House of Chaotic-ness

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House of Chaotic-ness

Post  Liah on Fri Aug 13, 2010 2:09 pm

Liah sat in her usual spot at the base of a very long rectangular table. She swung her legs over one of the armrests of her chair and began filing her nails. Her long bunny ears twitched in all directions as the room was filled with numerous voices of her fellow Guildmates. From the corner of her eye she could see Celica at the other end of the table, shifting around papers as the noise slowly dulled.

"Okay, now that the important issues have been handled, does anyone else have anything to add before we end this meeting?"

Little by little, people started shaking their heads or simply remained silent. Liah nodded as she blew the dust from her nails and raised her hand, placing her feet on the floor sitting upright.

"Actually I received a letter from Mjrn earlier this morning"

Celica nodded as the occupants of the meeting room turned their heads to face Liah. She cleaned the rest of the dust from her hands and cleared her throat.

"Well, she sounded rather sad. I know for a fact she misses us and it has been a long time since she's been home. A lot has changed since she's been away so I had an idea on how to bring her up to speed"

Celica tilted her head as she waited for Liah to continue. Liah slid her chair closer to the table and folded her hands on top of it, resting her weight on her elbows.

"I thought it would be really fun for her and us if we made a video. Kind of like showing her what we've been up to"

Low chatter began amongst everyone as Celica smiled and nodded.

"That sounds like a really good idea actually. It would be fun to make"

Liah smiled and nodded herself, "I think I have my old video camera in our room. I can go around with it and interview people if you want me to"

"That's perfect. I'm sure Mjrn will like the video once its done"

"I really do hope so. I even have a good idea for the cover"

Everyone quieted and looked at Liah as she waited for the suspense to build. She looked around the room and smiled so wide her white teeth showed, holding out her hand and swiping it across her line of vision in the shape of a rainbow.

"Picture this: On the cover, in big letters....ILTG!"

Liah laughed as a series of grumbles and "Damns" filled the room. She sat back in her chair, her smile never fading.

Zion raised his hand and waved it in the air. Liah looked to him and nodded.

"Are we going to rehearse or something first?"

Liah smiled and shook her head, "Nah, I wanna catch you guys off guard"

"...better lock my I mean cool"

Liah's eyebrows knitted together as she gave him a confused look. She looked back to the others and rose from her seat, grinning evilly.

"Okay now that all that's taken care of, I'll go get my camera and see you guys later"

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Re: House of Chaotic-ness

Post  Tika_Keiga on Fri Aug 13, 2010 4:08 pm


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Re: House of Chaotic-ness

Post  Zion on Fri Aug 13, 2010 7:07 pm

Zion waved to Liah as she left the meeting room before doing a 90 degree twist on his leather chair and stood up, fixing his shirt and patting his hair to make sure it was still in tip-top shape. He looked around at the others before performing an overdramatic salute and bowing to them, a goofy grin on his face.

"Hahaha...I know exactly what I want Nai to see in the video..." Zion said, his reckless smile beginning to form.

"Well guys, I've gotta get going to work at our..."store front"." Zion said this with a crooked smile. "I'll see you there Lucx and as for everyone else...see you guys when we all get back home." He started walking and waved just before he disappeared from sight behind the door.

Chaotic Fantasies: Adult Pleasures Store

When Zion had arrived at his "workplace", he saw a large group of adults waiting in front of the door of his work building. The building was large and painted dark purple. On the top of the store, was a constantly flashing "XXX" and on one side was the male gender symbol, and on the other, a female gender symbol. Without so much as a warning, Zion suddenly reached into his back pocket and pulled out the keys to the store and started walking into the crowd.

"'Scuse me!" Zion said, squirming his way through the men and women, all of which, looked at him in confusion. He casually slipped the key into the lock and opened the door, grabbing the stopper to keep the door open. He stepped into the store, stopping by a pale white girl mannequin wearing very little pieces of lingerie, and he turned around. The crowd of people just seemed to stunned by the fact that a 17 year old boy had the key to an X-rated store.

"Well? You guys coming in?" Zion asked, holding back laughter. The crowd hesitated a bit before they started slowly stepping into store. "Oh also, don't even think about shoplifting. I've got security here that would put the Secret Service's to shame..." The group of people at first, laughed nervously, but they seemed to take those words to heart.

"Also, our cashier will be here in a moment, so try to hold back your libido if you can...and make sure our merchandise stays completely new! I'm looking at you! Yeah, you! With the lube!" A man holding a bottle of EZ Lube froze, his hand on the cap of the bottle. With everyone staring at him, he turned red and slowly put it back on the shelf.

Choking back a bit of laughter, Zion walked forward for a bit before turning the corner and pulling out his key card. He stepped toward a door marked "Authorized Personnel Only", and slid his card down the reader. There was a green light, and the lock clicked out of place, opening for him.

There was a perfectly good reason why Zion had the keys and administrative rights to an X-rated Adult store. Although they were becoming slowly well known, the Chaotic Dragons Bounty Hunting Business could not be known to the public, and thus, needed to be an underground business. Under Zion's suggestion (after some extremely heated debate), they decided to use another business as a cover up for their real business: an Adult Pleasures store. Zion played a key role in devising the low key methods of receiving their contracts from their clients; all of them couldn't just casually walk over to their clients and discuss who they wanted killed or captured after all. Thus, Zion had decided to devise the methods of secrecy.

Once the door had opened, Zion stepped into his own private quarters. In the left side of the room was a fifty inch LCD TV, which had been plugged into his nearly spotless Playstation 3, which laid in close proximity next to his Xbox 360. Zion smirked happily.

God damn I love this job... Zion pulled on his headset and flipped the switch on the business phone to "On". He booted up his Playstation 3 and immediately began a match on his FPS game. He immediately tuned out nearly everything else as he started building up a streak of kills.

"Oh man oh man! Headshot! Headshot! Yeah! Who's the badass now!? What?! What's wrong?! Can't hit me can you!? Headshot! Hell yeah!!!" Zion had completely immersed himself into his game. At that moment, he began to hear a dialing tone in his headset; someone was calling the store. What made this urgent was, the call had been placed directly to him, not to the cashier's desk.

" no no, don't, don't! Agh damnit!" Zion shouted as he saw his character crumple to the ground, dead. "My badass killstreak...oh jeez, I'm tearing up..." Zion angrily hit the start button and hit the "Leave Lobby" option before finally answering the call.

"Chaotic Fantasies Store! We'll do it right, we'll do it quick, we'll do it however you want us to!" Zion said, cheerfully saying the store slogan, his frustration at losing his killstreak, temporarily forgotten.

"...yoolykethard?" A confused male voice said through Zion's headset.

"...Uh, excuse me sir?" Zion said, forcing himself to keep his voice even; he was struggling not to laugh.

"Yoolykethard!?" The man repeated again, sounding a bit frustrated.

"Can you repeat that juuuuust one more time for me sir?" Zion asked, clenching his teeth to hold back his laughter.

"YOOLYKETHARD?!" The man asked angrily, sounding like he was reading something off a slip of paper.

"...Do I like it hard? No sir, I'm sorry to say, but I'm as heterosexual as a man can be. However, I do know someone that likes it VERY hard. I can redirect you to him in-." Zion said this all in an exaggerated businesslike tone, but in his mind, he was practically pounding the ground with his fists, laughing his head off.

"NO! I'm just reading this ****ing password that my friend gave to me! I'm just trying to get your Bounty Hunting Services line okay!?" The man shouted.

"Ah okay," Zion transferred the call back to his home, patching it through directly to Liah's room, knowing that she had just gone to retrieve her camera.

The password system was also another part of Zion's "secrecy methods". In order for someone to be able to put in a contract request to their bounty hunting business, they had to say a password while on the line with Zion's room's telephone. The password changed every week, and was only given to trusted, long time customers, who passed the keyword(s) on to whoever else needed their services. However, this didn't stop Zion from trying to turn this into a joke as well; he planned to change the passwords to make them as ridiculous as possible.

"Hm, time to check up on my..."inventions"." Zion said, standing up and beginning to walk back into the main room of the "Chaotic Fantasies" store.

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Re: House of Chaotic-ness

Post  Celica on Fri Aug 13, 2010 8:51 pm

Celica was still giggling a bit to herself as she gathered up her papers. She glanced up when she heard Zion say he was headed to the store.

"Okay Zi, don't forget to say the motto!" Celica said with a snicker. She remembered how the motto was all Zion's idea, but when everyone suggested he be the one to say it to all the customers he seemed really shy and nervous about it at first, aside from trying not to burst out in laughter.

Almost everyone had left the guild meeting room until Lucxene was the last one left. He hesitated before going up to Celica.

"Hey Celica, would you mind watching the storefront for a while? There's...something I need to take care room" Lucxene said slowly.

"Hm? Oh..alright, sure. I don't mind. I wanted to check out some of the new stuff we got in" Celica replied with a slight flash of a smirk.

"Oh that's great, thanks so much. I'll be there in an hour or so..." Lucxene said before he left the room.

"Okay, see you later" Celica said, watching Lucx leave. She looked around if there was anything else she needed before she slowly levitated from the floor and started to float out. Even though she was a Sylph, she still didn't like floating around all the time, but if she wasn't in the mood to walk she'd just float over the floor if there was enough static pressure in the room and around her.

After going down a few halls, Celica made it to her Lumber room, which was also like her personal office. Looking around a moment, Celica then pressed her hand on the seal on the door that she created. Concentrating her energy into it a moment, the door opened and she went inside. It seemed like a somewhat normal office at first, with a desk and some shelves, a round white tea table with some comfy chairs around it.

Putting down her papers on her desk, Celica moved behind a wall of the office to a hallway that led over to another door. Pressing her hand on the door, Celica watched as the door slowly opened, bright light shining through the dim hallway.

Celica smiled at what she saw.


After leaving the Lumber room, Celica headed over to the Chaotic Fantasies store to cover for Lucxene, who was supposed to watch the store with Zion. When she went in, she was suprised at the number of customers in the store today.

Didn't think it would be so busy today...and where is that slacker brother of mine... Celica thought. As she was about to go look for Zion, something pink and lacey caught her eye.

"Ooohh so cute!" Celica squealed as she looked at some of the new lingerie they got in. As she looked at some of the merchandise, a man approached her.

"Excuse me, you work here?" the man asked.

"Oh, why yes I do" Celica replied as she turned toward the man, who flashed her a smile.

"I was wondering if you could help me with something..."


"So you wear it like this..." Celica said as she modeled the lingerie. It wasn't particularly revealing, and it was actually something she wanted to try on, right now oblivious to the male eyes on her.

"This actually feels pretty comfortable..." Celica mumbled to herself.

"S-Sis!?!!??" came Zion's freaked out voice. Celica looked behind her to see Zion's very shocked face.

"Oh hey, bro" Celica answered simply.

"W-what are you doing??"

"I'm trying on the new lingerie"

"In front of everyone in the store!???"

"Well this nice man wanted to see how it would look on his girlfriend..." Celica said as she gestured to the man who asked her for help earlier. The man flashed a smirk at Zion before he looked back at Celica.

Zion's eye twitched and just stood there speechless.

"Well that's great, if my girlfriend can look just as good as you in that, I'll buy it in ten different colors" the man replied.

"Wonderful! Come over to the counter and I'll check you out..."

"I know I'm already checking something out..." the man said as he followed Celica to the cashier counter.

"She looks so adorable! I want that lingerie too!" a woman cried. A bunch of others in the store rushed over to the counter as well to purchase their items the moment Celica made it to the counter.

"Thank you very much! Please come again!" Celica said with a smile, handing the shopping bags to the customers before they headed out.

"Phew, well that was a rush. Was there something you needed to tell me, Zi?" Celica asked as she glanced at Zion, seeing the odd look on his face.

"What? Don't look at me like that. Go watch the store then while I change..."


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Re: House of Chaotic-ness

Post  Zion on Sat Aug 14, 2010 7:22 pm

Zion frantically rubbed his eyes with his hand; they had become extremely sore after the sight he had just seen. (I mean, let's face it: Your sister in lingerie? That's just been painful.) There were no words to describe how relieved he was that Celica was now changing back to her normal clothes.

"Hm, I wonder what's taking Lucx? It's either, the Yaoi, the Men, or both...EW! Horrible images!" Zion said aloud, gripping the sides of his head tightly.

"Excuse me? You work here with that other girl right?" A young woman suddenly said, walking up to the cash register.

"Uh, yeah. Need something ma'am?" Zion asked politely.

"Yes, I was wondering which of these flavored condoms taste the best." She said, suddenly holding up three boxes of them: One was peach, the other strawberry, and the last, cool mint. Zion didn't even try to hide his shock as he stared at the two boxes.

" could ask my sister. I'm sure she knows HAHAHAHAHA!" Zion couldn't help but burst out laughing. The women looked at him, a bit puzzled until Zion finally calmed down.

"Er, if I were you, I'd just say go for strawberry." Zion said in an even tone. "And just to clarify, I am a heterosexual man."

"Okay, well, I'll go get some more then." The woman said, looking surprisingly satisfied, and walking away. Zion breathed a sigh of relief, but at that moment, several more customers practically rushed in.

"You're young right!? What would look the best on me!?"

"Which of these lubricants last the longest?"

"These panties are too you have extra extra small?"

Oh boy...

Almost too conveniently, Celica exited the dressing room once the huge crowd of customers had thinned out, fully clothed this time.

"Where were you?! That was one of the most awkward moments of my life!" Zion shouted.

"I told you to watch the store while I changed didn't I?" Celica asked, smirking evilly at her brother.

" waited it out in there didn't you?" Zion asked, his eyes narrowed.

"Maaayyybe. Anyway, I can take over now. Thanks!" Celica said.

"...I'd be lying if I said it was no problem." Zion said flatly. "You owe me BIG for this!" All he heard was Celica laughing as he started making his way back to his "Authorized Personnel" Den. However, as he was beginning to make it there, he was suddenly stopped by a tall police officer.

"I heard reports of a minor loitering in this store. Is that you?" The cop said, interrogating Zion.

"Oh no sir, I am definitely of age." Zion said, nodding and smiling up at the police officer.

"You look like a high school student...let me see your identification." The cop said, challenging Zion.

"No prob." Zion reached into his pocket and handed the policeman a picture I.D card. The police officer squinted his eyes and stared at the information. There was a picture of Zion grinning, and from the angle, it looked like it was in midair. However, the cop noticed that a mustache had been drawn on the picture...with a black marker. But it did say that Zion was 21 years old. Almost as though he read the cop's mind, Zion grinned and responded.

"I shaved." Zion responded simply with a grin. Sighing, the cop handed back the I.D and started to make his way out of the back room of Chaotic Fantasies.

"By the way, I know your wife! She won't be happy to know that you've been in here!" Zion shouted as the cop started to leave. The cop winced a bit, and looked like he started to sweat a little bit before he left.

Another good day's work. Zion thought smiling. Right, time to head into my lab. I've got a new gadget that I need to test...

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Re: House of Chaotic-ness

Post  Liah on Sun Aug 15, 2010 1:19 am

Liah walked backwards, pressing her back on the glass door labeled "Chaotic Fantasies~XXX" and pushing it open.

Smiling, she held a microphone with one hand and in the other she outstretched, showing off the contents of the store.

Lingerie covered racks, mannequins modeled newer arrivals, black curtains covered certain rooms, signs hung from them that said "toys and games 18+"

Having difficulty with the camera, Snuffy staggered trying to hold such a small object between his large paws.

"...and here we have our soon to be famous Chaotic Fantasies store. Here we fulfill all your 'special desires'. No matter how far fetched they may be, we'll take care of your every need"

Liah pressed her lips together, holding in laughter as she walked through the store. Zion entered a door leading to his office as Celi stood beside a mannequin smiling at customers. Liah turned to face the camera, once again walking backwards.

"So Celi is my first victi- err..I mean interviewee. I'm sure she'll have plenty to say"

Celica's eyes widened as she saw the camera Snuffy was holding. She grabbed Liah's arm and leaned forward, whispering in her ear.

"Liah...I know you're doing the video for Mjrn and everything but...should you really record in here?"

Liah nodded, "Don't worry Celi. I won't get too into detail. I just wanted to show Mjrn where you work whenever you're not saving the world, one furry animal at a time"

Celica smiled, she glanced over to the camera and blushed a bit as she began fixing her hair. Her hips turned slightly to the side and with the corner of her eye, Liah saw a flash of pink. She tilted her head and walked over to Celica's side, a small piece of pink feathers were caught on Celica's jeans. Liah pulled it off her and inspected it, a smile forming on her face.

"Wow Celi...I had no idea you had ANOTHER side job"

Before Celica could answer, a woman walked up to Celica and smiled.

"Excuse me but can you please show me which lingerie you were modeling before? I'm having trouble finding it"

Liah's eyebrows knitted together as she looked at Celi, "Okay I gotta say, I didn't see that one coming"

Celica gestured over to the rack beside her as the woman thanked her and walked away. Celica turned to look at Liah, her own eyebrows knitting together.

"What did you think I was doing?"

Liah smiled wide as she shrugged and looked innocently at the ceiling, "Oh I don't know....maybe the mascot for our store. I pictured pink, a ruffle here and there...maybe a flower in your hair. Oh! Like a spicy Latina!"

Celia laughed and shook her head, "Why a Latina?"

Liah smiled and shrugged, "I don't know. I guess I was hoping I'd rub off on you like you rub off on me.....whoa, so not the best thing to say while in the middle of a sex shop"

Celica and Liah laughed as the camera slipped from Snuffy's grip. He nearly dropped it on the floor before managing to catch it and hold it steady once more. Liah gave him a sideglance then looked back to Celica, holding the microphone near her lips.

"Okay Celi, before we don't have a camera to record from. What are you hoping to accomplish while working in this shop?....actually wait....I think this calls for a costume call. You and I are way out of context for this interview"

Celica blinked then smiled as the same idea hit her as it did Liah.

"Snuffy, wait out here. Mommy and aunty Celi are going to...prepare"

The camera once again slipped from Snuffy's claws as Liah and Celica walked behind a curtain labeled "Roleplay Costumes"

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Re: House of Chaotic-ness

Post  Celica on Mon Aug 16, 2010 5:33 am

Several moments later, Liah and Celica burst out from behind "Roleplay Costumes" room and struck a pose.

Liah was dressed in a sexy reporter outfit with a "CD Channel 5" armband and a black reporter hat. Celica wore a cream-colored women's business suit with high heels and a skirt stopping right above her knees. She had her hair in a simple updo and wore fake glasses (who she was trying to dress up as, one could speculate).

Liah gave the cue to Snuffy to start recording before she turned to Celica.

"So Celica...what do you hope to accomplish with the shop?" Liah asked.

"Well ya know...we just wanna give people a little "bang for their buck", ya know?" Celica said as she gestured to the people looking at their merchandise.

"Plus, it helps us with tha bills to upkeep tha guild house and to pay for the mess that Zion causes with his inventions...har har...oh that bro of mine..." Celica said as she waved her hand dismissively.

Liah tried to hold back her laughter and kept a serious face as she continued.

"Uhm...what about your customers? Some of them are pretty shy about this kind of stuff, how do you get them to buy anything?"

"Aw well that's just...THROW A SEXY PARTAAY!" Celica exclaimed before she pulled off her bussiness suit and was now wearing a red, orange, and bright pink "Spicy Latina" costume that Liah mentioned earlier. Out of nowhere, Celica pulled out a small remote and hit a button which began to play upbeat Spanish music.

Liah laughed before she began dancing with Celica. They bounced around the store, getting customers into the groove.

Moments later, Lucxene arrived and his eyes widened at what he was seeing. He blinked a few times, wondering what was going on until he saw Liah and Celica.

"Do I even need to ask what's going on here?" Lucx said.

"Come on Lucx! Join us!" Liah replied.

"Finally you're here!" Celica added.

"I would love to, but I came to tell you about an important call..." Lucx said as he gazed seriously at the two girls.

"Really? Well I can go see what it's about..." Celica said before she headed to the back of the store. Liah watched her a moment before she turned to Lucx and held the microphone toward him.

"So Lucx...I heard you got a new "game"...."


Celica walked behind the "Roleplay Costumes" curtain toward the back where there was a hidden door. Pressing her hand on the special seal, she entered a secret passageway. It was dimly lit, but enough to see the path leading up to a metal ladder.

Removing her shoes, Celica climbed up the short ladder to push open a trap door. As she climbed out of the trap door, Celica felt something soft brush against her, but she didn't mind as she knew what it was. It was then that she made her way through a mountain of....plushies.

In the corner of hers and Liah's room was their mountain of beloved plushies. Teddy bears and animals of all shapes, sizes and colors, Care Bears and anime plushies, you name it.

Celica randomly picked up a Care Bear plush before she went over to the computer area and picked up a voicechat headset. Flopping down onto her bed with her Care Bear, she picked up the line on hold.

"Aaaaaloha, Chaotic Dragons Bounty Hunting service"

"Finally! I've been waiting for you people to pick up" an irritated male voice said.

"I'm sorry sir, but before we continue could you repeat the password?" Celica asked. She wondered what kind of ridiculous password Zion gave out this time. Even though she figured Zion would tell them what the weekly password would be, he stated that he wanted it to be a 'surprise' when either she or Liah answered the line after being redirected from Zion.

"What?? But I just told that other kid earlier like THREE times!" the man exclaimed.

"I'm sorry sir, but you need to repeat the password due to our privacy policy" Celica answered as she rolled over on her back.

"Ugh, damn it....uhhh...y..yoolyket...h-hard?" the man replied, sounding a bit nervous now that he was speaking to a female.

"Wh...what?" Celica asked, trying to stifle her laughter.

"I SAID! Y....yoolykethard!!"

Celica muted the headset before she burst out laughing and rolling on her bed.

"Oh man...Zi what the heck were you thinking..." Celica mumbled in amusement to herself. After she calmed down from laughing, she put the headset back on.

"Thank you, sir. How may I help you?"

"Yes, finally! See, there's something I need you take care of..."


Liah was still "interviewing" Lucxene when Celica finally returned to the shop. The bunny-eared girl turned around to face her.

"And the spicy Latina returns!"

"I've got some exciting news" Celica said with a smirk.


"We've got ourselves a mission...."


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Re: House of Chaotic-ness

Post  Zion on Mon Aug 16, 2010 2:42 pm

A few minutes before...

Zion slipped into the completely dark storage room marked with a sign that said "Restricted Access" and pulled his phone out of his pocket and used it as a flashlight to find his way around. He passed his phone over a nearby table, lighting up the objects on the table; several broken vibrators, lingerie that had been ripped down the middle, and leaky lubricant. Finally, Zion found his target: a pale white mannequin wearing red and black lingerie in the corner. Zion knelt down on one knee and focused the light on the mannequin's leg, and reached behind it's thigh, as though he were searching for something.

Huh? I thought it was higher than this... Zion thought, his hand searching for something that appeared to be in the mannequin's...behind area. Finally, he felt a button, which he pressed. The floor seemed to vibrate for a moment as the wooden floor began to open up like a mechanical door, revealing a large, heavy duty steel trapdoor with a number pad on it. Zion walked over to it and knelt down, punching in a series of numbers rapidly. This door opened up, revealing another door, this time with a hand print scanner. Zion pressed his hand against it and moved his face closer to the center, a laser light scanning his eye, causing several colored spots to appear in his vision as he blinked out the discomfort. Finally, the last door opened, and a long metal pole was revealed, much like the ones in use in a fire station. Zion grinned and hopped onto it, wrapping his legs and arms around it as he slid down.

"Whooooooo!" He shouted, feeling the rush of excitement. He looked up and saw all of the metal trapdoors that he had opened up before beginning to automatically close. Finally, he landed on a soft mattress, his feet bouncing off of it and landing on the cold, metal floor.

"Never gets boring." Zion said, pleased. He started walking down the runway; every step he took caused blue neon lights to light up on both sides of him, staying illuminated even after he had passed by them. After walking a certain distance, the lights had lit up so much of the room that the area was slightly visible; to the left and right of the neon lights were...huge pitfalls. The room that Zion was in comprised of a only a single walkway leading to a large platform...for the moment.

Eventually, he reached a huge LCD screen that was larger than five Zions, and a large array of T.Vs much like the ones used in Security Rooms. On the screens were the images from the security cameras that he had installed into "Chaotic Fantasies", some of the footage showing a woman holding up a pair of lacy black panties, and another, showing a man reading through some erotic novels, his eyes completely glazed over in concentration. Holding back a laugh, Zion leaned in to the nearby microphone and pressed the "Camera 1" button and spoke into the mic.

"Careful ma'am, those itch." Zion said in a very overdramatic professional tone. The woman holding up the black panties jumped up in shock and looked around for where the voice had come from; Zion had set the volume so that any noise could only be heard in that room. The noise had come out from a speaker located just underneath the security camera. The woman took a second glance at the panties, and slowly put them back on the rack, and instead, moved towards the more "covering" pairs.

Zion let go of the camera button and choked back a laugh as he sat down on his leather computer chair, rotated 90 degrees, and slid over to the large computer. He selected an option on screen labeled "Open Weapons Cache". A password screen came up, which Zion quickly typed in. There was a confirmation noise, much like the noise made in 16 bit games, and suddenly, to the right of Zion, a large metal garage door began to creak, sliding slowly up. Zion stood up and walked over to it, blinking as a fully illuminated room was revealed behind the garage.

Inside were several racks of very dangerous looking equipment; directly to the left were several grenade cans of glowing green liquid marked with a skull and crossbones, in the middle were several racks of guns, none of them looking like normal weapons. To the right was the "less dangerous" section, which contained gadgets that did not serve a hazardous purpose...for the most part. Zion strolled over to this aisle and grabbed a nearby object that looked like a PDA. He booted up the screen and was greeted to a long white bar slowly filling up, just like the loading screens in a video game. When the bar had finally filled up, a large digital overhead map of his lab appeared on screen.

"Alright, let's see if it works the way I want it to..." Zion said quietly, pulling out the stylus and tapping an arrow indicating upwards. The map of his lab disappeared and several glowing green lines began tracing themselves on screen until they formed an overhead map of "Chaotic Fantasies" just above him. Zion squinted as he began to search for Celica's "marker" indicating her position. Finally, everything had loaded and Zion's eyes widened to almost the size of golf balls.

"YES! Hahahaha! I can't WAIT to use this on the upcoming mission!" Zion shouted happily. He took a second glance and noticed something else on screen.

"Tia and Lucx are here too? Jeez, I'm rude." Zion said, powering off the PDA and slipping it into his pocket. He walked back to the large computer and selected a command labeled "Call Elevator". From the distance, a large black cylinder emitting bright red light suddenly rose up from the black pit, supported by several steel wires that had not been noticeable before. The elevator stopped just past the security cameras. At that moment, the walkway suddenly vibrated, and another platform rose out from the black "bottomless" pit, connecting itself to the platform Zion was currently on, allowing him to access the elevator. Zion walked over and entered the black cylinder, pressing the "1F" buttom. The elevator doors closed and the elevator began to move so smoothly upwards that Zion barely felt any vibration or shaking at all. Inside, some pleasant elevator music began playing.

"Hm...not a bad soundtrack selection..." Zion said quietly, swaying to the music, a crooked grin on his face as he thought of how silly he looked right now, dancing in an elevator. Finally, he had almost reached the top.

Suddenly, the entire Chaotic Fantasies store was filled with slow jazz music. Several strobelights suddenly flickered on, rapidly flashing quickly and causing several of the customers to become disoriented. From the ceiling, several spinning colored lights lowered themselves and activated. Celica and Liah looked around, completely puzzled, while Snuffy immediately began moving the camera to catch all of the moving lights and the confused expressions of everyone.

"What's going on...?" Liah asked, still in her reporter outfit.

"I have no clue...but I only know one person who could think of something this...overdramatic." Celica said, rolling her eyes, trying to hold back her laughter the best she could.

Lucx immediately turned to the center of the room, where the wooden floorboards had begun to slide apart, showing a completely pitch dark hole. Suddenly, out of the hole came a large black cylinder, the bright red lights flashing in rapid succession. Coupled with the strobe lights and disco lights, this could cause anyone to have a seizure. The doors of the elevator opened up two inches and then abruptly stopped, releasing huge amounts of fog into the room. All of the customers, as well as Lucx, Liah, and Celica stared blankly at the elevator while several of the lights continued flashing, and the jazz music continued to blast. Snuffy shifted the view of the camera to the large cylinder, keeping it completely still.

The door fully opened, and at first, there only seemed to a huge amount of fog inside. But suddenly, a silhouehette became visible. At that moment, all of the strobe lights and disco lights shut off, but the music continued to blast. In almost the blink of an eye, two spotlights activated from the ceiling and shined down on the inside of the elevator. When the fog had cleared, it revealed Zion, wearing a light blue pimp hat, a long, light blue pimp robe, dark blue framed glasses with black shades, and holding a silver cane with a sapphire on the top of it. On his hand were an assortment of silver rings that contained the letters of the alphabet that spelled out "BADASS". Zion leaned on his silver cane and grinned, looking around at the customers like a movie star on the red carpet. There was complete an utter silence for a moment before the crowd of customers suddenly began cheering and whooping as Zion strolled out of the elevator. Lucx, Liah, and Celica said nothing for a moment before they all burst out laughing, holding their sides. Seeing them laugh caused Zion to start cracking up too, grabbing his shades with one hand and holding his side with his other hand.

"Oh my god, what the hell Zi?!" Celica gasped out laughing her head off.

"C'mon! You know it was GANGSTA!" Zion said in an exaggerated urban accent, laughing even harder.

"Oh Zion...! That was one of the most cheesy entrances I've ever seen!" Lucx choked out, grabbing his ribs. "The pimp clothes, the cane, the jazz music, oh god!"

"Hahahaha! Nice clothes Zi!" Was all Liah could say. Every time she thought she had finally finished laughing, she just looked back at Zion's "pimp" outfit and started up laughing again. Snuffy however, kept the camera on Zion. Zion noticed this and flashed an overdramatic gangster pose, continuing to laugh.

"Sup Nai! This is my job here!" Zion shouted to the camera, shifting into a different pose. "Wish you were here Boss!"

Finally, Zion had finished laughing and finally opened up his eyes. However, his mouth immediately dropped and hung open. Liah, Celica, and Lucx both looked at him, all of them puzzled at the sudden disappearance of his comical mood.

"Is something wrong...?" Liah asked, waving a hand in front of Zion's face. Zion sounded like he was choking for a moment before he finally managed to get the words out of his mouth.

"WHAT ARE YOU GUYS WEARING!?" Zion shouted, starring at the "sexy reporter" and the "spicy latina".

"We were...going to throw a sexy part-...ay?" Celica said sheeplishly. Zion put his hand over both of his eyes and turning away.

Damnit! Sucks that I'm too underage for that! Zion thought embarrassed.

" you guys already got started...I guess it's okay. But next time, you hoes gotta ask Big Zi-O-Double-G!" Zion said, suddenly falling back into his comical attitude without warning, and cracking up laughing again. The return to the easy going mood caused the other three, and several of the other customers to start laughing too.

"Zogg? That sounds like an alien race!" Celica choked out laughing. Lucx and Liah just continued laughing, the mention of their mission temporarily forgotten in sudden burst of party activity. Zion held back his laughter just enough to motion to the three.

"Hey hey guys, check this out!" Zion said, raising up his fingers and snapping them together. Out of the back rooms covered with velvet curtains, several women carrying trays of drinks emerged, all of them wearing tight fitting white T-shirts and small black shorts. On their shirts were a black and red dragon with "Chaotic Fantasies" written just above them. On the back was a woman dressed up as a "naughty policewoman" wearing leather and a police cap, and holding a whip. In words just underneath her were "What's Your Chaotic Fantasy?".

"OH MY GOD! Zi you...! I can't-.....breathe!" Liah choked, laying her face down on her arm and laughing. Celica joined her, her eyes tearing up from the successive laughter attacks. Lucx laughed as well, however, he muttered something quietly to the laughing Zion.

"You need to hire some men too..." Lucx whispered.

"I'll...think about it." Zion whispered back, leaning on his cane and grinning like the goofball he was.

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Re: House of Chaotic-ness

Post  Tika_Keiga on Mon Aug 16, 2010 3:29 pm


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Re: House of Chaotic-ness

Post  Liah on Mon Aug 16, 2010 4:57 pm

Finally able to catch her breath, Liah wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Okay, now that Mack Daddy Zi himself has graced us with his presence, we should talk about that mission"

Celica, Zion and Lucx began laughing all over again. Liah smirked and tried to hold in her laughter as it slowly escaped her.

Celica's face was red as she slowly took shallow breaths, her words slow and shaky.

"So...wanna evacuate"

Zion's eyes widened as he grabbed Liah by the shoulders and shook her violently.

"Oh! Oh! Tia can I do it this time pleaseeeee?"

Liah's head bobbed back and forth quickly as she grabbed Zion by his arms to steady herself.

"Okay okay."

Liah could have sworn she heard Zion squeal as he ran over to the microphone sitting beside the cash register. He smiled wide, pressing the "ON" button on the switch and holding the microphone to his mouth. Lucx leaned in between Celica and Liah and whispered to them.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?"

Before either of them could answer, Zion yelled over the microphone. The speakers boomed throughout the store and even caused a minor echo.

"Attention customers. Due to my sister having a bad case of diarrhea, the Chaotic Fantasies store will be closing in 5 minutes. Everyone who wishes to purchase something please approach the register now. Oh and whatever you do, do NOT use the restrooms in the back. Thank you and have a nice day"

Zion dropped the microphone and held his stomach as he laughed. Tears began streaming from his eyes as customers began to walk over with their items, laughing themselves.

Liah and Lucx stared at each other and immediately burst out laughing. Celica's jaw dropped as she started to walk over to the counter. Liah grabbed her by the arm, words forming through laughter.

"I wouldn't go up there if I were you"

Lucx laughed as he nodded, "Yeah. You wouldn't want to be crowned doody queen by the customers"

With that, Lucx and Liah laughed harder. Liah leaned against Snuffy who had the camera pointed at Celica. Her eyes widened as she noticed the little red light on top was on.

"...tell me you didn't record that"

"Oh come on Celi. We'll add this on the list of things 'Celi CAN do'. Get it? CAN?"

Lucx and Liah laughed harder as soon Celica began smirking herself. She shook her head and looked over to Zion who was uncomfortably folding a pair of panties into a pink and black box.

I'm gonna so get you for this one bro


As soon as the last customer left, Lucx immediately locked the door after. Liah nodded over to Celica who walked over to a pair of purple fluffy handcuffs hanging behind the register.

She pulled them down suddenly metal gates rose up and covered the windows and doors. The low purple lights flashed and changed to regular white lights causing her and the others to squint at the change. The racks flipped upside down revealing clothing and computers on the opposite side. The shelves which carried everything from adult games to racy bumper stickers turned around to show weapons and gadgets resting on the others side.

In the center of the store, the ground began to open. A large oval shaped table began to rise from the ground with a half human, half dragon like female creature laying on its side and posing sexily. The table turned upside down to reveal a large digital computer with holograms and maps.

Zion walked over to Celica as he whispered, "I still say we should have kept that thing above ground"

Celica laughed as she and Zion walked over to the table as did Liah and Lucx. Liah placed her hands on the table and looked at Celica.

"Okay Celi, what do we know?"

Celica began to type on the digital keyboard as a holographic picture rose in front of everyone. An old man's face took form as it slowly turned in 360 degree angle. His name floated underneath and followed in the motion of the face as it turned.

Liah cast Zion a side glance when she noticed his shoulders beginning to shake. He pressed his lips tightly together. She crossed her arms and leaned over to him.

"Something funny Zi?"

Zion looked at her, his lips turning white as he cut off their circulation. He shook his head but then began laughing as he was unable to hold it in any longer. Everyone turned to look at him as he held his stomach and laughed, trying to speak through his laughter.

"That dude's name is Butham. Get it? Butt ham?"

Liah and Lucx giggled but soon stopped as they saw Celica staring at them, a smirk forming on her own face. Liah bit her lip and straighted up, clearing her throat and waiting for Celica to continue.

Celica bit her own lip, holding in her laughter as she turned back to the hologram.

"His name is pronounced Boot-am. Anyways, his full name is Rafael Butham, Councilman of the Big Beam Civil Hall. He's running for next year's Mayor. You may have seen him around town shaking hands with the locals"

Liah and Lucx nodded as Zion placed his hand over his mouth and forced a nod. Celica gave him a look, a warning not to laugh as she continued.

"Apparently he has been having a private war with the Senator of Darkdale. They have been taking things from each other. For example: paintings, cars...ex wives..."

Lucx rolled his yes, "Ugh, why couldn't this be like elementary school when two people would just hit each other whenever they found the other good looking"

Everyone laughed as Celica continued, "This time I guess things have gone too far. From what the Councilman told me, the Senator kidnapped his daughter and is holding her here..."

Celica pressed a highlighted button and the image of Rafael faded, a large castle taking place. It too began to turn.

"Our job is to infiltrate the castle and rescue the Councilman's daughter...and help him get even with the Senator"

Zion looked at her oddly, "Get even? Like...go to the bathroom, wet tissue and sticking it on the ceiling?"

Celica smiled and shook her head, "Unfortunately no. He wants us to....steal the Senators pet"

Liah's eyebrows knitted together, "Pet? What kind of pet?"

Celica shrugged, "Uh...he didn't say. But the price he offered was too good to pass up"

Zion looked to Lucx and Liah, shrugging themselves, "Sounds like it'll be fun. How bad can this be?"

"There's one more thing..."

Everyone looked to Celica, completely silent.

"Tonight the Senator is throwing a big party. So it's our big chance to actually sneak in unnoticed"

Liah's head tilted, "Just how are we going to do that?"

Celica smiled, "Its a costume party"

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Re: House of Chaotic-ness

Post  Celica on Fri Aug 20, 2010 10:39 pm

After the mission briefing, Celica and the others secured the store and headed back to the guild house.

"So Zion is going to send a message out to the other guildies about the mission, if anyone is up to joining us" Celica said after she and Liah made it back to their room. Liah nodded.

"We're going to have to prepare everything that we need for tonight. But first...the most important thing..." Liah said as she picked up a small remote and pressed a button which activated a panel on the wall on one side of the room to open.

The large panels slid aside to reveal a large walk-in closet, which seemed to go on almost endlessly, even if you couldn't see beyond twenty feet from the door.

Celica glanced at Liah and smiled before heading into the closet. As she walked along, the rows of clothes were categorized, and alphabetized.

"So...Costumes section" Celica said as she headed for the area she was looking for. As she passed by some of her clothes on her side, a slight frown formed on her face.

"I think we're going to need to go on another shopping spree after we get paid from this mission..." Celica added.

"Heck yeah we do" Liah repiled with a laugh. They finally made it to what looked like an elevator and stepped inside. Liah hit a button marked "C" and it lit up a light lavendar color before the elevator door closed and moved up. Soon enough they arrived at the costumes section and began looking for what they should wear for the Senator's costume party.

"Ugh...these are so old...we need some new stuff...there's nothing to wear" Celica mumbled as she searched.

"I'm sure we'll find something" Liah replied as she looked through another rack of costumes.

For the past hour, the two girls tried on different costumes and jumped back and forth in front of the full length all-angled mirror. At one point both Liah and Celica stood in front of the mirror wearing costumes when they both looked at each other and screamed with glee.

"This would look so good on you!" they cried simultaneously. The paused, eyes widening before they laughed together. Then they proceeded to exchange their costumes.

[censored moment here? << >>;;]

"Awesome! Now we will be SO ready for this party!" Celica exclaimed. She was now wearing a maroon colored arabian belly dancer's outfit with a veil that would cover the bottom half of her face, and a wig of long blonde hair, because she knew that her pink hair would stand out more and be more recognizable.

"Oh yeah!" Liah said as she pulled out a fake gun from the holster in her black cowboy outfit. She spun the gun around with her finger like in the western movies before she pointed it toward her reflection in the mirror. When she pulled the trigger, a little flag with the word "BANG!" popped out.

Celica burst out in laughter, as did Liah. After a moment Liah spun the gun again before slipping it back into the holster by her thigh.

"Now all we have to do is wait for everyone else to get ready and we're off to have ourselves a ball..."


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Re: House of Chaotic-ness

Post  Zion on Sat Aug 21, 2010 6:22 pm

At the guild house, Zion had just entered his room. Surprisingly enough, the jokester's room was very neat and organized; the floor didn't have any clothes or trash on top of them, his bed was somewhat neatly made, and all of his hazardous equipment was organized in his cabinet. His gadgets were organized from left to right by danger level; optimal prank gadgets were on the left, while extremely dangerous genocidal gadgets were positioned in the far right, carefully locked in titanium cases. On his desk were several crumpled up white napkins that had lipstick marks on them, as well as a name and phone number on each, however, they looked like they had been pushed aside to make more working space. Just to the right of Zion's bed was a large array of arcade games, and another set of video game systems similar to the set he had back at Chaotic Fantasies. Nearby was a large, glow in the dark air hockey table, which was off at the moment.

Zion knelt down and placed his hands underneath his bed, and slowly pulled it upward, revealing another trapdoor lay (Zion needed several hiding spots for whenever his pranks were successfully pulled off). Climbing down, Zion entered a dark, dimly lit room where several radios, speakers, and microphones were placed on top of a large wooden table, all of the wires crossing over and under each creating huge knots of electric wire. For the reason that it looked very delicate, no one was brave enough to even attempt untying them (although Zion did make an attempt, but was stopped by unrelenting demands by Liah and Celica to not). Zion strolled over to the closest microphone and cleared his throat.
Suddenly, there was the sound of static all around the guild house, and it began to sound just like when a high school was receiving a public announcement from the principal. The noise filled the entire house, and were sent through several speakers that were posted in the corners of every few rooms.

Celica and Liah stopped playing dress up for the moment as they heard the sound of the broadcast beginning to start up.

"That must be Zi." Celica remarked. For some reason, she felt a slight bit of regret at letting Zion send such an important message; she knew her brother all too well...

For a moment, there was only static resonating throughout the house, but suddenly, there was the sound of a disc scratching, much like the noise that DJs made when suddenly stopping their records. At that moment, the background music of what sounded like a rap song began to beat through the entire guild house.

"Oh god what have I done...?" Celica said, her head drooping, but she seemed to grin slightly. Liah knew the way her nephew thought very well, but when it came to what he would actually DO, she had no idea. But that only added on to her curiosity as she continued to listen.

"Yoyoyoyoyoyoyo! This is DJ XIII, the leading cause of break ups all over the nation, and the reason girls are getting pregnant earliiiierrr!" Zion's voice rang out over the speakers. He said all of this in a very rhythmic fashion, much like when a rapper "calls out" someone before initiating a rap battle. He was doing his best to keep his voice even without laughing.

"My sister's and aunt's got some news for all yall out there! We've got ourselves a mission! Straight up!" Zion said all of this in the same exaggerated urban accent he was using earlier. "We are gonna do a snatch and graaabbbb!" He took a deep breath and turned around and laughed quietly before turning back around and continuing.

"Here's how it's gonna work: we're going to sneak into the Darkdale Senator's crib, and bust out our dawg's, Councilman Rafael Butham (at this moment, Zion suddenly stopped talking in order to control his laughter) daughter outta there. But that ain't it! We're gonna get payback for our homie! We gotta roll in that joint and jack his pet yo!"

Back in the closet, Liah was holding her sides and laughing since the start of Zion's "broadcast". Celica was doing the same, but she was shaking her head at the same time.

"Oh god Zi..." Celica said, doubled over in laughter.

"Yep, Zion definitely has his own style of doing things!" Liah managed to say after stalling her laughter long enough.

"Aight, so we've got an open list for this mission, meaning that ANYONE can come along! Only one rule: bring a costume. Anyone up for this, meet us at the entrance tonight, 7:00 PM sharp. Peace!" The loud rap music ended at that moment, and silence filled the guild house. Zion pulled his headphones off and jumped in the air, pumping his fist at the same time.

"Hell yeah!" Zion said grinning. He climbed up a metal ladder and was returned to his room. After pushing his bed back on top of trapdoor, Zion began brainstorming an idea for their mission. He took a glance at his coat rack positioned next to his door, where his "pimp" coat and hat were hung up. Next to them was his silver cane.

"Yup, I know what I'm going as...but that's...not too complete of a costume..." Zion said quietly to himself. He closed his eyes and thought for a moment before reaching his hand into his pocket and dialing a number.

"Hey Melissa? I've got a favor to ask you..."

After dialing several numbers, Zion grinned happily; he definitely would have an impressive appearance at the costume party tomorrow. But he still felt something was missing. He laid his head down for a moment in deep thought, before he looked up, a large grin on his face.

"I guess I could ask Liah or Cel for some help...but I should only pick, tough choice..." Zion said aloud, pondering. "This is way too hard to pick on my own." At that moment, Zion saw some spare change that he had set aside whenever he would buy something. He strolled over to the coins, and picked up a shiny quarter looking at both sides.

Alright, Celica is heads, Liah is tails. Zion thought, tossing the coin up in the air. When it descended back down toward him, Zion caught it and flipped it onto the back of his hand and taking a look at the outcome.

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Re: House of Chaotic-ness

Post  Liah on Mon Aug 23, 2010 1:59 pm

Liah and Celica continued to laugh as they casually browsed through the costume racks simply to kill time. Celica pulled out a cheerleader costume and held it to her body then placed it back on the rack.

"Man...never a dull day with Zi around. I'm just happy he didn't repeat his announcement from the Chaotic Fantasies store"

Liah laughed loudly, "Oh my God yeah that was funny"

Celica shot her a quick sideglance as Liah's eyes widened and she cleared her throat.

"Um, I mean that was so wrong of him to do that"

Celica walked over to a dusty trunk as she kneeled in front of it and lifted the top. Liah pulled out a costume that matched very similar to the armor she normally wore. A black and purple skirt with the top to match. Black bunny ears as an attachment. Next to it was a costume that matched what Celica normally wore, it even came with a pink wig as an attachment. Liah held them both out and laughed.

"Oh man remember these? This was for that day you and I decided to dress up as the other. We walked around acting like each other confusing the heck out of everyone"

Celica looked over her shoulder at Liah and laughed.

"Oh my God yeah. That was also the same day as your eating contest with Kooh. You completely forgot about it so they mistook me for you and I had to eat all those cheeseburgers"

The girls continued to laugh as Celica turned back to face the trunk. The contents were a little worn some dirty. Old toys and some of their first weapons. Celica dug her hands into the trunk, and felt something soft and plushy. She pulled out an old dirty blue bear that was badly sewn together, it was missing an eye and had black yarn attached to his head resembling a lot like Zion's. It had a pair blue jeans, a black t-shirt with the word "BAD" written in big white letters and as if the word didn't fit, in very tiny letters next to it was the word "Ass"

Celica stood up and turn around, holding the bear and extending it out for Liah to see.

"Liah look, I think this is Zi's bear"

Liah's head tilted as she reached out and grabbed it, examining it herself.

"Yeah you're right...but how did it get in here?"

Celica frowned as she shrugged, "I have no-....wait. Remember that time Zi decided to test out his rocket using MY piglet plushie?"

Liah grinned wide trying to hold in her laughter, "Yeah, and as it flew into the sky he shouted 'Pigs really can fly'...wait...I remember you getting mad and said you were gonna hide his bear as revenge"

Celica smiled and nodded, "Yup. Only thing was...I had forgotten where I put it. So I couldn't give it back to him once I had gotten my revenge"

Liah shook her head and laughed, "How long has that thing been in here?"

Celica's eyebrows knitted together as she thought, " many years ago did Zi turn 9?"

Liah and Celica looked at each other then started to laugh. One of the costume racks beside Liah began to shake as she watched with the corner of her eye. She placed a finger over her mouth and motioned to Celica to keep quiet. Celica nodded as Liah grabbed the fake gun from her holster and flipped it around so that the handle was now facing up (not that a plastic gun would do much damage but Liah hoped anyway).

Liah walked over to the rack and turned to Celica holding 3 fingers up. Celica nodded as Liah dropped a finger signaling two, then paused as she dropped another finger. Celica took a deep breath as Liah dropped her last finger and separated the costumes.

Without warning, Celica and Liah tackled a blur of golden fur and the three crashed down hard on the floor knocking the costume rack over. Liah heard a soft growl as opened her eyes. Her head rested on a soft gold tummy slowly rising and falling. She looked over to what appeared to be a claw with a camera in hand.


Both Liah and Celica stood up and dusted themselves off as they looked at a now flattened Snuffy. Celica quickly bent down and picked up the camera.

"Snuffy. You're not supposed to be recording this. We're making a PG-13 hello video for Mjrn, not an R-rated porno"

Liah's eyes widened as she looked over to the clock reading "4:30pm". She smiled wide as she looked from Celica, to the camera, and then to Snuffy.

Liah turned around and pulled out a nurse costume from the rack, holding it to her body and looked at Celica smiling.

"Celi....are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Celica stared at Liah for a second then smiled just the same as she nodded.

"Oh yeah. Lets do it"


Liah placed a boom-box beside Snuffy and ran over to a runway in the back of the room. She hid behind the curtain as a spotlight shone on the curtain. Celica peeked from behind the curtain and looked at Snuffy.


Snuffy extended his claw and hit the play button on the radio as the "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" song began to play from the speakers.

The curtain opened and Celica walked on the runway wearing a maid costume and holding a feather duster. She walked to the end and struck a sexy pose then turned around and headed back, making a left and going behind the curtain.

From the right side, Liah emerged wearing a firefighter costume. She walked to the end of the runway as she took off her hat and flung it towards Snuffy. She moved her head from side to side as her hair moved as it did in shampoo commercials. She bit her lip to hold back laughter as she turned and walked back, making a right and going behind the curtain.

At the same time, both Liah and Celica walked from behind their respective sides and met up in the middle. Liah was wearing a Superman costume, her black hair slicked back and sported a little curl in the front. Celica was wearing a batman costume. Both of their costumes had fake muscles and abs as the girls proceeded to flex in front of the other. They walked to the end of the runway and flexed again at the camera, turning in all different ways to show off their muscles.

Laughing, they turned and walked back behind the curtain.

Celica came out wearing a tight white t-shirt with a British flag painted on, a pair of jeans and some high platform shoes. She also wore a reddish orange wig, resembling very much like Ginger Spice.

She nearly choked on her laughter as she walked to the end of the runway. She held out two fingers forming the peace sign and smiled into the camera.

"Girl Power"

As she turned and began to walk behind the curtain, Liah came out wearing a black leather jacket with a white tshirt underneath. She wore black jeans and biker boots and black sunglasses covering her eyes. At the end of the runway she crossed her arms and stared into the camera.

"I'll be back"

Liah ran behind the curtain and a few minutes later, both she and Celica came out doing backflips and once again meeting at the middle. Celica had a pink power ranger costume and Liah wore the yellow ranger costume.

They did unusual hand signs in front of each other, much like the actual rangers did as they spoke. Giggling inside their masks, Liah and Celica flipped to the end of the runway and got on one knee, extending their hands out to the camera and shouting.

"Its morphin' time!"

Unable to hold in their laughter anymore, Celica fell backwards and began to laugh as Liah fell off the runway onto a mountain of clothes and laughed too.

A repeat of the announcement Zion earlier did through the loudspeaker, echoed throughout the room as Liah and Celica silenced for a bit to listen, then started laughing again. Liah struggled to get out from on top of the clothes. Finally she stood, moving her hands in front of her much like rappers do.

"Well, looks like we better get the steppin' before Mack Daddy Zi tries to lay the smack down for us bein' late ya digg?"

They took off their helmets and walked over to the camera, their faces red from laughter.

"Due to intense laughter and orders from Funkmaster Badass himself, we'll have to finish our costume montage another time"

"Next time maybe you can join us Mjrn!"

"Definitely! We miss you!"

They both waved to the camera as Snuffy turned it off. The girls went to change then walked over to the elevator. Celi looked to Liah and "closely inspected" her cowgirl costume.

"Hey Liah...?"


"Just a thought but....where are you going to put your gloves?"

Liah looked at Celi and laughed as they entered the elevator.

"Actually I'd be more concerned about where you're going to put your wand"

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Re: House of Chaotic-ness

Post  Zion on Mon Aug 23, 2010 2:55 pm

Zion began to hear music in the distance that sounded vaguely like "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", and he shook his head, smiling a little bit. That song would only come on when it meant that the females of the house (and Lucx) were going to begin acting like maniacs. Normally, Zion would lock his room, and just start creating a new gadget, but this time, he had to hurry to his "special helper" for the upcoming mision, and inform her of her new role. He had a vague idea of where the two could be, but getting to them was going to be the time consuming part (since he couldn't just barge into a girl's room out of nowhere). Thus, he waited outside Celica and Liah's room and quickly began texting a message to the both of them.

Amid the two girl's laughing and the blasting noise of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", both of their phones rung simultaneously. Celica's phone was still in her purse, so she wasn't able to hear it, but Liah had her phone set just outside of her purse (she had put it down when she began dressing up), so she was able to see it light up. Quickly striding over to her purse, Liah checked the message. It was from Zion.

"Apparently, Zion has an "extremely uber badass important piece of info" that he needs to tell us about." Liah said laughing quietly. "Let's not keep him waiting." Liah at first began to start heading toward her closet elevator, but Celica quickly stopped her.

"Waiiit!" Celica shouted quickly. Liah turned back and looked at her curiously. "We're still dressed like Power Rangers!"

There was silence for a moment until the two burst out laughing, wondering what would happen if they had met Zion dressed the way they were now.

"...I've got an idea." Liah said, a smile starting to form on her face. "Let's just go dressed like this!"

"Oh my god! Nooooooo!" Celica cried out, but she was laughing nonetheless.

"C'mon, I bet even Zion would be confused and freaked out..." Liah said, taking advantage of Celica's love of making her brother freak out.

"Fiiiiine..." Celica said, holding back a laugh.
20 Minutes Later...

Holy jeez! How big is their closet!? Is it really taking that long for them to take the elevator through all of that?! Zion thought impatiently. He just couldn't wait to tell the two the "good news". Finally, he heard the sound of a lock clicking, and the door opened. Zion looked around, but it didn't seem like anyone was in front of the door. Suddenly, two power rangers stepped out from the sides simultaneously, one pink, one yellow.

"...Uhm..." Zion was completely speechless. "...Oh! You two must've found out that my sister was a monster and eliminated her with your Megazord right?!"

The yellow ranger suddenly doubled over, silently laughing while the pink ranger suddenly reached out and put Zion into a headlock.

"Urk! Ack...! I was just kidding!..." Zion choked out. The pink ranger finally released her grip before she and the yellow ranger pulled off their masks, and as Zion had guessed, it was Celica and Liah.

"Heeeeeyyyy, I didn't know we could show up at a rich person's party dressed like that..." Zion said, considering going as the blue ranger. "Er, anyway! There is something very important I need to tell...Cel."

"Hm?" Celica asked, confused.

"Well you see, I'm obviously going to the party dressed in my normal clothes...a.k.a, my pimp outfit, and I've already got the complete set and all: Pimp cane, Pimp Hat, Pimp coat, Pimp rings, my hoe entourage, my dope ass limo...but I started to realize that I was...missing something. And then that's when I realized it. I needed a "special" hoe, someone that wasn't just there for decoration (and for profit, but that's another story), so I started thinking. This special hoe could only be someone I absolutely trusted, and wouldn't mind doing what I tell her to..."

Celica's eyes widened and she slowly began to shake her head mouthing "Noooooooo...."

"Which is why I've come to tell you Cel, that you the person that will be helping us from afar because...Liah is my special hoe." Zion finished simply, a grin on his face. Liah's eyes widened in shock.

"Wait! What?!" Liah asked, her eyes widened.

"...Huh?!" Celica asked, her eyes just as wide. "What just happened?..."

"Liah, please dress accordingly, because you will be my main hoe out of all my entourage, or else the Zi-oh-double-jee will have to smack a hoe. Thank you, and have a nice day." Zion finished in an overly gentlemanly like manner, bowing and quickly leaving, holding back all of the laughter he had been saving up since the start of his "revelation". The two were completely stunned, too confused and too shocked to even chase after him.

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Re: House of Chaotic-ness

Post  Lucxene on Mon Aug 23, 2010 5:30 pm

Lucxene clearly had a ball with his adventures with Zion,Liah and Celica. Found this all amusing really. Now it was time for him to do what any normal queer man would do...Okay,really what any normal MAN would do. He wanted to investigate the guild house. I mean, sure he lives here though doesn't mean he has no idea of all the places and what's in it and all.

"I'll be right back!"

He shouted as he exited the room figure he start with the kitchen to make some food and all so they can have quite a treat.Once in the kitchen he made a fruit cake. Yes,that's right gay style. But a actual FRUIT CAKE.He made a double chocolate inside cake. With frostings but small pieces of fruit. This included apples,cherries,banana and strawberries. Naturally on top of the icing he put 'Yaoi Rules' this whole process took a while. Since he had to set up the kitchen the food and his outfit!

He zipped around in his normal white pants and shoes,with a white long sleeve button up shirt.Though he put on a bright pink cooking hat and a bright pink apron with heart symbols and CD symbols all over it.He let the cake bake while he zipped out of the room handing Celica the new game he got randomly before he dashed for the kitchen.

"Here this is Playboy Mansion gets their revenge by Playgirl Mansion.Naturally,it's for us to play! *_* So many cute men. >_> Especially asians! Oh my fruit cake! Brb!"

He dashed out after handing it to her while he checked the cake then dashed back out over to Liah real quick after checking the mail he went to Liah and held a purple revealing lingerie attire.

"This is from...Your male co-workers at your job! They say it's about time you stop being a tease and show off your curves.Whatever that means...Ew."

He zipped off after handing her the revealing outfit and letter as he went over to Zion holding a mountain up to his height of fan girl letters.

"Tah dah! And of couse Zion...No surprise at all,you get fan girl letters.Enjoy!" <3 ^_~ *Blows a kiss.*

He zips off as he head to the kitchen hearing the buzzer beep as he pulls out the fruit cake and turns off the oven setting it on the table as he saw a secret note fall from one of the cabinets.It said it's top secret and only viewable to the chairperson. He thought on it first,thinking if he should read on,but he figured Celica wouldn't be happy or anyone else cause he didn't tell her first...So...He fixed that problem.

Walking to the doorway Lucxene would take out a megaphone and scream into it so the whole guild house can hear him responding with.


He sat on the counter crossing one leg over the other waiting,while resting a hand on the side the other on his lap holding the megaphone as he notice Celica run in with her staff like wand and look around.

"WHAT?! Is it Kara?!"

Zion would run in panting holding the guns up as he started to yell.

"Lucx! I'll save yo-...What is it?"

He blinked puzzled as he sees nothing is wrong visually.

Liah would karate kick the kitchen wall as she growled and yelled punching her oversize gloves together as she roared out.


She growled as she looked around saw nothing then smelled the cake and personality went all relax and normal again.

"On nice,I smell something good."

-_-....Celica's only expression as she looked at Lucxene and he handed her the note of paper. She snatched it and began to read it as she blinked and signal everyone to follow her.

"Seems,we have a secret room we are unaware of."

They headed to Kooh's sexless clinic as their was a secret button behind a picture wall.The picture was of Kooh slapping someone with a oversize fish across the face. They all stared as Lucxene said.

"Oh,this feels like Scooby Doo."

Zion just looked at Lucxene and shrugged as he said after.

"Without the Let's split up gang."

Liah just added as she laughed after.

"Or the part where we all go scooby snack time!"

Celica just shrugged as she went to press it and Liah and Zion were unsure as they yelled at her while she press it.

"Wait! Shouldn't we be careful!"

It was too late as the trap door under them open and they went down numerous tubes and slides all over the place into the secret basement of Kooh were everything look sexfull clinic.

The lights were dimmed and their were sexual toys everywhere like a dominatrix's dungeon. However,all was not as it seemed as everyone's eyes were huge and Lucxene casually went over pulling on one of the tool penors and stared eyes widening.

"Uh guys this isn't what you think...It's...Torture devices...Disguised as a yeah...So now I know why Kooh's clinic is sexless...Don't want to end up down here."

>_> Was all everyone did when they heard that.

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Re: House of Chaotic-ness

Post  Celica on Sun Sep 12, 2010 5:00 am

"Well...I think it's interesting that we discovered a new part of the guild house but I don't think I want to stay down here for much longer, especially when we have to get ready for the mission" Celica said as she started to look around for a way out.

Figuring that Kooh's clinic might have a few more 'surprises' around, Celica slowly made her way around, being careful not to touch anything.

"I think it was fun going down all those slides, we should try that again sometime" Liah added with a light laugh as she also tried to look for a way out.

"Why don't we just go back up the way we came?" Zion asked.

"No way, seemed like a long way to get down here, it might take us longer to get back up. Not to mention all those confusing slides...I still feel dizzy from it all. Anyway, just be careful about touching anything in here..." Celica replied as she looked at some other gadgets on a table.

"Hope we find a way out cake is getting stale" Lucx said.

As everyone else searched the room for an exit, Zion came across a fancy looking leather chair.

"Aw, sweet chair...I could use something like this in my game room..." Zion said as he moved to sit on the chair. Suddenly, metal latches appeared and clamped down around Zion's wrists, ankles and forehead.

"Ah! What the!?"

Celica turned when she heard Zion's outburst and rushed over.

"Zi! I told you not to touch anything!" Celica exclaimed.

"No you didn't!"

"I did too!"

Liah and Lucxene went over when they heard the commotion, not noticing that a circular panel in the ceiling overhead was opening.

"Just get me out of this thing!" Zion cried as he tried to move.

" you hear something?" Liah asked as she looked around at the floor, hearing some kind of mechanical noise. Soon, the sound of some kind of rocket engine igniting made the group tense.

All of a sudden, there was the sound of a cute, female voice sounding through some speakers in the room.

Thank you for visiting Kooh's sexless clinic. We hope you enjoyed your stay. Please come again!

Without any other warning, the chair began to shudder.

"What's happening!?" Zion exclaimed as he tried harder to get out of his predicament. Celica was frantically trying to figure out what was going on too.

"I think this thing is going to-"

The chair suddenly took off like a rocket. Celica, Liah, and Lucx all held on tightly to the chair as it shot out through the opening in the ceiling.


Everyone screamed as they shot out of the guild house and into the sky high above. Soon enough the rockets under the chair stopped, and everyone hung in midair a moment before they all looked nervously at each other, holding their breaths before they started to descend down.


They all screamed as they plummeted down toward the ground.

"Somebody do something!" Zion cried. Thinking quickly, Celica put her fingers to her lips and let out a long, loud whistle.


A large red cat with bat like wings appeared from the guild house below and quickly flew up toward them. As soon as Amore got close enough, Celica moved onto his back, pulling Liah and Lucxene with her. Amore stayed hovering as the chair that Zion was in began to descend beneath him.

"Uhhh...SIS!?" Zion said, trying not to sound too panicked. Pulling out her wand, Celica twirled it around and pulled out a scroll, throwing it up. She lifted her wand and it extended toward the scroll, touching it as the wings on top flew open. (Card Captor Sakura style, wewt!)

"Release!" Celica cried, caught in the moment as her spell activated. A large bird-like summon appeared, and attached to the chair Zion was in and slowly began to help descend safely to the ground as Amore followed.

Once they were safely on the ground, Liah and Lucx went to check on Zion, who seemed a little spaced out. Liah waved a hand in front of his face.

"Zion...?" she called.

Zion suddenly snapped out of it, blinking his eyes. He was surprised to have survived that whole ride.

"That was......BADASS!"


After the little adventure in and out of Kooh's sexless clinic, Celica, Liah, Lucx and Zion all went to prepare for their mission. Before that, however...Liah and Celica were in the kitchen having some of Lucx's fruit cake.

"I still can't believe I'm going to be his "special" hoe...what am I supposed to wear??" Liah said with a sigh before she had another bite of Lucx's fruit cake.

"I don't know, but he had me going for a minute there...we should get him back for that" Celica replied as she also had some cake.

"Mmm, this is soo good"

"So I guess we'll be the only ones going into the party. Everyone else that joins in later will be back up for when we need to escape" Liah said, trying to think of how their mission will go down.

"Yup, so hopefully we'll have the Senator's "pet" by then..."

"Yeah, hope it won't be too much trouble"

"Don't worry, I can have that covered" Celica replied with a slightly evil smirk.

"Anyway, I can't wait to go to that costume party. It's going to be sooo much fun..."


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Re: House of Chaotic-ness

Post  Zion on Sun Sep 12, 2010 3:55 pm

Even after the eventful joyride in the Sexless Clinic, Zion was still ready for more excitement and adventure, particularly for their mission at the upcoming costume party. With only a bit more time left before they had to leave, Zion decided that he'd secure some transportation to the party. After all, he was the expert on entrances that were worked way too hard on.

"Don't worry about the ride guys, I'll take care of it. I'm going to take a quick visit to my room to make sure we're..."prepared"." Zion said, unable to help smirking.

"...okay, just don't bring anything that will destroy the entire mansion." Celica said hesitantly, knowing exactly how her brother operated.

"Aww dang it..." Zion said sighing, although he meant it jokingly...for the most part.

"Is there anything that I'll be needing as your..."escort"?" Liah asked. It was difficult to tell how she exactly felt about being Zion's "special hoe". But it looked like she wasn't taking it too badly.

"Nothing really, just make sure you don't cover up too much." Zion said laughing. He looked down at his plate of Lucx's fruit cake and put a spoonful of it into his mouth. ", not anyway, I'm gonna make some calls now. It shouldn't take too long."

With that, Zion returned to his room, waving at the three before he left. When he opened the door to his room, he was grateful that nothing seemed out of place or missing. He remembered after all that some of his Danger Rank S gadgets had gone missing a few days ago (although he knew that if he told anyone about it, everyone would probably recommend evacuating the guild house, which would've been way too much trouble in Zion's opinion). The first thing he did was drop the pile of "fan letters" onto his desk and shoving them aside; he'd read them for kicks later. After that, he decided to check in on his "surprise guests". After making several quick calls and shutting his cell phone, Zion sighed in exhaustion before sitting down on his leather chair and wheeling himself over to his gadget cabinet. Inside, he found a shiny titanium box with a handprint scanner and a number pad. He slowly typed in a 15 digit passcode and put his hand on the scanner; there was a beep sound and the box opened; inside were several gold rings that looked very normal. Of course they weren't however; why would Zion make something that had only one purpose?

Zion searched inside the box until he found four rings that were tabbed "LH, CA, ZN, and LX". He took out these rings and pocketed the one that said "ZN" into his pimp coat, which he would be using at the party anyway. With not much time left to go, he quickly began changing.

After looking at the mirror for several minutes, making sure that his "macking style" was at its peak, Zion pushed his bed aside, and climbed back down the trapdoor that he had used to make the "important guild announcement". This time, he walked past the table and opened a large metal door in the distant corner of the room and strode right in. Inside was a long, metal conveyor belt, much like the ones used in airports, that led to a suspended platform, almost exactly the same as the one he had in Chaotic Fantasies. As Zion leaned on the side of the railing, being pushed slowly by the conveyor belt, several thin mechanical arms extended from the ceiling. Just ahead of him, a large fence made of very dangerous laser beams was formed by some of the mechanical arms in front of the conveyor belt; Zion was heading slowly toward it. One of the mechanical arms fired out a light that looked like the kind of lasers used to read barcodes directly at Zion. There was a positive sounding beep and that arm moved away. Just ahead of him, the mechanical arms that had created the fence turned off and moved back towards the ceiling. After making it to the end, Zion walked toward a nearby glass table.

On top of the table was a cloth, on top of the cloth were several pieces of equipment; several earpieces for communication, several sets of goggles that could switch from night vision to thermal vision, and last but not least, Zion's favorite pair of dark black handguns. A dangerous smile forming on his face, Zion quickly leaped over to the table as though he were dodging bullets and quickly picked up the two handguns, spinning them around his finger before taking complete hold of them. Several of the mechanical arms extended down from the ceiling again, this time all of them holding targets. In the blink of an eye, Zion began opening fire on all of the targets. As each target got hit, the mechanical arm holding that target returned to the ceiling and came back with a fresh, undamaged target for Zion to blast. Finally, after running out of ammo, Zion grinned and waited.

All of the targets that he had shot came into view again; each one had one bullet hole in the very center. Suddenly, techno music blared all around the room, echoing off the steel walls.

"New high score!" An energetic sounding man's voice said triumphantly. Zion grinned and jumped into the air, pumping his fist happily.

"Hell yes! I am SO ready!"

"Oh hey, Zogg's back!" Celica said upon seeing Zion return, completely dressed in his pimp outfit. Liah and Lucx both laughed, while Zion just rolled his eyes but grinned sheepishly. He reached into his pocket and began handing each of them his gadgets.

"Alright, well you guys already know what these are. These earpieces are our communicators, you just talk, and we'll hear. These goggles allow you to alternate between thermal vision and night vision. I don't need to explain because there's nothing too special about them..." Zion said, a bit of an ominous edge in his voice. However, Lucx, Liah, and Celica did not believe for a second that that was ALL there was to those gadgets.

"Ooooh, what are these?" Lucx asked, holding out the gold ring that Zion had handed to him. "You're proposing to all three of us? You naughty naughty boy, that's incest, molestation, and bisexuality!" Celica and Liah both choked, the two of them suddenly hit by a laughter attack. Zion narrowed his eyes at Lucx and shook his head quickly.

"Noooo...let me explain first..." Zion said, his head low. A few seconds later, Zion had recomposed himself and returned to his professional mentality.

"Okay guys, these are Electroshock Rings. They won't activate until they've been put on. After that, they can send out a powerful field of electricity around you, enough to knock an elephant unconscious. You'll be unharmed of course, but anyone within a foot of you will be electrocuted." Zion said, sounding very professional as he explained his gadget.

"I'm scared to ask...but how do we activate it?" Liah said, examining her gold ring in the light.

"You say...a special password!" Zion said triumphantly laughing. Almost immediately, the other three became very apprehensive.

"You picked the passwords didn't you?" Celica said, suddenly feeling very uneasy.

"Yup. And now, I will tell you what your passwords are!" Zion said grinning happily. "Cel, your password is....Okay."

"What's my password?..." Celica asked again confused.

"Okay." Zion repeated, forcing himself not to laugh.

"My password is "Okay"?!" Celica said, her eyes wide. At that moment, Celica's ring began to warm up and in the blink of an eye, it made a quiet bzzzzt noise.

"Ack!" Zion exclaimed, shaking uncontrollably before collapsing to the ground; the distance he was from Celica was precisely one foot.


Arrrgggh!" And sadly enough, Lucx and Liah were just as close to Celica as Zion was.

" that we're a very good distance apart from anything or ANYONE...let's continue with the password distribution." The now conscious Zion said to Celica, Liah, and Lucx.

"Sorry about that..." Celica said, a bit embarrassed. In her mind however, she added another thing to her list of "Reasons to get payback on Bro".

"Okay Liah, your password is "I'm coming"." Zion said, trembling in an attempt to stop himself from laughing.

Liah's eyes widened in shock. "Hold on, what exactly do you have planned for me at the party?!" Zion only smiled and ignored her while Lucx and Cel laughed, despite feeling a bit of pity for Liah.

"Lucx, your password is "Yaoi rules"." Zion said simply.

"Hey hold on a second...that's the one thing I say the most!" Lucx said indignantly.

"Well you're gonna need to say it a lot less at the party then." Zion said, laughing.


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Re: House of Chaotic-ness

Post  Liah on Fri Sep 17, 2010 12:50 pm

Back in the room she shared with Liah, Celica sat impatiently on a large lounge chair in front of the dressing room. She held her hand out in front of her face examining the ring Zion had given her. She made a face as she turned the ring around her finger. She sighed as she looked up at the pink and purple curtain covering her friend who stood behind it.

"Hurry up Liah, I wanna see"

Liah sighed very loud from behind the curtain, "Man...why couldn't I just keep the cowgirl costume? I mean...this outfit looks like I'm asking for it"

Celica laughed as she sunk back into the lounge chair.

"I think that's the whole point. Now stop stalling and come out already"

Liah made a loud growl-like noise then sighed again.

"Fine. But you better not laugh. No jokes about this either"

Celica sat up straight, smiling wide as she waited for Liah to come out.

I'll leave the jokes to Zi

"O-...uh I mean alright"

Liah's fingers closed around the edge of the curtain as she pulled it to one side and stepped out.

Celica's eyebrows raised as she stared at Liah.

She wore a black corset top that was lined with red lace and a tight black mini skirt also lined with red lace to match. The corset stopped just above her belly button, revealing a sparkly piercing that seemed to resemble the playboy bunny. She wore black high heels that tied criss-cross around her ankles and legs, stopping just under her knees and big gold hoop earrings to finish the job.

As she watched Celica's surprise expression, Liah stared confused and uneasy, shrugging her shoulders.

"Well...? What do you think?"

Celica's eyes widened as she could do nothing else but nod slowly. Liah held out her arms in front of Celica.

"Wait, wait. Before you answer that, let me get into character"

Liah quickly shifted her legs, popping out her hip to the side as she placed one hand on that hip and twirled a piece of her hair around her finger with the other hand. She cleared her throat and spoke with her best spanish accent.

"Me llamo Liah de la Luna Morales and I work for el seƱior Zogg. Yo no espeak ingles berry good pero, I know how joo say? Show good time?"

Liah watched as Celica's face turned bright red. Her lips pressed hard together and her stomach twitched in and out as if she was holding in laughter. Unable to hold it in anymore, Celica burst out laughing, holding her stomach and falling over on the lounge chair.

Just the sight of Celica laughing as hard as she was caused Liah to laugh herself. Liah continued to do so as she shook her head and looked at Celica.

"What? Hey, if I have to do this thing I might as well play the whole part"

Tears were streaming from Celica's face as she forced out the words.

"Which shouldn't be too hard for you"

Liah's jaw dropped as she laughed. She walked over to the lounge chair and picked up a pillow, throwing it at Celica after.

"Hey we agreed. No jokes"

"Its not a joke. Think of it as a....compliment"

Both girls laughed as Liah grabbed the pillow again. Celica reached to the side and grabbed another pillow to block Liah's oncoming attack.


A soft knock on the door went unanswered as the girls were too enveloped in their pillow fight to notice.

Zion and Lucx walked in a few minutes later, their eyes wide with surprise and somewhat fear (in Zi's eyes anyway) as they watched Liah and Celica laughing and hitting each other with pillows.

Zion quickly placed his hand over his eyes as Lucx slowly shook his head.

" why can't the men of the house do fun activities like that?"

With his hand over his eyes, Zion held out his free hand trying to feel his way around the room as he slowly walked over to the girls.

"Okay, I know how this may be a scene from every man's fantasy but not mine! I REFUSE to follow in the ways of incest"

Liah and Celica looked up at Zion as they laughed and threw their pillows at him. Celica turned around, kneeling on the lounge chair and looking at Zion from over the headrest.

"Liah was just showing me her outfit for the party. And didn't mom teach you how to knock?"

Zion took one of the pillows and played with it, flipping it in the air and catching it.

"Actually I did knock but you two were so...enveloped in your girly fun you didn't hear"

Liah tilted her head and pouted her lips, making a sad face.

"Aw poor Zi. Next time we'll invite you to join us so you won't feel left out"

Zion quickly shook his head, "Oh no no no no no no. Last time I participated, FORCED I might add, my hair was pink for a week"

The girls laughed as Lucx quickly walked over to Liah. He grabbed her hand and spun her around.

"Oh my gawd, Liah! What are you wearing? And does it come in my size?"

Liah laughed as she pulled her hand away, "This is for the party"

"Wait...this isn't that outfit we saw in the kitchen. Just how many things did those fanboy coworkers send? Oh Liah, you naughty girl you"

Liah blushed unsure of what to say as Celica and Lucx laughed. Zion grinned as he rubbed his chin.

"Man Tia, now I mean this in the nicest, most non-sexual way but you look good....kinda makes me wonder if you've done this before"

Liah couldn't help but smile as she slowly shook her head. She held out her hands as she curled her fingers rapidly, making a gesture to come closer.

"Okay, okay keep it coming. Might as well get this over with now"

Everyone all just stared at Liah, looking clueless. Zion's eyebrows knitted together.

"Get what over with?"

Liah smiled as she crossed her arms, "Don't act like you don't know. I'm talking about the jokes. Get them out of your system. I know you three still have lots in you"

"That's what she said"

Lucx, Celica and Zion laughed as Celica walked over to Zion. She nudged his shoulder and shook her head.

"No, no...that's what LIAH said"

The three held their stomachs as they laughed. Liah never stopped shaking her head.

"How about we go pick out a costume for Lucx?"

Celica, Lucx and Zion never stopped laughing as they followed Liah to the door. Liah held it open as Celica and Lucx walked out with Zion standing in front the doorway. Liah stepped out into the hallway about to close the door as Zion turned to face her and yelled.

"Wait! Wait! I have a question"

Liah smilled and rolle her eyes, "I shouldn't ask but what is it?"

"Do you charge extra for a Liah smash or is it included in the package?"

Celica and Lucx's laugh echoed in the hallway as Liah herself laughed. She punched Zion on the shoulder and closed the door.

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Re: House of Chaotic-ness

Post  Lucxene on Thu Sep 23, 2010 12:20 pm

Lucxene blinked at this little adventure he noticed what Celica was going to have then what Liah is going to have and even Zion...He couldn't help but ask as he looked at Liah.

"So Liah,think you can visit your parents in those clothes?"

Liah just blinked and looked at Lucxene as she answered that quite simply without any hesitation.


Celica looked at her outfit and laughed a bit,while she thought about it now.

"Uh,I don't think my parents would love me in this outfit either. Although my puppy might...He might chew at my clothes."

She thought on that while Zion looked at Celica and would then say after.

"Well,that's not really the most loving thing for a pup to do." He smirked. "Oh what about Kara?!"

Celica just stared at Zion with a non-plus look as she rolled her eyes and said after.

"I'd date my puppy before I ever let that man touch me again!"

Lucxene stared at his ring as he looked up and said pretty vibrant.

"No! Will just use our ring and SHOCKNESS! Shall happen.Man,I wish I had this around certain people in my past. Why couldn't you make it sooner Zion?"

Liah would add in after.

"Yeah,I know...why couldn't you make this sooner?"

Celica stared at Zion as she would respond after.

"You been holding out on us!"

Zion just looked at them and rolled his eyes as he said after.

"If I had invented them earlier,I would have? Have you forgotten I played tree alot around people who I didn't want to be around! Let me say too...Being a tree is the best way to be completely unwatched."

Liah and Celica looked at each other as they thought on it then both said together after some quick past thoughts.

"Uh no,maybe it works for boys but not for girls!"

Lucxene just added after while he was thinking on his costume.

"Did someone say boys?"

Celica and Liah just looked at Lucxene,while Zion would just say after.

"I'm the only boy here Lucxene so there is no boys."

Lucxene just stared at Zion and gave it some thought then shook his head as he would say after.

"But...Your not the boy I imagined in my head..."

Zion just glared and said after that.

"And what's that suppose to mean?!"

Lucxene just blinked and said after,before marching to his room for a costume.

"It means,I didn't visualized a pimp!"

He walk off and shut the door behind him,once he entered his room.While Zion blinked and pointed his pointer finger,Phoenix Wright style at the closed door.


Liah and Celica chuckled as Liah then would smirk and take out a deck of cards.

"So...Who's up for a quick game of poker,while Lucxene gets his costume."

Celica and Zion's eyes widen staring at each other kinda scared at the idea.Then both looked at Liah and said slowly.

"It's not strip poker is it?"

Liah blinked and laughed as she said after.

"No,we can pretend to add money or stuff to it.I want to see how good you are at this game."

Meanwhile,some noises were heard out of Lucxene's room as it sounded like Hell in there,some stuff thrown,things breaking.Shattered windows and horrible agonizing screams then it was silent as Liah,Zion and Celica froze in the game wondering what in the world Lucxene keeps in there as Lucxene would yell behind the door.

"It's not that you think,it's just the radio...I always wanted to have those sound effects."

Liah,Celica and Zion shrugged and just nodded as they continued their game.

3 hours later...

Liah would then say after now.

"All right,I got all of Zion's stuff including his parents house if this was real and Celica,you bet everything you owned but...The puppy!"

Celica screamed as she yelled at her annoyed.

"I know,you cheat somehow! And never! You can have my house! Even my parents...>_> But not the puppy! Besides you have a puppy!"

Liah would just add in.

">_> Well...He could use a playmate."

Zion would sigh as he was disappointed the pimp couldn't be his woman.While he glared at the two girls and muttered easily.

"Women are evil..."

Celica just kicked the cards away and stood up,fixing her hair acting all compose now.

"Whatever! Lucxene what's taking you so long! Get out here. NOW!"

Lucxene's door would open as white smoke would shoot out of his room,and Zion played the Final Count Down song.Till Liah and Celica just looked at Zion.

">_> He gets white smoke out of his room! I figure the music would help!"

Lucxene would walk out in a leather pink bodysuit.That's right he was the PINK PANTHER! That pink leather bodysuit,with that nice automatic movable pink tail.He would put his finger gloves with light nailes with paw prints at each finger tip.Placing his pink panther mask,that only showed his eyes,mouth and cute pink panther ears on the top of the mask head.Then he held a pink whip in his hand as he slapped that whip on the floor in front of everyone.

CRACK, The whip sound made as Liah and Celica's eyes widen as did Zion as he paused the music and Liah would say lightly.

"I don't think,that's the song we should play for Lucxene..."

Zion just blinked at his little pink version of Cat-woman's outfit.In other words that cartoon modified pink panther clothes.

"Uh...Is that Lucxene in there?"

Lucxene blinked as he rolled up the whip after and put it on his side.

"Oh,if you are wondering this belongs to Mjrn.She said,I could borrow it.Since,I don't own a weapon at the moment."

Celica squeeled as she hugged Lucxene and only said one word.


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