Raid DPS Guide

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Raid DPS Guide

Post  Celica on Tue Jun 22, 2010 7:00 pm

Finally I get around to doing this! XD

Not sure if anyone will still have any use for this, but meh...for future reference I guess. <<;;


A DPS a.k.a. Damage Per Second is a class whose purpose in the team is to deal out as much damage on the enemy as possible.

Any class with a high damage output can DPS, but they are almost always physical classes.

Usual DPS Classes

Martial Artist (attack build)
Witch Doctor (physical attack build, subbing BM, Hunter or Thief skills)
Mercenary (attack build with Axe skills)

Other Classes

Wizard (Highest magical attack, single target skills)
Shaman (single target skills)

*Usually these classes are considered "Nukes" as they deal out the highest magical attack.


Fencer (single target skills)
Dancer (non-aoe, single target skills)

*These two classes are midway because their skills deal out both physical and magical damage. However, being in the middle does not give them high attack on either end unless the build is directed to either strickly physical or magical, and even still it will not compare significantly to a Blademaster or Wizard's attack damage.

However, these two classes have debuff skills that can be useful against mini-bosses and bosses, but this will be discussed in the Raid Support Guide.


*Physical DPSers have two ways to go: Attack Speed ( aka ASPD) and Skill Spam build.

ASPD is just constantly attacking melee style and Skill Spam requires you to use as many attacking skills as you can in succession (aka Spam XD)

ASPD builds tend to be more useful for melee attackers like BMs and Thieves.

Skill Spam builds are VERY common with Hunters (I've noticed that almost everyone and their mom has a high lvl Hunter), but require a LOT of MP, so having a lot of potions, using an MP necklaces or having a personal Muse to constantly restore your MP will be necessary to deal out as much damage as possible.

Recommended Build for ASPD - 2 pow 1 dex (dex until 28), then put all points into Power (Str).

Recommended Build for Skill Spam - 103 agi, 28 dex, rest into pow.

Breakdown each lvl: 2 agi 1 dex (dex until 28) then 2 agi 1 pow (Agi until 103), then all into Power (Str).

Why 28 Dex? - Dex caps at 28 points, so there is no need to put anymore points into it unless you want to have a higher critical hit rate, which usually benefits only BMs and Hunters.

The 28 dex is just for more assurance to hit your enemy. However, you don't need to put any points into Dex and put all into Pow (Str) if you decide to get an accuracy increasing spell, install accuracy onyxs into your armor AND have a Muse casting Song of Concentration on a constant basis.

Why 103 Agi? - Agi caps at 103 for Skill COOLDOWN. 58 is the cap for Skill CASTING TIME.

So in terms of Skill Spam build, you WANT to have your attack skills cool down as fast as possible.

Why Everying else into Pow? - For physical attackers, Pow(Str) is your base for dealing damage, so you want as much as you can into it.


Skills ** to be added


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Re: Raid DPS Guide

Post  Leifeng on Wed Jun 23, 2010 2:15 am

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