A Goodbye From Ajay

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A Goodbye From Ajay Empty A Goodbye From Ajay

Post  Celica on Sat Feb 27, 2010 5:37 pm

Dear Dragons, I received a mail in-game on DoMO last night from Ajay telling me he decided to leave the guild.

His reason was due to inactivity (<.<;; >.>;; *guilty*) in the guild, so he decided to leave and join Lab Coat Mafia.

It saddens me to hear that people have to leave due to our guild's inactivity, but when they make a choice like that we can only let them go.

Ajay requested that I tell everyone about his leaving, saying that he had a lot of fun with us but was sad to have to leave.

Ajay, even if you may not see this, as I have already replied to you, take care, have fun and hopefully one day you may come back to us again.

We will greatly miss you <3333

Love, Celica & Chaotic Dragons.

A Goodbye From Ajay Pinkgirl_missyou

A Goodbye From Ajay Celi_sig3
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A Goodbye From Ajay Empty Re: A Goodbye From Ajay

Post  Lucxene on Sat Feb 27, 2010 5:42 pm

*Shrugs.*I really have no comment to this,since not much can be said.I usually just sign on and it's me completely by myself...Or Zion completely by himself...So yeah,the guild is like "Out to Lunch." on what seems to be a long long lunch.Oh well...Maybe one day it'll breath again.

If anyone needs me reach me on MSN,why I haven't been on DOMO or any of that much.

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