Kaza looking for char design help

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Kaza looking for char design help

Post  Kazaa on Thu May 06, 2010 1:17 pm

As most of you know I plan on getting a Fursuit someday, well I have been poking around places trying to get some idea of cost and what I will need, one of these is a reference picture of my character. Well I have no art skill myself and a normal commission is going to run me to much(plus there is always the "can I trust them" part) So I wanted to ask if any guildies could attempt to draw my furry char? It can be done with anything really just needs to give a good idea of how I look.(scroll down for the description, feel free to message me or post here about questions, comments, suggestions etc.)

Also you know how my chars name on domo is spelled Kazaa(with 2 As) well I came up with the 2nd A being the initial for my middle name, but I don't know what it should stand for >.< so I wanted to ask you guys for some suggestions. right now its Kaza A. Ookami, i found kaza means jurisdiction in one language(forgot what it was) and Ookami is Japanese for wolf. I would like the middle to fit in well and maybe mean something else thats somewhat fitting for me. Post ideas here please :3

Discription: A white wolf(about 6 feet tall) and has sapphire blue eyes. The tips of both of his ears are blue, as well as the tip of his tail, and all four of his paws. He also has a blue heart on his left cheek, slightly underneath his eye.

Once again feel free to message me or post ideas, suggestions, questions etc. about anything here :3 I hope to hear back from you guys and thanks in advanced for any help you give :3

Edit: found a good middle name XD Kaza Akira Ookami ;3 akria means bright which i feel if very fitting considering my fur is white
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