Dragon's Sonnet

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Dragon's Sonnet

Post  Binks on Wed Jul 28, 2010 12:47 am

"Did you two hear that?"

"Not I, My ears aren't as good as you two."

"Children crying love?"

"Yes. That, let's go check it out."

"Of course."

"Whatever you want."


"Neeeeeee-chan! I'm still hungry!" whined a black haired human child. Around the age of 5, he wore tattered pants.

"Shush, I know Sephy, but we can't afford to steal anymore today. The market vendors will start to notice since the others are awake." soothed the Silver haired slyph. "How about a song?"

"YAY!" The tears dried instantly as Sephiroth showed great interest. "Sing for me Binks-nee-chan!" He clapped excitedly.

"Hai hai." A gentle melody issued throughout the surrounding area.


"What a pretty melody." Whispered the bunny-eared women.

"Better then that blasted crying. It was hurting my head." Replied the silver-haired fox.

"Now now, Mjrn. The child was probably just tired." stated another silver-haired slyph, although he was noticeably older.

The silver fox Mjrn merely humphed in the direction of her companions and resumed their walk.


Unknown to the two children, monsters were out and about at this time.

Attracted by the song, a pack of wolves came from the bushes at the outskirts. They howled at the two now frightened children and dashed at the human child. Only to be smacked in the face with a heavy guitar.

"Get away from my brother!" Binks cried out, branishing her favorite weapon. "Sephy, get behind me." she addressed before yelping as second wolf dug it's teeth into her arm. A third began trying to rip the instrument from her hands.

"Binks-nee-san!" Seph screeched, feebly smacking the second wolf in the rump with his wooden spear.



"Hurry Liah! Jarod!" Mjrn called, running faster.

"Right behind you!" Liah replied. Jarod merely branished his needle with a grim expression on his face.

When they arrived, they saw a ring of wolves surrounding a sobbing 5 year old child, who stood on wobbly legs in front of a body, littered with wounds. The battered remains of what was once a lyre tossed haphazardly yo one side.

Without a second thought, Mjrn and Liah began clearing out the wolves while Jarod headed to the child.

"Everything is alright now, you can stand down." He said in a calm voice.

"Nee-chan." The child hiccupped. "Nee-chaaaaaaaaaaan." He began wailing, sliding down to his knees with the overly large spear smashing into the ground in front of him. Jarod rushed to the other body as heavy coughing was heard.

"Who.... you....." The smaller child asked.

"I'm Jarod. Let's get you all healed up." He replied in his soothing voice. Liah returned and picked up the human child, learning his name after she calmed him back down.Mjrn surveyed the scene with a single eye.

"Are they ok Jarod?" She asked.

"Yes, Although this one was injured the most." He said, lifting the younger slyph. "But you are going to be ok now Binksy. Your gonna be just fine." came a gentle voice, as his large hair ran through the child's silver mane.


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