The Four Towers of Placid Plains

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The Four Towers of Placid Plains

Post  Kazaa on Wed Apr 28, 2010 12:04 am

So they recently added the instance for 2 of the towers and have had them few a little while now, i decided to go into each and get as much info as i could without massive death tolls lol...

Turtle Tower
Overall the monsters here hit very hard, if I slowed down for to long I would have died easily. This is also one with the instance.

The mobs:

The instance:
So you enter it there are 8 eggs on the ground, they don't attack you and aren't to hard to kill, just 2 rounds of my skills killed one.

once I killed the egg, i was instantly summoned to the other end of the room where I met the instances boss. I barely had time to snatch this screen of him before he killed me in one hit, note I have full doc buffs on.

It might be possible with a full team, 2 healers, and a really good tank, but otherwise this is near impossible. Also there is a 24 hour cd on the instance.

Tiger tower
I didn't find anything to special about the monsters here, They are definitely strong but seem doable by most. The one thing to note is most the monsters can be found on the first floor. No instance for this map yet though.

Dragon Tower
This one is full of nasty poisons and debuffs. The most notable is the one from the poison spray traps, they are npcs but if you get close they will cast their spell, first screen shows them and the effects of the debuff.

Bird Tower
This is the weakest of the towers. The mobs hit fairly weakly though it seems there are mobs missing on the higher floors. Unlike the other tower you can get to the very top of this, I toke some screens of what it looks like up there. This one also has an instance to it.

The Mobs:

The Instance:
So this one is actually Doable, but only cause of a buff you get at the very beginning(shown in the 3rd screen). You wall in and first touch this alter, it gives you this shard and the buff and spawns the monster. Thanks to the buff I was able to take about 5 hits from it before dieing. I believe a team of 2 doc, a muse, and 3 dpsers could beat this, though might be a little tough. It may be possible solo but because of having high hp you may have some trouble.

It may be possible to mob in the tiger or bird towers, but the turtle hits to hard and the dragon has those nasty poisons(i dont know if detox or WD skills can remove them)
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