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Video randomness of awesomeness Empty Video randomness of awesomeness

Post  Kazaa on Sat Apr 24, 2010 1:44 am

So I have been watching all kinds of videos out of boredom on youtube as usually and decided I should share some of them

Bucktown tiger, he does awesome covers of songs on piano while in a fursuit, very amazing how he plays so will with his paws. Here is his cover of Second Chance by Shinedown.

This guy makes music video mass ups of various animated films, mostly using movies like Balto and fox and the hound 2.

Richard Simmons on Whos Line is it anyone, this is one video that had me laughing for a long while.

Here is a vocaloid video were rin and lin really remind me of kooh and kao and gackpo makes me think of myself lol

this is a completely perfect shot by shot remake of a scene from A goofy movie.

the next 2 videos of from a meme called geddan or get down and the last one is the full song that the meme comes from <3 the song and the geddan is just fun lol The 2 that i have doing the meme are also very awesome fursuit dancers, you might want to check out some of their other videos. Mangutsu ~V~

Here is a few clips from my fav furry internet show the Funday Pawpet Show(this is what i disappear to watch on Sundays)

This is Halloween from Nightmare before Christmas done as if KK slider from Animal Crossing had done it

8-bit sound version of the mortal kombat theme

this is a song that basicly covers the history of hip hop, found it quite good(love the old school stuff, RUN DMC please?)

Similar Idea to the last one but this is the evolution of dance

I thought this one was just to cool XD

hope you guys enjoy(man i spend to much time on youtube >.>) sorry they turned out at least half furry lol xD;
And one more site incase you get bored and need some buttons to push pstttt hit the epic one, its so totally epic!
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