Raid Support Guide

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Raid Support Guide

Post  Celica on Tue Jun 22, 2010 7:01 pm

Yay! The "heart and healing" of any team, the Support! :3

Support Classes

Main Support


Secondary Support

Dancer (Debuffing skills)
Witch Doctor (no attack subs)
Shaman (Debuffing/Mob control skills)
Merchant (omg yes they can actually be useful with some of their buffs)


ALL support classes depend on MP, so WIS (Wisdom) is crucial.

Having AGI helps a little to decrease casting and skill cooldown time.

Doctor - FULL WIS is recommended for best healing. Forget about agi, as long as you have all healing skills, you'll be fine.

From my experience Docing raids (especially for tank teams, eheheh <<; ) even having a lot of agi to decrease skill cooldown time makes me work too hard to click more buttons when I could heal more HP when I have full Wis.

Musician - 2 Wis 1 agi recommended, (or Agi until 103 for lowest possible skill cooldown time so "Long Songs" like Mars and Hymn of Goddess can be cast faster), and rest into Wis.

Why 103 AGI? - As I stated in the Raid DPS guide, Agi caps at 103 so it's not necessary to put anymore points into it because your skills will not cool down any faster. You will benefit from having more Wis afterwards.

**Musicians do not require as much Wis as Doctors, but they need to keep their MP up to keep playing songs to buff the team and to restore MP when necessary.

Remember that Mystic Mantra does NOT heal your own MP, but if you get the Musician's passive skill "Soul Music" and lvl the skill as high as you can per your lvl, it will help you restore your MP faster.

Also keep some MP potions handy, or MP recover skill such as Inner Magic (Doctor), Mating Dance (Dancer), Cataclysmic Converter (Wizard), Spring Cleaning (Shaman), or Control Breathing (Thief).

Raid Doc Skills/Subs

As a Doctor, it is important to constantly heal the team's HP. If in the case you are on the "Tank" team, then your job is to make sure the Tanker does not die if at all possible.

Recommended Skills to Have

First Aid - Max at Lvl 10
Frog's Legs Soup - Max at Lvl 10 if possible
Greater Healing - Max at Lvl 10 if possible
Fantastic Frog's Legs Soup - Max at Lvl 10 if possible
Regeneration - Lvl 11 (Need Inner Magic Lvl 6 to get Lvl 11)
Frog Forcefield - Lvl 11 (Need Yang Frog lvl 5 pre-requisite for Lvl 11). It consumes 10 Frogs per use but affects everyone in your Team in close range.
Prolong Life - Lvl 11 if possible (Need Mega Magic Boost Lvl 4 pre-requisite for Lvl 11). It consumes 10 Frogs per use but affects everyone in your Team in close range.
Born Again - Lvl 1 is ALL you will need. It would be better to save the 2 points from just Lvl 1 and invest in a stockpile of Phoenix tears instead because they are quicker to use than to cast B.A because Raids are very fast-paced, but Lvl 1 is fine for back-up.
Detox - Lvl 1 Minimum, Max Lvl 3 preferred (if you can spare the skill points), ONLY for certain raids like Black Widow or when fighting against the Demonic Daisy mini-boss in Garnet Godwin's lair.
Mega Magic Boost - Max Lvl 10 (only if you have the points to spare)
Inner Magic - Max Lvl (try to keep at only Lvl 6 if you can, so you can use the points for other skills)

Passive Skills

Hand of Healing - Max Lvl if possible. This REALLY helps your rate of HP healing.

Recommended Subs

Musician Songs - Only if necessary and there is no muse in the team.
Dancer Debuffs - for Mini-bosses & Bosses
Shaman Nature Skills - Choking Climber
Wizard Magic Skills - Stalling Chant to slow down mobs

Before the Raid

**Make sure you keep LOTS of FROGS on hand. You will be healing and buffing constantly. Keep MP potions/MP regen pills, MP necklace or whatever you need to keep your MP up constantly.

**Keep Scapegoat Dolls/Resurrection plates with you just in case. Doctors are VERY squishy and will go down very fast once aggro hits.

**Cast All Frog buffs. Cast Regen. Lvl 10 on Tank and anyone else who may need it.

During the Raid:

**If you are on the Tank team, use Regen Lvl 11 only on the Tanker. Heal everyone else with single heal spells like First Aid or Frog Soup and use AoE Heals when necessary. Stay close to the Tank, but when you have to click on the crystal to go to the next area, go inside BEFORE the Tank.

**If the Tank "dies" (uses a scape, or rez plate), hit them with frog buffs right away then heal when needed. Frog Forcefield first, then Prolong Life. Use Regen. Lvl 11 immediately.


Raid Muse Skills/Subs

As a Musician, it is important for you to buff the team with songs to restore MP or raise attack/accuracy/evasion.

On the DPS Team:

Play Courageous Chorus, Mystic Mantra, Song of Concentration, and Diligent Ditty in that order. DPSers focus on their attacks first after the Boss has been debuffed.

On the Tank Team:

Play Diligent Ditty, Mystic Mantra, Song of Concentration, and Courageous Chorus in that order. Tank needs the evasion first, and MP to use Forms and Mock the mobs.

**If everyone is all just on one team, use the Tank Team song order.

Recommended Subs

Doctor Subs - Medical Treatment branch with Inner Magic, First Aid and Regeneration to help the main doc a little.
Dancer Debuffs - Only if no one else can sub them.
Shaman Nature Skills - Choking Climber, Any Debuffs like Hoar Frost or Summer Sun only if no one has Dancer debuffs to use on the Boss. Otherwise, do not use debuffs as Dancer debuffs are more effective.

Before the Raid

Play Mars' Song and Hymn of the Goddess. Do NOT play Echo Guard yet, play it once inside the Boss lair.

Why do I say this is because while Echo Guard has a chance of reflecting attacks, it makes you STOP for like half a second. This is not good for the tank or the DPSers when running through the mobs to run to the Boss crystal.

Try to play Diligent Ditty before going in, to increase speed and evasion while running through the mobs.

During the Raid

Play your short songs in whatever song order as mentioned above. Use Transfusion (Fuse) on the Doc or Tank if their MP is low. Use it on the DPSers when they request it.

Good luck! Very Happy

The Role of Full Support

Being a Full Support person is a VERY difficult job, because you are basically doing 2 jobs at once.

"Full Support" refers to, ideally, a Doctor with Muse subs, and maybe debuffs/some magic attack subs. Sometimes a Muse can sub Doc and heal as well as play songs, but it is not recommended.

Doctor subbing Muse is more effective because of their higher MP pool and MP regen, especially having the Hand of Healing passive skill.

To be effective, Full Support must play all long songs first, heal, play short songs, heal, play another song, etc. It takes good timing and quick reflexes/thinking.

There used to be several occassions where I played that role...I got used to it and was told I was really good at it but after some time I figured I'd retire from that. XD



Hope you got something out of this guide, I will add more information if necessary. Please feel free to post anything else that should be changed/added. :3


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Re: Raid Support Guide

Post  Celica on Fri Aug 06, 2010 11:48 pm

Woot! I finally got to work on this! <<;; (yes that's how boring it is at work right now)

So here you go guys, even if we're not even playing DoMO that often right now, might be a good reference for the future. XD

I may change/add more info later.

DPS Guide is also Half done, I'll work on that soon too.


"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." ~ Dr. Seuss

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