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Chaotic Dragon Advance

Post  Lucxene on Thu Sep 02, 2010 11:39 am


After the horrible battle against those trying to achieve godhood with the Armor of Chaotic Dragon, the crew would all go about their daily lives and happiness. Things seem quite happy and wonderful considering there has been no problems what so ever. Although, as we all know peace doesn't stay around for long as now begins the new adventures. Accessing the Chaotic Dragon Advance... 3 Years later.

Do to the wonderful success rates of the Rumor System, things have changed and many new situations were blossoming around now. Will start now with the detective Zion who was found at the station moving about his office and working with other people. He was now wearing his own attire of clothes as well as sporting a new look. He was holding his black jacket in one arm while he moved about talking with some of the workes. His clothes were a dark green t-shirt. It was nicely fitted and suitable for his job,considering he's a detective he doesn't need to be in a special unifrom while his pants were dark blue jeans as his footwear were a pair of black and white sneakers. Having a powdery light blue laces.

It wasn't long till Nitro walked in a familiar man from the past no less. He was now working with the police as he handled more FBI trained things now and then. He quit the military after a while,but with that as a background it benefitted him with the military as he waved to Zion spotting that now black hair with spiky tips of light blue from the distance his Zion's dark purple almost indigo eyes looked to Nitro as he waved in returned to a greeting.

Nitro at this point had a new look as well. His hair wasn't as spiky and wild,now more flatter but the same length,being a bit below the neck and remained the same shade as a dark chocolate brown,nearly black.His eyes were green as once recognized before. His clothing was more professional,since he wasn't quite off duty yet,as he was wearing a green like soldier uniform. Altough,he was in the military but now a FBI, do to his background he handles all the "dirty" stuff on the field incase he has to engage in battle.

Zion:Night shift?
Nitro:Yeah,so you are leaving?
Zion:Yup,dinner date!
Nitro:But,your cooking...
Zion:Ah hah...Yeah well...>_> Why not,I can cook. Plus, I have my own place now.
Nitro:Right,she's your fiancee now isn't she....Oh, I get it.Tonight is the night isn't it?
Zion:What?! No!>_> No! Nothing like that!
Nitro:....I always wondered,how did you propose anyway?

Zion:Well...Uh...Hm...You can't tell Celica.
Nitro:.....?*Raises a eye brow.*
Zion:Got it?

Zion explained in the past how he did get engaged. He's only been engaged for about 3 months or so and no plans for the wedding was made. He was at a fancy resteraunt with Thuy,and had the box ring in his pocket but was quite shy and unsure how someone does this exactly. Fortunately,or rather unfortunate however it wants to be looked. One of the waiters would knock the ring box out of his hand while he fidget withit under the table it rolled out onto the floor as Thuy leaned down to pick it up,while Zion screamed at her to not get it. Though by then she already held it and questioned why.Zion just turned a whole shade of red as the box was open and she saw the ring.

Thuy:Zion is this for me...?
Thuy:Oh wow,thank you! Wait,are you...Asking me to...
Zion:Well,uh...Maybe that's if you are saying yes...If not,then NO! no not asking you at all.>_>
Thuy:*Laughs.*I'll marry you,you could just ask.
Zion:Uh,sure will you marry me...?
Thuy:I already said yes.*Chuckles.*
Zion:*Throws a fist into the air excitedly as people stare at them.*

Out of Zion's explinational past Nitro would cross his arms and say after.

Nitro:So...In the end,you couldn't even do it properly.
Zion:Shush! You are with my sister,that's worse! When you going to marry her!Hmmmm? You been together what? Almost two years now?
Nitro:I...Haven't...Thought on how to do that. I haven't even bought the ring yet.
Zion:Hah! At least, I'm ahead of you there. Your behind, I get the girl first. You get...Celica.*Shivers.*
Nitro:Well,least I probably can propose better then you can.
Zion:Oh yeah...>_> We can make a bet.


Celica would dance on stage,singing for rehersals night with Onihime and Yasha. The three girls were in matching outfits with variations of course till they finished and got off stage going to the dressing room as they changed into their normal clothes. They would talk among one another while moving about and changing.

Yasha the tomboy of the crew as well as the tallest. She was about two inches taller then Onihime and 3 inches above Celica, Onihime reached a inch over Celica which would make Celica the shortest of the bunch.Yasha would perch herself on the couch now dressed in black pants,a white tank top with a black hat. She had sandle high heels with orange straps and a belt in orange to match. Although she was more male acting of the three.She always did look female like,her hair short and green with her red eyes looking about as she would say.

Yasha:Yo,you two ready? I wanna go home.

Onihime who was more refined and compose of the three would be the one to reply as she would walk out wearing a white pair of kapri pants,with a white top as well as a long black sleeve shirt under the top,pass the pants she had some soft light blue sash around the belt hanging off on the right side and lovely middle high heel black shoes.Her hair was perhaps the longest of the three it was a deep blue and tied in a high pony tail that extended almost to the back of her knees! Her gold soft eyes would glance around as she folded her hands in front of herself.

"Well, I am ready. I think will have the night to ourselves though.Celica you hanging with us today? Or is Nitro coming to get you?"

Celica would step out of her dressing room a she would respond after.

"Nope! It's us girls tonight. The guy has to work go figure and i told mom and dad I would be home later."

Yes,Zion did have his own place but Celica was still home with her parents,but not cause she wanted out she prefered it that way. Makes her life easier while she is saving money to get a house in the future,one fitting to her style. Celica stood by her Muse members wearing white long mid heel boots that stopped right below the knees With purple straps around the top and ankle portion of her boots,her legs were bare as she wear a skirt a short cream beige skirt.Her upper body consisted of a magenta strapped shirt leaving her shoulders bare but around the side of the arm she had a white jacket which she tied infront of her body to keep it steady, but it would slide off the shoulders and hold midway on each arm,leaving her undershirt fully exposed. Having a few necklace around her neck and fingerless wrist gloves in shades of a white-pink color. Her hair was middle of the trio,it was long straight and came just about waist level. In her hair she would keep a soft braid on the left side rather small held by a crystal ornament so it wouldn't be loose. Her hair was a beautiful shade of pink to match her crystal gems of purple in her eyes.

Celica was more or less the more free spirited one,she wasn't quite the tom boy as Yasha,but not quite the lady as Onihime. She was more of a blend which also provides her as the unofficial leader of the group. Considering her energy and the fact she leads most of the songs.The girls got their belongings as they headed outside to Celica's car for a night out in town.


Liah would walk along home as with her she bump into Hazji and Thuy along the walk.Things weren't too different for Liah as she was still a ace photographer,but if anything she is also a reporter now. Considering Mjrn who aids in interviewing was only in work now once in a while. Liah at this point sported a whole new look. she had a middle length layered out black shiny straight hair. With her bangs that were above the eye.Her eyes were a chocolate shade of brown as she wear a black blazer,underneath parts of her purple shirt would be seen.Her jeans were more of a light blue as her shoes were purple pumps in the same color as her shirt. Her jewelry grew as she now had earrings of real gold hoops. She would walk with the two girls till they parted ways. Thuy who was getting ready for dinner and Hazji who was returning home from a late session at school.

Thuy also had her own unique look as she grown her hair was a dark shade of brown and her eyes were green. To match those eyes she had green ribbons tied into her hair. Two in fact as they made up her two high pony tails on the side of her head. Her hair still was long,but since it was tied up the ends of her hair just went slightly pass her shoulder. She was now wearing a yellow t-shirt with a light blue sleeveless vest over the shirt. Instead of pants she had short jeans in the light blue shade. Her legs bare,but she did wear a seat of string long boots that stopped middle shin on her legs.The boots were brown,but had a golden brown straps in the front till tied neatly up on the top of the boot.

Hazji by now was a little older.Naturally,she was still in school and her personality wasn't too far different. Her uniform which she was currently wearing was a sailor fuku style in a dark gray color. With dark blue socks and and a golden color bow in the front of her shirt. She was still shorter then everyone as her hair was more grown now and a dark silver wavy and middle back. She had a large bow clip tying it back behind her head so her hair strangs wouldn't bother the front of her,her eyes were a sky blue.

Liah:So,another date?
Thuy:Yup,getting ready to go now actually.How's school?
Hazji:Boring,but I manage... Ugh,why do we go to school most of our life.
Liah:Weird laws?
Hazji:I should use a rumor to change that.
Thuy:Can't since the rumor success,you can't change huge things with a rumor unless you have permission by the law.How was work Liah?
Liah:Oh it wasn't so bad,I got a few new pictures. Though ever since I upgraded to a reporter my boss is a pain.
Hazji:Your boss needs jenny craig...
Liah:LOL seriously,she's huge.
Thuy:Hah hah.
Hazji:What about your job Thuy don't you work as a cop too?
Thuy:Well,sorta of,medical police. So I do police work,but I'm in the medical department of it.
Liah:Ah,cool. Well this is my area later.

The girls waved as once reaching the corner they parted ways. Thuy heading to Zion's place. While Hazji crossed the street to head home and Liah turned the corner trailing off.


Meanwhile...At the castle of Mjrn...Yes,the rumor system was strong that it brought back the monarchy. Which was ruled by Queen Phoenix a queen who great beauty but a personality worse then Ayame a evil witch in the mideval Aeria times.Her husband now divorce is Trivian. He moved out of the castle a while back throughout the years as he lived now in the city on his own. He was more of a kinder man then his ex-wife was or rather currently she still is her own self.

Zenechoe's Mjrn's brother was still around and about. He still own a important business in the Rumor shops as he now was a tall slender man,having a long silky black straight hair and gold eyes with pale skin. He was rather taller now as he stood in the main hall jotting down some notes while his mother was off doing her own things.Tetsuya was sitting off on the side as they were waiting for Mjrn being sent on a top mission as she did some secret service work.Tetsuya was more or less Mjrn's offensive partner but also helps watching the kingdom. Being a successful cop now,while Lucxene who also was standing by Tetsuya waited with Zenechoe. He was more of the support partner for Mjrn as well as aiding her in the castle now and then. His job was police force but he handle more of administrative department.

Tetsuya was still his same self as he sat waiting patiently.His hair wa short and comb His bangs were above eye level,with a minor part in the center mos tof the bangs hanged on each side,sometimes one having more then the other. His hair was a dark brown as were his eyes. While now he wear a red muscle shirt,with a black leather jacket over it. Having a red stripe pass from the shoulders down to the sleeve and stopping at the neck. His pants were leather and in black as were his sneakers. Black with a red fire design on the side of them. His shoe laces had a dark red nearly black tinge to it.The left side of his pants was a long red pocket chain that hung about from his belt.

Lucxene was more refined in clothes oddly enough,his hair and eyes remained the same. Having a pale skin as before and pearl blonde hair with most of the bangs hanging off on the right side of his head. Short hair with the icy light blue eyes. He was standing wearing a dark blue button up sleeveless vest.With a long sleeve button up undershirt under his vest in white.He had fancy silk wrist white gloves on and at the neck portion a small dark blue ribbon bow. Thin and tied,with two small tails of the ribbon hanging under it. His lower body was a dark blue pants and shoes in white. The shirt however was unique in the back. As that white button up shirt hung over his pants. The trims were short in the front however...In the back the white shirt was long the two trim tails coming to his ankle with a a long part in the middle. At the end of the white trims were a dark blue lining in the stitch portion.

Both Lucxene and Tetsuya still were their treasured gifts. Tetsuya the necklace and Lucxene the wrist watch

The wait wasn't long as Mjrn opened the door and the knights moved out of the way.She walked in looking like a woman of danger. Wearing a ruby red armor suit with a large bowl metallic rub helmet. she looked like Samus as she had some gizmos along her arm as she reached of her hand and hit a wrist button as she hit a few button and she glowed brightly as the armor disappeared.

Her hair was silver and tied in a bun,till she reached up and undid it shaking her head about.As it extended in a long wave of shiny silver.Her eyes were closed till she finished with her hair she opened them as her right eye was amber and her left eye is azure.Her outfit now was different as she removed the armor suit wearing...

A tank top in black as it was a mid-drift showing her stomach off as her back had a slight dragon tattoo showing. Her ears were pierced twice on each ear,wearing a gem stone small earrings. Her legs had cargo army pants on with a seat of black boots on.Her pendent showed around her neck with a dragon symbol on it.She had a set of very dark green gloves on were her finger tips were slightly exposed as she raised a eye brow and looked at them.

Tetsuya:Interesting look...
Mjrn:Well,I'm not no silly little school girl anymore.
Zenechoe:I'm sure mother would be proud.
Mjrn:Oh shut up.
Lucxene:How'd it go?
Zenechoe:Mother wants to see you anyway in the royal chambers. Don't ask me what she wants I don't know.
Mjrn:Oh lovely...

Mjrn would walk down the hallway while the others waited were they were as she proceeded foward to talk to her mom ahead.

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Re: Chaotic Dragon Advance

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Zion and Thuy would sit at his diner table.Area,after he just removed the apron,which looks normal.Then set the food on the plates and serves it,while Thuy smiled and watch then said casually.

Thuy:You know,Who'd thought you were so,skilled with house work.

Zion smiled as he took a seat and thought on it then said simply about it.While he placed quite a couple of dishes of oriental food.

Zion:Uh,blame the parents.Mostly mom,strict family with the whole taking care of the house.Plus,I was surrounded with alot of people so had to learn.

Thuy nodded as she would say after.

Thuy:Well,that's good. Your pretty adjusted,I just grew up around my dad. So,I never had to do too much.

She took a bite of the food and enjoy it.

Thuy:Wow it's pretty good! You learned cooking cause of your parents too?

Zion thought about it and felt weird,as a animated bubble cloud in thought appear above his head going back into the past when him and Celica were younger.

Young Zion:You need to cook. Mom and dad said so,they'll be at work late today.
Young Celica:>_> Who says I have to cook?
Young Zion:Your older! Plus...>_> Your the woman.
Young Celica:Oh,>_> We are playing that card huh? I have lessons to go to,I don't have time to cook.
Young Zion:Then,you'll get in trouble so ha ha.
Young Celica:Really?Should I tell mom,the reason you fell a sleep at school today. Wasn't cause you were ill but you stay up all night playing deadly girls with gun killers on the video game console?
Young Zion:O.O How you know that?!
Young Celica:-_- My room is next to yours,and I don't do Thai Land food,so you cook.
Young Zion:!? That's...BLACKMAIL!?
Young Celica:Yeah,I know...Oh well! Buy!*Tosses the pink chef hat and apron at him and runs off.*
Young Zion:.....

Zion would shake his head snapping back into the past as he said lightly.

Zion:Uh...Well,I just...Picked it up growing up.
Thuy:Hm,oh hey Zion...About the engagement...
Zion:o.o;;;; You want to end it?!
Thuy:>_>;;; No,I was just wondering.When will it be a good time to yeah have that...By the way did you even tell your family yet?I have yet to tell my dad..."
Zion:Uh no...I don't know...I have a feeling mom will just go all weird,and dad would ask when the kids are coming.>_>
Thuy:x.x Well,they can't wait can they?
Zion:o.o;;; It's a boy thing.I think,family name etc,etc.

Hazji would bang on the door hard as it made both Zion,and Thuy jump while Hazji yelled.

Hazji:ZION! I got a letter from Mjrn! Open! Open! Oh wait...You...Two...Oh wow,wait you two were going to...

Holds her face blushing alot as she would say after.

Hazji:It's okay...I'll wait till you are both fin-

Thuy:ah hah...Hah...Wow...Engaged and they think of anything...

Zion march over and open the door looking at the letter while he notice it was a invitation to head to Mjrn's house in the morning.Thuy looked over as Hazji jumped up to peak at the letter.

Zion:Guess,she wants me to go in the morning to her place.
Hazji:I wanna come! Her place is huge!
Thuy:Should I go to?I have time.
Zion:Uh sure.


Liah would sit in her office as she had to go back to work.Since her dear ole lovely boss decided to call her in randomly for a night shift. Naturally,she wasn't so estatic about it.Whe roll her eyes and work on developing some pictures on the computer. While her and Nitro would play a game of internet poker.Naturally,Liah was winning. Which was making Nitro twitch a eye on his end.Though her success didn't last very long,since she had to walk away from it when she heard her boss yell for her in her office.Liah blinked and typed brb to Nitro as she stood up and walked over to the office to see her boss.

Broomhilda would sit in her office as my was she a sight to behold...This lady was just...Wrong,she had short back thin hair,that curls at the end. Brown eyes,with thick glasses,and big lips shaded in red. With a thin mustache above her lip,she had a large mole on her chin as she had a set of necklace around her neck.She would sit in her office chair...All 400lbs of her,since she was hugely...Well,large.

Liah would take a seat as she would say kindly.

Liah:Well...I'm here,can I help you-

Broomhilda slammed her pictures on the table and some of her reports she made as she would yell.

Broomhilda:These reports are horrible! Did you really think Shut Up N Listen will accept this...Trash? Who wants to here about Liah's Coolest Adventures into youth world today? And who is this Snuffy thrown into the bunch?! He looks terrible! Where in the world is your creativity Liah! I want a big huge scoop! Something BIG!

Liah:-_-...Well,I thought it was a good article.(She wants big...She should look in the mirror.)
Broomhilda:It's lousy! Are you mocking me?Do you think you are better then me Liah?I made you and I can rid of you!
Liah:...I never said I was mocking you or thought I was better then you.(I can say at least I'm in better health then you.)
Broomhilda:You will stay up all night,ridding this and start again!I want new photos and a big better report! Not silly youths world today and this...This ugly Snuffy!
Liah:...(Honey,Snuffy next to you looks like god...So don't go there.)
Broomhilda:Do you understand?
Broomhilda:GOOD! now,get me my donuts!
Liah:x.x(Yes,your blubberness.)

Liah would then return to her table as she got a email from Nitro,which stated to head to Mjrn's place in the morning for a meeting. It's been a while,since Liah went to her place. she does talk with Mjrn and work with her on occassion.Though Mjrn's job as a interviewer has been more on and off ever since she is in line to be Queen one day.She accepted the email and responded with a thanks.While she took her camera and left to go to work at night no less so she can please Java the Hut.


The Muses would head out into town,they were at the mall now after having a long day of work. They decided,to raid the stores,pizza and finish it off with the movie.While walking and looking about Yasha would look to Celica as she would say after.

Yasha:You have a man,so when do me and Onihime get one?Doesn't Nitro know some guys?
Celica:*Blinks and thinks about it,then picture all of Nitro's male friends with that mean face.*...I don't know if you'd want to date any of his male friends.I'm not even sure,if I would.
Onihime:Oh,but you must be happy to be dating him.He lives next door to you right?Does your parents know you two are dating?
Celica:No way! They'll get all like...Your a girl! He's a boy! Omg please use the pill! Etc,etc,etc.
Yasha:...I have all brothers,so I'm around boys. I don't think my parents would care if I dated someone.
Celica:Most of the boys are afraid of you...
Yasha:o.o Why?!
Onihime:Well...You did beat up the star football player back in highschool when he hit you with the football.
Yasha:Oh he deserved it! How'd you like a flying football to just deck you across the head!
Celica:Well,I'll keep my eyes open...I'm sure,I can find some kind of guy out there.Onihime you'd probably like a nice proper guy right?
Onihime:Um...I kinda like the tough,muscular look all strong but is really sweet and cuddly on the inside.
Celica and Yasha:o.o;;;; Well...I see....
Yasha:I want a guy who's nice and has class.Cause god know my brothers have none,last I want is any guy similar to them.
Onihime:Oh,I need to introduce you two to my cousin at some point.

They froze as Celica's cell phone ring while she took it out and the other two spoke.

Yasha:Love boy?
Onihime:How romantic.
Yasha:Let me guess,hearts and kisses?
Onihime:Or maybe he's going to surprise her with the ring!
Yasha:Or maybe,the bed covers.
Onihime:What for?
Yasha:Oh...You know what for...
Celica:>_> BE QUIET!

She took the cell and check the text as it was from Mjrn,saying to come to her place in the morning.

Celica:Hm,morning at Mjrn's...Well okay...

She texted back,fine.While Yasha and Onihime shrugged and both said after.

Yasha and Onihime:Let's go with you in the morning!You got to have all the fun last time.We want to go this time.
Celica:Uh,guess I don't have much of a choice here.Sure,why not. Can't hurt.


Mjrn would enter her mother's chambers as she sat on that lovely royal chair of hers and she looked so annoyed and disgusted when Mjrn came in.

Phoenix:Well,if it isn't the princess of my kingdom...God,you look like
Mjrn:o.o;; Thanks...I think.
Phoenix: Seriously,can't you ever do anything right?Like look like a woman?
Mjrn:Last,I check I was one.
Phoenix:And that snotty little attitude of yours has got to go. Don't be like your father,why do you think he was removed form the kingdom!Why can't you be more like your brother.
Mjrn:Cause,I'm not a man?
Phoenix:Not gender wise,I mean more presentable.
Mjrn:Well,cause his clothes kinda...Is just ew.
Phoenix:Oh and like your look is any better?! You look like some cheap little And just completely it's just...Just...!
Mjrn:.....So,what did you call me in here for?
Phoenix:Ugh! Look,head to the Mirror Room. They have some information,we been getting word that things in the area is a bit unstable or there is a sense of uneasiness moving about. Get any information you can...And...go away.

Mjrn storm out of her mother's room and roll her eyes while she walked back into the main hallway.

Zenechoe:Had fun?
Mjrn:Stuff it,Princey.
Lucxene:Is something wrong?
Mjrn:Yeah,it's called mother. Anyway,we are heading to the Mirror Room.Some information there.I sent words to the others to come here in the morning so if we get anything.I can inform them.
Tetsuya:Wait,does that mean there might be a actual problem on the way?
Mjrn:Probably,but it's unsure. Because,we can't really say what's coming here.Anyway.Squire! squire!...-_- ZYMES!

Zymes would jog over and go down on one knee and hold his hands in front of himself bowing his head. He had a deep blue hat,to match with his dark blue hair,which was mostly hidden away by the hat.His shirt was white,with a bit of blue designs and trims on the edges.His outfit was finished off by dark blue pants and a set of black sneakers. Tetsuya and Lucxene just look at him oddly. While Tetsuya would say after.

Tetsuya:A squire...I never met him before.

Mjrn:Oh,this is Zymes. He applied,got picked about a year ago. So he helps me out with whatever it is,I need him to do.
Lucxene:Oh,so what's his goal then?
Mjrn:Like a bodyguard for now,but his goal is to be a full fledge fighter by the time he finishes his training.I train him. Anyway,Zymes get my things. Will be heading to the Mirror Room,it's also a good thing too we should advance your DOM and Power there.
Zymes nodded and stood up then went off ahead to get the stuff.

Tetsuya:Want us to go with you?
Mjrn:Sure,it's a quick trip.
Lucxene:All right,come on Zymes!*He would wave lightly.*He's quite blue isn't he?
Tetsuya:I suppose,Celica is quite pink.
Lucxene:It's cute,but anyway ready?
Zymes would return with the stuff and nodded as he exclaimed.
Zymes:All set,ma'am. Oh nice to meet you two. I'm Zymes,her squire.
Lucxene:Hello,I'm Lucxene and this is Tetsuya. We work for the justice force.
Mjrn:Yesh,well now move!

They all would then leave and head to the Mirror Room,where they would once again encounted the four there. Alucard,Sypha,Grant and Trevor.

Lucxene:I like the music in here.
Tetsuya:It's a spiritual room,so it should be soothing to be in.
Zymes:This...Is actually my first time here.
Mjrn:Don't worry about it. will get with Blueberry started while we get some information.Make sure to give them the stone.

Grant:Hello,are you about the disturbance that's arriving to this location?
Tetsuya:Yes,what about it?
Grant:It's not very clear but sources indicate it's perhaps a group of individuals traveling to this side of the area. They give off negative energy,which is why we can tell something is heading this way.
Lucxene:Hm,is it anything like the armor was?
Alucard:No,most of their powers are dorment.By the way you'll need a advancement in skills if those powers were to grow they could out match you all.

Zymes summon Blueberry as it was a cute blue fox,while he petted it,while it wagged it's tail around.It's fully blue with dark brown eyes. Trevor would put the stone to use as the Fox morphed and glowed now in the center of the room.

Zymes:eh...What's happening to it?

Sypha:It's evolving,I should boost your element now. Since your training is pretty fitted for it so come over here while the evolution takes place.

Tetsuya:What's the new powers?
Alucard:FW Orbs,it's a special ability which grants you access to a weapon hidden within you. It's dorment but it'll activate once you are in a stressful situation,you'll have a boost in abilities but it does draw a side effect until you stop using it.
Lucxene:A side effect?
Grant:It basically,alters your personality abit. It's only temporarly until you finish having a need for the weapon.
Mjrn:Wait,will we become like insanely evil or something like the horrid demon wars of Ayame in the 1600s?
Grant:No,you'll be yourself but with alterations in your personality.
Alucard:You may find them unique...
Tetsuya:I don't like the way he said that.
Mjrn:More importantly,are you going to give it to us?
Alucard:Everyone has it,you have it all within you,just remember when there is aura around you in a stressful situation.You can summon it out,it'll be very helpful.
Lucxene:Hm,all right...

Blueberry stood there now,as he was wearing primarilly all black clothes.Shirt,pants and shoes. A little on the baggy end. His hands held two daggers which were black,as he put them at the side of his belt.His ears,fox tail remained. While he was more human looking,his hair was short and dark blue,along with the fox ears and tail.

Lucxene:He looks alot like Zymes.
Tetsuya:Could say,almost siblings.
Blueberry:*Yawns.*Except i'm more tougher.And very sneaky like a fox. Zymes can't do that.
Mjrn:How lovely,he's confident...x.x Anywho,okay so we got some news. Though nothing major,will tell the other guys in the morning.

Zymes glowed now as his element was adavance.

Ice has now transformed into Freeze.
Ice Coffin(Damages one foe and puts them in a coffin then impale by numerous ice blades)
Blizzard Shower(Causes numerous enemies to freeze or paralyze,inflicting some damage)
Snowflake Blades(Able to throw large bladed snowflakes repeatedly at one enemy)
Avalanche(causes a heard of snow and ice to slam down on all enemies doing damage)
Ice Wall(Causes a shield of ice walls to protect damage from one attack,to all allied party)
*Chaotic Dragon Swords of Judgement(Does incredible amount of damage to one enemy)

Zymes:Aw,Blueberry is cute!

Goes over and rubs the top of his head,while Blueberry looks abit annoyed at that.With his hands in his pocket as he mumbles.

Blueberry:Your going to mess up my hair...*He disappeared now,since doesn't need to be summon.*
Zymes:o.o; Well, that was interesting...Hey he liked being petted as a fox!
Lucxene:They change a little once in final stage.
Tetsuya:More or less.
Mjrn:Duh,anyway. We leave,thanks for the information.

Alucard:Just becareful,this time...They maybe a bit more difficult then the ones you face for the armor....

To be continued...

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Re: Chaotic Dragon Advance

Post  Lucxene on Fri Sep 24, 2010 7:35 pm


The next day the meeting was held exactly where it was intended that morning.In Mjrn's home right in the main ballroom hallway. Everyone,waited till Mjrn came in for announcing what she inform of beings heading their way that are completely unknown to anyone or anything.

Nitro leaned against the wall with his arms crossed and his eyes shut. While one foot pressed back against the wall.Liah would stand off on the side after her hours of working like a dog.She look beat,so she had a cup of frozen coffee to wake her up a bit.

Nitro:You look like a mess.
Liah:I blame the woman who's the size of 4 people.

Zion would look around,wondering what's keeping Mjrn.While Thuy looked about as does Hazji who was eating a pop tart.

Hazji:Thank goodness,I brought breakfast.
Zion:Eh,you could share you know...
Hazji:...*Glares at Zion and moves the pop tart away from Zion,not being a morning person till she eats.*
Thuy:Hah hah,we can grab a bite to eat after the meeting.

Tetsuya sat on the ground,with one knee up as the one arm drapped over it.Lucxene would lean on the pillar by Tetsuya,with his hands folded behind his back looking at the ceiling in thought.

Tetsuya:You have psychic abilities.Sense anyone or anything?
Lucxene:Uh,it's hard to say there is alot of people in the city and with the rumor system things shift...But,I didn't sense anything out of the ordinary.They could be cloaked.
Tetsuya:Fun.Will, find out at some point.

The Muses would stand by one another,since they all stopped at the Donut shop before coming.Yes,that's right they were just standing by one another.Eating breakfast which made others glare including Nitro.

Nitro:Why not pass a donut here,I haven't eaten.
Celica:Cause,I bought it...Why should I share it with you,I need to eat too you know.Greedy.
Nitro:What the?! There is no way you are going to eat ALL of that.
Celica:Duh,Onihime and Yasha are helping me with it.
Nitro:.....*Sneaks around.*

Yasha:So,anyway...What's the plan for today?
Onihime:Hm,oh...Hey! Hey there is my cousin!
Celica:Oh really?*Looks.*

Nitro:*Snatches a donut out of Celica's box and put it in his mouth.*
Celica:Eh?! Thief! *Not seeing it was Nitro she swung the back of her arm behind his head smacking him hard.*
Nitro:What the Hell?!
Celica:Serves you right for sneaking up on me like that.
Nitro:You wouldn't give me a donut!
Celica:Could of asked.
Nitro:I did!
Celica:I never heard the word,please.

Zymes:Presenting! Princess Mjrn!*Holds his hands out on the balcony as Mjrn would walk over wearing her jammies.*

Mjrn:I'm so not getting dress right this second.It's being prepared,anyway ignore my sleeping clothes.Even though they have dragon designs on them.

Onihime:That's my cousin.*Points to Zymes.*Hi!*Waves.*
Zymes:o.o*Waves,but doesn't say anything to not talk over Mjrn.*

Celica:o.o That's your cousin!
Yasha:Oh,never knew he worked for her.
Onihime:He moved here a year ago.
Celica:He's cute!
Nitro:What am I?
Celica:A thief!
Liah:*Tries not to laugh.*
Zion:What the...Then what am I?
Celica:A runaway.
Zion:>_> What?
Celica:You left home,a runaway
Zion:I moved.

Mjrn:-_-...Anyway,torture each other later.Let's continue. So,big story come short. Sneaks are all over town.People,we can't find or know nothing about.Though we been hearing they stick out.How?Hell,if I know. They probably don't seem to be everyday people in looks.Whatever that means.
Zenechoe:And this is our future Queen no less.
Mjrn:>_>;;;;*Kicks Zenechoe off the balcony and continues.*Ahem! So anyway.
Zenechoe:O.O AH!*Grabs onto the ledge.*
Zymes:o.o;;;*Tries to help,pulling him back up.*

Mjrn:See,the only way we are going to get this done.Simple,we are hearing they are coming into the town so let's go to the outer skirts of the town and ask around if anyone or anything strange came by.For that will split up into teams.Zenechoe you can monitor from here...

Zenechoe:*Climbs back over the balcony and rolls his eyes.*

Mjrn:Okay,Zymes you come with me.Lucxene and Tetsuya you both too.Hmm...Zion,go with Liah,Thuy and Hazji...Since,yeah you know the little girl.

Hazji:Ugh...I'm not THAT little.

Mjrn:Celica go with,Nitro,Yasha and Onihime.Will meet here if we find nothing,but keep in contact.I'll give you all a radio.Zymes go for it.

Zymes would head down,handing everyone a pocket size radio piece.Thank Apple's wonderufl invention for such a creation.Anywho, once Zymes finished.Mjrn left to get dress to her usual attire.

Nitro:Okay,I'll lead.
Celica:Says who?
Nitro:I have military experience,do you?
Celica:Fine,donut man.
Nitro would head off with the Muses to one of the pinpoints on the city map edges.

Liah:So,are we all set?
Zion:Yup,Hazji...You sure you want to come?
Hazji:Uh yes.
Thuy:Hm,it's alright we really don't know if it's anything terrible.We should be okay.
Liah:Yeah,plus we can keep a eye on her if anything.
Zion:Sure,guess we go.
Liah left with them and they went to another corner point of the map.

Mjrn would jump off the balcony and land on the ground down on one knee.Then stand up straight and walk over as Zymes follow her heading down the stairs as they met up with Tetsuya and Lucxene.

Mjrn:Okay,there is 3 hot points on the maps.Those two teams are heading there,will cover the last point.Let's head off alright?

They nodded and the three teams would now head off to investigate the 3 hot spot areas.Meanwhile,into the entrance of each city where cloaked figures heading into the city from different locations.Each one seems to be partnered with someone.

Black Cloak 1:So,this is the town where all the vibe is at.
Black Cloak 5:It is said the people who destroyed the legend of that armor resides here.
Black Cloak 1:Let's head in,the boss should be waiting at the hideout.

The two entered from the city entrance from the outside skirt.While off in the forest outskirts two others were there.

Black Cloak 4:....
Black Cloak 6:Heh heh heh...The boss should be at the further location point inside.
Black Cloak 4:*Shrugs.*
Black Cloak 6:Now,aren't we the quiet one.I had to travel with the one that hardly speaks a word,it's fine.Once we rid of the royalties as plan will own all of this...And I can turn the town into my puppets.

The two would entered into the city now from the forest route.While off on the plains and farmland region to more would work their way into the towns.

Black Cloak 5:This is the place,we should be there not too long from now.
Black Cloak 3:Well,by doing some calculations it wont take long as long as we aren't distracted from the destination path.
Black Cloak 5:Well,the boss is further ahead.I'm sure the boss is looking for reports once we arrived.We weren't hired for nothing.
Black Cloak:3:Right...

The two would head in,meanwhile Liah's group would be approaching the city area since she knows it well enough while they looked about after getting some breakfast along the walk.

Liah:I don't see anything way out of the loop.Think, Mjrn is onto something or her mom is just making her go into a wild goose chace?
Zion:I wouldn't be surprise,they both get along like Jesus and Satan.
Thuy:I thought you weren't so religious.
Zion:x.x I'm not,but doesn't mean I don't know a few things here and there.
Hazji:Least we get to sigh see.
Liah:Wait, a second some people up ahead are staring at something...Quite a bunch of them.
Zion:Let's go check it out.

They nodded and went ahead.

In the woodside of the travels Nitro's group would drive around in Celica's car.Celica looking on the road,while the girls sat in the back glancing around as Nitro is in the passenger seat.

Celica:Clean drive by,mostly.
Nitro:*looking through binoculars.*...I doubt,she just throw us on a wild hunt.
Celica:You worry too much.
Nitro:I think,you take things too easily.
Celica:Oh yeah? I just don't have a broom stick up my-
Yasha:Hey check that out!*Points ahead.*
Onihime:*Looks over.*Say,yeah there is alot of people ahead.They all seem to be watching something or someone.
Nitro:Let's...Park the car and walk over.
Celica:Uh sure.*Celica looked about as she found a parking space and went for the park now as they all stepped out of the car.*

Off near the country side of things Mjrn would head over with her crew as they took a limo ride to drop them off there for now.They notice nothing out of the ordinary.In fact less people seemed to be around.

Zymes:Um,it's pretty open.Some cute animals around,but not many people at all.
Tetsuya:...Doesn't look like will find much here.
Lucxene:Wait,something feels odd.
Lucxene:...I can't really make it out,but something strange is near by.
Mjrn:Let's just look about,but stay close and don't wander off too far.

Mjrn's party would split into four sections to cover more ground,but to not go out of eye sight vision.Meanwhile,the black cloaked members would only draw much closer to the party as things now seems to be heating up...To be continued.

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Re: Chaotic Dragon Advance

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