’t stop me from stopping him in the hallway with a knife to his jugular telling him I’d rip it out if he spilled any of my secrets, he merely chuckled. It took me a very long time to trust him, but I don’t think anyone would blame me.

“I know, but it’s not like Lucxene to be on edge like this. He’s usually very calm and forgiving.” I responded as concern flooded through my veins, Lucxene did seem unusual when we left HQ.

Zymes walked up beside me, he was wearing a long, thin pine green cloak to hide the large sniper rifle that was strapped onto his back, the colour of the cloak contrasted with his hair making it look like a sea of flames. “Where should we go first Boss?” I
observed my surroundings, the town was fairly small but I was used to having some form of contact in a city, someone who would give my team a heads up about the city’s on goings. Kapar was a neutral planet during the Great Planetary War, and it remained that way for many centuries after. Usually Federals and Rogues met here on rare occasion to discuss any type of attempted diplomacy between the two federations, all of them failed. Since they are a neutral planet, they do not allow any type of Federal or Rogue contacts to keep an eye on the city. My shoulders slumped; I was exhausted from this heat and was finding it hard to concentrate.

“Well, we could always check the Pub.” Tika mentioned as she walked up beside me and handed me a cold drink, replacing the one she originally gave me. “It’s a small town, so usually people will get together after work and has a few drinks, and with alcohol comes gossip. I reckon with it being a small town all the gossip would be centered on any new visitors.”

I smiled at my friend. “You’re a genius Tika.” She let out a small chuckle as she looked at me and Zymes.

“Not smart, practical. Only problem is that drinking age on Kapar is 25, Zymes you fall two years short.” Zymes’ face once again hid behind his long bangs, a sign that he was embarrassed.

I placed my hand on his shoulder and smiled reassuringly, I knew at times how hard it was being the odd man out. “Don’t worry; it’s not your fault kiddo. Mind you we need someone to keep an eye on the Pub from a distance; I can only see two exits and very few windows and trust me the Rogues won’t be the only ones gossiped about. They might hear of our presence and try to ambush us in the Pub, and there’s a perfectly good abandoned warehouse just across the street that Monad could help you break in then come join us.”

Zymes face lit up as he smiled, I couldn’t help but smile with him it was always a nice feeling when your skills could be put to good use. “I can install a silencer on my sniper and use the stun shots, then no one will become panicked and it will look like they just went into shock.”

Tika nodded as she turned to face me. “Let’s go be civil with the locals.” As she turned away I laughed internally, both Tika and I didn’t have the best stranger skills so we’d have to try and keep our cool with the intoxicated until Monad caught up with us. Shame that Zymes couldn’t come with us, he was much better at handling people than Tika and myself. I looked around trying to spot Monad wondering what was taking him so long, he was a smooth talker when he put his mind to it and could easily draw information out of people. Zymes was learning from him and was becoming almost as good, maybe one day I should take a lesson from them.

We walked up to the door of the Pub only to notice that the name of the Pub was in Kapa, the official language. “Crap, I never did very well in foreign alien languages in school.” I muttered as I looked over to Tika, the look on her face told and our field experience told me that she wasn’t either. As the door opened we were met with a wave of foreign tongue, luckily the bartender could speak limited English, it was mandatory to speak one of the three trade and commerce languages when operating a public service. All ISP agents were trained in them as part of their mandatory training, I remember failing Alaris and Melun horribly and was almost prevented from becoming a full field agent until I met Kooh when she first joined and helped me cheat on the test.

ISP has an extensive training program; the in class training itself lasts 6 years, while an agent has an additional 6 years of being an underling in a field department to hone their skills. I met Tika in my first year of in field training, by year 5 you can write the test and you have to score at least a 70% in each faculty. The test is given once every 4 months, which gives you 6 tries before you fail. I aced all of the other sections except the mandatory languages, with the help of Kooh and Jarod they were able to communicate the translations to me.

“Looks like we’re going to need some help from Communications.” Tika muttered as we took our seats with our drinks.

Just as I was about to nod, Jarod’s voice once again entered my head. “You know the drill, I’m setting up an additional link with Kooh as we speak right now, please get a little closer to Tika and for once don’t look suspicious.” I stopped myself from sneering, though I could see where Jarod was coming from. Linking was hard enough on its own, trying to link two people at once was difficult, but two different people in a different location was almost impossible, unless you were an IPS agent, luckily for us, Jarod was very good at his job.

For Kooh to be able to talk she has to do a blood fusion with Jarod, which required her to make a small cut on her hands and hold it onto the area where mine and Tika’s names are tattooed. Jarod will then set up a link into my mind, and for Tika to hear what Jarod and Kooh are saying to me, we have to have skin to skin contact. The rule is blood to skin if talking, skin to skin if listening. Quite often Tika and I would try to pose as a couple in a bar who are on a nice date, the only two downfalls to this is that it’s hard to keep a romantic, or even civil look on your face when you’re concentrating on what is being said and it’s extremely hard to not look unpleasant when you have not only one, but three people snooping around in your mind.

Tika didn’t trust Jarod, I was amazed when finally last year she allowed him to look into her mind. Apparently Tika also threatened Jarod much like me, but he told me the only difference was that he could see in her mind that she’d enjoy doing it. It wasn’t Jarod’s fault, Tika’s trust wasn’t easily obtained and sometimes seeing people’s darkest thoughts is a curse for your social life. My hand reached for Tika’s as I sipped my drink, the moment our skin touched it was almost like a switch was flicked in my mind. “Hi there!” Kooh’s voice rang loud and clear, I glanced over at Tika who just looked generally uncomfortable. Jarod let out an annoyed cough in the background as I squeezed her hand and tried to look as romantic as possible.

Minute after minute passed by in silence, both Tika and I ordered another drink. “Anything at all?” I asked Kooh, my impatience was apparent even in my mental voice.

“They’re talking about a lacrosse game, who knew they played that here; I always thought hockey was more popular.” Kooh sounded generally interested in that fact, myself I couldn’t give a rat’s ass.

“There’s no ice here to play hockey Kooh, I’m amazed these drinks are cold.” I snorted as I looked over a Tika who was smirking, sadly she couldn’t make a comment, but then cutting yourself on a ‘romantic date’ would look very odd.

A few more minutes passed as Monad took the seat across from us, strategically blocking our view from the people. Both Tika and I allowed the uncomfortable glances to show. Tika was always weary about looking into my mind; she always said that she would rather find out about my deep, dark secrets from my own mouth, not stumbling across them on a mission. “Howdy, sorry I’m late Zymes lost his pet bunny again and it got stuck under the door. It was a pain to get it open.”

“Are Monad’s excuses getting lamer each moment or have I just lost my sense of humour?” Jarod’s voice drawled he was clearly becoming irritated; linking with more than one person tends to do that to him.

[i/]“Hey it’s better than yelling out loud what happened in public!”[/i] Kooh chastised her Comm-partner.

“Oh yes, that’s a sight to see a Latro Humanoid owning a pet bunny. May I remind you that Latro’s are the closest thing that’s related to a wolf without dragging a werewolf from a fantasy novel? He’d probably eat the fluff ball within a week of owning it!” Jarod sneered as we heard Kooh gasp.

“That’s not true! Zymes is the most kind and caring being that’s ever existed to IPS!” Kooh screeched, annoyance was beginning to seep into her voice. “Unlike you, you insensitive mind reader! I have half a mind to beat-” everyone fell silent as Tika’s fist slammed again the table in annoyance, causing a few patrons to give us some odd glances.

“I think that’s Tika trying to tell you to shut up and do your job.” I said as I rolled my eyes and looked at Monad. “How are things?”

He smiled; it reminded me of a Cheshire cat as he placed his tea that he just ordered on the table. “Perfect, everything’s set I think the dinner party today will be a hit.”
I waited for Jarod to comment, but I was met with silence, perfect.

“I’m excited for it, and the hotel’s ready?” Monad nodded in response as the three of us continued to drink our beverages.

Suddenly Kooh’s voice rang through our minds. “Three elderly males in back right corner. They’re talking about see two new cuties in town, one a Shyibean and the other a Shyruian, both seem to fit the description the Director gave us. Apparently they’re accompanied by a Var’rin male, he’s described as average height, short black hair and looks around 20-22 years of age.” I grimaced, I couldn’t stand dealing with Var’rin’s, they had the ability to break their atoms apart and enter your body gaining full control. We have yet to discover a way to ward off their abilities; the only ones who were immune to them were those races that had high mental and emotional abilities such as the Acardians or the Hyanuim, essentially the only one that was safe who was present on the field was Monad.

“They’re going to be going to the Art Gallery on the West side of town tomorrow, the men invited them to the lacrosse game that will be occurring on the East side of town, but apparently the trio doesn’t like crowds.” Kooh’s voice faded as she continued to listen.

I informed Monad about Kooh's findings.“Looks like we got our culprits, way to go girl.” Monad smiled, he always looked relaxed, Monad wasn’t one who got stressed out easily.

Tika stood up from her seat. “Let’s go rest at the hotel, we’ll have an early morning and big day tomorrow.” I stood up beside Tika and make a signal with my fingers, an ‘o’ shape with my thumb and index finger, with my middle and ring pointed up right. I ensured the sign was pointed towards a window; it was one of the many signs we had in our team, it was to inform Zymes that we were done and to meet at the hotel.

As we walked out the door I couldn’t help but notice a male who had silvery hair and brown eyes, he seemed to be watching us intently, as I turned my head for another look, he was gone.

As soon as we arrived at the hotel the four of us went into our rooms, me and Tika in one, Zymes and Monad in the other. As soon as my face hit the bed I was out, exhaustion mostly brought upon me from the heat caused me to pass out.

Chapter Three

That man I saw in the bar, who was he? I dreamed of him, he was tall and lean, built very much like Monad and Lucxene. He had short, shaggy silver hair and brown eyes that looked like they could see into your soul. What I noticed most though was he was pale, almost as pale as I was and that was a cultural trait, though I could not pin point what type of Humanoid he was. I approached him, just as I made my third step he shook his head suddenly and held out his hand, palm pointed towards me. “Who are you?” His voice was soft and melodic; it was almost as if he was singing.

“Mjrn Ashati, leader of the IPS field agency special cases department.”
He laughed and shook his head. “And?” He tilted his head almost intrigued, my brows knitted together. “What else? You’re missing something.” I opened my mouth to answer when suddenly I was thrown into a bright light; I closed my eyes to prevent myself from going blind.

When I opened them, I was in a metal vehicle with high windows, I could taste the metallic tang of blood in my mouth as I looked down to see it flowing on me chest, a head wound? I peered out the window to see a mass of pink hair; I tried to focus on it, but suddenly feel into darkness as I passed out.


My eyes flow open as I realized I was panting, another migraine was pounding in the back of my skull. Curses, who the hell was that strange man? I swung my legs over the bed and muttered to myself. “I’m Mjrn Ashati, leader of the IPS field angency special cases department, and I can’t overcome the events of a space craft accident.”

“Even Mjrn Ashati has Humanoid fears, it’s part of life; else you’d be a Mecha.” I turned to see Tika lounging on her bed, the moonlight shining in her long violet hair making her look majestic.

I laughed dimly. “Oh? And what does the Tika Keiga fear? Certainly it’s no space shuttle accident.”

Tika smirked, as she shook her head. “I have plenty of fears.” I flipped over onto my stomach and faced Tika’s bed, my long legs hung off the side.

“Why don’t you tell me one? I think it’s fair since you practically know all of mine.”

“Mjrn? Being fair? I thought that wasn’t your style.”

I let out a loud booming laugh. “Tika, I’m fair to those who deserve it.”

She closed her azure eyes, for a moment she looked almost peaceful, except she had a tension line right under her eyes. “I fear that the few people I get close to will or are lying to me.” Her eyes opened as our gazes met. For once in my life I could feel true fear radiating off my strong friend, who not matter what remained collective, never showing pain, and it broke my heart when it looked like she was on the verge of tears.

The rest of the night we watched some T.V, I passed out a few hours later. I had to be prepared for the chaos that was to be expected tomorrow.

On the other side of town, a Shyruian with long silvery, layered hair sat on a roof of a hotel; her large chocolate brown eyes gazed out onto the horizon. For her race she was short, closer to the average height of a human. Silently a lean woman sat beside her, her bright pink hair was tied in two tight buns on either side of her head. She had three eyes, two a soft amber, with the third a crimson colour. “You should rest Liah, we have a big day tomorrow.” The Shyibean said her voice was accented; she placed her hand on Liah’s shoulder.

“I know. We can’t let this tyranny continue, the Kzni Federation will destroy the foundations of Zuvuro if they manage to break the Prae Astrologia then we’ll be forced to bend to their will to learn of the predictions of the Prophet. I just seem so hazy and uncoordinated lately, I can’t concentrate.” Liah sighed as she looked down to her feet. “There’s been an odd man following us, the image of him keeps bothering me, it’s like he has to tell me something.”

Celica nodded slowly. “You just need to relax.”

“I know, I just can’t. Where’s Zion? He seemed pretty tired after the landing.”

“He’s laying down resting, something you should be doing Liah, being tired for tomorrow won’t do us any good.”

Liah looked at her friend and nodded slowly. “There’s just something on my mind, I can’t pin point it though.”

Slowly Celica raised her hands and put her palms flat against Liah’s temples. “Here, this will help.” She said softly as Liah blacked out.


The team was sitting and enjoying their breakfast in silence. They hastily finished and walked out into the main street. Within a half an hour they were on a bus heading towards the Art Gallery. “Monad will take the rear and keep contact with our Communications, Zymes since you have damn good aim stay near him and guard. Tika and I will lead up front since we both prefer hand to hand combat.” I sighed as I attached a katana to my hip, it was made of a special alloy that could deflect pyre rays and was always heat resistant. Tika had a spear like weapon that was made out of the same material; sometimes it was better to rush your enemies with old school weapons when you intended to kill them. Besides Lucxene mentioned that we only had to bring the two girls in alive, he didn’t say the same for any other threats we encountered.

As we entered the Art Gallery we flashed our badges to the man at the front desk, he simply nodded and said that if we ruined anything we could kiss our next hundred pay checks goodbye. Monad quickly scanned the security tapes, we noticed that the trio were in the main display room looking at ancient weaponry from before the Great Planetary War; it was three rooms to the right and one up. We quickly ran to the first room to our right which happened to be an old weaponry room display.

“Zymes, stun the boy, I am in no mood to deal with his kind at the moment. Tika take the pink haired girl and block out her third eye, she can do some nasty mental tricks with it, knocking her out would be the best of options, I’ll get the other.” I spoke quietly as we finally reached the door, I held up three fingers, Zymes stood to the left and readied his pyre gun; Tika took out what looked like a long, thick cloth, Monad hid in the back, ready to call reinforcements in case this went badly. My ring finger dropped, everyone nodded to show that they were ready. Then my middle dropped, Zymes unlocked his gun as did Monad. I suddenly through the door open as me and Tika charged inside.

Zymes aim was perfect, that boy didn’t know what hit him as he gasped and fell to the ground unconscious. Tika launched on top of the Shyibean, immediately she had her head covered with the cloth, she struggled but she was clearly no match for the much larger girl. Shyibean’s weren’t known for their physical strength. In less than a minute the Shyibean wasn’t moving.

I only saw the outcome out of my peripheral vision; I whipped out my katana and rushed the Shyruian. I knew she wouldn’t be easy to knock unconscious so I would have to wear her out, as I slashed towards her she stopped the blade with her fists. That’s when I noticed she was wearing specialty gloves, so a fist fighter eh, I chuckled as I kicked low and hit her in the back of the knee, causing it to buckle and her to fall.

That plan would have worked perfectly if she didn’t spring up and punch me square in the jaw; damn she was fast and could throw a good punch. Probably due to her size, she was able to launch her weight quicker than I could. I stumbled as my vision blurred, I slashed downwards, hitting her ankle and cutting some of the tendons, that should slow her down. She let out a cry and for a moment I almost felt bad for her, I shoved the emotion aside as I tried to spin behind her to get her other ankle.

Just as I began to make my move, the girl launched into a hand stand and kicked me square in the head with her good leg, damn she had good aim and I fell backwards as I saw my world spin. Both Tika and Zymes had to watch the other two Rogues to ensure they didn’t wake up, since they were both mental fighters it would be a very big problem if they caught us off guard.

The girl launched herself and pinned my chest with her body, I dropped my katana as she began to pound my face. I tried to reach up to push her off but my vision was becoming black as I tasted blood in my mouth. My fingers gripped her good leg right near her ankle; it was time to play dirty. My nails elongated and clenched the tendon, it much have hurt for she stopped punching me, just a couple more and I would have been out. That’s when I pulled; I could hear it rip out of her skin as she cried in pain. I took the opportunity to throw her off of me, I slid over and grabbed my katana and held it to her neck. She wouldn’t be walking for a while; she held her hands up in the air in surrender. I circled behind her and hit her in the back of her neck, she fell unconscious almost instantly.

3:00 PM

We took our prisoners to an abandoned warehouse. The boy was tied to a pole and had a shock collar around his neck; it would trigger painful shocks through his body if he tried to detach his atoms. The other two were merely bound with special bindings that were in-destructible and could only be taken off by the one who put them on with fingerprint identification. The Shyibean had a blindfold over her third eye to prevent any of her powers. Shyibean’s could do an array of nasty things with their third eye, to mind control from erasing memories, it was truly a scary reality. Eventually the trio woke up, it was only Monad and I for the interrogation, Tika and Zymes were in the next room resting, but still close enough to aid in case of an emergency.

I walked over to the boy and grabbed his chin. “Now, now.” I tsked. “What’s a little boy like you doing with scum like this; didn’t your parents teach you any better?” He glared at me, as his eyes looked to the side, I held up a taser. “You’d best answer boy, trust me, 10,000 bolts going through your body when you’re attached to a metal pole is most certainly painful. Add a bit of water and you’ll be crying for your mommy. So what’s your name little boy?” Of course we weren’t idiots, we took a safety precaution as I stood on a rubber tire, since you never know what might happen.

“Zion.” The boy replied harshly, I couldn’t help but credit his intelligence. IPS always got their answers, of course Lucxene always tried to demote the idea of torture, but then the smart always go without punishment.

I smiled and patted the side of his face; he seemed disgusted by the motion. “He’s telling the truth.” Monad said from behind me, Zion’s eyes widened, having an empathy expert always helped getting people to tell the truth.

“Now Zion,” I continued, “we’re not going to hurt you if you answer my questions. Why are you here?” He looked up at me; he was a pretty cute kid, with fluffy black hair and puppy dog eyes. I wondered how he could have become involved in such a malicious plot.

“To meet you.” As the words left his lips, my brown knitted together, what the hell was he talking about? I looked over at Monad, and he nodded, confirming that it was indeed the truth.

“Why? Criminals usually pee their pants when they hear my name along with my team.”

He shrugged. “I wanted to see if you could indeed be alive.” I snorted as I slapped him, hard. I could hear Monad gasp. I know he didn’t believe in punishing those who were telling the truth and he would have immediately told me if he wasn’t.

Personally I could care less, this is why I was the leader of my team, I had to be ruthless at times to command respect, and I was in no mood for the crap coming out of this kid’s mouth. I walked over to the Shyibean. “And you woman, what’s your name?” I held the taser dangerously close to her neck; her kind didn’t handle physical pain very well.

“Celica, and before you ask, I’ll never let your kind take over our system you dirty fiends! We know of your plan to trap our economy and I think you’re all sick twisted bastards for it! Freedom indeed, if we don’t fit into your cookie cutter version of perfection, we’re obviously not good enough to be a part of your racist federation. You are all a bunch of sick bas-“Before she could finish I lost my temper, my hand grabbed her forehead as I slammed her head into the pavement. Blood trickled out of her skull as she laid there motionless, the boy, Zion cried out for her as tears streamed down his face.

“Shut up!” I snapped at him, Monad looked at me; disappointment was clear in his expression.

Usually I wasn’t this rough, I blame it on the heat, it was making me irritated. I grabbed my forehead and straightened out my thoughts. Slowly I walked over to the silver haired Shyruian, I bent down in front of her, before I could open my mouth to speak, she spat in my face. I felt my temper rise, as if a beast inside me was clawing to get free. I grabbed her hair and puller her face close to mine, I could feel her hot breath hit my cheek in angry breaths. I raised my left hand to her face, my nails elongated to sharp points as I began to trace designs into the side of her face, soon a trail of blood was following my finger as I cut deeper and deeper, though I had to admire the girl, she didn’t utter a sound.

“What’s your name chica?” My voice was strained, it didn’t sound like my own. I was trying very hard to keep my temper in check, something that I could usually do after an outburst, let alone two. Once again she spat in my face, my nail pressed close to her right eye, the nail painfully, slowly, pressing against the side. “Do you value your vision? Answer me.”

“Liah.” She said shortly, I couldn’t help but smile; I was acquiring a small high from seeing the effects of fear had on a person. I never felt this sensation before in my 60 years of existence.

“Good girl.” I didn’t move my finger, but I didn’t apply anymore pressure. “Now are you a member of the Rogue federation?” She nodded, I glanced over at Monad his face was utterly disturbed as he nodded slowly. “I see. That’s enough information for me; I’ll bring you back to HQ so my Director can interrogate you personally, though before we go I have one last question: why do you want to murder the upcoming Ziviuln Prophet Leifeng?”

She laughed; I was ready to apply more pressure to her eye as she began to speak. “Before I answer that Mjrn Ashati, why don’t I ask you something? How can you elongate your nails like that, it’s not a racial trait of the Shyruian.” My eyes opened in shock, I assumed all Shyruian could do that. Liah smirked as she used my shocked state to her advantage; she reached over and touched Celica, who wasn’t as unconscious as I believed. Celica reached over and touched Zion as the blind fold on her third eye fell off. My heart froze as the trio teleported out of the warehouse, and their bindings.

I didn’t have time to wallow in my shock, I roared for Zymes and Tika who burst into the room instantly. I quickly filled them in on the events that occurred; luckily Monad placed tracking devices in our prisoners before they woke up. We rushed into a hover craft as we sped off to their current location.

We arrived in what seemed like an abandoned junk yard as we came across the Rogue Trio. Liah seemed fairly surprised that we found them, while Celica and Zion seemed like they were expecting it. “Liah! Go now! We’ll hold them off!” Celica yelled as she pushed Liah towards a suspiciously shiny machine, compared to the rust that was apparently on all the others.

My mind clicked into action, “Cover me!” I yelled as I sprinted off to Liah who was heading to the Time-Space machine. I heard Zymes fire his pyre gun behind me; I pushed Celica out of the way as I jumped into the machine right after Liah. I looked out the window of the door as I could have sworn I saw Celica smile as she locked us in and hit a switch.

I couldn’t see Liah even though I could hear her breathing only a foot or two away from me, I looked up into to year-counter it read 6:00PM 2745 A.D and I suddenly noticed that we were going back in time. As the year hit 2385 A.D, my life flashed before my eyes.

I saw prophet Vamprio become Sloggan’s successor. Flash. My mother was standing there, along with a shadowed man whom I did not recognize and Sloggan. 2395 A.D I received my first katana. 2409 A.D I was kneeling in front of Sloggan who patted my head, another figure approached, he bore the Zuvuro mark on his arm. 2461 A.D I was standing in the front line of the Zuvuro army as we marched to battle. 2524 A.D I received notice of my next mission and began to train. 2603 A.D. I met my partner, a rosy haired Shyibean. 2685. My partner had just finished the Memen Ex, I entered the Time-Space machine as she attached a stabilizer into the back of my head, in a few moments my memory would disappear. Flash. I saw her again, removing a shaggy silver haired girl from a space craft accident as she placed me inside; my leg was cut when she placed me inside. Flash. I was in a hospital bed, I saw my palm reader who was the same pink haired girl, Celica, and she mentally coaxed me to join IPS.

Chapter Four I

I suddenly opened my eyes, I was standing in a well lit room, it was a very ornate room, and apparently the owner was very wealthy. I felt my katana in my hands, suddenly a comforted wave rushed over me; at least I had a weapon. I touched the blade and noticed that it was slick and warm. I raised my hand to see that it was coated in blood, my eyes widened in horror. I glanced downwards and saw the body and severed head of the Ziviuln Prophet Leifeng. I screamed and covered my mouth in horror. Just as I turned around to run there was a spear pointed to my chest, I looked up and gazed into azure eyes.

“Mjrn Ashati, you are under arrest for the murder of the Ziviuln Prophet Leifeng.” The voice sounded oddly familiar as I looked over and saw Liah and my entire team standing in the door way. My mouth hung open in horror, everyone was there. “If you say a word we will kill you on spot.” Lucxene walked beside Liah and put a hand on her shoulder.

“If you’re wondering how we caught you,” Liah began. “Tika had suspicions about you, she informed Jarod and the moment you entered the Time-Space Machine, Jarod linked into your mind and saw all of your memories, and plots. Clever trying to erase your memories so no one can find you and you could join IPS without a hitch, allowing you the access to all of the vital information.”

Confusion shadowed my face as my memories suddenly returned. I was born 360 years ago and was hired by Sloggan. He didn’t like the idea of the Prophets slaving away for a selfish empire, so instead of withering away to become one of the Great Ones, he hid in the Zuvuro Empire and talked with the Emperor. My parents, a Shyruian and a Xar’ryn bore me on the 360th day of the 360th year when the next Prophet would be appointed, what was more odd was that it I came out of the womb on the 360th minute past midnight, I was appointed a still born until the 360th second when I took my first breath.

Sloggan thought of this to be a sign, which the reign of the Prophet was over. The Empire trained me to be the end of the Prophets. 360 years later I entered a time machine to go exactly 25 years back into the future. My partner Celica had erased my memories to make it easier to breech the security at IPS, I would join them so I could become closer to the vital information needed. The story was that I was in a car accident; to ensure that I stayed on track with my new memory I met with a ‘palm reader’ who was Celica who altered my memories to give me a past, and also to direct me on the right path.

Essentially I was supposed to believe that I was 35 years old at the time, that was all part of the falsified past that Celica gave to me. She also made me believe that I was pure Shyruian for the mixture of my two races was a very odd one. Anyone who knew of my races could easily look me up in a directory, which Celica and Rogue Union Communication agents also took great care in deleting all my files. This was all part of the plan to recreate a new Mjrn, even my last name Ashati was made up, my real last name Vulpi’Vix’Argenti which was of Xar’ryn origin, they kept the name Mjrn for it is a common Shyruian name.

Celica then would train and erase the memory of a poor girl named Liah to pose as the real killer, as I gathered information. Every time I learned of something that was valuable Celica would probe my mind for we were linked, Shyibean’s could only link to one to three people throughout their whole lives. This would occur from between 3am to 6am, where I would experience an intense migraine to distract me from the probing.

Zion was used to aid Celica keep Liah’s memories at bay. Since her memories weren’t given up willingly, Zion had to enter Liah’s body when she started to rebel as Celica would erase her memories.

Once I reached the time machine with Liah, who was just a year younger than me, allowing her to live through the experience, I would go back to the moment I was born to regain my memories, then be blasted 2 hours and 30 minutes into the future where I would have murdered Leifeng.

The only problem was that my current emotions and loyalties were to those whom I worked with for the last 60 years. The memories were mere pictures in my mind, nothing more. I looked upon my old team, Liah standing in what was rightfully my spot. I guess that’s what I get for stealing who she was supposed to be. I felt a tear run down my cheek.

“We will be returning to HQ to further examine and question you, and then you will be put on trial.” Liah finished as she brought a pair of shackles towards me.
“I didn’t realize it! I’m not the person who I was, I never intended to-”My voice caught in my throat as Tika stabbed me in the chest, my eyes linked with hers.

“I always feared a friend who would lie to me. You were that person. Now you die with that knowledge.” I managed to look at the condescending looks from all my former team mates, friend as my body when limp and my world went black.

The IPS team looked down at the body of the ex-leader with disgust in their eyes. Suddenly the silver haired man ran into the room as everyone looked at him. He fell to his knees and sobbed. “I was too late, I tried to warn her. She really didn’t want this to happen.” It was if a heavy weight was placed in the air as the silence became unbearable.

Vampiro walked into the room. “Binks it wasn’t your fault, they were all being manipulated in a ploy by the Zuvuro Empire, they were all being controlled, Mjrn, Liah, Celica, Zion, Sloggan. He is an evil man and you tried your best.” The prophet leant down the hugged the man.

Binks raised his head and looked at the group anger in his eyes. “If you all weren’t so deaf, maybe you could have heard out your friend of many years, your leader! I hope you all suffer for this day!” He glared at Liah and Celica who was standing in the back coroner of the room. “Count your blessings that I got here before they murdered you.”

Tika bent down in shock as she cradled her friend in her arms, right before she could pick her up Binks ran over to her and slapped her hands away. The man bent down and lifted the deceased agent into his embrace. “Let her rest in peace, you’ve done enough harm.” Tika did not rise as the floor became wet from her tears, as Vampiro and Binks left the palace the clock struck 9:00PM.

Suddenly, a cry was heard in the night.

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Sneak Preview

Post  Mjrn on Sun Mar 07, 2010 11:14 pm

When facing a biased jury in an attempted murder trial and having your dirty work record comes to bite you in the ass, what's a 360 year old hybrid alien to do?

From back talking the managers [most of them don't mind, and they know they REALLY deserve it], to 'physically abusing' team members [sometimes you have to get the point across], to sexually assualting a team memeber [no comment] not being convicted of her crime is looking very bleak for Mjrn, let alone being allowed back into the IPS.

Even if she were to get back to work, a threat from a very angry Liah leaves Mjrn's possible IPS future looking very bleak for Liah controls the key and the drive to destroy Mjrn's relationships and respect at her job.

Soon the Special Crimes Unit will be divided in two, with both sides being forced to work together but at the same time trying to rip each other's jugular out. The arrival of more memembers causes Liah's new unit to grow and prospier while Mjrn's unit begins to suffer due to their leader's current position.

Soon Mjrn finds her dreams plagued by a mysterious man who tempts her darkest desires. The only problem is that Mjrn can't seem to figure out if the man is real, or just a dream.

The race to the top for the two teams will begin very soon!

What to expect:
Regular updates with a few chatpers and edited versions of older chapters. I will make notes if any of the changes changes the story's outcome.

Who to expect in the near future: [since I couldn't fit everyone]
Kaza [more than a mention]
Mrs. Slog
Slog [more than a mention]

* Marks characters that will come later on in the story.

Please note:

Mjrn is putting a specially edited version on the forums due to certain content, if you are interested in reading the full version please contact me and I will send it to you. [I'll place a notification up]

Also I'm going to have to start building character relationships, if you find yourself hating your best friend on domo, or dating someone please don't go nuts on me, this is just for story purposes.


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Re: Ingergalatical Species Preservation Chronicles: 360 Chapter Seven is up!

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Chapter Four II

I suddenly opened my eyes, I was standing in a well lit room, it was a very ornate room, and apparently the owner was very wealthy. I felt my katana in my hands, suddenly a comforted wave rushed over me; at least I had a weapon. A startled gasp woke me from my deep thought; my hand ran instinctively over my blade, it was slick and warm. I looked down to see that it was covered in blood. I glanced upwards to see none other than the Ziviuln Prophet Leifeng in his bed, he was pushed upright to his headboard, and a hand was around his bloody neck.

My eyes widened in shock as I let the scene in front of me sink in. “I-I...” My voice caught in the back of my throat. Leifeng’s eyes became less terrified as he noticed my confusion. “What have I done? How did I get here?” I muttered, suddenly my train of thought was broken when a group of people burst into the room.

Just as I turned around to run there was a spear pointed to my chest, I looked up and gazed into azure eyes. “Mjrn Ashati, you are under arrest for the attempted murder of the Ziviuln Prophet Leifeng.” The voice sounded oddly familiar as I looked over and saw Liah and my entire team standing in the door way. My mouth hung open in horror, everyone was there. “If you say a word we will kill you on spot.” Lucxene walked beside Liah and put a hand on her shoulder.

“If you’re wondering how we caught you,” Liah began. “Tika had suspicions about you, she informed Jarod and the moment you entered the Time-Space Machine, Jarod linked into your mind and saw all of your memories, and plots as they returned to you in the machine. Clever trying to erase your memories so no one can find you and you could join IPS without a hitch, allowing you the access to all of the vital information.”

Confusion shadowed my face as my memories suddenly returned. I was born 360 years ago and was hired by Sloggan. He didn’t like the idea of the Prophets slaving away for a selfish Federation, so instead of withering away to become one of the Great Ones, he hid in the Zuvuro Empire and talked with the Emperor. My parents, a Shyruian and a Xar’ryn bore me on the 360th day of the 360th year when the next Prophet would be appointed, what was more odd was that it I came out of the womb on the 360th minute past midnight, I was appointed a still born until the 360th second when I took my first breath.

Sloggan thought of this to be a sign, which the reign of the Prophet was over. The Empire trained me to be the end of the Prophets. 360 years later I entered a time machine to go exactly 25 years back into the future. My partner Celica had erased my memories to make it easier to breech the security at IPS; I would join them so I could become closer to the vital information needed. The story was that I was in a car accident; to ensure that I stayed on track with my new memory I met with a ‘palm reader’ who was Celica who altered my memories to give me a past, and also to direct me on the right path.

Essentially I was supposed to believe that I was 35 years old at the time, that was all part of the falsified past that Celica gave to me. She also made me believe that I was pure Shyruian for the mixture of my two races was a very odd one. Anyone who knew of my races could easily look me up in a directory, which Celica and Rogue Union Communication agents also took great care in deleting all my files. This was all part of the plan to recreate a new Mjrn, even my last name Ashati was made up, my real last name Vulpi’Vix’Argenti which was of Xar’ryn origin, they kept the name Mjrn for it is a common Shyruian name. The moment I woke up from the machine I was reborn as Mjrn Ashati, well my mind believed that.

Celica then would train and erase the memory of a poor girl named Liah to pose as the real killer, as I gathered information. Every time I learned of something that was valuable Celica would probe my mind for we were linked, Shyibean’s could only link to one to three people throughout their whole lives. This would occur from between 3am to 6am, where I would experience an intense migraine to distract me from the probing.

Zion was used to aid Celica keep Liah’s memories at bay. Since her memories weren’t given up willingly, Zion had to enter Liah’s body when she started to rebel as Celica would erase her memories.

Once I reached the time machine with Liah, who was just 20 years younger than me, allowing her to live through the experience, I would go back to the moment I was born to regain my memories, then be blasted 2 hours and 30 minutes into the future where I would have murdered Leifeng.

The only problem was that my current emotions and loyalties were to those whom I worked with for the last 25 years. The memories were mere pictures in my mind, nothing more. I looked upon my old team, Liah standing in what was rightfully my spot. I guess that’s what I get for stealing who she was supposed to be. I felt a tear run down my cheek.

“We will be returning to HQ to further examine and question you, and then you will be put on trial.” Liah finished as she brought a pair of shackles towards me.
“I didn’t realize it! I’m not the person who I was, I never intended to-”My voice caught in my throat as Tika pointed her spear at my chest, my eyes linked with hers.

“I always feared a friend who would lie to me. You were that person. Now you die with that knowledge.” I managed to look at the condescending looks from all my former team mates, I looked at Tika as tried to relish my last moments breathing, the spear shook in her hand as she tossed it aside, it made a heavy clunk as it hit the ground. “...You should die, but I can’t kill you. Because somehow I believe that you are a changed person, you are Mjrn, my friend, not Mjrn the Rogue murderer. You never intended to lie to me. You are not the same girl that was born 360 years ago, in my eyes you are still 60 years old and my best friend.” With that said Tika pulled me into a tight embrace, hot tears were flowing down my cheeks as my arms wrapped around her.

Liah coughed in the background, I pulled away from Tika and looked her in the eye, my vision was blurred from the tears. Somehow I figured a mere ‘I’m sorry, this is who I am’ speech wouldn’t fix the ill feelings she had of me, I had tried to frame her for the murdered of a vitally important figure head after all.

She walked up to me and slammed the shackles onto my wrists. “I personally will not be satisfied until she has undergone a trial, a very lengthy and extensive one. Until then she is still a criminal.” I wanted to sneer at her, but I assumed I deserved it. We all walked back to the shuttle in silence, for once I knew how our prisoners felt when they were captured.

Although once we were in the space craft leading us to HQ, I muttered under my breath about how Liah couldn’t beat me and had to be a cheater and use this damn contraption to win. I felt Lucxene slap me in the back of my head and Liah hold up the same taser I threatened to use on her, damn those Humanoid’s accurate hearing, wasn’t I allowed to have a little fun?

I looked at my team who tried to look mad at me, even Lucxene, Monad was the first one to crack a smirk following him was Zymes. Mission successful, note to self: Lucxene has a good cuff, avoid it from now on.

Less than five minutes after the IPS team left the Ziviuln palace, the silver haired man ran into the room panting. He cursed loudly as he fell to his knees, tears of frustration streamed down his face. “I failed. Dammit Ziviularis, how could you let me fail!?” He pounded his fist into the ground as he sobbed and looked at the blood that was on the floor and Leifeng’s bed.

“You didn’t fail completely Binks, stop being so hard on yourself.” A deep manly voice entered the room, Binks immediately spun around to see a well built man with grey hair, age lines were apparent on his face but they did not hinder his handsome demeanour, they helped create an air of power and great knowledge.

“Prophet Vamprios.” Binks bowed, the motion was conducted with the highest of respect.

“Binks Tridia, I have known you since you were a child, for once please stop with the formalities, we are equals.”

Binks blushed and immediately rose to his feet; he muttered a soft ‘sorry’. “Now all is not lost Binks. Both Leifeng and Mjrn have lived, your powers of predication are great but sometimes they have faults. And thank Ziviularis the one time you were wrong was this time.” Binks’ expression immediately turned to that one of relief as he sighed heavily. “It is time for the Ziviuln people to stop being inactive, it is time we took a stance against the Rogue Union. We were gifted with our abilities for a reason; it’s time to start using them to help the right causes. Binks you will travel to the IPS Head Quarters and tell them all you know, you will then aid them in any and all endeavours they shall encounter.”

Binks bent down to bow once again, but caught himself before he could full and just nod his head instead. Vamprios smiled. “Very well sir.”

Chapter Five

Binks made it to the IPS Headquarters in record time, after having to endure the high secruity and endless background checks he was able to finally acquire an immediate meeting with the Director and team that was a part of the Ziviuln case. Binks entered the boardroom as he instantly recognized everyone; he had seen them all in his visions on multiple occasions. Director Lucxene greeted him as he turned to face the crowd of people.

“Before I discuss why I’m here I have to explain a bit about myself. My name is Binks Tridia; I am Prophet’s Vamprios disciple.”

Everyone eyes him suspiciously, as Kooh raised her hand. “I thought the only person who would become the disciple of the Prophet was his successor.” She said as the confusion was apparent on her face.

“Well yes Kooh,” her eye widened as she realized she didn’t introduce herself to Binks. “but it’s not only the Prophet himself who has predictions of what will come, the Prophet though is the only one who is born with the ability to predict natural disasters in the galaxy. Most Ziviuln’s have the ability to predict something; just some powers are stronger than others. My powers were abnormally strong; this caused Vamprios to train me. That is also how I know all of you; I have seen you all multiple times in my visions.”

Just as Monad opened his mouth to ask a question, Lucxene shushed him. “I am 375 years old, when I was 14 I predicted that the following year a child would be born who would be used in a long, ongoing plot to destroy the balance of the two systems, this child was Mjrn. I immediately told Vamprios about my discovery who immediately began my training to hone my skills.”

Binks let out a long sigh as he picked up a glass of water and took a sip. “I am not full Ziviuln which may be why my foresight is better than others; my mother was a Sire’ea, the songwriter Humanoids, but I will discuss that another day. I have a half brother by the name of Seph, we share the same father but Seph’s father was an Ausculto’Prea, they have the ability to hear all of the past conversations that occurred in a specific room, of course it takes great training to master this skill and most of them go insane before they could master it.”

“Seph was sent to the Rogue Union to pose as a snitch, he was spilling selected information to the Emperor, once he was inside the Empire’s wall he immediately honed into the Empire’s ploy. Seph immediately recorded his memories in a memoir sonnet, to make this easier to explain I’ll sing it to you.” Everyone nodded as Binks finished.

Binks walked over to the corner of the boardroom and picked up a lyre, he immediately began to strum a series of chords. As he began to sing his heavenly voice filled the ears of everyone who was in the room, before they could say anything the boardroom changed and they were in the Empire. Binks voice faded as the scene before they unfolded.

The room was made of iron and an assortment of metals, in the back of the room a golden throne clashed against the silvers and pewter of the walls. A deep crimson rug ran from the entrance down the long room to the throne, there was an elderly man seated on it, his eyes tired as if he hadn’t slept in years. His grey hair was like straw, his skin yellowed from years of being exposed to the Empire’s pollutants, his dull blue eyes were watery the sclera was a yellowish colour much like his skin.

Beside him a younger menacing man kneeled, his right arm was resting on the throne’s arm rest as he caressed the elder’s forearm. He had long shaggy raven hair that ran down his back to his shoulder blades, his amber eyes were ringed with crimson. The man was pale but he had a feral look about him, it was as if he was waiting to pounce on unsuspecting prey. “Emperor Chanis Duberious,” the man’s voice was almost as smoothing as Binks’ “Doctor Karn has informed me the experiments are fully prepared, they won’t have any recollection of their past.” The elderly man nodded. “My control on Sloggan has weakened; apparently two days ago he managed to escape our research facility and has gone into hiding. That is of no great concern for he knows that if he is discovered by the public he will be chastised for not ascending to become one of the Great Ones.”

Chanis nodded again. “Sloggan is of no more used to us; he managed to convince Mjrn’s parents so many years ago that she was a miracle. We managed to murder Ashati before she could recall Doctor Karn’s experiments on her to cause Mjrn to be conceived at that particular time. Mjrn’s racial combination was perfect for a general of this Empire, her father’s genes gave her just enough of a bestial and blood thirsty nature while her mother gave her grace and acute sense and a sharp mind. Sloggan is no longer needed; I will order my men to dispose of him immediately upon the first sighting of him.”

The man stood up and walked in front of Chanis. “The experiment’s name is Celica, she is a powerful Shyibean. All of her memories have been erased; her powers will help Captian Mjrn infiltrate the IPS. She believes that she was born as a child to the Empire and will be more than willing to aid us on the assignment we shall give her.”

The room began to melt as the group was transported to what looked like a lavish meeting room in the Empire. Both Chanis and the man were seated in the middle of a long table with various other members of the Empire, Mjrn stood on the opposite side of the table dressed in a leather body suit with the Empire’s symbols on it.

“Emperor Chanis Duberious, Master Malus and members of the Empire. After consulting with my partner Celica we have decided that the optimum manner in which to breech the security of the Ziviuln Prophet is to use the Time-Space machine that was lost after the Great Planetary War, the one that our very own staff found. After intensively studying the Shyruian population we have found a suitable female by the name of Liah who will be used in our plan. Essentially I will travel 25 years back in time, a time where Liah would be in a severe space craft accident and would join IPS shortly after. Celica will erase all of my memories before the departure and will track my progress through a mental link. She will then guide me through my journey and persuade me to join IPS, taking Liah’s life path.”

“I will believe that I am 60 years of age and will remember nothing of my past life. This will breech any security that the IPS may have, especially involving those Humanoid’s that can look into your mind and read memories, they cannot read any memories that have been fully erased from my system. I will be reborn as Mjrn Ashati, a more common Shyruian name to deter anyone, even myself from learning about my unique heritage and erasing any suspicion that may arise.”

“To ensure that Liah co-operates Celica has pin pointed a young Var’rin male that will be able to restrain Liah when Celica performs a mind wipe. Since Liah’s age is similar to mine, she is around 340 years old; it will be very difficult to permanently erase her memories without leaving her crippled. The boy’s name is Zion and when I am working on breeching IPS, Celica and Doctor Karn will work on the boy.”

“Once 25 years at IPS has passed, I shall meet Liah, Celica and Zion in a head to head confrontation. Liah will run to the Time-Space machine to complete her duties and I will instinctively follow her. Once inside we will travel back in time, causing the two of us to regain our memories than blast forward exactly 2 hours and 30 minutes. In this time a casual loop will be caused I will be teleported to where Liah would be standing in exactly that time to ward off my invasion that was initially supposed to occur on Prophet Leifeng. As the IPS leader, Liah would be near Leifeng as a body guard in case any of the Rogues got past the team’s security; instead I would be there while Liah will be teleported to my original location with the IPS team who were just about to kill me for breaching the security. The Time-Space machine would be destroyed in this process.”

“Essentially what will happen is the IPS team will kill their precious leader instead of me, and I will be close enough to Leifeng to decapitate him. The only down fall is it will take approximately 30 second to 1 minute before either I or Liah become consciously aware of our actions, in an ideal situation I would have already severed Leifeng’s head from his body and Liah would have taken her final breath.”

The room melted once again, when the team opened their eyes they noticed they were back in the boardroom, Binks strummed the lyre one last time. The room was silent, the only sound made was ticking of the clock on the wall.

Liah was the first to break the silence. “It almost worked, except our conscious came back faster than expected, I was able to miraculously convince the team of my innocence as we rushed to save Leifeng. I don’t understand what stopped Mjrn; she had enough time to murder him.”

Tika stood up from her chair. “Only Mjrn can answer that question, she will be put on trail within a week or so.” Tika’s face went sombre as she remembered her friend.

“Well. What I don’t understand was why didn’t Binks come and stop this from the beginning? Why did you let his turn into such a shit show?” Jarod’s accusing voice came from the back of the room where he leaned again the wall.

Binks hung his head. “I was protecting my people, we promised to stay out of any Federal-Empire conflicts, and also very few knew of our powers, we would have been hunted. It was a mistake we are all going to redeem for. Once we realized how their plot may work I tried to warn Liah and Mjrn and remind them of their pasts to try and prevent it, but Celica’s powers were too strong.” Celica looked away from the group, ashamed for what she had done. “Vamprios has commanded that from this day forward I help the IPS in any of their investigations to prevent this from happening again.”

“So...does that mean me and Celi are going to be put on trial and hung like Mjrn?” Zion asked as he shifted his weight nervously on his seat. Lucxene shook his head.

“Absolutely not, both of you were not aware of your actions, if you agree to work for IPS we will not only erase all of your criminal record, we will help restore your original memories.”

Zion’s face lit up in a smile. “So we’re all free?”

“You two are Mjrn isn’t.” Liah interjected, both Zymes and Monad flew out of their seats shouting a loud ‘what? Why not?’ Liah wagged a finger at the pair. “Zion and Celica had their memories altered remember, Mjrn did everything from her own free will, and she was always a child of the Rogue Empire. She will suffer the punishments.” Liah had a smug look on her face as Monad clenched his teeth together.

“Remember Liah, Mjrn could be a changed person, a fair trial will be held to determine her fate.” Lucxene said as he placed himself between Monad and Liah.

Liah snorted. “Of course, but I highly doubt you can change an old Rogue’s ideals.”

Chatper Six

Upon returning to HQ I was immediately put into a secure dormitory, which meant I wasn’t allowed to leave and I was under video surveillance 24/7. I was thankful I wasn’t put into a holding cell, all of my major belongings were moved in here. The dorm was not as nice as the one I call home, but it certainly was not shabby, I think deep down Lucxene knows I’m innocent too, it’s just company policy.

I was not allowed any electronic form of communication, though I did have a T.V set with a pathetic 1000 channels (this isn’t the early 21st century you know), I also wasn’t allowed any visitors, though my friends often shoved letters under the doorway, and Jarod would often talk to me through the link, sometimes someone would join him for these conversations.

“Home sweet house arrest.” I laughed mentally when Jarod contacted me for the first time.

“It seems becoming one of the top five most wanted criminals in the Federation hasn’t killed your lovely sarcastic sense of humour.” I could hear his laugh, it was low and soothing, and something he should do more. “Note to self: Don’t laugh around Mjrn.” His amused voice rang in my mind, fuck he heard that... “I heard that too, I think it’s time to turn off the mental chatterbox.”

“But Jarod, I’m so smart my mind doesn’t shut up!” I grinned as I laid down on my soft bed and looked up at the plain egg-shell white ceiling, I hate white.

“I know you hate white, and I’d say your mind is like an A.D.H.D child, it doesn’t shut up.”

I stuck my tongue out as I decided to change the subject. “Top 5 eh? Exactly what ranking?”


“What?! Only three? Who could be more menacing then ex-IPS agent Mjrn the Murderer?”

He chuckled again. “Oh only the Emperor himself and his right hand man, but I’m sure you’ll out rank them soon with that mouth of yours.”

“Bah.” was my only response as I curled up in my black dragon plush blanket and fell into a peaceful slumber.

I was awoken a few days later to the sound of my door opening, I sat up, wearing only my white silk night gown and it clung to my body leaving very little to the imagination. I was very used to being around Tika and most of my teammates for some of our missions got very interesting. As my eyes adjusted I didn’t see any of my teammates at the door, but Liah. I couldn’t help but blush, I didn’t like strangers seeing me like this, and my team was the only family I had. It apparently registered to Liah what I was wearing as she turned a beat read and looked over to her side; her now black hair covered her face in its many layers. “I’m sorry; I didn’t expect your attire.” She muttered as I pulled my plush blanket up to cover me.

“Its okay, my fault, it’s not every day the woman who put you in prison comes to visit you, next time I’ll be more considerate.” I couldn’t help it; sometimes my tongue had a mind of its own.

Liah looked at me, her mouth opened slightly but closed as if she resisted the urge to say something. “Can I talk to you?” She asked, I shrugged and patted the spot beside me on my large bed. She sat upright with her legs together on the floor. “I came here to answer any questions you might have since you’ve been out of public communications for a while.” I nodded and pondered, the silence lasted for a long time. “Is there anything?” She asked. “Don’t you want to know what happened to the Space-Time machine? How you reached Leifeng’s room?”

I laughed bitterly. “Chica, I know how I got there. I’m the evil mastermind after all, I created the plan. I remember it all.”

Abruptly Liah stood up, a wave of fury washed over her face. “You know, I came here to try and help you. I saw how much your teammates love you; they were supposed to love me like that. That got me thinking: maybe this girl is wonderful after all? But no, you’re just a cold hearted Rogue bitch.” I launched to my feet, my plush blanket falling to the floor.

Liah’s eyes shone with terror as I approached her, I turned my head and looked at the mirror above my dresser. The beast was coming out, I could see it pressing again my face for it suddenly looked sharp and skeletal; my teeth were elongating and pointed. I haven’t had the time to re-learn how to control this aspect of me; my father’s genes were buried deep inside the darkest parts of me when my memory was erased.

I halted and took a deep breath; the beast fought me for a moment but then decided to rest as my features turned back to normal. I spun on my heel; the white satin gown I wore followed my movements with its many layers I then hopped into my bed and pulled the covers to my neck. “Just go away.” I grumbled.

Liah snorted as she didn’t move, I closed my eyes in frustration, damn this house arrest; I don’t even have the right to remove her from my ‘cell’. Liah approached the side of my bed; I turned so my back was facing her as I gazed upon the white wall. “I can’t stop thinking about you.” Liah began. “I dream of you at night, you’re always on my mind. I don’t know why, you’re certainly not someone I’d personally consider a great person, but you there you’re always there. Why? Did you do some trick in your past to torture me if your plan didn’t succeed as you planned?”

I laughed a sharp high pitched laugh. “Yeah me torture you? You’re nothing special to me, although maybe you’re obsessed with me? I clearly could trash you in a fight so you must be one of those submissive gluttons for punishment.” With that last line Liah pounced onto my bed, onto of me, her weight pinning me down as she sneered.

“You’re not the only one of mixed blood, sure Shyruian and Xar’ryn might be an interesting combination but my grandmother was a Sanguin.” I think my unimpressed demeanour pissed her off; it showed in her face, she must have been a minor race because I never heard of it anywhere. I was the type of person who only remembered important things and people, essentially those that paid you or killed you. Now that I noticed, her ears were pointed more up right than mine, like an elf, while mine tilted downwards, her ears were long like mine so that was probably why I never noticed.

She snarled furiously as her incisors elongated, I rolled my eyes. Sorry if she was trying to scare me she had to do better, all of my teeth became bigger and pointier, only two of hers did. “Face it hun,” my tongue clacked in my mouth “you’re just not that scary.”

She smiled, as her face lowered to mine, her hot breath was beating on my cheek. “Sanguin’s drink the blood of their opponents, full blooded ones are like vampires where they need it to live, I don’t but I can say I enjoy the taste.”

Once again I found myself laughing; Liah looked like she was going to scream in frustration. “That’s supposed to scare me? You’ll drink my blood, but I’ll feast on your flesh and use your blood to wash it down.” I expected her to phase her but her face still remained close to mine, I know she has a right to be bitter, but damn just leave me alone.

“I’ll show you then, see I can make you feel an array of things.” My brow’s arched just as she brought her lips to my collar bone and bit down hard.

I let out a bone chilling scream; it felt as if my blood was replaced with molten lava, I couldn’t move to push her off. The pain was excruciating, her chocolate eyes locked with mine as they shone with something, it seemed as if she was enjoying this a bit too much. All of a sudden the pain stopped, but I could still feel her fangs in my skin. “Hurt doesn’t it?”

Her lips moved against my skin, I shivered slightly. “I’ve experienced a lot worse.”
My teeth clenched together as I could feel Liah smile. “I can do a lot more.” I closed my eyes and braced for the pain again, but another rush of heat filled my veins. My eyes opened in confusion as I tried to pin point the sensation, my breath became short and ragged.

I couldn’t figure it out until Liah’s tongue slipped past her soft lips and caressed my skin. I couldn’t stop myself from letting out a moan; dread filled my mind, dammit why couldn’t she make the pain come back? I’ve faced many hardships with opponents in my life, from being beaten to a bloody pulp, to having my mind probed to literally being controlled, but being aroused by an enemy was utterly embarrassing. She laughed and it sounded like one of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard, her hand caressed my exposed leg as the heat moved down deep into my abdomen. I internally swore to myself that I would rip her heart out when she withdrew those fangs. Suddenly she did, her body lifted above mine as she continued to straddle me, the only problem was that I couldn’t move an inch. “What the hell?” I barked.

She smiled sweetly. “Not only can I control your sensations when I bite you, I can release a selective amount of poison into your blood stream. Don’t worry you won’t die; the poison can work its way into you and do a variety of things. In this case I made it soften and spread your muscles apart temporarily so you can’t move. If you’re not careful I’ll make it spread to your jaw so that lovely mouth of yours can’t move anymore.”

I stared at her intently. “What else can you do?” She smiled as her fingers traced the silk on my stomach. “Lots, one thing I can do it make the poison go to your mind and alter your perceptions and control you, of course it only lasts as long as the amount of poison I put into you. I can also search your emotions in your mind when I’m biting you, not your thoughts but I can find out what causes certain emotions to run wild, like what you fear and your passions.”

My tongue ran over my bottom lip. “That skill will be no use to you when you’re dead.”

She laughed again and I wished I had ear plugs to block the sound. Her fingers trailed up my stomach to the area she bit as she gripped tightly. “It’s very handy, especially if you pass your trial and rejoin IPS.” My brow arched as her smile widened. “You see, I already know your desires and will be lots of fun torturing my new co-worker when we’re working together.” With that she laughed once more, hopped off me and walked out the door. My body still wasn’t listening to me or I would have punched her face in, funny thing the heat never left me as I laid there and waited for her poison to wear off.


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The trial

Post  Mjrn on Sat Mar 13, 2010 4:06 pm

Chapter Seven

The very next day I was sore. I most certainly was not used to having my muscles spread apart so I couldn’t move, the after effect was just plain painful. I took a hot shower, the water helped dull the pain to an irritating ache, I couldn’t help but wonder if there were going to be any permanent effects.

My teeth ground together as I let the image sink into my mind. Maybe that was Liah’s plan from the beginning. She could easily ensure that my muscles became so torn that I could not be useful on the field that bitch. I slammed the knob on the shower to turn it off and walked out, the steam quickly filled the bathroom. I inhaled deeply, trying to calm myself but my lungs filled up with moisture causing me to cough. I grabbed a white, fluffy towel that matched my hair and wrapped it around my tall fame. At 6”1 I was having issues dealing with the short ceiling of my ‘cell’, luckily one of the traits of the Shyruian was being doubled jointed almost everywhere, so I could arch my back farther than the average human. It was one of the advantages of my race, we really only had two major weaknesses, heat, since we’re from a planet that had snow all year and extreme pollution due to our heightened sense of smell.

I walked into the main room that was also connected to my bedroom, damn this place was small and I was becoming claustrophobic. As I turned towards the door I noticed a letter was pushed under the small gap, I reached down and grabbed it and felt myself smiling as I recognized Kooh’s handwriting.

Dear Mjrn,

We all miss you here, it hasn’t been the same without you the atmosphere and morale of the team her just died. We aren’t allowed to do any assignments until your trial is over which will begin in a few more days, there’s been a few complications with the witnesses.

Liah has been given her own field team, depending on the outcome of your trail will determine if we join her or not. She has some nice new faces that aren’t as biased as her cronies so they may be easier to deal with. Jarod and I have been separated from the Tika, Monad and Zymes and can only see them on lunch or in our spare time. I can tell that Tika misses you the most; I went out for a beer with her since I heard Thursdays were your pub night. Tika told me never again as she ordered a pitcher of Darconian Dark and I got so drunk she had to carry me home. The next day she told me that the two of your could finish off three, sometimes five on a good day, you alcoholics.

Please come back soon, I miss you and I don’t want to work for Liah. I want our old team back even though you can be a vicious slave driver; you’re like a mother to me.

Love you, talk to you soon.


I felt my eyes tear up, I really did miss them. I put her letters on top of my pile; everyone from my department sent me at least one. I lay down on my bed and did the only thing I could, sleep.

Two days later

I was woken to two IPS security, they handed me a god awful grey outfit to put on. I walked into my bathroom and quickly changed, it was one of the most unflattering things I’ve ever worn in my life. As I exited the bathroom I was handcuffed and lead down a series of corridors. Soon we arrived silently to the two-story high oak doors that lead to the courtroom, as we ended I saw a wide variety of friendly faces and unknown ones. Luckily the media were not allowed inside or I probably would have gone beast on them.

I discovered in my days of solitude that I had a large problem on my hands, namely I couldn’t control the Xar’ryn side of me. I couldn’t fully transform, it was like I became stuck half way and it was incredibly painful, only Lucxene and Tika were informed of it. Another issue was that I completely lose my mind when I’m in that state, another hindrance to me going back on the field.

The security guards led me to a box with bullet, laser, crack and everything except sound proof glass. As I took my seat I noticed my whole team looked at me from the front row, Monad smiled and gave me a thumb up as Zymes nodded. I looked into Tika’s eyes and knew that if I lost she would be the first to rip out the judge’s heart with Monad trailing behind; I wasn’t so sure of Zymes. I loved the kid but he was new to our department and young, I probably was too hard on him on multiple occasions; he has every right to not respect me right now.

I saw Liah and her posse sitting on the opposite side of the room looking smug; guess they thought they’d be in control of my department. They could go fall off this station for all I cared, I would not be making their lives easier, well except that Zion kid, he looks like he still has some hope in him.

The judge walked in draped in a long scarlet robe. He was old and looked as if he could have a heart attack any moment now, I mentally laughed the second I noticed he was human, I could easily be four times his age and I looked like a spring chick compared to him.

After the monotonous oaths to the Galaxy, Suns and Moons to not lie and an in depth explanation of the case, which I already knew and dosed off during the trial began. Liah, Celica and Zion all testified against me, I was surprised that none of them threw in any fake tears as I so called ‘destroyed their lives.’ Everything went as expected from the opposing team, and for once I had hope, hope that maybe I might be able to win this.

That hope diminished as Lieutenant Ayame walked to the stand, shit that bitch hated me. Ayame was a regular human, nothing special about her except for the fact her father was loaded and bought her a high ranking position in IPS. If his precious little girl stayed he would donate lots and lots of money to our company. The two of us often bonked heads when it came to trivial matters, Ayame was in the finical department and Tika and I were on her top hit list. So what if broke down a lot of doors, burned buildings and smashed windows [and countless other things] during our missions, it got the job done.

“Mjrn Ashati, or shall I call you Mjrn Vulpi’Vix’Argenti? Or Rogue General Mjrn? Or traitor? Either or the name is a disgrace to IPS, you not only breached all of our defences in order to murder Prophet Leifeng, you have a very naughty track record when working for us.” I could see Liah’s ears perk up, aw shit why Ayame? “According to my records you have broken an astounding 137 of our company policies.” I could see Monad give me another thumb up as I could sense where this trial is going. “Mr. Monad Cyristeau, I’m interested if you and your team can name any of these times where your leader, Mjrn has broken any of the company policies, remember you are under oath.”

Monad smiled innocently. “Company policies...there are so many I can’t possibly remember them all! Let my think Lieutenant and I’ll get back to you.” I inwardly cheered, that was my cheeky teammate, sure I hated when he did it to me, but seeing other people go through it was priceless.

“Well let me look at the list." Ayame sneered as she grabbed what looked like a large booklet, I was indeed screwed. “Special Agent Mjrn’s offenses page 36, incident of sexually harassing a team member. Care to elaborate Mr. Cyristeau?” Monad paled as he looked at the team.

“Ha, ha. Well that’s a funny story Ms. Misferite, but maybe you should let Zymes tell the story for he was the one involved.” I could see Zymes face pale then turn a beat red. He probably was kicking himself for it was only his third day on the field and didn’t realize our team’s agreement of ‘I don’t say, you don’t say.’

Zymes began to tell the story. “Well, um, I... It was my third day at IPS...” I closed my eyes and remembered the day myself.

Our mission was to invade a prostitution circle that was trying to find pairs of races to create a super army that would wipe out most of the lesser races. Funny thing was that both unwilling prostitution and attempting to create a ‘super army’ were both extreme illegal, so the IPS caught on fast. I was paired with Zymes, the new kid. He was less likely to be recognized as an IPS agent and he needed the training. I was posing as his newly acquired prostitute whom he would try to sell at the circle; most prostitutes were injected with drugs to keep them docile.

I wore a traditional sky blue, sheer harem costume complete with lots of skin showing and a face veil to hide my face. Zymes was extremely dapper in his back tuxedo as we managed to enter the circle. The main idea was to try and grab the attention of the leader and take him out. Once inside I very obviously dragged Zymes into a private room, ensuring we caught the attention of one of the bouncers.

As I shut the door, Zymes gave me a glace that said ‘what now?’ I reached up and grabbed his neck, he was tall around 6”3. I pulled his head down and whispered in his ear, “Play along.” That’s when I forced his mouth down on mine.

Either he didn’t hear the ‘play along’ part or was just stupid because I swore I could hear him mutter ‘what the hell’ as he tried to push me off. Instead I pushed him as he fell back on a leather seat, convenient that we managed to pick out a private room for this, not so convenient when I wondered how clean it was. I straddled his waist, my sheer garments left hardly any room to imagine what was under them I knew the bouncers would be walking in any second so I had to work fast as I hushed Zymes giving him my best “I will kill you,” glare. His faced paled as I groaned; he had to pretend he was enjoying this

I once again leaned up to his face, pressing my breasts just under his chin as I hissed, “If you don’t act like you’re enjoying this not only will you never see your next pay check, I’ll make sure everyone in our department thinks that you’re not endowed at all.” His eyes widened as he blushed, I felt bad taking a shot at his ego but sometimes you need to do that to get things done.

I lifted his shirt off his skin was pale much like mine, but he had odd markings on his skin, if he were a wolf like his race made him appear to be I could guess that these markings would have been on his fur. I knew better though, his race was not one of the ones that could transform fully. As I traced his markings with my fingers to make him relax I looked at his face and noticed his features. They were soft like a puppy, his nose pushed up and his nostrils resemble that of a dog. His eyes were large and his shaggy red hair covered his body like a silk curtain. His ears were the shape of a wolf’s, perched on the top of his head, I touched them and was surprised that they weren’t furry, they felt like skin. The markings on his skin gave the illusion of fur.

I looked him in the eyes and noticed that he was more relaxed, perfect hopefully we wouldn’t blow this. My hands traveled back down his strong chest, I could feel the ropes of muscles under my fingers. My right hand touched his arm as I found it to be extremely well toned, even more so than my own. I guess it was from hauling those heavy guns. My hand touched his own as I noticed his fingers were sort of short and his hand had pads like the paw of an animal, his nails were extremely sharp.
I suddenly heard footsteps approach where we were. I hurried and brought my hands to lie on the zipper to Zymes’ pants, I could feel him jerk from being nervous. I unzipped them and just as I was pretending to put my hand down them to door flew open and we were being hauled off to an office.

Everything went smoothly from there, Zymes was supposed to be getting a talk about having an ‘emotional attachment to the product he was selling,’ but the moment I saw the Don Juan I threw a knife that was hidden in my skirt and hit him right between the eyes. The hench men were just as easy to take care of. I guess the moment we returned to HQ Zymes filed a sexual harassment report since it was part of the company policy.

Ayame smiled as Zymes finished the story, his face was a shade of scarlet. I cringed, the next day I got drunk and decided to tell him his ‘junk’ and ‘bod’ wasn’t that bad at all, and I thought it would make him feel better. Big mistake there since he couldn’t look at me for over a week.

“Ma’am, if I may interject...” Zymes stuttered as he remained standing, Ayame arched a brow in his direction. “It was part of the mission, and being a new recruit I didn’t fully understand some of the circumstances I’d face. Mjrn took what could have become a full blown rape case and tried to make it as gentle, friendly and professional as she could without blowing the cover for the case. I feel perfectly comfortable working with her, heck I’m more than comfortable I trust her with my life and she’s like a sister to me. Well a sister that sometimes gets naked and acts like we had intercourse to get the mission done...Wait that sounds like incest... A sister who will at times pose like she loves me in a more than family way? Wait...uh; you know what I mean Ma’am. If Mjrn isn’t allowed back into the Special Cases Unit, I’ll quit.”

I was stunned; I didn’t know Zymes would do that for me. My eyes began to tear up as he looked at me, I could see crystalline tears in the corners of his eyes. He was a good kid and I loved him like my family, it was like he was my little brother telling the principle to not kick me out of school because he would miss me, it meant a hell of a lot to me.

Ayame on the other hand did not look impressed as she inspected her fingernails. “Charming.” She scoffed. “But you still filed the report Mr. Tirezace, so that’s really not my problem.” Zymes sat down, there was a gleam in his eyes that told me he wanted to kill Ayame as much I as wanted to. Ayame began to flip through the pages of the booklet again. “Ah, Page 12 states that Mjrn has a habit of physically abusing her team members, care to share Mr. Cyristeau?”

Monad stood up confidently, my heart sank. He was one of my best friends, but he wasn’t someone I wanted to vouch for me, he had a certain way with words that often brought the wrong impression. “Well Mrs. Lieutenant sometimes when words don’t work you sometimes have to use physical force. As I always said to teach a baby not to cry you just give them a good smack across the lips, they’ll be too busy licking them to feel better they won’t make any noise.”

The crowd looked utterly horrified; as did I. Dammit Monad can’t you say something normal for once? Monad looked around at the reaction he received. “Uh, well you get my point right?” He was met by silence.

“Should I begin to assume that your behaviour was influenced by Mjrn’s Mr. Cyristeau?” Ayame smiled as Monad shook his head violently.

“No, no. I was like this from the day I crawled out of my mommy’s womb, the Director often wondered how many times I hit my head as a child, or if I smelled any household cleaning products.” He laughed to himself, I couldn’t help but smile, and even though I was going to crash and burn into the ground at least I’d have an interesting trial.
Monad turned to face the audience. “Listen, all of you. If you had to deal with me on a daily basis you would hit me too, and none of you can deny that.” Once again the crowd was silent but I could see a few people nod in agreement, holy crap Monad did it. Ayame’s mouth fell open as Monad turned back to face her. “Is that all?” Ayame shook her head as Monad triumphantly sat back down into his seat.

I could almost swear I heard Ayame grinding her teeth together, perfect I was going to win this. That was until Ayame flipped to the very last page of the booklet. “Ms. Keiga, please rise.” Tika did as ordered, her face looked unimpressed. “Please inform me that it is indeed true that Mjrn has been having anger issues as of late, and these have been causing her to have problems controlling her Xar’ryn beast?” The crowd went silent as I could feel everyone’s gaze on me, I looked up and saw Liah’s chocolate eyes piercing into me, and they looked confused and disgusted. I couldn’t tell if the disgust was towards me or how this trial was turning out.

Tika inhaled deeply. “She has been having some issues, but that is to be expected from the trauma she faced. You must remember she did forget that part of her and it has been in a deep slumber for 25 years.”

Ayame tsked, “Then she’s a danger on the field, tell me what you found when you entered her room.”

I was shocked; I couldn’t recall Tika coming to visit me when I was in my cell. Tika took another deep breath and began to tell the story.
“I walked into Mjrn’s room after she had a confrontation with Liah. I assume the wench was taunting her for when I walked in the room was in shambles. Furniture was scattered and ripped, mirrors were broken, and as I walked into the kitchenette I saw Mjrn. She looked like she was in pain, she was hunched over her hands were on the ground. Her bones looked like they were trying to burst from her skin which was tight from the strain. I guess she smelled me for she turned around and the sight was horrifying.”

I closed my eyes, no wonder why Tika hadn’t been in my room, well at least when I was conscious.

“It was still the face of my friend.” Tika continued as she stood tall and made eye contact with almost everyone in the courtroom. “She was confused as to what was happening to her and was in pain. Her face was tight, her gums bloodied from her elongated teeth, her clothing were ripped as her arms, and torso and legs were bloody from clawing at herself. She was twiching from the pain, I tried to approach her but she backed away, I believe she was ashamed of how she looked. That’s when Lucxene walked in, the moment he did she started to ram herself into a wall, trying to escape, she ended up knocking herself unconscious and reverting back. Lucx and I took some time and repaired her room.”

The crowd was silent as I was in shock, I remembered once when my beast tried to come out, it was incredibly painful and I ended up burning my hand on the stove I was cooking on, causing it to retreat. Ayame had a satisfied smile on her face as she told the crowd that she was finished, the judge and jury members walked into the backroom, I noticed Lucxene was one of them.


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