Review: Battle Of The Immortals

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Review: Battle Of The Immortals

Post  Zymes on Thu Apr 22, 2010 7:07 pm

I've been checking out this game lately, which started it's Close Beta Test last week. I find it quite interesting and like to share this with you.

Game Name: Battle Of The Immortals (BOI)
Game Publisher: Perfect World
Game Website:
Game State: Currently in Close beta Testing (ends at last day of April)
Open Beta is Announced. Live at 4th of May

Here's a video of the product manager explaining what BoI Is all about.


There are five classes in BoI in total namely:
1) Berzerker: The melee DPS equipped with dual Axes or Swords.
2) Champion: The 'Tank' of the game; Equipped with Sword+Shield
3) Slayer: Melee DPS concentrated on Agile stat (Crits/speed) and are equipped with Dual Daggers or claws
4) Magus: The Magic Type DPS with 2 handed staff
5) Heretics: The healers of the game, possesed with the power of Light and Dark. Equipped with Scepter+Shield

Screeny: My character, heretic and pet. Angel and Kiba

On the side note, I'm happy to say that the classes aren't gender Locked. Razz

Although in some games characters earn Skill Points when they level up. In BoI, however, auto-learns the skills when you reach that certain level and can be upgraded through the skill trainer which requires both coins(in-game currency) and personal experience.

Heretic Skill Preview

Quest, quest, quest! Aren't they a pain to do? Hey better than grind grind grind! Questing in BoI is UBER easy. With the help of the Auto-route system, you can find your way through the quests in a breeze whether if it's a story (Actually have an interesting plot) or branch quest. Just click on the "linked" name of NPC/location/etc on your quest book or even on your quest progress on the side of your screen, your character goes auto-routing! Auto Route works on both quests, events, or simply type the coords on the map.

Quest Book

Events are one of the main features in BoI. Events such as instances, bounty hunting, treasure hunting, dream lover, and many more! Most of them can be done at any time of the day, though there are some special events that are only activated through certain time of the day (activated on LOCAL time, so players from other countries can do them as well), weekly and some only weekends. All of the events have good rewards when completed (though completing a certain event is limited per day of up to once or thrice depending on the event). At the strike of 9 o'clock PM PDT, all events are reset. So the events you have Done are available again.

Screeny: Event Window

Tech and craft relies on each other to work and requires patience.
The idea of technology similiar to domo. Mining, Harvesting, Gathering, Refining, etc. Leveling one of these skills requires tech points, which regenerate every minute whether online or offline, and the higher the level, the more time it needs to complete its "Research" or upgrade.
Screeny: Technology Page
Crafting is the same, though you can only choose one profession of the four(Arms, Forge, Handicraft, Alchemy). But each profession have their own branch [example: Alchemy has both Remedy (potions) and Enchantive (Transformation potions that gives buffs)]
Screeny: Crafting

This is probably the most special feature BoI has. Equips "Lvl up" the more you use them and gain additional stats. Not just that but they look frikking awesome, too! (Once I had a staff with an eagle talon on the end....and it...moves.. o-o;) There are a lot of equip pieces your character can wear and each of them affects your look (besides the accessories) Equipments are easy to come by, usually from events. They have regular equips, set equips, and soul gears (the strongest ones).
Screeny: Character and Equip Window

You can obtain pets from events, catching, breeding a pet to another (yes, pets got gender, too xD), or trading. Though you probably won't have enough space (though you can expand your pet invo, and you also have a pet stash, its like your bank for pets lol) to put all your pets since ALMOST ALL monsters (and most bosses) in the game are catchable ranging from cute koala's, to a fierce wolf, to a scary zombie. When you kill a monster, there's a chance you can 'catch' them. Pets level up, just like characters, have the same stats, have skill slots where you can buy skills for them to learn (which some of them are auto activated by the pet itself) and even open up new skill slots of up to 6, i believe. They also have a 'mood' buffs on all the time (such as 'coward' which gives them more phys and mag defense bonus, 'furious' for damage, and etc.)
Screeny: Pet window (Kiba)
Each class have their own class-based 'common' mount, obtained from a main-quest, though I dont remember at what level. All mounts provide a buff to their rider for 30 minutes after you dismount. Elite Mounts are obtained from the cash shop which can run a lot faster and have stronger buffs. Some Mounts are dual-mounts, meaning 2 players can ride on a mount and both characters receive the buff.
Screeny: Mount

There's not much to say about the party system. Besides the Exp Bonus for being in a party, you get awesome party buffs if you're party is together. There's also a feature where you can register for a party invitation for a specific purpose whether its questing, events, etc. or invite registered people to your party who has the same intentions.
Screeny: Party Window
My favorite feature in game, Guild. Although it takes a while to get the coins needed to make a guild, it is very much worth it. Guilds have 3 branches of 'beliefs' or skills that are mostly passive to all guild members. There's also GUILD WARS! >;D woot~ well guilds fight each other, or together if allied, for territories. Not much is known about this since its currently in CBT and none of the guilds are eligible for guild wars yet. =/ Another feature is the "Voyages". Nothing is known about this since it's still locked. I have a feeling it's a very interesting feature. Guilds use both Guild Development Points and Guild Funds to level up and learn beliefs. Guild Dev and Funds are obtained from doing guild quests. Guild Construction Quests giving guild development points and Guild Funds Quest gives..well...guild funds! each quest completed, either funds or dev, gives the player 1 point of contribution, which can be accumulated to trade at the guild shop. (guild capes of different colors, awesome items and potions). There's also an uber easy Guild Event which can only be done once a day that gives both dev points, funds, contributions and personal experience. Like any event, I think doing so with a big group of party gives more of these rewards.
Screeny: Guild Window 1 Guild Window 2 Guild Window 3

Well Coin is the main one but there are also other currencies that certain NPCs only accept. Such as:
~Salary, acquired from trading Zeal (the longer the online time you have the more zeal points you get plus you get bonus zeal points the total online time you played before when exiting the game)
Salary is used to buy Cash Shop Items under Salary Section
~Stamps/Medals/Etc. These things are acquired and accumulated from doing certain events. You can trade these to certain npc's for awesome items!
~Credit. Using Zen(cash shop currency) to buy items gives you 60% (i think, not sure) of the total amount Zen used to buy other cash shop items under the Credit Section of the Cash Shop Window
~Scenario Scores: Obtained from doing story quests to be traded for unique items.

Well cash shop is for the rich. Poor poor people can't buy those items on cash shop. But fear not! BoI modified the cash shop so it would be very different than the chinese version where cash shop is a necessity to pwn in game. not in North America Version. gems and upgrade stuffs are obtained from bosses and events and only ones in cash shop are tools that will help you along the way but aren't really necessary. Another good news is BoI has a Zen(cash shop currency)/Coin Trade Market where players can buy Zens from other players! How neat is that? Plus using Zen gives you a percentage of Credit to buy other cash shop items in credit section.

There's so much other stuffs I want to share about BoI such as:
~Double Exp System. This feature can be activated/deactivated anytime, anywhere. You get 300 minutes of double exp per week.
~Mail System is a button away. No more of that old fashion 'go-to-mail-box' *cough dancing milk carton cough* though I miss him ;o
~Relics. Relics are obtained from story quests. It's a long chain quest but very worth getting. Relics gives a buff depending on which relic you have activated. They can also be upgraded with foraging (mining, harvesting, gathering, etc) mats to strengthen the buff effect.
~Treasures. Idk much about them I havent found one. but they are traded for very powerful items in game.
~Growth Aid. Every 10 levels or so, your growth aid is updated automatically. It tells you recommended pets to use, equips, new relics to find, and even new ways to gain coins! Surprised
~Rankings. Shows lists of rankings such as persnal(either level, power, wealth, popularity, merit, reputation), class ranking, guild ranking, and even pet ranking!
~The Chronicles: What about the story plot I was talking about? yes it's all here. Summary of every story quests you've done. It's actually pretty interesting.
~In-game camera feature: er...whats there to say? XD You can capture vids using this feature and even watch saved videos! Whoa!
~In-game Bot System: whoa whoa whoa whoa!! BOT?!?! yes. sadly there's a bot system. it converts character energy (used to chat in world chat and bot system) to activate the system and depending how much energy you have, determines the length of time, usually up to two hours at full energy. Energy restores every minute just like tech points. and both energy and tech points can be restored using certain potions bought from cash shop or simply crafted.
Screenies: Growth Aid
World Map
Note: With people power in forums, Devs are taking out Bot System when OB comes live. They're changing a lot of things which is a good sign that they're listening to players. They're also adding a WASD movement so it wouldnt be point-and-click movement.
Note: Will Add Screenies!
Edit: Screenies added
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Re: Review: Battle Of The Immortals

Post  Kazaa on Sat May 15, 2010 12:58 am

ive been playing this game for 2 days and i love it, easy to lvl and sooooo much to do even if your jsut gonna sit around, and lots and lots of pets and instances *overwhelmed* xDDD
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Re: Review: Battle Of The Immortals

Post  Celica on Thu May 20, 2010 2:23 am

Hohkay so I gave and tried this too..the open beta. I must admit it is pretty awesome, I LOVE the auto-run feature....I don't have to freakin' search for NPCs or mobs I have to kill...the graphics are great and skills nicely animated and everything is so smooth!

Even if you're locked to one class I don't mind that I automatically get skills when reaching a certain level, less work for me to do! Limited character customization, but I think they might throw in more features for that soon, and they do have some nice costumes in their cash shop and I'm sure they'll have a lot more soon but that's not really that important to the game it's just me who likes costumes of course Razz

The quests and storyline are awesome so you really always have something to do, plus the pet/mount system is pretty sweet.

This game kinda makes me think of Dragon Oath (when I played their CB) because they had lots of similar features to BoI, though I don't know I really couldn't get into Dragon Oath even if they had lots of nice events and such. I think because I like the graphics in BoI so much more.

Unfortunately while I would love for more guildies to play this game with, my new work schedule keeps me out during most of your active times (also sucks because I work practically every single day of the week now) and I'm gonna be around late at I can only solo for the most part. D:

BUT if we do get enough guildies to play this....maybe we can start up a CD guild there again if anyone is willing.


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Re: Review: Battle Of The Immortals

Post  Kazaa on Thu May 20, 2010 3:29 am

It would be awesome to get a CD on here(btw those that dont like doing elders, they are MUCH MUCH easier in this game) plus we might be able to get in an alliance with 3 of the highest ranked guilds :3, the alliance system is really neat cause you gain and Ally chat that lets you talk to anyone in the allied guilds, making forming teams even easier.

Also for party quest late night players like celi can usually find people, the traffic does slow but not so much that you cant make teams.

just to make sure for anyone else that tries we are on the EAST server, Atlantis(the realm doesnt matter) and my ign is KazaOokami
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Re: Review: Battle Of The Immortals

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