Binded Hearts: Sentinel Bestiary

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Binded Hearts: Sentinel Bestiary

Post  Zion on Tue Aug 03, 2010 11:02 pm

The Sentinel Bestiary!!!

Alright well this was just made in case anyone ever wondered about the origins of the Sentinels. I actually thought about who the Sentinel should be and who it should be under the control of based on personality and symbolic traits =P. I hope this proves to be useful. More Sentinels will be added to the list as the story progresses, so keep checking back periodically if you see the appearance of a new Sentinel in the story =D.

Note: Because Sentinels represent the content and pieces of their master's souls, they can change due to large changes in their master's personality. All the Sentinels listed can be subject to change or "evolution".

Atlas - The first Sentinel revealed in the story. He can take the form of a small bunny rabbit made out of rock, or a shirtless teenage boy with bunny ears, with a right arm encased in stone. He possesses extremely high strength, but because of his rock features, he can be slow.
Description/Origin: In Greek mythology, he was one of the Titans that fought against Zeus and the other Greek gods in the war against the Olympians. He was betrayed by his two brothers, Prometheus and Epimetheus, which caused the Titans to lose against the Olympians. Zeus punished him by forcing him to carry the Earth on his shoulders for all of eternity for his sins.
Guardian of: Liah

Fenrir - First revealed when Kazaa released his Sentinel to defend himself against the other prisoners during Kristy's "Deathmatch". Fenrir is a cobalt colored wolf that possesses the powers of ice. When in danger, he can harden his fur into ice, creating either armor, or large sharp pieces of ice that he can use to fight.
Description/Origin: In Norse mythology, Fenrir was the son of Loki, the god of trickery, and was fated to kill Odin the king of the Gods, during the end of the world, known as Ragnarok. He is credited to have bit off the right hand of Tyr when the gods bound him out of fear of his rapid growth.
Guardian of: Kazaa

Naoe Kanetsugu - Appeared when Lucxene called him in an attempt to defend Zion and Kaoruniwa from getting overwhelmed during the deathmatch on the Otaku Pirates ship. Kanetsugu wears white, traditional Japanese clothing, although he does wear some white and black samurai armor over it (though not the entire set). His face is hidden by his white samurai helmet. He uses a naginata that causes a flood of cherry blossom petals to appear when he swings it. Although very lacking in offensive capabilities, Kanetsugu can strengthen the abilities of his owner and other allies, Sentinel or not.
Description/Origin: In Japanese history, Naoe Kanetsugu was a 16th-17th century samurai that served the warlord Uesugi Kenshin for a large portion of his life, and continued serving the Uesugi clan until his death. Although he had an arranged marriage, Kanetsugu secretly had a homosexual relationship with his warlord, Kenshin, during his time as his servant.
Guardian of: Lucxene

Selene - Selene's first appearance was during the battle with Kristy and Aphrodite. She wears a black, sparkling midnight dress, and high heels; she has the appearance of a wealthy young woman, with blonde hair and pale skin. She wears a crescent moon hair ornament with the hair sticks that hold her tied up hair together. Unlike the other Sentinels, she is capable of constantly hovering above the ground, although she can walk if she wishes.
Description/Origin: In Greek mythology, Selene's name literally means "Moon", which suits her: she is the Greek Goddess of the Moon. She has two siblings; Eos, the Goddess of Dawn, and Helios, the God of the Sun. She fell in love with a mortal named Endymion, and loved him so much that she asked Zeus to give him eternal sleep so that he could never age and so she could love him for all of eternity.
Guardian of: Celica

Aphrodite - First appeared during the battle with Kristy. Aphrodite has long, silky, wavy light brown hair that falls to her waist, and she wears a single, cream colored toga, and traditional Greek sandals. She has no offensive capabilities, and only serves to counter and intercept any attacks directed at Kristy.
Description/Origin: In Greek mythology, Aphrodite is the Goddess of love and beauty. Her beauty was so great, that it constantly led to near outbreaks of wars between Zeus and the other gods. Her husband was Hephaestus, the God of Technology, but she was unhappy with her spouse, and thus, flirted with whomever she saw fit.
Guardian of: Kristy

Kichijoten - First appeared when Lily showed Zion her Sentinel while on the rooftop of school. How long she has had the Sentinel is unknown. Kichijoten wears light blue summer yukata with purple clouds on it. Her hair is a light bronze color, and is tied into two pigtails. She wears a Japanese priestess' headdress.
Description/Origin: In Japanese folklore, Kichijoten is one of the seven gods of fortune, and is known to be the goddess of fertility, happiness, and beauty.
Guardian of: Lily

Dhampir - First revealed by Zion's first King of Legends opponent, Renault. Dampir is usually in the form of a small bat, but he does have a humanoid form in which he is a tall, pale, thin middle aged man wearing a long, dusty, beige trenchcoat. In this form, his hair is brown, but indicates signs of graying.
Description/Origin: A Dhampir originates from Balkan folklore as the child of a male vampire and female human. In Balkan folklore, a vampire would return to where a woman he loved while he was still alive would live, and impregnate her, causing the creation of a dhampir. Most dhampirs function as vampire hunters since they do not have to fear having their blood drunk, and they can attack vampires during the daytime, when they are at their weakest.
Guardian of: Renault

Apollo - Revealed by Liah's first opponent, Katelyn Lahn, during the King of Legends Preliminaries. Apollo takes the form of middle school aged boy with dark blue shorts that stop above his knees, and an orange, zip up hooded jacket. He has pale skin and short blonde hair.
Description/Origin: Apollo is one of the Greek gods, and one of the many sons of Zeus. He has been identified as one of the Gods of light, sun, and truth, but in several other cultures, he has been identified as other things, such as the God of Music and Poetry, as well as being the leader of the Muses, the divine creators of literature and music. He is one of the only Greek gods that is commonly viewed as a young child. He has a twin sibling, the Goddess of Hunting, Artemis.
Guardian of: Katelyn

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